Sunday, September 23, 2018
United States

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Here is the crack “bi- partisan” 9/11 commission telling the lazy, smug Sheeple who don’t like TSA pat downs, whats what.

Be afraid, the person down the street could well be a Communist, or the person at work could be a Communist, or the person at a party, or even at your church, (God hating Commies love to camouflage themselves in churches). Or that person could even be that oddball, loner, family member. The scariest of all, that Commie so close to you.

There are Communists everywhere and they are hard to spot because they look like normal people. But we in your government are going to protect you.

Whoops….. ohhhh… mistake, ahhh I just went through a 50 year memory warp. No now it is TERRORISTS, NOT COMMUNISTS, TERRORISTS GET IT! Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists. Run and hide Sheeple. But if you give those Bi Partisan people who created our commission extra constitutional powers, rest assure you will be protected.

With our surveillance capabilities today, to monitor in real time each and every Communist uhh…. Terrorist out there any evil doer or even sympathizer will be found and taken away BEFORE they can actually commit a crime.

No nasty judicial system needed.

Nothing like the Land of the Free


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The Corker- McCain- Graham lunatic wing of the Republican party makes its play to the Oligarchs, (who own/ control the Mega- Banks and Corporations) that they and their party are the clear choice for a 2016 war president.

Washington is more than annoyed at Europe’s feet dragging in implementing Cold War 2 policies. Europe refuses to create meaningful economic sanctions and they won’t pay for, or support expanded NATO bases all aimed against Russia.

Washington wants the Ukraine in NATO NOW! That would mean that their flunky in Kiev can start a war with Russia, (it will be labelled Russian aggression of course) and Europe under NATO will be forced to join. Strangely Europeans are reluctant to put themselves in the middle of a hot war between Washington and Russia. And serious sanctions against Vlad would badly damage an already very weak Euro economy.

Obviously those Europeans cannot be trusted to do what is right for themselves.

There are many draconian parts to the Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014, but the big one, (for a hot war) would be a new Ukraine- US alliance in which any attack on the Ukraine would be the same as an attack on the United States. That would make it easy for a Kiev stooge to start a war with Russia, automatically then bringing in Washington, which would then FORCE the Europeans to join as NATO partners.

It is an end run around Europe’s reluctance to go to war against Vlad.

The Republicans will probably not be able to get this Turkey to fly for two reasons. One is that Hillary and Kerry are also positioning themselves to be war presidents in 2016. So unless they come out in support of this bill it is not likely to go far in the Democratic controlled senate.

And Unless Hillary and Kerry support it, even it were to get through congress Obama will probably veto it, because it forces his hand on foreign policy which is his constitutional authority. It is not that either he nor congress give a crap about that “useless piece of paper”. But they will use its “authority” whenever they need to protect their power and perquisites.

If on the other hand the Oligarchs want this bill passed, Hillary, Kerry and Obama will support it and make it a piece of “bipartisan” legislation, probably putting a Democrat on it as a co- sponsor.

If that happens hold on tight to your seats, cover your children, things are gonna get a whole lot hotter.


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Unless there is a change in narrative, Obama’s policies of shrill saber rattling, that then fizzle out into nothing, are designed so a Republican War candidate in 2016 can accuse him of being a weak leader. They will say that because of Obama’s failed policies, (which the story below is supposed to illustrate) the world has lost respect for American leadership. Obama’s lack of focus and global vision has led to a world today that is a much more dangerous place than it was in 2008.

Or so the blah blah will go.

Hillary and Kerry of course are trying to appeal to the Oligarchs, (who own/ control the Mega Banks and Corporations) as a Democratic Party war alternative. But they are going to have a hard job separating themselves from the Obamanation, (especially on foreign affairs) from the policies of the man they served.

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In her lust for the presidency Hillary Clinton continues to make her case to the Oligarchs, (who own/ control the Mega- Banks and Corporations), that they don’t have to hire a Republican as a war president in 2016, as she will do just fine.

