Hillary Stands Tall For GMOs, Wants Tax Payer Subsidies

Hillary Stands Tall For GMOs, Wants Tax Payer Subsidies

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Hillary Clinton makes it crystal clear yesterday that not only does she support genetically modified foods, (GMOs), (that are copyrighted by big business), but she also wants the American tax payer to back its potential losses. Hillary also shared with the Bio Tech industry, that because the American people do not like nor trust GMOs, that she believes that they should do a propaganda campaign to sell it to them, the “safe” ones of course of which she has no idea.

The Obamanation is the world’s biggest supporter of GMOs who is trying to push it to as much of the rest of the world as he can, especially through the Trans Pacific Partnership, a top secret trade agreement aimed at circumventing national legislatures in favor of Mega Banks and Corporations. Now Hillary makes it clear that a Clinton presidency will be more of the same.

Hillary also makes it clear that she believes that the average American woman is so stupid that she will back her coming presidential bid based solely on the belief that she has been on the right side of women’s issues, and because of that her global hyper militarism, such as her support for the devastation of Libya and Syria, and the arming of Jihadhis, as well as her support for GMO crops will be ignored.

Sadly Hillary may be right. Americans didn’t go from a country of freedom and prosperity to one of growing servitude and spiraling poverty by being smart


As my readers will quickly see I tend to interpret the world, thanks to the late Bill Gaines in the "jugular vein". I don't waste time debating or debunking propaganda. I assume my readers are smart enough to see through it, on their own. And propaganda, especially the stupid and transparent kind doesn't need to be dignified by debate. OK. OK sometimes I will use propaganda for a comic routine. We all have to laugh occasionally. And finally like the Bill Gates dictum that he quoted from Wayne Gretzky, I try not to skate to the puck, but to where the puck is coming. That means I care less about news headlines than what they signify and where the underlying theme of them is likely to go.



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