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The thrust of yesterday’s article assumed that Putin would send troops into Syria in support of the Assad government. Of course all Moscow committed to was air support.

Air support may buy Assad a bit of time, but it, in and of itself will not and cannot be a game changer. That can only happen with boots on the ground.  And in fact by bombing ISIS positions, (as opposed to saying they are bombing ISIS positions as the US- France and Turkey does), it is only likely to strengthen ISIS all the more.

It will act as a powerful recruitment campaign for new ISIS fighters. And it is likely that the Gulf States will react by increasing funding and Erdogan by increasing material and logistical support.

The only real game changer that can be made in the Levant would be the introduction of Russian troops.

It still holds true, that in the Levant war there can be no winner. All that can come about is a negotiated peace through Balkinization of the region, or for the area to fall into chaos as per Libya.  Russian troops in Syria will encourage a political agreement. Bombing will accomplish next to nothing.

Putin is only beginning his bombing campaign because Assad’s troops are tiring and his military position is eroding. Bombing alone will not change this. So the assumption is that if Moscow is serious about saving Assad, (which will encourage a political solution) it will have to sooner rather than later introduce troops.

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There have been no new news articles on Red Pills because there has been no real news for a very long time. Pretty much everything that has been happening globally is an extension of analysis made in past articles.

For those who want to understand the macro picture around them all they need do is read those articles.

The Iran “nuclear” agreement with the US was a small piece of news. As Red Pill readers know the agreement had little to do with nuclear. It was mostly about creating a comprehensive agreement with Tehran on its position relative to Cold War 2, which Obama had previously declared against Russia and China.

Would Iran move into the Western camp or at least stay non- aligned in this Cold War that we are only in the very early stages of?

From a US standpoint it seems as if ruling elites are divided on Iran. The majority, as represented by all Republican presidential candidates as well as Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side favor a hot war with Iran.

Obama’s peace agreement was intended to make it more difficult for these people to start such a war after he leaves the White House. It is arguably the only truly peaceful thing Obama has done in his more than six years as US president.

Of course getting around the Iran agreement is as simple as Hillary’s statement to the Brookings Institution that she would support the deal UNTIL she determined that Tehran was in violation and then she would attack.

Ostensibly she would learn that Tehran was in “violation” of the agreement by using the same Intel operatives who determined that Saddam had WMD and that Assad used chemical weapons at Ghouta.

Until now Tehran has not become a part of the new Russia- China defense system for a host of reasons, most of them rooted in history.

And until now while both Putin and Khamenei, (Iran’s supreme leader) have helped Assad in Syria, there has been limited coordination as well as assistance.

This is all about to change. Obviously long in the planning, Moscow has finally decided to enter the fray, with Beijing as always now quietly taking its back.

Putin is making the very high-risk move of committing Russian troops to support Assad and the Syrian government. The downside for Russia could mean its soldiers being caught in a political, cultural, tribal and religious swamp in Syria and perhaps Iraq as they once had been in Afghanistan.

But apparently Geo Political strategists in Moscow believed that this gamble would be worth it. For starters it opens the door to Tehran for much closer cooperation, first within the Levant and then in a growing partnership with Russia and China.

This also puts the Hillary Clinton’s and Jeb Bush’s in the US on notice that an unprovoked attack against Iran, (based on Empire“Intel” that it is building a nuclear weapon) is likely to, as Obama loves to say have “consequences”.

Thirdly this throws Russia and China’s hat into the ring to let Washington- Ankara- Riyadh- Tel Aviv- Paris- London etc. understand that they are no longer going to have their way in the MENA, creating terrorist mercenary groups like ISIS and Al Nusra to informally prosecute the West’s regional agendas.

This gives Putin a massive propaganda advantage, which he is well availing himself of. Since none other than the Empire has defined ISIS as the most dastardly of evil “terrorists” as well as the fiction that the “terrorist” group Al Qaeda was behind 9/11, then fighting them in Syria is fighting terrorism by the West’s own standard.

This is the kind of simplistic rhetoric that Westerners particularly Americans understand.

“Are you for us or against us? Are you for terrorism or against it? If you are against it, then why are you not joining us in fighting the “terrorists” (who in reality we all know wink wink you created and support to this day)?”

It is calling the bluff of Obama. Hollande, Cameron, Erdogan. Salman, Netanyahu et al.

The creation of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Washington’s aggression that led to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen were not done accidentally either.

Just because Russia- China and Iran are entering the fray in the Levant more directly, is unlikely to change regional policy goals for Washington.

The Americans and their vassals are going to have to appear as if they want peace in the region and that they oppose ISIS and Al Nusra, while of course continuing to support them.

And continuing to support them they will, no matter how many fake “bombing” missions of terrorist positions they will claim to make.

Washington’s response to Putin entering the war in Syria will be “fine let the Russians die there”. And in order to accomplish that the US and its vassals will redouble the arms they give, (through Turkey) to ISIS and Al Nusra, as well as expand the funding for them through their Gulf State bankers.

The challenge for Washington is that they are now going to have to soften their rhetoric against their very own “terrorists” in general and ISIS in particular. They will need to give them a propaganda makeover. Washington has begun to do that with Al Qaeda, (which it actively supports today in Yemen) anyway. Soon all of us who read and understand English and other Western languages will learn that ISIS was never all that bad after all.

Also as Tehran expands into the Levant militarily, (albeit with the help of an awakened bear to the north) sectarian polarization between Sunnis and Sh’ias will increase.

