Elizabeth Warren Part 1, Bate and Switch?

Elizabeth Warren Part 1, Bate and Switch?

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It is very difficult for Americans to truly accept and internalize that their political parties are wholly owned by the exact same Mega Banks and Corporations, so that their vote has no meaning beyond an affirmation of the system, which is exactly what the powers that be want.

So every four years it is not too difficult for Lucy to put out the football, yet again and ask Charlie Brown voters to try and kick it. Each time it happens, Lucy promises that this time it will be different.

Of course it never is.

Six years ago it was a seemingly high minded candidate of color, making statements not heard since Robert Kennedy. It turned out of course that Obama was short on details then, because his actions as president would be the exact opposite of his talk.

The fewer specifics he gave, the fewer the times people could accuse him of breaking his promises. But of the small number of promises he did make, he managed to break pretty much all of them.

Because the vast majority of the Democrats who supported Obama know absolutely nothing about foreign affairs and even less about finance and economics, it was easy for them to convince themselves that the deteriorating problems at home and abroad were all the fault of Bush and Cheney.

And that their man was doing the best job he could, in the face of Republican obstructionism.

That was obviously believed into the elections of 2012.

Those Democrats however, who live by the code that, “at least he or she is not a Republican” finally threw in the towel in the bi- elections of 2014.

They didn’t show up.

Even as these Democrats still appear to support Obama, their commitment which had once been that of religious fervor, is today at best tepid.

It is beginning, if ever so slowly to penetrate the minds of the smarter of these Democrats, (who are their natural leaders and opinion makers) that Obama really has murdered over 2,400 people with drones, almost none of whom have been “terrorists”, but many of whom have been children. And what’s more like Cheney with torture, Obama is proud of what he has done and would and is doing it again.

These rank and file Democrats are also wearying of blaming the Great Recession on Bush alone. They are beginning to at least question Obama’s competence, because after six long years the economy has still not appreciably been fixed.

And in the deep recesses of their minds they wonder if those who they consider to be flame throwing radicals, might be at least a little right when they accuse Obama of being a stooge of Wall Street, a part of the problem.

After all he never prosecuted any of the Bad Guys on Wall Street responsible for it, did he?

And then there is the surveillance state, (as revealed by Snowden) and frighteningly out of control police forces seemingly everywhere, where police shootings and beatings seem like daily occurrences with little to no oversight.

And who knows, maybe The Affordable Care Act is after all more of a gift to insurance companies than it is to people, as many who are not Republicans say it is?

It might even be that those crazy people who are always saying that Obama has also had a hand in creating or supporting various Middle Eastern terrorist groups, might even be speaking some truth, no matter how small.

So many, many doubts.

These doubts have been enough to make Democrats think twice before going to the polls again, damned if the Republicans win.

These are the people who pose a huge headache to Democratic Party strategists. They fully understand that their party is controlled by the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street, just like the other party.

But rank and file Democrats aren’t supposed to know this. The Democratic Party, at least on the surface has to appear to be against militarism and big money, (the 1%).

For the Democratic Party’s leadership too damned many at the Party’s base today suspect that their leadership’s choice of presidential candidate for 2016, Hillary Clinton just might be a little too tightly connected to Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex.

Democratic Party strategists are hardly panicking. Hillary still draws the same religious fervor among a majority of Democratic activist women that Obama got from Afro Americans and “liberals” in 2008.

But the only part of her support base that is “hard support” is that of Feminists who believe Hillary has been a long term champion for their cause and deserves their support.

None of these single issue Democrats however, as well as Hillary’s “soft” but mass support, have a clue about Hillary’s record on the economy, the police and surveillance state, or foreign affairs.

So although they are a minority, the real brains among Democratic voters are and have been on strike. They have left the party tent if only for a breather.

Enter Elizabeth Warren, whose job is to stand just inside the tent and persuade them all to come back in.

Elizabeth would also be America’s first woman president, eroding at least some of Hillary’s Feminist base.

But more than anything, Elizabeth has been “virulently” anti Wall Street.

By seeming to address the economic issues of Americans, Elizabeth has created a contrast with Hillary who has not.

The smarter ones of the Democratic base, who would have supported Hillary just two years ago, now fear that she is a part of the problem, more on the side of big money than the people.

Thanks to Elizabeth it no longer matters whether Hillary is guilty of the cronyism she is frequently accused of. With Elizabeth, Democrats have a clear choice, one who is not tainted with corporate- banker money and is outspoken in support of ordinary people who have been screwed since the 2007 Wall Street induced recession began.

But although Elizabeth does give a lot more details than Obama did in 2008, is she really a clear choice?

And even if she is, is there the slightest chance that a party deeply corrupted by banker corporate money is going to really give its intelligent grass roots what it wants?

Or is the party going to use Elizabeth to bring this most important group back into the tent, only to try and get them to switch their votes to Hillary when the rubber meets the road?

In part two tomorrow, we will learn what reforms Elizabeth Warren actually supports. And what issues she has failed to address.



  1. Great stuff Robert, crafted with due respect for the material -as scandinavian wood designer like to say- and Wesensschaung… as Husserl would say. Looking forward the second part.

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