Obama Vs. ISIS: Poor Little Fool

Obama Vs. ISIS: Poor Little Fool

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To people world wide and Afro Americans in particular the election of Obama as the President of the United States was a repudiation of American racism. In fact it was just the opposite.

Based on his behavior since he was elected in 2008, Obama is either much stupider than even  “W”, or he has been simply following the orders of the Elites who truly rule his country.  After seeing him and hearing him before and after his first election I don’t believe that he is stupid.

So what was Obama hired to do and what agenda is he representing today? Well we know what he was hired to do. That is to convince the American people to bail out the Mega Banks which were essentially busted in 2008. He had to convince them that these banks were “too big to fail”. And he furthermore had to convince them that the public had to bail them out, which it did by giving them endless trillions of dollars and putting it on the national tab.

Since the reloading of monies to the Mega Banks goes directly into assets like real estate and stocks, virtually all of the benefits of the new money that came to them, (courtesy of the American people) went to the top 1% of the population. And due in part to this historic income transfer, the fall of the middle class accelerated and the differences between rich and poor increased.

Today Obama’s rhetoric sounds strained and hollow. He doesn’t seem to believe his own words anymore. It is like he is reading a script of someone else’s making. But four years ago he was still a terrific orator. He was able to make the American people believe that his sell out of them, was a necessary legacy of what the Republicans had done.

But for the American Elites that is all yesterday’s news. The American elites have made it clear since the false flag of 9/11 that they want war and they want it everywhere.

In this article you will see what Obama accomplished for them and failed to accomplish.  His foreign policy was of course war everywhere and at all times. But unlike Bush the Obama doctrine was to fight wars using mercenaries and keep US involvement generally under the world’s radar. Anyone who had a serious interest in the wars being fought in the Ukraine and especially the Middle East, knew that Obama was behind them all.

But few people anywhere have much interest in foreign wars that they don’t see as concerning them. So with Empire’s lying propaganda media as his shield Obama was generally not blamed.

In the US itself the Elites used Obama for the purpose of the recolonization of the American people, turning the country into a turn key totalitarian state, replete with a surveillance apparatus Orwell could not have dreamed of, a militarization of civilian police forces on display in Furgeson. and a supine Corporate- State controlled press that essentially functions to disseminate propaganda.

The issue is not so much that the US is now only 46th in press freedom world wide, it is that this number is in free fall, as the country’s historical institutions of a free press are being systematically dismantled.

So while Obama’s covert wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and the Ukraine may have gone all but unnoticed by the willfully ignorant masses, they do know that the world is in disorder. And if they didn’t Empire’s flunky in Chief at the UN Ban Ki-moon has just told them.

And Americans also know that they have spent a lot of money and lives trying to create, (in their minds) a fair, just and peaceful world. After all of their effort at bringing “peace” in Iraq and Afghanistan, destroying “terrorism” at its roots (Osama Bin Laden) and helping the forces of “good” all over the world, why are things so screwed up?

There has to be someone to blame. And even Democrats are now figuring it out, (by their much less enthusiastic support of him) that the tar baby for America’s “failures” is Obama.

Obama’s political enemies, even in his own party are coming out of the wood work to attack or at best distance themselves from him.

A major part of Obama’s covert wars was to use Jihadhis as mercenaries to accomplish Washington’s Geo Political agenda in the Levant. Washington did that by organizing, arming, training, funding and giving logistical support to Jihadhis deemed to be useful. The Gulf States were used to help fund operations and Turkey gave the Jihadhis a geographical base in the region to organize themselves from, including military training and the moving of money and supplies.

But Empire’s latest model of its Jihadhi monster ISIS has broken its leash and is running wild and free in the Levant funding itself with stolen oil. Getting ISIS back on its leash can be done quite easy as it is the dead enemy of Iran as well, which at any time can crush it like a bug. After all ISIS has about 30 thousand troops and some stolen weapons. Iran can field an army of one million and has an air force, tank divisions, very sophisticated missiles and endless bombs. Iran does not need the US to crush ISIS.

But if Iran were to crush ISIS it would effectively gain control of the Levant and Obama has been tasked by his bosses to prevent that. Unfortunately for him Turkey, (the other regional power) does not want to help him. In fact no one really does. His Arab “allies” were all arm twisted and for the most part could care less.

And Obama does not have the political capital at home to send in ground troops, which wouldn’t help much either. That is because ISIS fighters are used to being a guerrilla army. They can hide weapons easily in a land they know well and fade back into the civilian population, until the Americans get tired of being shot at by a population that doesn’t want them there in the first place, and go home.

But Obama doesn’t have grass roots support to send ground troops. So all he can do is drop bombs. You cannot defeat a ground military by simply dropping bombs on them. You must have boots on the ground, and Obama doesn’t have any.

By sending Obama in to fight ISIS in the Levant, the Elites are using him as their fool, setting him up to be humiliated. Just as bad Obama had been ordered to start a war in the Ukraine, (using proxies of course) to open a front against Russia that effectively was a declaration of Cold War 2.

So far in this proxy war between crazed Ukrainian nationalists, (with a Neo Nazi core) backed by Washington, fighting against effectively Russia, Obama has been utterly defeated.

Worse in the coming elections in Kiev, the Ukrainians who control it are going to want to put in a hard liner itching for another fight with Russia, that again they cannot possibly hope to win. Whether Obama wants to support them or not, he has already committed himself to the “freedom” of the Ukraine. If he backs away he will again appear weak and vacillating, as the Ukrainians without his support have no hope at all of defeating Putin and taking control of their Southeastern provinces.

Obama is now trapped in a no win foreign policy on two fronts. Both of which he was ordered into by his bosses.

So Obama’s presidency was not a repudiation of racism. It was the opposite. He was hired by white Elites as their house ni*ger. And like all ni*gers, once they have faithfully served their masters they get kicked to the curb.

I don’t feel at all sorry for Obama. Even if the willfully ignorant masses don’t know it, he certainly knows that he is a mass murderer and has spent his last 6 years faithfully, like a lap dog, serving the agendas of the Mega Bank Corporate Elites not just to kill. maim, rape and loot people abroad, but to bring his own country under what is now the barely visible yoke of future slavery. He deserves all the humiliation that is coming to him and more.

I do feel bad however for Afro Americans, so long oppressed and repressed, for whom he had been such a great hope for the beginning of the end of their pain. Of course it was an illusion, just another of Whiteys tricks, that they have learned so well over the centuries.

But the pain of African Americans is still lite, when compared to the hundreds of thousands dead in the Middle East due to the policies of the man they voted for, and the endless millions he continues to oppress in Africa in the name of his bosses. 



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