Europe’s Deep Fault Lines Finally Hit Germany

Europe’s Deep Fault Lines Finally Hit Germany

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The European Union and Euro were essentially created by Europe’s Mega Banks. These institutions were from day one designed to benefit them at the expense of the people of Europe. Given Europe’s belligerent history they were relatively easy to sell, because a “united” Europe promised permanent peace and cooperation between Euro States. The core countries that put the EU together were France and Germany.

The deepening fault lines throughout Europe can be seen pretty much everywhere except in Brussels and among Eurocrat politicians. For them it is business as usual. When fault lines open under the earth each is different. And so it is in Europe. The political parties in each country that have come to represent these fault lines are very different.

The rumblings under the European earth come from many distinctly different sources. There are those who oppose the common currency, (EURO), those who oppose the EU altogether, those who want to slow down immigration, those who want to throw all immigrants out, those who want to separate their region away from their country and those who are racists and bigots.

The racists and bigots, throw all immigrants out group, are toxic, and there are a lot of them. Until recently they have contaminated Euro Skeptic parties, limiting their popular appeal, as they scared most citizens, especially due to Europe’s fratricidal past.

This was a de facto victory for the mainstream political parties, fully owned by the Mega Banks. No matter which one party or coalition of them, would control a Euro government, it was always a victory for the Mega Banks.

The Euro Skeptic groups who are deeply rooted in bigotry are Golden Dawn in Greece and Geert Wilders Party for Freedom in the Netherlands.

Marine Le Pen in France broke from all of that. Using the National Front Party she inherited from her father, she converted it from being one based on a nationalism rooted in bigotry and racism, to one stripped of both, that concentrated itself on the problems of the French people that came from the Euro, the EU and an open immigration policy which she wants to restrict.

Marine correctly identified the EU and the Euro as the creations of Europe’s Mega Bankers and that these were the institutions at the root of the dis-empowerment and impoverishment of the people of France.

Because of the horrible economy in France, the non existent leadership of Mega Bank controlled flunky, French President Francois Hollande, and the fact that Marine has denounces bigotry and rejects bigots who try to align with her and her party, her popularity is soaring.

If there were an election tomorrow she might top the two Mega Bank owned parties, the Socialists and the Gaullists. Should the economic situation not improve in France, her party will probably be number one in the country.  A Le Pen presidential victory would mean the end of the Euro and the EU as it is structured presently.

While the EU might at one time have been a chalice for Europeans to place their collective idealism, today it is simply a creature of these Mega Banks. We know that those who own/ control them are pretty much the same people as those who own/ control Wall Street and London. That is because the flower of the Mega Bank controlled EU- Euro has been the European Central Bank (ECB) and it has functioned as a sister organization to the American Fed and the Bank of England, essentially draining wealth from ordinary people and handing it to the Mega Banks whom it really represents.

The Mega Bank controlled politicians of Europe work closely with the American Military Industrial Complex and are slavishly pro NATO, and pro Imperial global aggression. So as Washington has created a Cold War 2 against Russia and as it wants to drag Europe into it, it is these institutions, (the EU, ECB and Euro) that are at the heart of Europe’s darkness.

If Europeans want to extricate themselves they are going to have to attack that darkness at its roots.

While Marine wants to do it in France, up until now there has been no real voice to attack the EU- ECB -Euro, in the sister country that helped to create them in the first place, Germany.

The reason for that is that due to the Maastricht Treaty that created all of this in 1992, the power to control the Euro and the ECB was given to Germany. And German elites have been using that authority for their own benefit, and some of these benefits have trickled down to ordinary Germans. Even as the economies of Southern Europe have tanked Germany has done quite well thank you.

Because Germany has been doing so well Germans have been generally satisfied with Angela Merkel who has represented both the Euro Mega Banks along with German industry. That is until now.

As Washington has opened Cold War 2 against Russia on the Ukrainian front, it has enlisted Angie as its spokeswoman to lead the Germans into it.  Bloomberg’s headline is intentionally misleading here. The story is NOT about German industry being firm on Russian Sanctions. It is about Angie trying to sell them to German industry, whose leaders listened politely.

