Obama & Al Qaeda Together Again In Yemen

Obama & Al Qaeda Together Again In Yemen

Photo From www.washingtonpost.com The Twins In Support Of Jihadis Everywhere

There are many, many people who believe that tails wag dogs and that countries within the Empire act autonomously on major issues. Those people were likely to have believed that Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen all on its own, only being green lighted by Washington to do so.

The reality is the opposite. All major Geo Political and military moves of the Empire come out of Washington. Vassal nations of the Empire like the Gulf States are either asked to participate in operations or intimidated to do so. In the case of the Saudis relative to Yemen, little intimidation was needed.

This was made amply clear over the past few days as the Saudis, (who after pumping their fat oil drenched chests, telling the world how they were going to invade Yemen after bombing it) promised to end the bombing claiming “that they had achieved their military goals”.  Exactly how that had happened no one knows.

The Saudi’s political goal had ostensibly been the forcing of their appointed dictator, masquerading as an elected president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi back into power in Sanaa. And the bombing campaign hadn’t even come close to achieving this. In fact as far as the world could see, the bombing campaign hadn’t achieved anything at all other than the destruction of some buildings and the killing of some civilians.

The Saudis bombed a country, (Yemen) with no air force and called the murders and mayhem it wrought “Decisive Storm”. Hmmm where did these geniuses think up such names? Do the fat Saudi “royals” send their brats to the US military’s school of nomenclature aimed an engineering public support for each new global aggression?

In any case the Saudis wanted to back out and after bombing the crap out of people, transform themselves into “peace makers”. And they even had nomenclature for that operation, “Restoring Hope”. Really, who writes this stuff?

Obama was sooo pissed at these Fat Sheep candy asses, that he publicly rebuked them, telling them that their job was unfinished, (it had barely begun). This was rare, as public disagreements between Washington and its vassal states, are usually done in back rooms outside of the public spotlight.

The Saudi “peace movement” hadn’t come about out of thin air. The fat princes must have figured out that their attacks against the Houthi of Yemen would, as Obama loves to say have “consequences”. The long oppressed Sh’ia of Saudi Arabia who physically sit on top of most of the country’s oil wealth, could well be radicalized, leading to “terrorist” attacks against the Royals and their oil assets. Oh my!

Riyadh, now understanding that Washington doesn’t give a crap about its problems, quaking in their Guccis are continuing with their air campaign. But you can bet the house that if the Saudis are absolutely ordered to send troops in, it will be lite, very lite, only seeking out the stupidest and most disposable to send to be slaughtered in Yemen.

What are hard working Washington planners to do when the only proxies they have for a boots on the ground operation in Yemen are the pathetic candy ass Saudis? Well there is always Washington’s long term and sometimes trust worthy friend Al Qaeda. Over the years the two have been through thick and thin together. The map of Yemen below tells the tale.



Note that the Houthis control, (left, light green part of the map) the shipping access to and through the Red Sea, leading to the Suez Canal through which 3.5 million barrels of oil per day flow to Europe. Washington is pissed that these impoverished upstart Houthis might want a piece of the action and charge what would effectively amount to a toll to allow shipping to pass.

Also note in the pink central area of the map, which represents how much of Yemen is controlled by America’s old friend Al Qaeda. And unlike the Saudis who only do luxury hotels, cruises and hookers Jihadis will fight.

So it came as a huge relief to the Fat Sheep of the Gulf and as good news for Washington, that Al Qaeda “seized control of Riyan airport, (in Mukalla, South of map in pink area) and moved to secure their hold on the city’s main seaport, which is also an oil terminal.”

Now technically the Saudis can ferry arms and weapon systems directly to Al Qaeda, who can then do the fighting for them. That is more the MO of the Fat Princes anyway, who always loathe to get their soft hands dirty. But again Riyadh may back down, given the likelihood of the Houthis and Iranians arming and organizing Saudi Sh’ias for counterattacks, (which will be called “terror” attacks) within the kingdom.

If the wimps of Riyadh won’t even arm Al Qaeda in Yemen, Washington will find someone else who will.

But there are still flies in Washington’s ointment. First is that Al Qaeda has already been receiving its arms, weapons and money from Washington, through the Gulf States and it has not been effective in fighting the Houthis in what is for Washington the strategic, (read money making) part of Yemen. Secondly once Jihadis of all types get their hands on their own, (usually oil) financing they show themselves to be fickle friends and move on to pursue their own agendas.

And finally why should Yemen’s Al Qaeda care to secure International shipping lanes through the Red Sea for Washington unless it gets paid to do so? So for Washington what difference would it make should Al Qaeda control these waterways or the Houthis? Could Washington trust either of them to do its business?

Sometimes it sucks to be a 24/7 Empire having the tough job of raping, looting and pillaging the entire planet with typically only bad help.



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