The war will act as a huge recruitment campaign among young Sunnis for ISIS, especially if the funding spigots from Riyadh and Qatar are opened even further.

Meanwhile the back room agreements between Washington and Tehran, that has ruled over Baghdad since the Americans withdrew in numbers from Iraq seems once again ready to collapse. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has agreed to share intel with Russia on ISIS operations in his country.

That means that Tehran has given Haider a green light to cooperate with Moscow. That is directly against Washington’s regional interests, interests that Haider was supposed to represent as well.

It is a direct slap in Obama’s face.

How far and how deep Russia involves itself in the region remains to be seen. Of Russia’s population of 30 million Muslims, the largest group are Sunnis. For them Moscow is going to be on the wrong side of the Levant wars.

The people of Syria are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If Assad were to fall, (as Putin stated) Syria will become a failed state. On the other hand, is that worse than a war that will grow more widespread and ever more sectarian?

And to the degree that Putin lends Russian (Chinese) military support for regional Sh’ias and the West counters by supporting regional Sunnis, this will open a third front in Cold War 2.

The Levant will add to the fronts in the Ukraine (NATO expansion in Eastern Europe) as well as US naval expansion in the China and South China Seas, both of which are being met with a massive expansion of Russian and Chinese defense and counterattack capabilities.

There is a difference in Syria to the other two Cold War fronts which came about due to Washington’s aggression. Up until now the Levant and much of the rest of the region had been Washington’s de facto play ground, for the creation of terrorist assets as well as regional chaos. Except in Chechnya, American policies have only impacted Russia at the margins.

So Putin’s military entrance into the Levant is, (much more than the Crimea) an overtly aggressive move. And Washington and all its vassal states have been rocked back on their heels by it.

While it is possible that Putin won’t go too far militarily, usually actions like this have one or more specific goals. And one has to use whatever assets are necessary, (including time) in order to achieve them. That is why military incursions far from home tend to be like quicksand, easy to enter and hard to get out of. Be assured that Washington will use this principle in counterattacking.

Unlike the far more dangerous regions of Eastern Europe and the Eastern and Southeastern Pacific, there is a relatively easy outline for a Great Power peace accord in the Levant. That is because the goal of Washington in the region has long since been to Balkanize it into tiny hostile states mostly along sectarian lines.

At this point that would suit Russia, China and even Iran just fine. The question is how will this new map look? And that is what this war in the Levant is going to be about.

Any peace accord in the Levant however, is still a long way off. This war, as a new front in Cold War 2 is just beginning.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, chats with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the red carpet during a welcome ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Friday, May 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

In part one of this series it was explained why a rapprochement between India and China might be the final nail in the coffin for Washington’s plans for global conquest and global government.

And doesn’t the media of Empire know it? Time Magazine headlines Modi’s trip to China telling its readers; “Why China and India Just Can’t Get Along”.

And the BBC assures its readers that; “China and India remain fierce rivals….. the two nations are vying for regional influence which could lead to a fresh round of tensions.”

Then after admitting that Indian PM Narendra Modi and China’s Premier Li Keqiang  are now going to begin looking for solutions to the two countries long term border disputes, the BBC still goes on to say that although the talks have not yet begun; “A solution for a decades-long border dispute is nowhere in sight.”

You wish!

Modi has been frank, in stating that there are only three real obstacles to India and China being able to enjoy cooperative and good neighborly relations. His words were a positive for peace and reconciliation, because they open up, as a public matter accessible to both the peoples of India and China, a clear negotiable path.

One of the three problems for the Indian side is very easily solved. That is that Delhi does not want its trade relationship with China to run huge structural deficits. This is simply a matter of bilateral trade policies and can easily be negotiated.

The second is the boundary issues which due to British meddling 100 years ago, has created trouble for both countries. This was made worse when Beijing attacked in 1962 and took by force territory it believed to be Chinese. While this is a huge issue on the Indian street, it is not as important from the standpoint of Indian foreign policy, which is much more focused on trade and development.

The only real sticking point on India’s demand list, is China’s support of Delhi’s true arch rival Pakistan. And that mostly boils down to the decades long battle between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. If there is a fought over peace of land where the problems seem intractable, (after Palestine- Israel) Kashmir has to be it.

So if peace in Kashmir has to be settled before India and Pakistan can make a real peace, and if only by this happening will Chinese aid to Pakistan not be seen by Delhi as a threat, then there is a lot of work still to be done.

But China wants reconciliation with India badly. That is because should Delhi become an asset of Washington, as the monster of Cold War 2 unfolds itself, India would pose a huge security risk for Beijing .

So it didn’t take more than five minutes for, according to Modi, Chinese PM Li to agree; “to explore a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable resolution” to at least the border issue.

While the Pakistan Kashmir issue will be much, much trickier, both countries now have a vested interest in rolling up their sleeves and finding a solution. China more so, since in a worst case scenario India could become a security issue.

But Modi’s vision of creating a foundation for a rapidly developing India, is for the most part China dependent. Only Delhi’s huge neighbor has the capacity to help India to modernize within any foreseeable future.

Even as the political will exists between Beijing and Delhi for a full scale rapprochement, based on the metaphor of Indian economic development, within India there are still many questions as to how much support Modi really has.

There are reasons why over more than 65 years India has developed, but only at a snails pace. The main one, being a lack of interest in developing a first world infrastructure. There are still strong vested interests within India today to keep things as they are.

