Japan Tightens New Military State

Japan Tightens New Military State

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What if modern Germany refused to acknowledge that the Holocaust ever happened, as well as other NAZI era atrocities? That the country was simply getting a bad international press. What if modern Chancellors of Germany went to honor the graves of war criminals from World War 2?

The world would indeed be in shock. But that is exactly what has been happening in Japan for the past nearly 70 years. And a cheerleader for these historical revisionists is Japan’s present Prime Minister and wannabe militarist Shinzo Abe.

It is no secret that Abe has taken a page from the Obama playbook. That is when you see something you don’t like in the constitution appoint yourself the head and only member of a constitutional court you invent. Then you simply re-interpret the part of the constitution you don’t like, in a way that you do.

So even if Article 9 of the Japanese constitution forbids the country to build a military and/ or engage in war time activities, Abe has reinterpreted it as allowing for collective self defense.

Today Abe’s administration is secretly arming for war with massive weapons systems, technology transfers, military advisers, technicians and specialists, coming from Washington, but he has a problem with the Japanese constitution, which demands that Japan essentially remain a pacifist country

So how do you go to war when you can only engage in “self defense”? Well when you have a defense agreement with a highly aggressive friend who is famous for engaging in false flags like the US, you can use pixie dust and turn an act of military aggression into one of “self defense”.

Abe then without any approval of the Diet, (parliament) or the Japanese public simply reinterpreted the Japanese Constitution so that if the US were to be attacked, then for Japan to side with them would be in fact “collective self defense”.

But constructing a military state within a country that is supposed to be pacifist and against the will of the people, is something that one has to do in secret. And that means that the press has to effectively be silenced.

That is not too hard to do in Japan, as power there tends to work within tightly organized groups, which interlock well with other tightly organized groups. One hand in Japan always washes the other. And when the hands are particularly dirty the washing is done with great care and away from the public eye. The press has always been silent about what has been interlaced corruption through many institutions since the end of the second world war.

This was covered well in Akira Kurosawa’s 1960 film “The Bad Sleep Well“.

The way that the old boy club has always worked with the press, is through “Kisha, (Press) clubs”. There are about 600 Kisha Clubs in Japan “Institutions with a kisha club limit their press conferences to the journalists of that club, and membership rules for kisha clubs are restrictive. This limits access by domestic magazines and the foreign media, as well as freelance reporters, to the press conferences”

Also from Wikipedia; Kisha Clubs allow ” newspaper companies or broadcasting stations to have a monopoly on reporting makes it easy to manipulate information. Smaller media companies, freelance journalists and foreign news organizations are often blocked from joining kisha clubs, and kisha clubs increase the chances of an improper relationship with the subjects of the reporting.”


Worse Japan has always been the very model of tightly integrated Mega Corporations, Mega Banks, (the mostly ruing since WW 2) Liberal Democratic Party and Government officials, who together have frequently been referred to as Japan Inc. If such a coalition has now been formed in the US, it was originally “Made In Japan”.

In this environment EVERYTHING runs on money, which both clean and dirty comes from the Business and political elites tightly woven with the Yakuza, (Japanese Mafia) who function along with Japan’s bureaucrats as its modern Samurai class. For politicians, even more than in the US today, if the elites don’t back you, you can’t possibly win.

For the press this same group of business and political elites control advertising money. If you cross them by printing what they don’t approve of, including corruption scandals that hit too close to the really big boys, your business will quickly be stripped of its income.

But these levels of press control were not enough for Abe, as he seeks to secretly build his military state within the shell of a “pacifist” nation.

Last year Abe passed a restrictive law intended to intimidate the press by jailing anyone who were to print anything having to do with the government’s new and endless list of state secrets. The result is that, as in the US press freedom in Japan is in free fall.

“The second rule, (of the 2013 Press Law) is that anyone who leaks a secret and/or a reporter who makes it public via a published report or broadcast can face up to 10 years in prison. The third rule is that there are no rules as to which government agencies can declare information to be a state secret and no checks on them to determine that they don’t abuse the privilege; even defunct agencies can rule their information to be secret. The fourth rule is that anything pertaining to nuclear energy is a state secret, which means there will no longer be any problems with nuclear power in this country because we won’t know anything about it.”

The tip of the iceberg of Japanese World War 2 atrocities were the “comfort women” kidnapped from Korea, China and other countries and used as the sex slaves of Japanese soldiers. The Japanese right sector and Abe have been trying to deny that this ever happened, or minimize it and by all means keep it out of the media.

In 2001 NHK TV (Japan) was going to show a documentary on the comfort women. Abe then deputy chief cabinet secretary, personally intervened and ordered NHK executives to alter the documentary before it was broadcast. 

Now Prime Minister Abe hired fellow right wing thug Katsuto Momii as NHK chairman. He started his tenure at NHK off, by explaining to all who would listen that raping women is common in war and that Japan shouldn’t be singled out.

Then Abe sent a group from his right wing thugs department to the UN, to explain to the world that the comfort women were not kidnapped but really prostitutes.

And these types of statements will, in Japan today, be pretty much what will be covered by the press in the rare cases when the Comfort Women issue will come up at all.

As Japanese citizens protest the militarization of their country today, or Abe’s decision to open up nuclear power plants again, their activities are either ignored by media or minimized. On June 29th a man recited a famous Japanese anti war poem and then self-immolated on a Tokyo train station to protest Abe’s militarization of his country. The media pretty much ignored the event.

When the Japanese media does talk about this man, they try and paint him as being emotionally disturbed, even though August 2014 polls show that 84% of the public feel that Abe has not explained sufficiently the necessity of reinterpreting the constitution and 60% oppose Japan exercising the right of self-defense.

Abe is now initiating dialogues with Putin and Xi to try and reconcile differences between Japan with Russia and China. Now hes is trying to play the role of the international man of peace.

Fortunately both Russia and China, who have both lost wars to Japan over the past 125 years, know well that in the Japanese strategy of war one has to look as peaceful as possible, before striking in a surprise attack with all of ones strength.

Today Mr. Abe you surprise no one.



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