Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

Today is my 70th birthday. That means for me that it is time to think about the last part of my life.

It saddens me however, and fills me with a sense of guilt and humiliation because of the sad state of affairs I see the world to be in today, that my children and children’s children are going to inherit.

My generation and me have left an awful legacy to the young. As you well know dear reader, there is little that any one person can do to change things.

8379809579_690e627c91_z But chaos theory teaches us that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Bangkok can move the stock market in New York. So I believe that everything counts. Not just the actions we do, but the words we speak today, the thoughts we have and even how we feel, changes everything.

Life is fluid and even tiny changes in one part of the universe can affect other parts in ways we cannot possibly comprehend.

When we act, we do it because we believe that a known effect or effects will come from our actions.

But even if the effects we seek do happen, these effects create other effects, which in turn create other effects and so on, in which we cannot hope to imagine.

So it is with no more than faith that I throw my blog, this tiny pebble in the ocean of human thought, hoping that somehow, something I say may indeed make it better for generations to come.

It is my way of trying to give back to the gift that was and is my life and the lives of us all.