And the decentralized political structure of the country, which grants minimum power to Delhi and maximum power to the states, brings into question how much political will exists within India for modernization? Unless it is widespread this simply isn’t going to happen no matter what Modi wants.

Even with just some fine words and high hopes Chinese businesses are already putting their toes into the Indian market.

But nothing serious is going to happen until India has infrastructure, which means quality roads, not filled with sporadic herds of cattle, quality and reliable electrical power, potable and reliable water availability and high speed Internet access.

Manufacturers will also need to get their products to market, which will mean good port facilities and streamlined systems of customs, warehousing and border processing.

India has little of this today and except for Modi has not shown much interest in getting any of it either. While Modi won the election last year with a big margin, his political party  Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) has not fared so well since, being slaughtered in the Delhi elections this year.  The next test for BJP will be the Bihar elections in November, where they are favored to win.

Modi and his BJP’s strident anti minority voice however, is going to create a lot of push back. As governments mature, promises are not kept and things seem the same old, same old, much of the enthusiastic support that originally put them in office wains. The opposition strengthens.

By alienating Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, (who will vote against Modi and the BJP) once Modi trips and stumbles, (which given his ambitious plans he surely will at some point) these minority votes will help to insure that he will also fall.

So nothing is written in stone and Modi’s greatest challenge will probably not be reconciling even the trickiest issue of Pakistan, but of softening his hostility towards minorities and uniting Indians in the need not just for economic modernization but greater integration with the rest of Asia.

Errata: Sikhs are not apparently anti Modi or the BJP, but Christians and Muslims are.

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If Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a Western politician he would be excoriated as the worst form of bigot. He makes it clear that he stands in support of Hindus in India, a country where Hindus are a huge majority. That is sort of like a European or American politician standing in support of Christians.

Modi is infamous, when as governor of the wealthy state of Gujarat he stood aside and allowed the majority Hindus to attack minority Muslims in 2002 with impunity. This came after 60 Hindu lives were lost in a train burned, that they blamed on Muslims.

Modi’s reaction to the revenge burning of Muslim businesses and homes as well as the beatings and killings of hundreds of Muslims who cried for help only to find local police standing aside doing nothing was he; “rarely visited the camps of the Muslims displaced by the violence or apologized for his government’s failure to protect a minority. Instead, he has described the reprisal killings of Muslims that year as a simple “reaction” to an “action,” and…… said he felt as sad about them as would a passenger in a car that accidentally ran over a puppy. His only regret, he once told a reporter for this paper, was failing to manage the media fallout.”

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch declared that Modi’s government was complicit in the murders.

Worse Modi hasn’t changed in the slightest. In an ambiance today of angry Hindu nationalism, that has seen violent outbreaks not just against Muslims, but Christians and other minorities as well, Modi has spoken out loudly with his silence, just as he did when he was the governor of Gujarat 13 years ago.

So Narendra Modi seems like he would be an unlikely candidate to save the truly civilized world, (those billions of souls outside the Anglo 5 + EU + Israel + Japan) from the aggression of Washington and London.

Yet that may seem to be what is happening. That is because Modi’s nationalist vision is for his country to break out of the lethargic and closed off womb, that Congress has created for it since independence. 65 years that have been defined by the policies of Congress has kept India poor, relatively backward and undeveloped.

Modi wants a development model for his country like China has had. He wants to open India for business. While this of course includes business with the US and Europe as well, due to geography and Beijing’s wealth, the most likely external connection to drive Indian economic growth will be China. And this is something that Beijing, (as well as Moscow) very much wants.

When Obama declared “the pivot” to Asia in 2012, the reality of what it meant was a declaration of Cold War 2 against Beijing. This was implemented by Washington’s ongoing attempt to use its navy to be able to close off shipping of Chinese merchant vessels to the Pacific at will. Washington’s aggression also included new military bases in the Philippines with hostile intent towards China, and worst of all Obama’s ongoing re- militarization of Japan with very hostile intent towards China.

Last year with Obama’s coup in Ukraine’s Maidan square, he also declared Cold War 2 against Russia. Washington planners had to know that the implications of starting a Cold War against both Beijing and Moscow, would be to drive them together in what would amount to a shot gun marriage. And that is exactly what is happening.

The reason Washington was so brazen is due to its long term fear of the growth of both China and Russia as world powers. While the Anglo 5 Empire may have advantages, scientifically, militarily and economically over China and Russia today, if both are left to develop in peace, that will be no longer be true twenty years from now.

So if Washington wants to retain global hegemony over the long term, it must assert its primacy, (where it dominates international law, and its enforcement, as well as the world’s economic systems) so that all nations accept it and give the Americans their fealty.

That is something that neither China or Russia, or Iran for that matter will do, and it is why a Cold War aimed at regime change in these countries is being implemented on steroids by Obama.

Washington planners had to expect that by declaring a Cold War against Moscow and Beijing, that they would be facing off both. But they obviously felt that at least for now the US had strategic advantage.

India on the other hand could not have been factored in to this equation. India, relatively undeveloped and backward has a great high end educational system. This has so far best served the Americans. After being fully trained, India has been shipping to the US, some of the smartest people on the planet. They have been crucial in helping to develop the scientific and technological foundation of US military power.

And in the commercial world Indians are filling the gaps in America’s increasingly worthless educational system, by providing computer scientists, physicians and business administrators.

This all happens because thanks to Congress, these people had few opportunities in their impoverished and backward country.

