State Sponsored Terrorism; Reunion In Riyadh

State Sponsored Terrorism; Reunion In Riyadh

Photo From   Charles, Clown Of The House of Windsor 

A veritable whose who of those who have created, organized, financed, armed, trained and given logistical support to Salafi based Jihadis around the world, all showed up at at the late tyrant Saudi “king” Abdullah’s funeral. The list included terrorist in chief  Barack Obama, (“regime change black- ops” in Washington speak), as well as his second banana David Cameron. But there was also the man in charge of Franco- imperial affairs Francois Hollande, and the head of the new wanna be Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Jordan’s King Abdullah cut short his visit to Davos, and also joined the festivities. He is the man, along with Erdogan who allows his country to be the training ground for US and Gulf State sponsored “terrorist” groups like Al Nusra and ISIS. Also present was Pakistan’s uber corrupt supporter of the Taliban, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani also showed up.

The Qatari Emir is in effect the President and CEO of the Second Gulf Bank of Terrorism. “King” Abdullah was in effect the President and CEO of the First Gulf Bank of Terrorism. Together they are the the primary financiers of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Taliban, ISIS, Al Shabab and the not to be forgotten Boko Haram, who put on a special show in honor of Abdullah’s death by attacking a key city in Northeastern Nigeria, Maiduguri.

The death toll is not yet in, but we can be assured that whatever it is, “king Abdullah” (wherever he is) will be smiling when he hears of the body count.

The only honcho in this group of state sponsored terrorism, that didn’t show up was Israel’s Benjamin, (Bibi) Netanyahu. Everyone missed him, but due to his lack of popularity on the Muslim streets, he was advised to stay away. But Bibi certainly must have sent a message of his long standing fraternity with the cause of Salafist terrorist groups everywhere, and pointed to the fact that he will be lending his support to it when he addresses the Republicans of the US congress whose greatest hope is to ratchet up global terrorism, one step further than even Obama and Hillary have dared. 

Former “king” Abdullah was best known, for not simply exporting terrorism but for torture and the beheadings. (at Chop Chop Square) that the neophites of ISIS learned from him. Candidates for beheadings, (done about twice a week) were especially foreign female workers who publicly objected to being raped by their employers.

“More than 45 foreign maids are facing execution on death row in Saudi Arabia”. The 45 number is just what has been leaked. The real number, (a state secret) is assumed to be much, much higher. Some of the 1.5 million foreign maids in the country “face intense exploitation and abuse, ranging from months of hard work without pay to physical violence to slavery-like conditions,” said Nisha Varia from Human Rights Watch.”

Human Rights Watch went on to say; “A domestic worker facing abuse or exploitation from her employer might run away and then be accused of theft. Employers may accuse domestic workers, especially those from Indonesia, of witchcraft. Victims of rape and sexual assault are at risk of being accused of adultery and fornication.”

It should be mentioned that being convicted of witchcraft, and adultery in Saudi Arabia will take you immediately to Chop Chop Square.

But in the world of state sponsored terrorism, Abdullah was a colleague. So all of his peers had nothing but hyperbole to say at his death. Christine Lagarde head of the IMF said that Abdullah was “a strong advocate of women”. Does that mean the rights of foreign maids to be slaves or die? Now there is a choice for you.

“Flags flew at half-mast in Whitehall while David Cameron…….praised the deceased despot’s efforts towards “strengthening understanding between faiths”. WTF????

And US Secretary of State John Kerry, who has always exhibited psychopathic tendencies, chimed in by calling Abdullah,“a man of wisdom & vision”. and went on to say that the world “has lost a revered leader”. Obama himself went on to say “The closeness and strength of the partnership between our two countries is part of King Abdullah’s legacy.”  You can bet it was.

But the world need not fear. Saudi Arabia’s new 79 year old “king” Salman will be just like the old king. The Saudi portfolio of being the financiers and chief of world terrorism, will continue uninterrupted as it has for the past 40 years.



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