Obama Does Yemen Part 1 Geo Politics

Obama Does Yemen Part 1 Geo Politics

Photo From www.yemenobserver.com   Obama Thinks These Houthis Should Obey Washington Like Everyone Else

Since the Saudis, with other small Gulf States are mobilizing 150,000 troops to invade Yemen, it may seem that Washington is only playing a support role.  The Saudis are now bombing positions of Yemen’s Houthis militias. The Houthis have been victorious in kicking out of Yemen the Saudi and American imposed “president” Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi . The Saudis are also creating a no- fly zone over the country and are blockading Yemen by sea.

These are all acts of war against a country which has done no harm to anyone in Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf Country.

Here is a graph of the group of criminal countries who are involved. Most of these states are the same ones who have created and support every Jihadi group in the Middle East and elsewhere.


 Graphic 1

Lets take a look at the group who are supporting what on its face are yet more war crimes. The US, The UK, France, Turkey, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and the UAE. Of these countries the Americans are by many multiples more powerful than all these others combined. If the Americans didn’t want this aggression against Yemen to happen, it wouldn’t.

And the Obama Administration has made no bones about the fact that it indeed does want a war in Yemen, (apart from their own civil war). NSC Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan on the Situation in Yemen said effectively that the US supports the attacks against the Houthis because they “overthrew” “the elected government of Yemen” and that they are acting on a request from Hadi to do so.

Hmmm. What if the duly elected president of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych had asked for Russian support to repress the Maidan Square rebellion that illegally unseated him? Would a Russian invasion of the Ukraine have been OK as well?

So this Yemen caper is 100% typical Obama, that is to use surrogates in illegal wars in order to advance Washington’s Geopolitical goals.

The Yemen caper is of critical importance to the Gulf States as well, because the Houthis are Sh’ia Muslims who have been receiving massive support from Tehran. Of course the Hadi government as well as Al- Qaeda have been receiving massive support from Riyadh. So up until now the war in Yemen has been a proxy war.

But when you bomb a foreign country that has done you no harm and invade it with 150,000 troops, that very much crosses the line into a war crime. Under the same International laws the Americans and their allies originally wrote, anyone that knowingly supports that process is also guilty of war crimes.

Here is strategically why Tehran, (and the Houthis) are not going to be allowed to control the 
country. red-seaGraphic 2

The Red Sea is crucial for shipping. “More than 3.4 million barrels of oil per day passed through Bab-el-Mandeb – the two-mile strait between Yemen and Africa……. If that strait was closed, or became unsafe due to attacks from anti-Western forces, oil tankers could be forced to sail all the way around South Africa to reach European, North American, and South American markets.

And the Red Sea through the Suez Canal is a crucial shipping lane into the Mediterranean and on to Europe.

Neither Washington, its European flunkies or its Gulf Oil producing states, want Tehran to control the choke point of Bab-el-Mandeb. And when these countries of Empire believe that it is in their interests to use “International law” as toilet paper, that is indeed what they do.

What is striking however, is that if you look at graphic one you will see that not only is Iran against this coming invasion, so are Russia and China. Yet at least as this moment complaints from these countries. as to the abuses and aggression of Washington and its surrogates have been mild.

From the standpoint of Iran there are two reasons. The first is that the Sh’ia in Yemen are only around 35% of the population and after the dust would have cleared from their internal war, they would not have been able to dominate the country without coming into a coalition with at least some factions of the Sunnis. So any government that the Houthis might eventually put together and stabilize, would not likely be a pawn of Iran. That is especially true because Yemenis in general are very nationalistic.

Perhaps more importantly is that the Houthis represent the Zaidi branch of Shiite Islam which is VERY different from the Twelvers of Iran.  The Zaidi are the “only Shia Muslim sect that do not share the belief in the infallibility and divine choice of imams, strongly revered as spiritual leaders among Shias”. And because of that the chances are very high that Iran’s supreme leader the Ayatollah Khamenei will view them as heretics.

That in turn means that Khamenei will have a limited identification with the Houthis, beyond their usefulness in his Geo Political strategies. For the Russians and the Chinese, Yemen is outside of their spheres of influence. The Americans have been controlling these sea ways of trade for a very long time and neither Moscow nor Beijing have suffered from any serious disturbances that would have harmed their interests. So how the Americans control their de facto territory is not too important for them.

Of course if things heat up, (because these attacks on Yemen are a major breach of international law) both Moscow and Beijing can use it for propaganda to counterbalance Empire propaganda over places like the Ukraine or Tibet.

The likely outcome of this will be Libya and Syria style chaos. While Yemen has up until now been a pretty chaotic place, they have never had more than a small taste of Obama style induced death, displacement and chaos.

Yemen today is a now classical example of the “Obama Doctrine”, of leading from behind.

Tomorrow “Obama Does Yemen Part 2 The Military



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