Fear & Loathing In America

Fear & Loathing In America

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The greatest fear Americans have is each other. And because of that fear, they look to police and military authorities, (whom they give ritual idolatry to) to give them security.

Don’t get me wrong, after people have served in the military, completing their function of giving the American people perceived security in a world that frightens them, Americans don’t care at all about what happens to them.

More than 22 veterans per day commit suicide. 57,000 Veterans are homeless and 1.4 million are living in poverty.

Hardly the way you treat people you used to call heroes.

In the world of internal security the American people idolize their police departments while fearing and disbelieving each other.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. attorneys prosecuted 162,000 federal cases in 2010. Grand juries declined to return an indictment in 11 of them”. 

Grand Juries are supposed to be a constitutional safe guard to protect the people against government oppression and persecution of citizens, especially for political crimes.

By failing to bring indictments against only 11 out of 162,000 requests by US attorneys, it means that what was once supposed to be the constitutional safe guard of the Grand Jury, is effectively today the rubber stamps of the government.

And the chances of a citizen being found not guilty after a Federal indictment is one out of a hundred. 

The one in a hundred who are found to be not guilty, are the 1% of society with the big bucks necessary to defend themselves, as in the case in the article above of former US Senator John Edwards and famous baseball player Roger Clemons.

But the article also might have thrown in the Michael Jackson case.

In reality if you can come up with the million dollars or more for the very best lawyers, as well as investigative teams to unearth evidence in your favor, (the CSIs work only for the prosecutors) then you do have a chance of being found not guilty.

For all the rest of the American people who the US government wants to put in prison, they are going to plead guilty, whether they are or not, or they are going to become inmates in a Federal correctional facility.

But if you are a police officer you can kill people with impunity.

in Dallas, grand juries reviewed 81 shootings between 2008 and 2012 and returned just one indictment.”

In Harris County,Texas there were 29,948 requests by prosecutors to Grand Juries for indictments of police officers, NONE, ZERO, NADA were indicted.

It is amazing how incredibly competent prosecutors are, (virtually invincible) at gaining convictions against the non 1% richest of Americans, (almost 100% in Federal cases) and how woefully incompetent they are in gaining even indictments, (much less convictions) against police officers, whom they believe have committed an indictable crime, (virtually 0%).

It is like two different legal systems. One to protect the state and the other to persecute whoever the state chooses to persecute and for whatever reason.

And the US has the highest prison population by far, (among major nations (with about 50% more citizens incarcerated per capita than second place Russia and more than three times that of the supposedly repressive police state China.

The total of 2.4 million people behind bars in the US or 1 out of every hundred Americans is 4 times greater than in 1980.

All of this adds up to making the United States the biggest police state, in a class by itself on the planet.

The US is also a nation of mass surveillance, in which what are seen to be computer filtered trouble makers, (or potential trouble makers) are segregated into separate computers, and then individually evaluated based on their history and generated psychological profiles.

All of this has to give pause to anyone thinking or dreaming of standing up against what is now a one party state fully owned by the elites with a propaganda media fully owned by the same people.

What all of this should teach each and every American is that they will never, ever be able to stand up against their overlords until they start to trust each other more and the police and the military less, (the representatives of the Oligarchs).

Grand Juries are not packed with Wall Street types nor the scions of Silicon Valley.

It is ordinary Americans who are reflexively putting each other in jail while allowing the police to kill them and break the law almost at their discretion.

For any real change to happen Americans must, like all others from totalitarian states first learn to see through the usual divide and conquer techniques of their media and corporate- state controlled educational systems.

Blacks and Whites, Women and Men, Richer and Poorer, Texans and New Yorkers, Religious people, (Christians, Muslims and Jews) and the Non Religious, Highly Educated and Poorly Educated, Latins and Anglos, Liberals and Conservatives, Gun lovers and Pacifists, either are going to have to learn to trust each other and work together, or the country will continue to deteriorate into a slave state.

No one can set a people free who do not want to be free.



  1. This is one of the most interesting articled you have written Robert from my personal perspective and what I observe every day that gives credence to what you say. You have touched on something that I would call the main factor of social control in America today that is based as you so correctly put it-upon fear of the other which is fear and distrust of other people.

    As a social psychologist you earn high marks here because such factors as these are more determinative that people suspect. The social tensions and invididualized patterns of hate in America are greater today than people have ever experienced before at any time in their lives and the social phenomenon that you are referencing here has been born out in many conversations that I have had with people some over 100 years old who can all remember when this ubiquitous pattern of hate did not exist.

    I have long suspected that the actions of most people in regard to the mind numbing super patriotism based as it is upon the idolatrous worship of power be it financial, military or otherwise is symptomatic of this fear driven attitude or instinct that you are referencing here in your article.

    It makes me feel hopeful for the future when I realize there are actually people out there like yourself who are fully capable of understanding the nature of the social madness that we as Americans are living with today. Of course with far too many people there is this tendency to equate any attempt to use one’s higher powers to better understand our situation as disloyalty to the Reich. I find such people to be completely contemtable but owing to the nature of my circumstances and the times we are living in I must keep such feelings of contempt to myself.

    Once again its health promoting to know that someone such as yourself is fully capable of deconstructing the unfortunate life deadening myths that prevail today amonsgt the population that are feed by this need of the US ruling class and its governing power structure to promote this war of each against all and all against each other.

    • Thank you for your very kind words Charles. I am happy that you have found value in the article.

      These are indeed very difficult times for most Americans, because some are miserable but like dumb beasts have no understanding of what is happening to them, while a less fortunate minority do understand, but feel, if not hopeless, the extraordinary weight of trying to change things.

      Perhaps the luckiest are the many if not most, who are just anesthetized with opioids, antidepressants, or who can escape into mass entertainments. When fascism rises, if one feels he or she cannot change things, it is sometimes best not to think or feel.

      But of course that perpetuates the problem.

  2. I do not even know how I finished up here, but I assumed this publish was good.
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    • Thank you for your kind comment. I don’t really aspire to be a “famous blogger”. But if a few people find what is written on Red Pill Views interesting and it increases their understanding of the world we live in, it will have been well worth the time to have written these articles. I hope that you enjoy them.

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