But what will happen should India start to seriously develop? Who will provide the scientists which have given the Americans their scientific and technological edge? What if that edge is lost sooner rather than later?

But far worse for Washington is Beijing’s strategic game plan to combat Washington’s aggression over the next 20 years. And that has been to build up militarily, but primarily only for defensive purposes which is relatively cheap. Where China has been using the majority of its expendable assets, is in building a global commercial network with a 21st century infrastructure, where all roads lead to Beijing.

This Chinese commercial infrastructure is being laid side by side with the one that the Anglo Americans have built since colonial times and was set in concrete to their imperial advantage after World War 2.

India and Russia have long enjoyed good relations. But Russia is not a commercial power and can be of limited help in developing India’s economy.

A cooperative, fraternal integrated region of Russia- India and China, (which would bring in the smaller countries as well ex Pakistan) especially with a rapidly developing Indian economy, would not only strengthen India, but add massive support to China and Russia as well.

An integrating Asia, acting as an alternative poll economically, politically and militarily to the traditional Imperial power of the Anglo 5 + EU, is Washington’s worst nightmare. It will act to circumscribe Washington’s power and global ambitions.

Washington planners had to believe however, that there was not much to worry about. They saw little chance of any reconciliation between Beijing and Delhi, whose relationship has remained contentious since their war in 1962.

Errata: Modi was NOT the Governor of Gujarat but the Chief Minister during the riots. The Governor is more of a ceremonial position. Everything else written above about Modi’s behavior relative the riots in Gujarat applies.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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The United Nations has reported that in 2014 there were more refugees, (both internal and cross border) than there have been since World War 2. About 18 million of them are cross border refugees, people trying to emigrate from their native land. A huge majority of these refugees have been fleeing from wars, directly or indirectly created by the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and Gulf States.

Around 2 1/2 million are from Afghanistan, a nation dismembered by George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Another 2 1/2 million people have fled from Syria, a country that has been dismembered by the United States, Turkey, France and the Gulf States who have created, armed, trained, financed and given logistical support to every single anti government entity that initiated and are presently prosecuting that country’s civil war.

There are 1.2 million refugees from Somalia, a country devastated by the support of Washington and Riyadh for Al Shabaab,  Washington has done this in part for Geo Political reasons. That is that Somalia, like Yemen, (the new escalation of Washington’s regional wars) controls the shipping lanes to the Gulf of Aden leading into the Red Sea, where 3 1/2 million barrels of oil flow daily, mostly to Europe. Washington also knows that there is oil in Somalia, (the Puntland fields) and possibly a lot more off of its coast.

There is also another 635,000 refugees from the Sudan, a country the American have finished dismembering, creating a failed state called South Sudan. Again the reason was oil. South Sudan was the part of the Sudan where all the oil was. According to the World Bank; “South Sudan is the most oil-dependent country in the world, with oil accounting for almost the totality of exports”.

Another 1/2 million refugees are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (DRC). The DRC is the richest area of resources in Africa, with according to Forbes over $24 trillion in known “untapped deposits of raw mineral ores, including the world’s largest reserves of cobalt and significant quantities of the world’s diamonds, gold and copper.”

In Africa, Washington pits political, tribal, regional and religious factions against each other, giving money and weapons to whoever will best help it to maximize profits for its Multinationals. In the DRC that has led to this rich country being “the world’s least developed ………in terms of life expectancy, education, standard of living and key health indicators, like maternal and child mortality.” And Washington has helped to create and fund wars in that country that according to the International Committee of the Red Cross have killed more 5.4 MILLION people. 

Over the past 20 years of Washington instigated and fueled DNC wars, how much wealth has been extracted from the country by Anglo American and French transnationals and how much has gone to the people? The half million refugees from the DRC today, represent the continuation of this bleeding.

And then we have another 400,000 refugees from Iraq. George W. Bush and Tony Blair know well who destroyed their country.

The United Nations Commission on Refuges, (UNCR) from whom these figures come, do not count the 5 million Palestinian refugees, who have fled from the US and British backed conquest of their lands by European Zionists.

But the 17 million figure for international refugees given by the UNCR, pails compared to the 38 million who are internally displaced. That is people who have lost their homes and livelihoods and had to flee to an uncertain fate in a hoped for more peaceful part of their own country. The number of the internally displaced has soared by 11 million in 2014 alone, where 30,000 people every day became homeless. 

Among the new countries with soaring rates for internal displacement last year was Nigeria, with more than 1.5 million people. That has been due to Boko Haram, which is a CIA extortion racket again being done for oil. 

In Libya there are now 400,000 internally displaced, thanks to then French president Sarkozy, Obama and Hillary Clinton’s dismemberment of the country.

And now in the Ukraine there are now 1.2 million internally displaced thanks to Obama’s Maidan Square coup. And There are also 900,000 Ukrainians from the Southeastern Provinces of the country who have fled to Russia thanks to a Washington backed civil war in the country waged by its political puppets in Kiev.

These numbers are not even counted in the UNHR’s figure of 18 million refuges.

And now in 2015, since Washington and its vassal state Saudi Arabia are starting a war against Yemen, besides the dead, as a humanitarian crisis grows, the refuge problem both external and internal will also soar.

In the world of internally displaced people, the worst is still Syria at 7.6 million and Iraq 2.2 million. Those are both places where Obama and his stooges have done their very worst.

With the others wars, still in full swing and the new war in Yemen having only just begun, it would be a sure bet to say the number of refugees for 2015 will print significantly higher than this 2014 report.

