Washington Frustrated In The Ukraine, Wants Georgia in NATO

Washington Frustrated In The Ukraine, Wants Georgia in NATO

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After Vlad opened up a can of “whup ass” on Washington in the Ukraine, it is seeking compensation by trying to bring Georgia into NATO. At this point there is zero chance that Washington would be able to get its fondest dream met, of bring the Ukraine in.

That is because if a Ukraine belonging to NATO were to start a hot war with Russia, it would automatically mean that all the other nations in NATO would be at war with a nuclear equipped Russia as well. And that is why the Ukraine ain’t gonna get in anytime soon.

But Georgia would represent an appetizer to the the Ukrainian main meal, a test run to see if a potential candidate for a hot war with Russia could pass muster with ALL of the 28 NATO members who would all have to agree to allow Georgia to join. None of the other members of NATO, (with the exception of the US) is likely to start a hot war with anyone anytime soon.

But Georgia, who knows? They are more likely to start a war with Russia than any other NATO member, but as of now the odds of this happening are very low.  Washington is hoping that it might be able to slip Georgia in, perhaps as a form of compensation for the fact the the other NATO nations are not going to pay to expand NATO as the US has asked, nor are they going to pay to bail out the Ukrainian economy?

While Georgia is nowhere near as important a piece of Geo Political real estate as the Ukraine, NATO bases in Georgia would still pose an existential threat to Russia, as Empire continues to work to surround the country militarily with hostile intent.

It would be another step forward in Cold War 2 which  the Obamanation has declared against Russia and China and that Washington is prosecuting full speed ahead.

We will have to see how well Washington’s, Georgia trial balloon will fly, or if one or more of NATO’s Euro nations will shoot it down.




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