South Sudan: Die In Despair, No One Cares

South Sudan: Die In Despair, No One Cares

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The South Sudan was a nation invented by Empire to loot its oil and natural gas reserves. Once Empire’s transnationals had physical control of its land for its equipment and workers to exploit the country’s resources, they didn’t give a crap about what would happen to the people whose farms and livelihood they of course stole.

This elites of this pseudo state quickly broke down into the same greed and corruption that their colonial master still teach them and fight with each other for the spoils of Empire’s left overs.

The results have been more than 10,000 war dead, but in the South Sudan who cares enough to count the dead.  It is expected that there will be 715,000  refugees by years end and who knows how many have lost their homes inside the country and now live wherever they can find shelter.

We do know however that 4,000,000 people in this Empire created hell hole are now facing starvation.

But no sweat the Obamanation is coming to their rescue. He is going to give them, hold on to your hats….. drum roll please…………. 180 million dollars.

While Empire has done and is doing horrible things in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, the Ukraine, Afghanistan and many, many other places, it always saves its very worst for Sub Saharan Africa.

And when any major media does write about the horrors happening every minute of the day in South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra leone and many, many more, all you will find is a at best a few paragraphs.




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