Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown Part 2

Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown Part 2

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The main theme from Part 1 of “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown”is the plan of Global Elites to create a global government using three main prongs. In the Anglo 5 + Eu it is to create absolute population control in all knowing, all seeing surveillance police states. Against major countries like China a Russia the goal is to dismember the countries and create regime change. And in other countries where Washington, considers the country or its leadership unacceptable, it is to create the Empire of Chaos. “Radical Islam” is seen to be a tool that can help to accomplish all of this.

In the West and particularly in Europe the ambiance that will make this achievable is economic disintegration. And unless there is some out of the box miracle coming, Greece is only the canary in the coal mine. The economic future, (the main trend) of the EU nations, and all of Europe is bleak. Those who own/ control the Mega Banks & Corps, (MB&C) globally have given the Europeans permission to devalue the Euro. And that is helping exports, (and thus particularly Germany). But this is only a short term fix. The problems of Europe and the EU are structural, too much debt, too little economic growth to pay these debts and weak banks.

To the degree that European economies weaken, unskilled and semi skilled workers become a permanent underclass and social safety nets erode,  xenophobia will grow and snowball. This will not just be against Muslims, but against all immigrants and legal workers from poor EU nations like Romania and Bulgaria, as well as illegal workers from these countries and countries like the Ukraine.

But the situation will be worse for Muslims, not just immigrants but also first generation and even second generation nationals of Euro countries. This will be exacerbated by not just their numbers, but the economic and educational levels of Muslims in Europe. In the US there have been few problems even as the country is importing around 100, 000 Muslims annually. Muslims are still well less than 1% of the population in the US and their profile as to education and income is average among Americans. In other words, even though there may be people who dislike or distrust Islam, Muslims in America are not an oppressed minority.

It is strange and suspect that in the highly polarized environment within Europe, relative to Islam few polls have been taken, (at least available in the English language).

Informally it seems that most Euro Muslims were, (along with other immigrant groups) imported to do unskilled and semi skilled labor. While I have no data to support this, (data welcomed by readers) I would guess that Euro Muslims have much lower educational levels and skill sets than locals do. Moreover with Europe’s public educational systems under financial stresses that will only worsen, upward mobility for second generation low skilled immigrants will be difficult.

Among all immigrant groups however Muslims are the least likely to be able to easily integrate within Euro Cultures. The primary reason for this is Sharia law, which means Islamic law. Christianity does not have, (within its Biblical texts) a comprehensive legal system. Judaism has within the Old Testament, particularly in what is referred to as the “Laws of Moses”, or what the Jews call Torah, laws prescribed by God. But they are not comprehensive. The Jews did create a post Biblical comprehensive set of laws in the Talmud. But few Jews live under Talmudic law today.

In Holy Qu’ran however God creates not just a theology for Muslims but a complete legal system and a way of life. It is this that is referred to as Sharia. And pretty much all practicing Muslims will believe in it, because it is integral to their faith.

In a hallmark study Pew Research, (the best and least political of polling institutions) did a study on Sharia law and Global Islam. It found that in the Middle East- North Africa, (MENA) and in Sub Saharan Africa the vast majority of Muslims favored Sharia law to be the law of their country. But many Muslim countries who have a civil legal system, allow Sharia as a parallel legal system, (run informally through the mosques) for family law and property disputes. All polled nationals in the Muslim countries of Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the MENA wanted at the least, such a parallel legal system.

The potential problem with parallel legal systems is that all legal systems must have a means of enforcement. What happens when an enforcement arm of Sharia law. through the Mosques, conflicts with a nation’s civil law? To the degree that dual legal systems function in Muslim nations, the Civil system must be constructed to make allowances for the Sharia system. But that is not going to happen in non Muslim nations.

In non Muslim Europe any informal Sharia legal system, cannot have any enforcement arm beyond the social ostracism of those believed to have broken its laws.

Part 3 of “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown is coming tomorrow.



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