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Those who have read “Islamaphobia And The Global Crackdown” already know that all of “the Jihadis of the MENA and Central Asia were all created, funded, armed, trained and given logistical support by Washington, the Gulf States and Turkey. With secondary support from Israel, Jordan, France and the UK.”

They have also learned that; “The greatest reason for the creation of Jihadis, ……… is so that they can be used as useful idiots to create an all seeing all knowing police state in the countries of Empire, particularly in the US. Those who own/ control the Anglo American Empire need a free hand, (with no push back at their base) to engineer and manufacture the global government. And in order for that to happen they must have absolute control of their populations, particularly that of the Americans.

For that to happen people within Empire must be willing to voluntarily cede what is left of their sovereignty and civil liberties. And the driver that will get them to do that is FEAR!!!”

The situation in Garland was exactly the same, (with different personalities) as was Charlie Hebdo and the Free Speech Forum, with the exception that this was Texas. And unlike the other two attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, the organizers of the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest”, (The American Freedom Defense Initiative) were locked, loaded, ready and armed to the teeth.

It is likely that Elton Simpson, (one of the perps) and his associate were simply useful idiots as was Lee Harvey Oswald or the suicide bombers of 9/11. It wouldn’t matter whether the brains behind attacks like Garland, are Al Qaeda, or ISIS. Both are fully supported by Washington and frequently work closely with the CIA- Mossad. 

In any case the result of the Garland attack was that only one unarmed “civilian” was wounded and the perps were both shot dead. While it would have been better for the wanna be assassins if they would have at least taken someone out, especially Geert Wilders, (Dutch anti Islamic politician who is on Al Qaeda’s hit list) they still managed to make their point.

Even to the degree that Al Qaeda and ISIS function autonomously, there is still a convergence of interests between them, Washington and Tel Aviv.

For Al Qaeda- ISIS any attack on the West, (especially the US) inflames greater and greater levels of anti Islamic sentiment, where normal people who just happen to be Muslims will face greater and greater levels of distrust and persecution. And that is the perfect environment to radicalize them and create Jihadi cells at the core of the Empire.

For Tel Aviv, a terror attack on Western soil, perceived to be done by Muslims adds support for the Zionist state, taking the heat off of it, as it continues its conquest and marginalization of the indigenous people of Palestine.

For Washington it adds another brick in its construction of a “the nation of fear” that it has turned the United States into. This has created and will continue to create greater and greater levels of public support for a militarized police state as well as support for the military industrial complex to create wars against “terrorists” everywhere.

We will never find out who are behind the shooters or bombers, (billed as Jihadis) of Western targets, because relationships between groups like the CIA- Mossad- ISIS and Al Qaeda are not public information. Nor are the operations of each of them, (done with others or alone) revealed to the public, except for political reasons. And in those cases, what is said to the press is for public impact. It may be true or it may not be.

Even at its most innocent however, where Jihadi groups act independently to create acts of “terror” in the West, Washington is still always behind it, because of its on going support of these groups. And none of these Jihadi groups would be able to recruit many people if Washington and to a lesser degree Paris, was not behind the demolition of countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and now Yemen.

There are many young Muslims who consider these aggressions by the West to be a war against Islam. So no matter how you cut it, the trouble maker in chief. which is either directly behind acts of “terror” against the West or has instigated it by its wars in the MENA and beyond, is Washington.

Will Washington change its policies? Highly unlikely, as all acts of “Islamic terror” done in the West only serves to further its Geo Political objectives.

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In the April 30th Red Pill article, ” Baltimore, Furgeson 2- Wash, Rinse Repeat” it was pointed out that the real reason why African American communities in most of America are tinderboxes ready to go up in flames is economic. Today let us drill down on that.

In 1973 the household income of African Americans was only 60% that of Euro Americans. In 2011 with all of the “opportunities” and “advancements” that have been happening for African Americans, as trumpeted by the Mega Bank- Corporate state Media. their income has gone DOWN to 58% of that of Euro Americans.

And as written about in the April 30th article above, the wealth gap between Euro Americans and Afro Americans is huge. As of 2013 the average white household had 13 times as much as the average black household. But that figure includes the net, (after mortgage) wealth of home ownership. If we strip home ownership out of this comparison, and for the 58% of African Americans who do not own homes, (as in ghettos ready to explode) this number is more important, that difference in median wealth as of 2010 was $110,000 for Whites and less than $5,000 for blacks, or 22 times.

But as the income of African Americans was collapsing, for the majority without a home of their own, rental rates were rising. From the beginning of the Great Recession in late 2007 through 2014, (while home prices were collapsing) rental rates were going up by 15%.

Meanwhile Black to White unemployment ratios have been the same or worse since the days of Martin Luther King in the 1960’s.

We could go on and write about the fact that 45% of African American Children grow up in areas of concentrated poverty, but as bad as all of these factors are, they are of secondary importance.

People can accept poverty, even unfair poverty among the wealthy, even periods of sustained poverty, if they have strong families and communities. In the United States that is an environment that exists mostly on television shows and Hollywood films. But even where strong families and communities still do exist in America, they are few and far between in poor areas and still less so in poor Afro American areas.

In these areas of not just deep poverty, but broken homes and communities, the only thing that can prevent riots and explosions is hope. It is poverty without end, poverty without hope, that leads to despair among the old and rage among the young.

