Hollande Toadies to Washington Blocks Mistral Deal

Hollande Toadies to Washington Blocks Mistral Deal

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Four months ago it had seemed like French President Francois Hollande was seeking out a political space, so he could stake out a foreign policy that would be in the interests of his country, even if it pissed off Washington. 

Well yesterday he folded like a house of cards. Nothing of substance has changed in the Ukraine since then. So one has one has to question why this years winner of the stupid mouth award has changed his mind?

As Hollande’s political position more than most is “whichever way the wind blows” it is possible he may change his mind yet again. But the damage has now been done, in that Hollande has proven to Moscow that Paris is not a reliable trading partner. His waffling on the Mistral Warship deal will hurt trade between the two countries beyond any EU and Moscow imposed sanctions.

With the economy in France dead on the water and unemployment at 11% and rapidly accelerating, one would think that the last thing Hollande would want is to gratuitously damage his relationship with a major trade partner?

But Hollande didn’t get to be as unpopular as he is, (only 20% of French people believe that he will turn their economy around), by being the brightest bulb in the marquee or having policies that he will stand by.





  1. Well Robert I think we are sweeing here a pattern of bar-lowering standards in terms of statemanship. We talked about Obama before and now this French Socialist Party Troyan-cadeau named François Holland, though what was to become of him was only too well known from day one. It seems as well that there is a production- in-sequence in the working for right here in Brazil they are preparing a very exotic exemplar in the ecologically romantic persona of Marina da Silva, helped by the hand of destiny just few weeks ago when the left-wing canditate to the Presidency suffered a fatal airplane crash.

    • Thanks for the great comment Jesualdo. I thought that what opened the door for Hollande was the blatant set up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the Manhattan hotel scandal. As head of the IMF he had dropped a triple red flag on Washington and the Mega bankers by advising that the world move away from the dollar system.

      Do you Jesualdo and other Brazilians believe that the plane that went down with Eduardo Campos on board was something more than an accident? And Do people believe that the powers that control Brazil are pushing Marina da Silva’s candidacy because they think that she will be easily controlled?

  2. The incongruencies and gothic format strange things taking place around the fatal airplane crash, together with the bizarre overall silence – so far at least – acpncerning the issue given by the press is becoming the elephant in the room. As I wrote many times to date Marina is not only the romantic Soro’s card being prepared for already some time now as the one who will bring along – if elected – a neoliberal Ruh but mainly the very one who will yield the full implementation of the whole package of the oligarch, corporate-banking system NWO project, speeding it up. She represents as well the Troyan horse of the 60-year old Brazilian Socialist Party – and in a scale that François Holland will be envy of – and besides, last but not least at all, also the extremely dangerous inclusion of the most reactionary, narrow-minded, Zionism-bound Brazilian evangelical movement. Marina is the most dangerous threat this country has ever had… c’est le déluge! In a certain metaphorical sense she is an Amazonian raw material which underwent a major brain mutation out of the original ecological plarform stage and became the dream which will be later on a night-mare, literaly. How naive Campos and his party were.

    • Thanks for the great comment Jesualdo. So would you think that Dilma, with all of her flaws is still the best choice for Brazilians?

  3. You said it all … with all her and above all her cheap populist -although not entirely just bombastic, as a matter of fact- corrupt and incompetent PT party flaws… she still is. But they are hostages of a political bad grammar and lack of courage to take advantage of this moment and proclaim a eadixal reform in terms of oeople’s participation in the nxt term having as much as possible publc consuntation on key issue… reducing the previleges of an old oligachic mentality while appounted for key posts within schemes of corruption etc etc. And she has to start it now since all the cirpoeatwd media is being “seduced” to promote the Troyan horse.

    • Thanks Jesualdo for sharing your insights with us at Red Pill Views as to what it is like to be Brazilian today.

      As for the Brazilian media are you sure that they are being “seduced” by Marina? Or are they being bought by those who are behind her, especially since the same media has been so unusually silent about the plane crash that killed Edwardo Campos?

  4. Oh not by her… her ecological charm has already spellt its charm long time ago and not even the aura is there, on the contrary the amount of contradiction is astonishing to everyone but the evangelical. The Media is seduced by the pression of what is behind her and by pression we may imagine many things as usual. There is still a state of torpor and uncertainty. The country is indeed fed up with the rulling party’s corruption scandals ( just now another demon was liberated from the Petrobras’ pandora box-a former director of the enterprise, who is in jail, negotiated with the General attorney a possible reduction of his sentence if he was to bring to light more detais of the various scquemes of corruption … and so he did and blew the whistle in grand style naming more than thirty authorities, among which high profile politicians and also ( are you standing? Then sit down ) the very former Socialist candidate who died in that plane crash!!!. Now Dilma will have to distance herself from the PT as Lula himself had to do some 10 years ago when another scandal emerged. That’s exactly what can be for her benifit and her chanceto get out of the momentus morbidus with the ascension of Marina – if she can grasp it, has the vision and the strenght to promote a new pact between her and the people keeping the very party
    somewhat at bay. Otherwise…

    • Thanks Jesualdo for your stunning in depth account of the coming Brazilian presidential election. Few people outside your country know much about what is going on inside this major player within the BRICS. With the situation with the countries within Empire being as horrible as they are, people everywhere are pinning their hopes on countries like Brazil to emerge from quasi feudalism into a modern developed and INDEPENDENT nation. Please do keep us informed. Brazil matters.

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