The problem is that participation in Cold War 2, is extremely harmful to both German Industry and the German economy which is slowing down now quickly. And as none of Germany’s three main Mega Bank controlled political parties, (the Christian Democratic Union, the Social Democratic Party and the Free Democrats) have responded to concerns of the German people, a new political party was born last year called Alternative for Germany (AfD).

This new party is taking off like a rocket. It is controlled by academic conservative economists, not politicians. And it is, (unlike the hapless German Left and Greens) anti Euro. And it is anti war as well. 

The AfD is however not anti EU. Because the AfD does not represent working class voters. it is not anti immigration, (even to slow it down) and it is conservative. It sees itself as a sister party to the British Conservatives of David Cameron.

Bernd Lucke, the party’s chief is a professor of economics at Hamburg University. His right-hand man is Hans-Olaf Henkel, former head of the Federation of German Industry and a financial columnist for Handelsblatt.

If you put all of what Lucke and Henkel know together about power politics in Europe into a thimble it would rattle. So how can these two hapless economists prove to be more dangerous to Euro elites than the German Left and Greens?

The reason is that the German Greens have been completely co-opted by the Mega Banks, Their angry pro NATO and pro Kiev stand against Russia is proof positive.

But the German left, (Die Linke) has waffled around in pure cluelessness. Up until now the left has been pro EU and pro Euro, which means whether they realize it or not pro Mega Bank.

Die Linke speaks out against capitalism, as if anyone cares and demands a better deal from the EU for working people. They also want German industry to bail out the poor people of Southern Europe. The German Left is anti war but is clueless that the nature of the EU itself will guarantee a Europe enmeshed in Cold War 2.

In other words the German left accepts the very structures that create poverty throughout Europe and will create war, simply demanding that they change in the name of Socialism. By doing this they become what every political elite love, which is just another group of reformers who by their actions de facto give credence to the system.

Finally Die Linke too seems to be smelling the future as opposed to always looking through the lens of the past, and is making anti Euro noises. Whether this will come to anything remains to be seen.

Lucke and Henkel, (AfD) on the other hand, as innocent as they may be and despite themselves, are in fact truly dangerous to Euro Elites. That is because while Lucke and Henkel may think that they can be anti Euro and not anti EU that is not possible. The European Central Bank cannot exist without the Euro. And the ECB and Euro are so inextricably linked to the EU, at least as it exists today, that it will collapse without them.

The EU’s economic problems, just like those if the US cannot be dealt with today without massive money printing. The Fed in the US can do this because it can buy nearly worthless debt paper from the Mega Banks and give them in return new printed cash, some of which does manage to filter down into the real economy.

The Fed can do this because it is inextricably linked to the US government itself. It cannot go “broke” because it can always create fresh cash to meet any debt obligation. And if anyone ever questions the quality of the Feds junk collateral, well in the end these debts like the debts of the US Treasury itself are the implicit debts of the American people.

But that is not the case with the ECB. Who is behind the trillions of Euros in bad debt that the ECB collects as collateral, in order to give freshly minted cash to Europe’s Mega Bankers?

The German people are afraid that it is them. And that is why they have never given the ECB the Carte Blanche it needs to print Europe out of its economic mess.

Now with Germany’s economy beginning to sputter, the country being dragged against its will into Cold War 2 and massive pressure being put on it through the Euro and the ECB, to accept being the creditors of last resort for all of Europe, the same storm clouds linger over Angie’s Christian Democratic Union and the other Mega Bank controlled parties in Germany that have long since broken into hurricanes over much of the rest of Europe.

The rising AfD is going to make it much harder for Angie to cave to Euro Elites and Wall Street and allow the ECB to print, print, print. If it doesn’t however the EU is on a road to nowhere. With only economic stagnation and recession in Europe’s future, new fault lines will break open throughout the continent and the ones that exist today will deepen and widen.



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