Hillary has decided in her infinite wisdom that Vlad was responsible for the downing of Malaysia flight MH17 over the southeastern Ukraine. The Obamanation quickly changed his view point, yet again 180 degrees and agreed. Of course Hillary and Obama have no evidence whatsoever as to who shot the plane down. But in the world of propaganda that is unnecessary.

All that matters is believability. And since this bag of toss was being sold to a local audience, honeycombed with Hillary lovers, she could have said pretty much anything. And the only thing that pissed off the Republicans about her interview, was that they didn’t get to say the same thing on National Television first.

Ya just gotta love democracy in America.

This is the reason why you will never know who indeed owns/ controls the institutions both economic and political of Empire.

This is an excerpt from the report put out by The Tax Justice Network in which they discovered an astonishing $21- $31 TRILLION dollars of offshore assets.

Few people have any idea of what “Offshore” in fact means.

And for some perspective the $31 Trillion in unaccounted for offshore wealth is about half the GDP of the entire planet.

I am going to quote from their report “The Price of Offshore Revisited” (link above), in which they uncovered all of this. It is written in awkward bureaucratize, so I advise that you read the paragraph below over again until you understand it.

“Private banking has long since become virtual. So the term “offshore” refers not so much to the actual physical location of private assets or liabilities, but to nominal, Hyper- portable, multi-jurisdictional, often quite temporary locations of networks, legal and quasi-legal entities and arrangements that manage and control private wealth, always in the interests of those who manage it, supposedly in the interests of its beneficial owners, and often in indifference or outright defiance of the interests and laws of multiple nation states.

A painting or a bank account may be located inside Switzerland’s borders, but the all-important legal structure that owns it- typically that asset would be owned by an anonymous offshore company in one jurisdiction, which is in turn is owned by a trust in another jurisdiction, whose trustees are in yet another jurisdiction (and that is one of the simplest offshore structures)- is likely to be fragmented in many pieces around the globe.

Ultimately, then, the term offshore refers to a set of capabilities.”

The report found more than a million people and companies who are part of this system, but of course the companies are in turn owned by someone.

In reality there are only a few thousand at most and could easily be only a few hundred real players. These are the people who own/ control pretty much everything.

When you get up to their level the offshore structures are vastly more complex than the simple one illustrated in the report, and the true beneficial owners may well have a central office full of people who move and change legal structures and jurisdictions about as needed moment to moment. Truly a shell game of gargantuan proportions.

So when my American friends hear that the evil Koch brothers are taking over their country, well they haven’t got a clue. Because the Koch Brothers are minor outside players.

The only really big boys, people will have heard of, are the ones who have allowed their names to be in the public eye for their own reasons, such as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, possibly the Windsors and even the Bushes.

For the most part you will know that the power families were there, but you won’t hear a family’s name. You will only hear a company’s name, such as BP, Exxon Mobil, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackwater, Monsanto., Martin Lockheed etc.

The media will tell you that those companies are the ones who supposedly did some bad stuff. But of course these are just sets of legal papers. Those who actually own/ control these companies will be hidden within the offshore structures you have just read about.

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The Obamanation made it clear last night in Seattle that the reason he has started Cold War 2 as well as wars in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya while droning people all over the world is to show us all, ” that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order”.

Hmm curious minds would love to know just what new order the Obamanation was thinking of?

Is the Obamanation going to close all US military bases around the world, bring all of its military personnel home and transform its embassies back to true diplomatic functions? Hmmm. I don’t think so.

Is the Obamanation going to kindly ask Putin and Xi, (and those who back them) to step down in favor of new leaders of their countries the Obamanation will then appoint. I think that he would like that, but it is unlikely that Moscow and Beijing will agree.

Perhaps the Obamanation’s idea of a new order is for a Global Government to come about, (under Washington’s control) which would usher in such a New Order.  But since the spoil sports in China and Russia will never agree, well then it would seem that there would have to be a WAR in order to bring such a wonderful thing into existence.

I’ll bet none of you can wait:-)


Arman Matthews