Why You Can’t Know Who Owns/ Controls Empire

Why You Can’t Know Who Owns/ Controls Empire



This is the reason why you will never know who indeed owns/ controls the institutions both economic and political of Empire.

This is an excerpt from the report put out by The Tax Justice Network in which they discovered an astonishing $21- $31 TRILLION dollars of offshore assets.


Few people have any idea of what “Offshore” in fact means. And for some perspective $31 Trillion is about half the GDP of the entire planet.

I am going to quote from their report “The Price of Offshore Revisited” (link above), in which they uncovered all of this. It is written in awkward bureaucratize, so I advise that you read the paragraph below over again until you understand it.

“Private banking has long since become virtual. So the term “offshore” refers not so much to the actual physical location of private assets or liabilities, but to nominal, Hyper- portable, multi-jurisdictional, often quite temporary locations of networks, legal and quasi-legal entities and arrangements that manage and control private wealth, always in the interests of those who manage it, supposedly in the interests of its beneficial owners, and often in indifference or outright defiance of the interests and laws of multiple nation states.

A painting or a bank account may be located inside Switzerland’s borders, but the all-important legal structure that owns it- typically that asset would be owned by an anonymous offshore company in one jurisdiction, which is in turn is owned by a trust in another jurisdiction, whose trustees are in yet another jurisdiction (and that is one of the simplest offshore structures)- is likely to be fragmented in many pieces around the globe.

Ultimately, then, the term offshore refers to a set of capabilities.”

The report found more than a million people and companies who are part of this system, but of course the companies are in turn owned by someone.

In reality there are only a few thousand at most and could easily be only a few hundred real players. These are the people who own/ control pretty much everything.

When you get up to their level the offshore structures are vastly more complex than the simple one illustrated in the report, and the true beneficial owners may well have a central office full of people who move and change legal structures and jurisdictions about as needed moment to moment. Truly a shell game of gargantuan proportions.

So when my American friends hear that the evil Koch brothers are taking over their country, well they haven’t got a clue. Because the Koch Brothers are minor outside players.

The only really big boys, people will have heard of, are the ones who have allowed their names to be in the public eye for their own reasons, such as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, possibly the Windsors and even the Bushes.

For the most part you will know that the power families were there, but you won’t hear a family’s name. You will only hear a company’s name, such as BP, Exxon Mobil, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackwater, Monsanto., Martin Lockheed etc.

The media will tell you that those companies are the ones who supposedly did some bad stuff. But of course these are just sets of legal papers. Those who actually own/ control these companies will be hidden within the offshore structures you have just read about.