War As Entertainment

War As Entertainment

10 20554
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There were 12 be-headings done by the Taliban in Afghanistan last Friday. Of course when Afghans lose their heads they are not really important heads, as were the three Western heads that fell to ISIS and were reported about on Empire propaganda media seemingly everywhere.

This high drama, intended to steal audiences away from sporting events and the entertainment news has had its intended effect. Obama has gotten public support for yet another US bombing campaign that is pre doomed to failure.

It is hard to call it a failure however, since the campaign has no real military objective to begin with. When you bomb people, you just piss them off and unite them as was the case of the German bombings of London in World War 2.

So Obama’s campaign will be the best recruiting initiative that ISIS could ever have dreamed of. Already Al- Nusra who had been in a bitchy pillow fight with ISIS over which Jihadhis should lead the Sunnis of the Levant, has buried the hatchet. Thing one and Thing Two will now fight together and terrorize all things Western.

ISIS can easily be stopped of course by allowing Iran to clean their plate. Now with ISIS one and half kilometers away from Baghdad and an Iraqi army still not ready for prime time, this runaway group of Sunni crazies is becoming more and more of an existential threat to Tehran.

But Washington along with Ankara and Riyadh created Jihadhi groups like ISIS in the first place, to limit growing Iranian influence and power in the Levant. The last thing the US wants is to let the Iranians in. Washington just wants to put its ISIS Frankenstein monster back on the leash under new leadership and probably with a new name.

Washington wants to maintain and nourish an armed Sunni force in the Levant. Should Iran actively get involved, it would crush ISIS and then destroy all forms of Sunni resistance, as Tehran would move to take complete control of both Iraq and Syria.

Turkey the other regional power which could easily destroy ISIS, is quietly aligned with it and will never fight against any Sunni Jihadhi group.

That means that as Obama’s bombing campaign proves itself to be self defeating, the only convenient boots on the ground for the Levant will come from the Americans.

And a NBC- Wall Street Journal poll released today shows that the propaganda media in American have done their job well, as a whopping 72% of Americans are primed for sending in the troops, as in they expect it to happen.

A plurality 48% of Americans actually support sending in the troops if their politically appointed military commanders say that it is necessary. And that number can easily be manipulated upward by the media, by interrupting their regularly scheduled reality TV shows, with the latest horror story from the war, of what the bad guys of ISIS are up to.

Boots on the ground of course will only lead to another long, worthless and un-winnable war, because ISIS fighters were trained as guerrillas in the first place by none other than the Americans. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan they will act as guerrillas while the Americans are there, attacking them when they have an opportunity and then fading back into the civilian population.

Eventually when the Americans lose their limited patience and attention spans, and they pull their troops out, ISIS will go back to business as usual, stronger than ever, as (unlike in Afghanistan) the one thing the Americans will have been successful in doing is taking a group of Jihadhi foreign mercenaries, (whom they put together themselves) and giving them grass roots support among Sunnis in both Syria and Iraq who did not originally particularly like or trust them.

Then will come the counterattacks as is happening now in Afghanistan.

Why would Washington create a group only to wage an un-winnable war against it?

Perhaps it is all about the economy stupid?  The global economy is in serious trouble, as per this article in Red Pill Views, “Money Printing and declining Economic Realities”

The US dollar based economic system is based on debt. That is because the US dollar, as controlled by the Fed can only be created as a debt to someone. In other words dollars are only created when someone borrows them from a Federal Reserve Bank. That means that global dollar based debts can only grow.

When economies are growing however faster than debts, then ostensibly the countries, businesses and people have the capacity to repay them and then some.

A tipping point comes in debt formations where this process saturates. Interest on the massive debts becomes so difficult to handle that people are afraid to take on more. Economies slow down and grow below the level of debt growth. If unchecked that begins an economic death spiral that is now happening worldwide.

This process is now underway as the Geneva Report from The International Centre for Monetary and Banking Studies has just pointed out. Global debt to global GDP is spiraling out of control.

The situation looks hopeless in Europe, unless the Germans allow the European Central Bank to print money like the US Fed, taking on fake “assets” that the markets do not want as collatoral and leaving the German people to pay the piper when things fall apart.

