Modi Washington’s Worst Nightmare Part 1

Modi Washington’s Worst Nightmare Part 1

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If Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a Western politician he would be excoriated as the worst form of bigot. He makes it clear that he stands in support of Hindus in India, a country where Hindus are a huge majority. That is sort of like a European or American politician standing in support of Christians.

Modi is infamous, when as governor of the wealthy state of Gujarat he stood aside and allowed the majority Hindus to attack minority Muslims in 2002 with impunity. This came after 60 Hindu lives were lost in a train burned, that they blamed on Muslims.

Modi’s reaction to the revenge burning of Muslim businesses and homes as well as the beatings and killings of hundreds of Muslims who cried for help only to find local police standing aside doing nothing was he; “rarely visited the camps of the Muslims displaced by the violence or apologized for his government’s failure to protect a minority. Instead, he has described the reprisal killings of Muslims that year as a simple “reaction” to an “action,” and…… said he felt as sad about them as would a passenger in a car that accidentally ran over a puppy. His only regret, he once told a reporter for this paper, was failing to manage the media fallout.”

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch declared that Modi’s government was complicit in the murders.

Worse Modi hasn’t changed in the slightest. In an ambiance today of angry Hindu nationalism, that has seen violent outbreaks not just against Muslims, but Christians and other minorities as well, Modi has spoken out loudly with his silence, just as he did when he was the governor of Gujarat 13 years ago.

So Narendra Modi seems like he would be an unlikely candidate to save the truly civilized world, (those billions of souls outside the Anglo 5 + EU + Israel + Japan) from the aggression of Washington and London.

Yet that may seem to be what is happening. That is because Modi’s nationalist vision is for his country to break out of the lethargic and closed off womb, that Congress has created for it since independence. 65 years that have been defined by the policies of Congress has kept India poor, relatively backward and undeveloped.

Modi wants a development model for his country like China has had. He wants to open India for business. While this of course includes business with the US and Europe as well, due to geography and Beijing’s wealth, the most likely external connection to drive Indian economic growth will be China. And this is something that Beijing, (as well as Moscow) very much wants.

When Obama declared “the pivot” to Asia in 2012, the reality of what it meant was a declaration of Cold War 2 against Beijing. This was implemented by Washington’s ongoing attempt to use its navy to be able to close off shipping of Chinese merchant vessels to the Pacific at will. Washington’s aggression also included new military bases in the Philippines with hostile intent towards China, and worst of all Obama’s ongoing re- militarization of Japan with very hostile intent towards China.

Last year with Obama’s coup in Ukraine’s Maidan square, he also declared Cold War 2 against Russia. Washington planners had to know that the implications of starting a Cold War against both Beijing and Moscow, would be to drive them together in what would amount to a shot gun marriage. And that is exactly what is happening.

The reason Washington was so brazen is due to its long term fear of the growth of both China and Russia as world powers. While the Anglo 5 Empire may have advantages, scientifically, militarily and economically over China and Russia today, if both are left to develop in peace, that will be no longer be true twenty years from now.

So if Washington wants to retain global hegemony over the long term, it must assert its primacy, (where it dominates international law, and its enforcement, as well as the world’s economic systems) so that all nations accept it and give the Americans their fealty.

That is something that neither China or Russia, or Iran for that matter will do, and it is why a Cold War aimed at regime change in these countries is being implemented on steroids by Obama.

Washington planners had to expect that by declaring a Cold War against Moscow and Beijing, that they would be facing off both. But they obviously felt that at least for now the US had strategic advantage.

India on the other hand could not have been factored in to this equation. India, relatively undeveloped and backward has a great high end educational system. This has so far best served the Americans. After being fully trained, India has been shipping to the US, some of the smartest people on the planet. They have been crucial in helping to develop the scientific and technological foundation of US military power.

And in the commercial world Indians are filling the gaps in America’s increasingly worthless educational system, by providing computer scientists, physicians and business administrators.

This all happens because thanks to Congress, these people had few opportunities in their impoverished and backward country.

But what will happen should India start to seriously develop? Who will provide the scientists which have given the Americans their scientific and technological edge? What if that edge is lost sooner rather than later?

But far worse for Washington is Beijing’s strategic game plan to combat Washington’s aggression over the next 20 years. And that has been to build up militarily, but primarily only for defensive purposes which is relatively cheap. Where China has been using the majority of its expendable assets, is in building a global commercial network with a 21st century infrastructure, where all roads lead to Beijing.

This Chinese commercial infrastructure is being laid side by side with the one that the Anglo Americans have built since colonial times and was set in concrete to their imperial advantage after World War 2.

India and Russia have long enjoyed good relations. But Russia is not a commercial power and can be of limited help in developing India’s economy.

A cooperative, fraternal integrated region of Russia- India and China, (which would bring in the smaller countries as well ex Pakistan) especially with a rapidly developing Indian economy, would not only strengthen India, but add massive support to China and Russia as well.

An integrating Asia, acting as an alternative poll economically, politically and militarily to the traditional Imperial power of the Anglo 5 + EU, is Washington’s worst nightmare. It will act to circumscribe Washington’s power and global ambitions.

Washington planners had to believe however, that there was not much to worry about. They saw little chance of any reconciliation between Beijing and Delhi, whose relationship has remained contentious since their war in 1962.

Errata: Modi was NOT the Governor of Gujarat but the Chief Minister during the riots. The Governor is more of a ceremonial position. Everything else written above about Modi’s behavior relative the riots in Gujarat applies.

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  1. “Modi wants a development model for his country like China has had.” This might be true, Robert. But modi like any other indians see no need to do hard unpopular reforms. This is what kept India as a poor, backward, undeveloped country. No desire for any kind of reforms.

    • You might be right Michael. There are a number of problems for Modi relative to trying to modernize India. One as is mentioned in Part 2, is that in India the power of the federal government is very limited. So any kind of reforms or even agreement about modernization would have to come from the grass roots. The Chinese people were willing to make endless sacrifices to bring about the modernization they enjoy today, behind strong leadership from the central government. It is unclear whether Indians are ready or want to make the sacrifices necessary to modernize.

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