Obama’s Failure in Syria- A 2nd Front Against Russia

Obama’s Failure in Syria- A 2nd Front Against Russia

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Why have the Americans failed in Syria? Is it because there are now 210,000 people dead from this war that was initiated, organized, paid for, weaponized and trained by the Americans with their allies, primarily the Gulf States and Turkey? Is it because there are now 1.6 million Syrians who have lost their homes and their normal lives and now live in Turkey as refugees?  Or is it because of the more than 620 thousand Syrians who are living in UN camps or wherever they can find shelter in Jordan? Or is it because of the more than 1.6 million Syrians now living like stray dogs in Lebanon? Or is it because there are 7.6 MILLION Syrian people who had to leave their lives, homes and work and are now internally displaced? Or maybe it is because of all of the Syrian people who are displaced or are refugees, half are either children or teens under 18?

Nah it is none of those reasons. The US government could give a damn and their terminally ignorant and prejudiced populace either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. For most Americans these people are probably all just a bunch of Muslim terrorists anyway, and their problems are because even Muslims don’t like Muslims. To them the great USA did the best it could to help Syria. But you can’t help people who won’t help themselves. End story.

Still there is a gnawing suspicion in the hearts of Americans that they have somehow failed in Syria. And they are afraid of what that might mean for them.

It doesn’t take much to find out what “failing” in Syria means to the elites who run the US. That is because even with all of their work, all of the money spent directly by Washington to arm “moderate” groups and indirectly through their assets in the Gulf to fund Jihadis, they have utterly failed to overthrow Assad. The differing groups whom were each entailed to overthrow Assad, so called moderates, Al Nusra and of course ISIS have spent more time fighting each other than fighting Assad. 

What a bunch of clowns. But who produced this horrific clown show of death and destruction in Syria but Washington, specifically Obama and Hillary Clinton? For some time now it has become clear to Washington planners that if they want to overthrow Assad they will need to clear the amateurs out of the way and send in the professionals with full high tech, state of the art military gear and massive air support. That would mean the Americans.

But how does one get public support to use US ground troops to overthrow a leader of a sovereign state who has done nothing to the Americans people? The last time that was done in Iraq, the American people did not like the results.

The answer has been to relentlessly propagandize the dangers of ISIS, how they rape women, behead innocents, torture and kill Christians and how the next “terrorist attack”, (ostensibly by ISIS) will soon come to their shores. Here the war criminal Dick Cheney announced that a far greater than 9/ 11 terrorist attack will soon come to American soil. Here Republican senator Lindsay Grahams says the same thing. But adds that ISIS will be the ones to do it and that Obama’s failures and weaknesses will leave pathetic scared Americans vulnerable.

If American Democrats want to think that this is just crazy Republican talk, here is Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein telling them that it is right to live in fear and trembling of ostensibly the evil ISIS monster.

The idea behind it all was to scare Americans so that they would be willing to send troops to invade the sovereign state of Syria, ostensibly to fight the evil ISIS monster that they so fear. And secondarily to radicalize Americans to create support for Jeb Bush’s coming candidacy, as they are taught that Obama and the Democrats are helpless wimps incapable of protecting them.

This relentless propaganda show is now paying off. Americans are afraid of anything and everything particularly terrorism. And they don’t believe that their squabbling congress can protect them. 

Now a new poll has come out pumped, not be the “conservative” Heritage Foundation but by the “liberal” Brooking’s Institution which shows “The public is not satisfied with the Obama administration’s response to this threat”. Only 39 percent approve of the president’s handling of “terrorism” and that 67% of Americans believe ISIS is a major security threat to them. And by the same 2 to 1 margin Americans want their government to send ground troops into Syria and/ or Iraq.

Moreover in a message to Obama, 53% of Americans worry that their government will not go far enough to stop terrorism, with only 39% worrying that it will go too far. Democrats however are not on board on this one. By a margin of 58% to 32% they are afraid of going too far. That is why it was necessary for a “liberal” think tank, which will likely be quoted by “liberal” media like the NYT, Huffington Post and The Atlantic to deliver the message, that Americans are afraid and rightfully so.

Of course the Assad administration is considered, (because of Russia’s naval base at Tartus) to be of vital national interest to Moscow, which has shown it will risk war with the US to protect him and his government. So a major US military buildup in Syria, that everyone knows, (except the mostly brain dead American people) is aimed at Assad, will almost certainly lead to a Russian response. If threatened by the Americans, as the head of a sovereign state Assad would ask for Russian help and Moscow will comply.

It will not help the American case that their presence in Syria is illegal under “international law”.

So the Americans are likely to need a false flag, like the Ghouta chemical attack in 2013, (which Ankara will be only too happy to supply) to finalize its bait and switch tactics and rationalize its presence and belligerence towards Damascus. .

In any case the Syrian theater is likely to be a second front in Cold War 2 against Russia, that Obama has already initiated in the Ukraine. The real fireworks however, will probably have to wait for the next Bush presidency. I’ll bet you can hardly wait.



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