And that is what poverty is about today in the United States. It is the creation of a permanent underclass. From a Red Pills article on August 23d, “US Government Transfers And The Permanent Underclass” 

“government structural transfers in the US are designed to keep people on it and out of the labor force.”

Welfare benefits in the US are highly fragmented and vary greatly state to state. But if one can get a full Monty of them, Section 8″ housing assistance, “Food Stamps”, “Medicaid” and some form of direct income transfer, one can typically get a total income greater than what one could get with a starting salary in a job.

From this Wall Street Journal analysis; “In 11 States welfare pays more than the average pretax first-year wage for a teacher [in those states]. In 39 states, it pays more than the starting wage for a secretary. And, in the three most generous states a person on welfare can take home more money than an entry-level computer programmer.”

Many of these programs however are not so easy to get. Most have rigid bureaucratic requirements and can carry with them onerous paperwork as well . While others, like especially housing benefits means being placed on long waiting lists.

As was written in Red Pills relative to people who have gone through the processes and wait times necessary to get a full Monty of government benefits compared to the salaries given in the Wall Street Journal article; “And these are pretax figures. After taxes and the expenses one incurs by getting a job, like transportation and acceptable business clothing, it is hardly worth the effort for all but the most motivated.

And if such a person were to actually put in the effort and cost to find and secure a job, if they were to be laid off afterwards, (depending on how quickly afterwards) they would frequently have to go through the whole arduous and costly process of getting their old social programs back again.

And what would they and their families live on while they fought to get their old programs back?

So social welfare in America is a recipe that creates a disincentive to work and by doing so creates a permanent dependent underclass.”

There are 92 million people out of the US labor force today. Many of course are retired or disabled. But many of the others could be trained for the kind of jobs that employers need, including many of the disabled. But no government in the US is doing it, or at least not in a serious way. Why?

There are three answers. The most important is that up until recently it had been US policy to offshore work to places like China because it was a net- net better deal for US corporations. And now that industry is going to be brought home, it will be robotized with embedded 3d printing. Very little labor will actually be needed in the new industrial model and what will be needed will mostly be low skilled, (IE low paid).

Most other newly created jobs will, as usual be in the service industry, where pay scales are either minimum wage, or using illegal aliens, (a supposedly illegal but institutionalized part of the labor force) below minimum wage. Those will be jobs that pay far less than those people getting a full Monty of social welfare benefits and there for don’t encourage anyone to leave the system.

In fact most of the legal workers at the bottom end of the labor market will usually be eligible for Section 8 housing assistance, food stamps and/ or Medicaid as well. Then their net income for working, (minus taxes, transportation and clothing costs) compared to not working will frequently be zero or less, (IE they are paying for the right to work).

And finally the third reason the government doesn’t want the 92 million people out of the work force to look for work, is that it would vastly raise the official unemployment rate. It would show the public the shocking true unemployment figures in America, which neither of the political parties want their potential constituents to think about or know.

The change in the unemployment rate would happen, because the government’s rate only counts those actively looking for work, not those who have already fallen into the waste bin of the permanent underclass.

The great recession of 2008 through now has disproportionately harmed Afro Americans. That is the reason why Euro Americans have been so quiet, only protesting politely as in the Occupy movements. But today we are enjoying what the government calls a six year economic expansion. WHAT????  But when the next downturn comes as it surely will, it is likely to hit Euro Americans all the harder, because Afro Americans are already at the bottom.

For outsiders then looking for the implosion of the American empire at its roots, the crucial sign will be when Euro Americans start to riot. That is why the surveillance police state is being put in to place. When the disintegration begins Washington, will then be able to disappear any potential resistance leaders while putting the whole country into lock-down.

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It is almost not worth writing about each new Afro American “riot” in the US, because there will be so many of them. Baltimore, like Furgeson was a big one, so it got a lot of media attention. But the Mega Bank- Corporate State controlled media will NEVER tell the American people why these riots are happening.

To be fare few people actually give a crap. For them it is the problem of black people. For those who are not kind or tolerant, it is their problems and they are annoying. For those who seem to be more tolerant, they will attribute the riots to “social issues”. The vast majority of such people will then say that the Democrats, (God knows) are trying to fix them. Of course that is a lie, which is why there is little chance that the problems of Afro Americans will be addressed anytime soon.

These are the stupid reasons du jour that the media gave for the Baltimore riot.  From USA Today “‘The riots stem from the death of Gray. He was arrested on April 12 in Baltimore and suffered a life-threatening spinal cord injury while in police custody. Police stopped Gray after he fled “unprovoked upon noticing police presence,’ Officer Garrett Miller wrote in a police report. Miller said police arrested Gray after they found a knife clipped to his pants pocket. William Murphy, lawyer for the Gray family, says police had no right to pursue and detain Gray.”

In every new riot another of these “reasons” will be regurgitated by the media. By far and away the most important real reason for the Baltimore riot, was written about Ferguson on August 19th on Red Pills Views and can be repeated again and again as each new riot unfolds. It is because of the destruction of the middle class that happened after the Mega Banks, using Obama and Bernanke as their stooges looted the American people. But all of the American people did not pay equally. Blacks were impoverished by the collapse way more than were whites. What had been a new and fragile Black American middle class was decimated.

Not counting one’s house as a part of net worth, Euro American families had about $110,729 in 2010 twenty two times more than a typical Afro American family who had just $4,955.