The Germans have always been on top of this scam and opposed it. But now, with a new political party in Germany, the AfD (Alternative For Germany), controlled by economists and acting as a non Mega Bank controlled watchdog over the standard parties, it is highly questionable whether the Germans will allow money printing in their name.

And if that doesn’t happen, Europe seems primed to have a crack up bust. The latest are the Catalans who are ready to bail from a hopelessly corrupt and indebted Spain. And don’t for a moment believe that the drive of Scotland for independence is over.

Without new money printing European economies are net- net dead on the water. And they have made their own situation worse by toadying to Washington to weaken economic relations with their prime energy supplier Russia.

In Asia the situation is arguably more dangerous.

Because the global and US debt situation is so bad, the US Fed has artificially kept interest rates low. That is because interest rates are the rent people pay on debt. And if the global and US economies are groaning under the present cost of maintaining their debt mountains, raising the rent on them would be a back breaker.

The Fed keeps US dollar interest rates low by “loaning” money to the Mega Banks at nearly zero interest. Those Mega Banks in return take this virtually free money and reinvest it where they can get the highest return. One such place has been Asia where they parked $2.5 Trillion.  Asians in return have borrowed, for what is to them relatively cheap money, way over their heads, way more than they did that led to their economic crisis in 1997.

Any raising of interest rates by the American Fed will make it so that the Mega Banks will want to repatriate much of their $2.5 Trillion back to the US, creating a dollar crisis in Asia, which is still dependent on a continuously expanding pool of dollars for its economic growth.

Only in the US do things look relatively tranquil. But given that the Fed is going to have to continue for as far as the eye can see, to intervene in credit markets to keep interest rates low and give the new money it creates to the Mega Banks, the process of that money being put into a continuously spiraling stock market and to a lesser degree real estate markets, where the rich get comparatively richer will continue.

Worse the newly printed money that will devolve to the rich, will trickle down into even more inflation of health and education, which in turn will continue to become increasingly prohibitive for Americans.  This will serve to continue to crystallize the nine classes of America’s new class hierarchy as defined by Charles Hugh Smith. 

With a permanent underclass being created in the US and with Afro Americans taking the brunt of it, what is going to prevent more Furgesons? What is going to prevent Euro American rage, as the future for most of them will continue to darken as well?

Well folks don’t be such a bunch of gloomy gusses. What if we were to give you a nice fun war that you can watch on the Telly every day? A war where there will be very scary bad guys who will let you know every day just how bad your life could really be if they had their way with you? Where your Department of Homeland Security will always tell you of ever increasing and oh so serious terror alerts?

Think about it, every day in every way there will be news reports on the tube and in print about the war. There will be analysts on the “conservative” and “liberal” media channels participating in open debate in the democratic way. There will be candidates posturing for this position or that. Did I hear Sarah Palin call to “nuke them all”?

So you Americans, don’t spend too much time being so negative and thinking about how poor you are getting and why.

Just tune in and watch the next “War In Syria and Iraq” show. There will be helpless peasants being slaughtered before your very eyes, so you can realize just how lucky you are to be an American even in bad times. And of course the dumb Europeans will be in even worse shape than you are.

And isn’t happiness after all, really about being in better shape than your neighbors?

As my readers will quickly see I tend to interpret the world, thanks to the late Bill Gaines in the "jugular vein". I don't waste time debating or debunking propaganda. I assume my readers are smart enough to see through it, on their own. And propaganda, especially the stupid and transparent kind doesn't need to be dignified by debate. OK. OK sometimes I will use propaganda for a comic routine. We all have to laugh occasionally. And finally like the Bill Gates dictum that he quoted from Wayne Gretzky, I try not to skate to the puck, but to where the puck is coming. That means I care less about news headlines than what they signify and where the underlying theme of them is likely to go.



    • Thanks Jesualdo and I wish Dilma and the country the best of luck at warding off the lust of the global Mega- Banks to take control of Brazil’s central bank, that should rightfully belong to the Brazilian people.

  1. Today I was thinking about how the Reagan administration was so hard up for war that they had to go to a lovely Caribbean island, Grenada, and the remote Falkland Islands. Sheesh.

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    • Thank you for your kind comments. I hope that you find some of the articles on Red Pill Views interesting and informative.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Given that the writers here work essentially for free, maybe one day will take you up on your suggestion of putting in a donate button. But for now it is enough that you enjoy the articles and of course come back again.

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