Democrats- The Wolf Unmasked

Democrats- The Wolf Unmasked

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Democrats dress themselves up like everyone’s sweet grandma, like they really care about working people and only want what is good for them. If there is a single smoking gun that once and for all unmasks them, for the predators they really are, it is this chart below.















Please look at this carefully. What it represents is the income growth of the top 10% of Americans versus the bottom 90% of Americans during every economic expansion from 1949- 2012.

During the economic expansion under the Democrat Harry Truman from 1949- 1953, the income of the bottom 90% of American society rose by about 78%, while the income of the top 10% rose by about 22%.

The same pattern was repeated during the Republican Eisenhower years with the bottom 90% of American society seeing a rising income of about 73% while the top 10% only saw an income rise of about 27%.

During the Democratic Kennedy and Johnson years these figures remained about the same.

But starting with the Republican Nixon and through the Democrat Carter things started to deteriorate for working people. The bottom 90% of society only saw an income rise of about 53% while the richest 10% saw their income growth go up by 47%.

Then came the Republican Reagan and EVERYTHING radically reversed. Now the bottom 90% of American society only saw increases of income of about 27% and the top 10% rose by 73%. And that amazingly stayed the same way under the Democrat Clinton who supposedly wanted to help working people.

But worse Clinton, working with the Republicans, most notably then Senator Phil Gramm destroyed the Glass- Steagall act that was put in place by FDR and was supposed to protect ordinary Americans from the Wolves of Wall Street. But for Clinton to have passed what one would have thought to be a piece of Republican Party legislation, (repealing Glass Steagall), he needed Democratic Party allies in congress as well. And Clinton’s key Democratic Party asset in the Senate was then Senator Chris Dodd.

When this nefarious legislation was passed, the stage was set for what was to follow, the beginning of the end for America’s middle class.

Under the period of George W Bush, (who was working under the legal regulatory environment created by Clinton and the congress of 1996- 2000) America’s poorest 90% only saw their incomes rise by about 2%, but the richest 10% had income increases of 98%.

Because of this, the American people put in an all Democratic government in 2008, that is BOTH houses of congress and the White House.

What did the Democratic Party do with virtually dictatorial legislative power. Did they bring back the legal regulatory environment of FDR that would reverse the miserable trends since Nixon and help working class people?

Well the Democrats did pass legislation that was supposed to de-fang The Wolf of Wall Street in favor of working people. But who did they hire to write it but, you guessed it Senator Chris Dodd, the very same guy who helped Clinton to sharpen the teeth of Wall Street and take away any protections that working people had.

It should come then as no surprise to anyone that the situation is not only as bad today as it was during the George W Bush years, but worse.

So in the first four years of the Democratic Obama administration, not only did the richest 10% of the population see an increase of 100% of their income due to the economic expansion, they also saw an additional 20% increase, that came directly out of the pockets of the bottom 90%, who actually got significantly poorer during this last economic expansion.

The Democrats of course will deny, deny, deny. “None of this ever happened. It was all due to the evil Republicans. Clinton was never the president of the United States. And if he was, he never would have acted to harm working people, not knowingly at least. He was probably tricked by the Republicans And the utter failure of the Dodd- Frank act to protect anyone, was because of the difficulties and complications of the legislative process.

And we can’t really hurt the Wall Street banks now. They are too big to fail. We really need them.”

When you pull the wolf’s costume off he will immediately put it back on again and try and convince Americans yet again, he is just a kindly old grandma, who only wants the best for you.

Perhaps the most pernicious of the Grandma costume facade of the Democratic Party, is one of their web sites called Occupy Democrats. The name “Occupy”, they blatantly stole from the truly progressive and viciously repressed, (by both the Democrats and Republicans) Occupy Wall Street movement. The only place top Democrats “occupy” on Wall Street are corporate board rooms.

Here “Occupy” Democrats uses Elizabeth Warren as if she represents the voice of the party on the issue of income inequality. What Elizabeth will not tell you is the role of her party in creating the legal regulatory environment, the results of which she so bitterly decries.

In reality however, Elizabeth has had virtually no impact at all on the legislation or regulations that have come forth from the Democrats, which have insured the collapsing middle class. Within the power players of her own party she is considered a maverick, good only for talking points to convince “progressives” voters, that what she says represents party policy. In other words Elizabeth is the kindly Grandma costume the Democrats like to put on. Here is the true Elizabeth Warren Story in six parts.

But the Wolf’s honeyed words go on and on.

Can you imagine that Obama the wolf who created the WORST division of income between the poorest 90% and the richest 10% since before the Great Depression, would don his Grandma cap to call income inequality “the defining challenge of our time”?

And if you think well, that the graphic above was only through 2012, Obama is going to make it better in his last two years. Well you are wrong. Even if he did want to make it better, that opportunity which was between 2008 and 2010, is long since gone. Now the bed has been made. The legal regulatory environment that is crushing the American working class is in place. If Obama were to introduce legislation to make things better, it will be shot down by the Republican Congress.

Of course the Democrats know this. So they will certainly introduce the kind of legislation to help working people and students, that they could have easily passed in 2009 but chose NOT to. That was because then they didn’t WANT to . Now the Democrats can introduce this legislation knowing that the Republicans will shoot it down and then they can blame them at election time.

This story will be all over “Occupy Democrats” and on Memes all over the Internet.

Hillary Clinton, yes the woman who as a Senator voted against making bankruptcy easier for the poor, said ““The dream of upward mobility that made this country a model for the world feels further and further out of reach and many Americans understandably feel frustrated, even angry,

And then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid chirped in; “”There is no greater challenge this country has than income inequality, and we must do something about it”, and all of the Democrats donning Grandma costumes agreed.   Of course when Harry could between 2008 and 2010 do something about it he didn’t. He was donning his fake, we love the people Dodd- Frank costume back then.

And Charles Schumer the Democratic Senator from New York, who virtually represents the Wolf of Wall Street who funds him, said “Income inequality will dominate the 2014 election.” Yes it did and the Democrats lost. If you look at that graph above, you now know why.

Today the Democratic wolf is back in full Grandma costume again, telling you ever so sweetly to remember she is your friend, your protector against the evil Republicans.

For our American friends who want to build a truly better world, isn’t it time to dump the fake and look for a true alternative? Trusting the Wolf will only get you poorer and poorer.



  1. Spot on, Robert. I had this feeling while watching the Democrat National Convention in 2012. It all seemed so fine and good and should have resonated, but it just didn’t. It seems the most dangerous time for us is when we feel we are, at last, safe and secure. There is no such thing in this universe. We’ve seen that the Democrat agenda is simply to get us all under control and surveilled.

    • Thanks for the kind comments PJS. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Once one gets the hang of political charades, intended for social manipulation, they really are glaring obvious like pieces of very bad theater.

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