The incomes of Afro Americans relative to whites, is the same now as it was in 1968, during the days of Martin Luther King. Hopeless poverty is the realty for far too many Afro Americans and that creates the tinderbox. It doesn’t take much to set it off.

The match that does set it off was actually covered in the Atlantic, ritualized and socially approved of police aggression against the citizens they are supposed to protect. The author Ta-Nehisi Coates noted ” the state of Maryland prioritizes the protection of police officers charged with abuse over the citizens who fall under its purview….. Over the past four years, more than 100 people have won court judgments or settlements related to allegations of brutality and civil rights violations. Victims include a 15-year-old boy riding a dirt bike, a 26-year-old pregnant accountant who had witnessed a beating, a 50-year-old woman selling church raffle tickets, a 65-year-old church deacon rolling a cigarette and an 87-year-old grandmother aiding her wounded grandson ….

And in almost every case, prosecutors or judges dismissed the charges against the victims—if charges were filed at all. In an incident that drew headlines recently, charges against a South Baltimore man were dropped after a video showed an officer repeatedly punching him—a beating that led the police commissioner to say he was ‘“shocked.”’

Well Mr. Coates is obviously not a Red Pills reader. If he was he would have known that this is standard operating procedure all over the the United States. And of course Afro Americans are disproportionately victims.

Besides brutality and downright murder, (as with Freddie Gray in Baltimore) should you be peacefully riding in your car you might find yourself the victim of a police “interdiction”, which since 9/11 has been happening on steroids.

That means that without a warrant or indictment the police will simply “arrest” people’s money, if in their humble opinion they are carrying too much of it. Those monies, (more than $2.5 billion of it) go to the “equitable sharing” program which is mostly used for new and better equipment for police departments.

And again poor Afro Americans are the primary victims of police interdictions, not only because of race, but because poor people with little access to credit have to carry around more cash, than the better off who have wallets filled with credit cards.

Because of the economic disparity between Euro Americans and Afro Americans,  relatively well off whites are far more likely to look the other way at police brutality and killings, especially as it disproportionately effects the poor, whom they have little respect or compassion for.

Worse most whites even welcome the police state, especially if it keeps blacks “in their place”. Here on Red Pill Views was an example of it.

And here is why, especially Euro Americans so support any and all authority that promises them safety.

Unless these fundamentals change, like a better deal economically for Afro Americans and/ or the end of police state tactics, of which Afro Americans are the disproportionate victims, all this author has to do when Furgeson 3 happens, (which it surely will) is reprint this. Wash, rinse repeat.

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There are many, many people who believe that tails wag dogs and that countries within the Empire act autonomously on major issues. Those people were likely to have believed that Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen all on its own, only being green lighted by Washington to do so.

The reality is the opposite. All major Geo Political and military moves of the Empire come out of Washington. Vassal nations of the Empire like the Gulf States are either asked to participate in operations or intimidated to do so. In the case of the Saudis relative to Yemen, little intimidation was needed.

This was made amply clear over the past few days as the Saudis, (who after pumping their fat oil drenched chests, telling the world how they were going to invade Yemen after bombing it) promised to end the bombing claiming “that they had achieved their military goals”.  Exactly how that had happened no one knows.

The Saudi’s political goal had ostensibly been the forcing of their appointed dictator, masquerading as an elected president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi back into power in Sanaa. And the bombing campaign hadn’t even come close to achieving this. In fact as far as the world could see, the bombing campaign hadn’t achieved anything at all other than the destruction of some buildings and the killing of some civilians.

The Saudis bombed a country, (Yemen) with no air force and called the murders and mayhem it wrought “Decisive Storm”. Hmmm where did these geniuses think up such names? Do the fat Saudi “royals” send their brats to the US military’s school of nomenclature aimed an engineering public support for each new global aggression?

In any case the Saudis wanted to back out and after bombing the crap out of people, transform themselves into “peace makers”. And they even had nomenclature for that operation, “Restoring Hope”. Really, who writes this stuff?

Obama was sooo pissed at these Fat Sheep candy asses, that he publicly rebuked them, telling them that their job was unfinished, (it had barely begun). This was rare, as public disagreements between Washington and its vassal states, are usually done in back rooms outside of the public spotlight.

The Saudi “peace movement” hadn’t come about out of thin air. The fat princes must have figured out that their attacks against the Houthi of Yemen would, as Obama loves to say have “consequences”. The long oppressed Sh’ia of Saudi Arabia who physically sit on top of most of the country’s oil wealth, could well be radicalized, leading to “terrorist” attacks against the Royals and their oil assets. Oh my!

Riyadh, now understanding that Washington doesn’t give a crap about its problems, quaking in their Guccis are continuing with their air campaign. But you can bet the house that if the Saudis are absolutely ordered to send troops in, it will be lite, very lite, only seeking out the stupidest and most disposable to send to be slaughtered in Yemen.

What are hard working Washington planners to do when the only proxies they have for a boots on the ground operation in Yemen are the pathetic candy ass Saudis? Well there is always Washington’s long term and sometimes trust worthy friend Al Qaeda. Over the years the two have been through thick and thin together. The map of Yemen below tells the tale.



Note that the Houthis control, (left, light green part of the map) the shipping access to and through the Red Sea, leading to the Suez Canal through which 3.5 million barrels of oil per day flow to Europe. Washington is pissed that these impoverished upstart Houthis might want a piece of the action and charge what would effectively amount to a toll to allow shipping to pass.

