Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown Part 1

Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown Part 1

Photo From German Anti Islamic Movement Pegida. Soon Coming To Countries Near You

Those who own/ control the Mega banks- Corporations, (MB&C) have a plan, that is an integrated, flexible framework for global control ending in a global government.

The primary form of global “terror” is Imperialism, today the purview of the Anglo American Empire, ((First tier Anglo 5+ Israel, second tier Western Europe + Japan + the rest of North America, (minus Cuba and Nicaragua) third tier South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Colombia, Chile, much of Eastern Europe and most of the MENA, (The Gulf States, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria etc.)). On the fourth tier might be a few sub-Saharan African countries like Rwanda as well as Afghanistan.

This Empire is run out of Washington, (political and military) and New York and London, (financially). All of it works as an integrated whole for the subjugation of all humanity and most importantly including the peoples of their own countries, especially the Americans.

Where there are major sovereign nations that the Anglo American Empire cannot control, such as Russia and China they look to dismember these countries with the view of regime change,  the installation of puppet rulers in the place of those who presently rule.

When the lieutenants of the Anglo American Empire cannot do that, (or sometimes even if they can) they intentionally create the Empire of Chaos. That is happening now in many part of the ME, Central Asia and throughout much of Africa. This is because broken divided nations are weak and chaos can at times be useful. Over time however, people everywhere hate chaos and long for order. And that is exactly the order that those who will put together a global government intend to give to them.

The Jihadis of the MENA and Central Asia were all created, funded, armed, trained and given logistical support by Washington, the Gulf States and Turkey. With secondary support from Israel, Jordan, France and the UK.  All parties involved were, at least in part in it for their own purposes which occasionally conflicted. Sometimes when Jihadis get their hands on resources and independent financing, (as ISIS has done) they break out, into at least partially having their own agendas.

While the Empire has long used mercenaries to create regime change, it is Obama who has made this the centerpiece of his Geo Political and military policies. There are two reasons why Washington has created Jihadis. The smaller reason is that, although Washington has in the past worked constructively with Iran, (most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq), it does not like, nor trust the regime in Tehran. In the MENA Iran is the ONLY fully independent and sovereign Muslim state.

Sunni Jihadis in the Levant were created to circumscribe and limit Tehran’s regional influence. That is why ISIS, no matter how rebellious must be nurtured. Just like Tehran its power must be circumscribed as well, to create a balance of sectarian hatreds in the Levant.

The greatest reason for the creation of Jihadis, however is so that they can used as useful idiots to create an all seeing all knowing police state in the countries of Empire, particularly in the US. Those who own/ control the Anglo American Empire need a free hand, (with no push back at their base) to engineer and manufacture the global government. And in order for that to happen they must have absolute control of their populations, particularly that of the Americans.

For that to happen people within Empire must be willing to voluntarily cede what is left of their sovereignty and civil liberties. And the driver that will get them to do that is FEAR!!! Those who own/ control the MB&C have been extremely successful in creating a nation of fear and repression in the United States. And we are only in the beginning of this process.

The US, the UK and Israel are evolving into the models, (eventually for the world) of an all seeing, all knowing police state with each citizen under 24 hour computerized surveillance, with constantly updated data bases and profiling. If that seems a bit far fetched, remember the words of the the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky, who said; “skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”.

If Washington and London don’t have that kind of control quite yet, those who own/ control the Anglo American Empire intend to bring it in much, much sooner than even those who have the least trust in government will be able to imagine. But then again what about citizen push- back? It is the job of Jihadi “terror” campaigns to minimize that.

The majority of Sunni Muslims of the MENA and Central Asia have been repressed, controlled. impoverished, kept ignorant and beaten down since the days of colonialism, (which have not ended) 100 years ago. This is now fermenting great anger against the Anglo American Empire, among many who understand what has happened to their people and what is still happening. These are the perfect recruits for “terror” campaigns against Western targets.

Meanwhile in the global economy, we are entering a period when much of human labor is going to become redundant. That because of robotic production facilities with embedded 3D printing. This will create massive unemployment in Western economies, and create labor supply pressures that will lower the wage bases of most while dismantling social safety nets. Downward mobility will be more common than upward mobility.

This trend is so new in the prosperous countries of the Empire, that most citizens, (just as in the early ’30s) want to believe that it is a temporary phenomenon. That things will improve soon. They won’t. That is because unlike the ’30s the problems are deeply structural, based on un- payable levels of global debt, ($200 Trillion) and a debt trap in which more and more debt is needed to be taken on by citizens directly, or through their governments, for lower and lower levels of global growth.

Into this mix, those who own/ control the MB&C are pouring a great deal of immigrant labor, (legal and illegal) most of which is redundant upon arrival. That is they are willing to bid for the jobs of locals at much lower wages, or being the cat’s paw for forcing the wage base lower especially for unskilled and semi skilled labor.

Where immigrants don’t technically take local jobs, it is because they are willing to work for sub standard wages. That creates a labor pool in which industries in Western countries, that only need low skilled workers are created for their exploitation. Whereas if very cheap immigrant labor didn’t exist, such industries would have to be outsourced. Internal industries would have to be able to meet the much higher wage base demands of a much smaller and therefor more empowered local labor force. To be profitable such industries would need higher skilled labor. That in turn would keep pressure on governments for affordable educational systems and allow for upward mobility. Mass immigration kills all of this.

In both the United States and in Europe there is a massive push back against this flooding of the labor market. But in much of Europe the immigrants have also been Muslims. It is no accident that they have been imported at the exact time when the banking Empire known as the EU, (as it is presently constructed) is slated to fall apart, which will leave endless debts and economic chaos in its wake.

So Muslims as well as other immigrants will find labor markets, in which at best they will have to work for low wages, frequently taking jobs away from locals, who respond with anti immigrant or specifically anti Muslim sentiments. These immigrants will be thrown into new ghettos, where as cheap disposable labor they will have few few avenues of advancement and be more and more stuck as a permanent underclass, which has existed for years in the United States.

Tomorrow “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown Part 2



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