Tsipras, The Great Betrayer Part 1

Tsipras, The Great Betrayer Part 1

1 1845
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Politicians and betrayals are synonyms. There are however little betrayals and great betrayals. The greatest betrayal of a major modern politician had been that of Tony Blair, who single handedly destroyed the once grand Labor Party of the UK. Working people in the UK rightfully no longer believe that Labor represents them. Today they have no voice.

But Blair’s betrayal of the British people is absolutely nothing compared to what Alexis Tsipras has just done. Not only is it a dagger in the heart to the Greek people, but to truly progressive people throughout Europe, (like those who support Podemos in Spain) and even to anti EU politicians coming from the right like Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage.

Working people reeling under the pain and misery of the neo fascist banker takeover of Europe, (called the EU and the Euro Zone) now have to ask whether any politician who claims to represent them is anything other than a Tsipras; a liar and a fraud.

After the first February negotiations between newly elected Tsipras and the Eurozone, in which he seemed to be backing off his campaign promises to the Greek people of no more austerity, many believed that he was a traitor and a fake.

But these were minor negotiations and Tsipras, as well as his political party Syriza were new to power. In order to call the Euro Zones bluff that Greece would be cut off from any new funding and its economy would collapse, Tsipras had to put a plan in place to minimize any damage the Euro Zone could do. In February he hadn’t had the time to have done that.

The great negotiations were going to happen in June when Greece would owe more money to its creditors than it could pay. In order to blunt the Euro Zone’s threat of a complete cutoff of funding, Tsipras had to do two things. One was to create the capacity for a seamless transition of Greece’s monetary system from Euros to a New Drachma, that would be used for all business within the country.

Secondly Tsipras had to insure the convertibility of the new currency into Euros or dollars, as the EU and the Anglo 5 countries would do everything in their power to make it completely worthless outside of Greece. In order to do that Tsipras needed a country rich enough to backstop the New Drachma with dollars and euros. And only China could do that, although Beijing would probably want to work through the new BRICS bank.

It was in both the interests of Greece and China as well as Russia for this to happen. Here and here is why.

Once the New Drachma would be convertible, then Greek importers could buy what they need for the countries tourist, shipping, olive oil and other businesses and Greek Inc. would be back in business again. Greece would then be able to offer sun and sand vacation packages as well as olive oil at half the price Italy and Spain, (both burdened with the Euro) could have charged. Euros would have flooded back into Greece, the New Drachma would organically strengthen and the economy would normalize.

During the February to June period, while in negotiations with his Euro creditors, it would have been prudent for Tsipras to have laid the groundwork for all of this as quietly as possible, with negotiations with Beijing and Moscow being held behind closed doors.

So it would have been unlikely that anyone would have known whether Tsipras had been doing his homework or not . But the final test would come during the June negotiations which have now dragged on into July.

The mega Bankers have long since known that Greece was bankrupt and that their Greek debt portfolio was going to go up in smoke. So since 2010 they have offloaded that bad debt on synthetic institutions like the ECB, the IMF etc that are in the end only backed by the taxes of ordinary working Europeans, (and others). The bankers did this through their usual corrupt politicians who are supposed to represent the people’s of Northern and Central Europe, but in fact represent the banks.

By 2015 the bankers not only did not care whether Greece foreclosed on their debts, they actually wanted them to. Their voice among the Euro Zone “negotiators” was and is Wolfgang Schaeuble the German Finance Minister. He made it abundantly clear that he wanted Greece out of the Eurozone altogether and for the country to fall into ruin, with maximum suffering falling on its people.

The reason for that is that the Greek people were at the cutting edge and were the leading voices of a debtors rebellion that is presently going on throughout debt ridden Europe, mostly importantly in Spain and Italy. And those countries’ debts are still mostly held by the banks. If a populist political movement in those far larger countries were to take power and renounce their debts, the whole of Europe’s weak banking system would almost certainly collapse like a house of cards.

In 2010 in order to avoid this, the bankers first needed to surgically remove Greece from Europe, with minimum impact to themselves, (the offloading of Greek debt from their portfolios). Afterwards they would need to make an example out of the Greeks to insure that no one else would dare to risk their wrath.

For Greece to successfully foreclose on its debts, make a seamless transition into the New Drachma, be able to get the dollar based liquidity necessary so that the country would be able to stabilize its economy and thrive again, would have been a knife in the heart of the bankers and their proxy Euro politicians and bureaucrats.

That is because after Greece would renounce its debts and ordinary European working class people find out that they are left holding the bag, even the dumbest would figure out that this all happened because their politicians bought the toxic loan portfolio of Greece from the bankers and gave it to their national treasuries as an “asset”. Established political parties would be badly damaged or even fall, as Labor has done in the UK.

And a happy ending in Greece would embolden the debtor countries of Europe to rebel as well, which would finish Europe’s already weak banking system.

But what if Tsipras was a phony from day one, who only used his anti banker, anti austerity rhetoric to get elected and take power, but never had any intention of doing anything other than giving the Euro Zone group everything they wanted in the first place? In such a narrative Tsipras would have made no preparation for a transition into a New Drachma, nor would he have sought out China’s help in making it convertible.

In other words Tsipras would have built no safety net under the high wire act of these negotiations, so that if the Euro Zone would pull the plug on further Euro credits it would have meant total disaster for the Greek people. That would give him the excuse to capitulate to whatever demands they would make.

This would have been a mega cynics worst case scenario. But that it seems is exactly what has happened.

Tispris’s betrayal of the Greek people may be the single worst betrayal of any people from a major country, for at least the last 50 years. And it has widespread global implications that go well beyond economics to Geo Politics and Cold War 2, especially against Russia.

To Be Continued.



  1. the betrayal means that a different paradigm has come. We are approaching the End Times and there is such a thing as a celestial prince of Greece. Tspiras maye have been manipulated by celestial forces. Daniel 10:20.

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