Also note in the pink central area of the map, which represents how much of Yemen is controlled by America’s old friend Al Qaeda. And unlike the Saudis who only do luxury hotels, cruises and hookers Jihadis will fight.

So it came as a huge relief to the Fat Sheep of the Gulf and as good news for Washington, that Al Qaeda “seized control of Riyan airport, (in Mukalla, South of map in pink area) and moved to secure their hold on the city’s main seaport, which is also an oil terminal.”

Now technically the Saudis can ferry arms and weapon systems directly to Al Qaeda, who can then do the fighting for them. That is more the MO of the Fat Princes anyway, who always loathe to get their soft hands dirty. But again Riyadh may back down, given the likelihood of the Houthis and Iranians arming and organizing Saudi Sh’ias for counterattacks, (which will be called “terror” attacks) within the kingdom.

If the wimps of Riyadh won’t even arm Al Qaeda in Yemen, Washington will find someone else who will.

But there are still flies in Washington’s ointment. First is that Al Qaeda has already been receiving its arms, weapons and money from Washington, through the Gulf States and it has not been effective in fighting the Houthis in what is for Washington the strategic, (read money making) part of Yemen. Secondly once Jihadis of all types get their hands on their own, (usually oil) financing they show themselves to be fickle friends and move on to pursue their own agendas.

And finally why should Yemen’s Al Qaeda care to secure International shipping lanes through the Red Sea for Washington unless it gets paid to do so? So for Washington what difference would it make should Al Qaeda control these waterways or the Houthis? Could Washington trust either of them to do its business?

Sometimes it sucks to be a 24/7 Empire having the tough job of raping, looting and pillaging the entire planet with typically only bad help.

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The main theme from Part 1 of “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown”is the plan of Global Elites to create a global government using three main prongs. In the Anglo 5 + Eu it is to create absolute population control in all knowing, all seeing surveillance police states. Against major countries like China a Russia the goal is to dismember the countries and create regime change. And in other countries where Washington, considers the country or its leadership unacceptable, it is to create the Empire of Chaos. “Radical Islam” is seen to be a tool that can help to accomplish all of this.

In the West and particularly in Europe the ambiance that will make this achievable is economic disintegration. And unless there is some out of the box miracle coming, Greece is only the canary in the coal mine. The economic future, (the main trend) of the EU nations, and all of Europe is bleak. Those who own/ control the Mega Banks & Corps, (MB&C) globally have given the Europeans permission to devalue the Euro. And that is helping exports, (and thus particularly Germany). But this is only a short term fix. The problems of Europe and the EU are structural, too much debt, too little economic growth to pay these debts and weak banks.

To the degree that European economies weaken, unskilled and semi skilled workers become a permanent underclass and social safety nets erode,  xenophobia will grow and snowball. This will not just be against Muslims, but against all immigrants and legal workers from poor EU nations like Romania and Bulgaria, as well as illegal workers from these countries and countries like the Ukraine.

But the situation will be worse for Muslims, not just immigrants but also first generation and even second generation nationals of Euro countries. This will be exacerbated by not just their numbers, but the economic and educational levels of Muslims in Europe. In the US there have been few problems even as the country is importing around 100, 000 Muslims annually. Muslims are still well less than 1% of the population in the US and their profile as to education and income is average among Americans. In other words, even though there may be people who dislike or distrust Islam, Muslims in America are not an oppressed minority.

It is strange and suspect that in the highly polarized environment within Europe, relative to Islam few polls have been taken, (at least available in the English language).

Informally it seems that most Euro Muslims were, (along with other immigrant groups) imported to do unskilled and semi skilled labor. While I have no data to support this, (data welcomed by readers) I would guess that Euro Muslims have much lower educational levels and skill sets than locals do. Moreover with Europe’s public educational systems under financial stresses that will only worsen, upward mobility for second generation low skilled immigrants will be difficult.

Among all immigrant groups however Muslims are the least likely to be able to easily integrate within Euro Cultures. The primary reason for this is Sharia law, which means Islamic law. Christianity does not have, (within its Biblical texts) a comprehensive legal system. Judaism has within the Old Testament, particularly in what is referred to as the “Laws of Moses”, or what the Jews call Torah, laws prescribed by God. But they are not comprehensive. The Jews did create a post Biblical comprehensive set of laws in the Talmud. But few Jews live under Talmudic law today.

In Holy Qu’ran however God creates not just a theology for Muslims but a complete legal system and a way of life. It is this that is referred to as Sharia. And pretty much all practicing Muslims will believe in it, because it is integral to their faith.

In a hallmark study Pew Research, (the best and least political of polling institutions) did a study on Sharia law and Global Islam. It found that in the Middle East- North Africa, (MENA) and in Sub Saharan Africa the vast majority of Muslims favored Sharia law to be the law of their country. But many Muslim countries who have a civil legal system, allow Sharia as a parallel legal system, (run informally through the mosques) for family law and property disputes. All polled nationals in the Muslim countries of Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the MENA wanted at the least, such a parallel legal system.

The potential problem with parallel legal systems is that all legal systems must have a means of enforcement. What happens when an enforcement arm of Sharia law. through the Mosques, conflicts with a nation’s civil law? To the degree that dual legal systems function in Muslim nations, the Civil system must be constructed to make allowances for the Sharia system. But that is not going to happen in non Muslim nations.

In non Muslim Europe any informal Sharia legal system, cannot have any enforcement arm beyond the social ostracism of those believed to have broken its laws.

Part 3 of “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown is coming tomorrow.


Arman Matthews