UN Moves To Crush Libyan Popular Resistance

UN Moves To Crush Libyan Popular Resistance

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What the Libyan people want is an Islamic government that will use their country’s oil for the benefit of its peoples and not that of Total S.A. (the French mega oil and gas giant) and British Petroleum.

But a government of the people, by the people and for the people is as difficult to find in the Muslim world as it is in most other places. In North Africa, local elites working with their former colonial masters control the resources of the region, hand them over to Empire Multinationals for exploitation and in return get a piece of the action for their complicity.

Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi was guilty of keeping Libyan oil for Libyans. For that a “revolution” was instigated by Empire which armed and financed Jihadhis, tribal leaders and mercenaries, so that Total SA might get their hands on that oil. And of course Gaddafi, paid the ultimate price for his insubordination .

Empire’s putsch of Tripoli didn’t however work out too well. The groups just mentioned fought amongst each other to grab the oil themselves.

Eventually Washington put a CIA stooge in place General Khalifa Haftar, to intimidate and buy out the opposition, so that a government controlled by Washington might be put in place to secure Libya’s oil interests for Empire.

That sort of worked out, but not completely. Opposition to this attempted foreign takeover, coalesced around a group called Operation Dawn, a hodge podge of Islamists, Nationalists, Tribal leaders and just plain folks tired of having their country controlled by outsiders.

This group called itself “Operation Dawn” because that was the code name for the American role in the international military operation in Libya, Yup the very one that would turn a peaceful country into one of chaos, death, destruction, homelessness and madness.

The cool part is that Operation Dawn has control of some of Libya’s oil and thus like ISIS is self financing. And they just won their biggest military victory to date, by taking control of Tripoli’s international air port.

What is Empire going to do about it? Well for starters they got Sisi, (that well known hater of popular Islamic governments) to bomb the hell out of Operation Dawn.

The Obamanation in turn pretended not to like this, but of course who isn’t going to like an ally bombing a key besieged ally when you yourself don’t have the political capital back home to do it?

Better yet by complaining long and loud about how terrible things are going in Libya, (for the poor besieged people of course) Washington hopes to build popular political capital in the US, so it can go back into Libya in the future should it feel the need to do so.

The Obamanation is playing pretty much the same theater piece now in Syria as well.

But the most critical weapon to beat Operation Dawn is to cut off its funding.  And that is where the UN comes in. This flunky organization of Empire is always good to put an international umbrella around Washington’s aggressions whenever it possibly can. Usually this is limited by Russia and China which don’t typically go along.

But if you carefully read Russia Today, you will see that Vlad has been just as relentlessly hostile to populist Sunni insurgencies as Empire has been. RT demonizes ISIS every bit as much as the New York Times. And Xi seems to always go along with Vlad.

That is because both countries see populist Sunni insurgencies as existential threats to the Muslims in their own countries.

So it is that the UN slapped sanctions on what amounts to both General Khalifa Haftar’s militia, as well as Operation Dawn. But the sanctions against General Haftar are meaningless as he will be given whatever monies and arms he needs through Washington, or one or another of its Empire arms.

But Operation Dawn does not have such friends in high places. They are effectively going it alone. If they are cut off from their oil money it will probably be he end of the road for them, for any kind of major long term armed resistance. And it will be the end of the road for the Libyan people as well struggling for autonomy and sovereignty.

And that is the idea.





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