The Rage of American Chicken Lickens

The Rage of American Chicken Lickens

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Who can argue with raw dumb fear, when Chicken Licken thinks the sky is falling?

Miriam Webster defines “critical” as; “being in or approaching a state of crisis”.

A new Gallup Poll shows that 84% of Americans believe that ISIS is not just a threat, but a critical threat to the interests of the United States over the next 10 years. Second to that is their fear of a nuclear armed Iran. 77% see it as a critical threat and to round out the top three, 64% see the military of mighty North Korea as being a critical threat.

In fact Americans fear so many critical threats, (not to mention ordinary threats) and since the poll only asked them so many questions, it is safe to say that Americans fear pretty much everything outside of their country. How about their fear of a terrorist attack should they dare to travel to far away Europe? Better to stay in the US, where Americans number one fear is walking alone at night. Well maybe better never to leave the house. Just stay at home and watch horror movies.

While only 49% of Americans view Russia as a critical military threat, another 41% view Russia as a threat to their country. That totals to 90% fear Russia.

Wait it gets even more ridiculous. The same 49% of Americans view the Israeli- Palestinian situation to be a critical threat with the same 41% viewing that conflict to be an ordinary threat. So 90% of Americans fear the Israeli- Palestinian conflict as it could impact on their country. One can only wonder if Americans are afraid of Hamas lobbing home made rockets over the Mediterranean, then over the Atlantic to hit New York or Washington? Or how about the Israelis destroying homes in Kansas to house Jewish settlers?

And yes there is more. 89% of Americans fear, (what was phrased to them as) the “Russia- Ukraine” conflict and 84% also fear China’s economic might. Exactly in what way China’s economic “might” would threaten Americans, the poll doesn’t say. Maybe Americans are afraid of their government sending more jobs to China? Or perhaps those tricky orientals will air drop RNB notes all over their country? If only Americans knew what an RMB note is?

It doesn’t help at all that America’s very own; “counter-terrorism chief Matthew Olson said……. that “there’s no credible information” that the Islamic State (Isis) is planning an attack on America and that there’s “no indication at this point of a cell of foreign fighters operating in the United States“. That is because ISIS is a regional organization, unlike Al Qaeda. They do not have a network of sleeper cells around the world.

But of course one day they will. American’s know that.

How do Americans know all these things? Because their media tells them all about it. ISIS threatens to find each and every one of them, wherever they are, even in the comfort of their own homes. And then they will behead them. Americans have heard about this on TV. And it reminds them of a bunch of Muslim Freddy Kruegers. Very scary stuff.

Of course their media doesn’t tell them that when it comes to beheadings, ISIS are a bunch amateurs compared to their country’s good friends in Saudi Arabia, where they have on average of two beheadings a week, (much to the amusement of the Kingdoms inhabitants) at what they like to call “Chop Chop” square in Riyadh the capital.

We know that the US press is famous for fearmongering. Those that imbibe it have long since known that they will all die from. AIDS, Swine Flu, global Communism, Bird Flu, or if not any of the above, definitely the Ebola virus.

In the 1940s and ’50s Americans learned that their West Coast would be overrun by hordes of little yellow people, mostly wearing pajamas. Those 350 million Americans who have survived all of this, are always ready to die yet again, or be overrun, when their favorite media outlet announces the cause of their next coming demise.

Given that American media has had a history of ALWAYS being wrong, the question is less why Americans take their media seriously than why do they imbibe it at all? The answer is in this article; “How People Stay Stupid and Democracies Fail?

In any case one shouldn’t expect a nation of Chicken Lickens to lay down and succumb to their fears. When an American sees an irrational fear, he and she, (they are gender equal here) will always ride off on a Don Quixote style crusade to tilt at the next windmill and attack, attack, attack.

The first thing is to gather the information. To that effect Americans support their National Security Agency, (by a 51% to 39% margin) bugging and recording everything everyone says or does anywhere and everywhere on the planet. That is because, after any and all foreigners, the people Americans trust the least are each other. That is why they support a police state at home.

Americans want records of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. The Democrats are worse than the Republicans. While only 47% of Republicans want everyone tracked and recorded at all times, a whopping 58% of Democrats do. And scarily age matters. The young are way more paranoid than the old. 61% of those under 29 want snoops tracking everything everywhere, while only 40% of people over 65 support a snoop state.

If there is a sure sign of the success of the American education system to dumb down their young, this has to be it.

American women support a snoop state slightly more than men, by 53% to 49%.

So it should come as no surprise that this nation of Chicken Lickens wants their government to send troops into the sovereign state of Syria, without the permission of its lawful and internationally recognized government supposedly to to attack ISIS, that is if there is no mission creep. In an NBC- Marist Poll 54% of Americans want another invasion of yet another country in the Middle East.  Perhaps surprisingly, given that the worst anti ISIS fearmongering has come from Fox News and Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, Democrats support an invasion of Syria by a wide margin, (60% to 52%) over Republicans.

Two parameters are reversed however when it comes to polls supporting war as opposed to simply collecting information on every human on the planet. In this poll men wanted war by a 59%- 50% margin over women, who still clearly support it. And those 45 years old and older supported war by a 58% to 49% margin over younger people, who perhaps thought that they might be drafted into it. When other people fight wars that is good. When you have to do it, not so good.

And Afro, Latins and Asian Americans want war by a greater margin than whites by 58% to 53%. And better healed people with household incomes over $50 thousand support war more than those with household incomes under $50 thousand by a 59% to 53% margin.

Still the take-way is that American Chicken Lickens of pretty much all stripes, men, women, white, black, Latino, old, young, Democrats, Republicans, those with money and those without, are afraid of pretty much everything everywhere and want war.

And Barack Obama and an all star cast of Republican congress people will surely give it to them. Perhaps that is why Obama’s popularity ratings have crawled up recently from the high 30s to the high 40s.  American Chicken Lickens, scared out of their wits by what they are constantly being told is a frightening world, are rallying around their president to please. please, please protect us, help us, save us. We are sooo scared.



  1. Makes you wonder why the U.S. hasn’t banned stairs, as you’re more likely to get injured or die from falling down stairs at home than almost any of the above. I suppose a start has been made in banning homes for the poorest in society.

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