Garland- Another Jihadi False Flag?

Garland- Another Jihadi False Flag?

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Those who have read “Islamaphobia And The Global Crackdown” already know that all of “the Jihadis of the MENA and Central Asia were all created, funded, armed, trained and given logistical support by Washington, the Gulf States and Turkey. With secondary support from Israel, Jordan, France and the UK.”

They have also learned that; “The greatest reason for the creation of Jihadis, ……… is so that they can be used as useful idiots to create an all seeing all knowing police state in the countries of Empire, particularly in the US. Those who own/ control the Anglo American Empire need a free hand, (with no push back at their base) to engineer and manufacture the global government. And in order for that to happen they must have absolute control of their populations, particularly that of the Americans.

For that to happen people within Empire must be willing to voluntarily cede what is left of their sovereignty and civil liberties. And the driver that will get them to do that is FEAR!!!”

The situation in Garland was exactly the same, (with different personalities) as was Charlie Hebdo and the Free Speech Forum, with the exception that this was Texas. And unlike the other two attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, the organizers of the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest”, (The American Freedom Defense Initiative) were locked, loaded, ready and armed to the teeth.

It is likely that Elton Simpson, (one of the perps) and his associate were simply useful idiots as was Lee Harvey Oswald or the suicide bombers of 9/11. It wouldn’t matter whether the brains behind attacks like Garland, are Al Qaeda, or ISIS. Both are fully supported by Washington and frequently work closely with the CIA- Mossad. 

In any case the result of the Garland attack was that only one unarmed “civilian” was wounded and the perps were both shot dead. While it would have been better for the wanna be assassins if they would have at least taken someone out, especially Geert Wilders, (Dutch anti Islamic politician who is on Al Qaeda’s hit list) they still managed to make their point.

Even to the degree that Al Qaeda and ISIS function autonomously, there is still a convergence of interests between them, Washington and Tel Aviv.

For Al Qaeda- ISIS any attack on the West, (especially the US) inflames greater and greater levels of anti Islamic sentiment, where normal people who just happen to be Muslims will face greater and greater levels of distrust and persecution. And that is the perfect environment to radicalize them and create Jihadi cells at the core of the Empire.

For Tel Aviv, a terror attack on Western soil, perceived to be done by Muslims adds support for the Zionist state, taking the heat off of it, as it continues its conquest and marginalization of the indigenous people of Palestine.

For Washington it adds another brick in its construction of a “the nation of fear” that it has turned the United States into. This has created and will continue to create greater and greater levels of public support for a militarized police state as well as support for the military industrial complex to create wars against “terrorists” everywhere.

We will never find out who are behind the shooters or bombers, (billed as Jihadis) of Western targets, because relationships between groups like the CIA- Mossad- ISIS and Al Qaeda are not public information. Nor are the operations of each of them, (done with others or alone) revealed to the public, except for political reasons. And in those cases, what is said to the press is for public impact. It may be true or it may not be.

Even at its most innocent however, where Jihadi groups act independently to create acts of “terror” in the West, Washington is still always behind it, because of its on going support of these groups. And none of these Jihadi groups would be able to recruit many people if Washington and to a lesser degree Paris, was not behind the demolition of countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and now Yemen.

There are many young Muslims who consider these aggressions by the West to be a war against Islam. So no matter how you cut it, the trouble maker in chief. which is either directly behind acts of “terror” against the West or has instigated it by its wars in the MENA and beyond, is Washington.

Will Washington change its policies? Highly unlikely, as all acts of “Islamic terror” done in the West only serves to further its Geo Political objectives.



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