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Far East

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, chats with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the red carpet during a welcome ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Friday, May 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

In part one of this series it was explained why a rapprochement between India and China might be the final nail in the coffin for Washington’s plans for global conquest and global government.

And doesn’t the media of Empire know it? Time Magazine headlines Modi’s trip to China telling its readers; “Why China and India Just Can’t Get Along”.

And the BBC assures its readers that; “China and India remain fierce rivals….. the two nations are vying for regional influence which could lead to a fresh round of tensions.”

Then after admitting that Indian PM Narendra Modi and China’s Premier Li Keqiang  are now going to begin looking for solutions to the two countries long term border disputes, the BBC still goes on to say that although the talks have not yet begun; “A solution for a decades-long border dispute is nowhere in sight.”

You wish!

Modi has been frank, in stating that there are only three real obstacles to India and China being able to enjoy cooperative and good neighborly relations. His words were a positive for peace and reconciliation, because they open up, as a public matter accessible to both the peoples of India and China, a clear negotiable path.

One of the three problems for the Indian side is very easily solved. That is that Delhi does not want its trade relationship with China to run huge structural deficits. This is simply a matter of bilateral trade policies and can easily be negotiated.

The second is the boundary issues which due to British meddling 100 years ago, has created trouble for both countries. This was made worse when Beijing attacked in 1962 and took by force territory it believed to be Chinese. While this is a huge issue on the Indian street, it is not as important from the standpoint of Indian foreign policy, which is much more focused on trade and development.

The only real sticking point on India’s demand list, is China’s support of Delhi’s true arch rival Pakistan. And that mostly boils down to the decades long battle between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. If there is a fought over peace of land where the problems seem intractable, (after Palestine- Israel) Kashmir has to be it.

So if peace in Kashmir has to be settled before India and Pakistan can make a real peace, and if only by this happening will Chinese aid to Pakistan not be seen by Delhi as a threat, then there is a lot of work still to be done.

But China wants reconciliation with India badly. That is because should Delhi become an asset of Washington, as the monster of Cold War 2 unfolds itself, India would pose a huge security risk for Beijing .

So it didn’t take more than five minutes for, according to Modi, Chinese PM Li to agree; “to explore a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable resolution” to at least the border issue.

While the Pakistan Kashmir issue will be much, much trickier, both countries now have a vested interest in rolling up their sleeves and finding a solution. China more so, since in a worst case scenario India could become a security issue.

But Modi’s vision of creating a foundation for a rapidly developing India, is for the most part China dependent. Only Delhi’s huge neighbor has the capacity to help India to modernize within any foreseeable future.

Even as the political will exists between Beijing and Delhi for a full scale rapprochement, based on the metaphor of Indian economic development, within India there are still many questions as to how much support Modi really has.

There are reasons why over more than 65 years India has developed, but only at a snails pace. The main one, being a lack of interest in developing a first world infrastructure. There are still strong vested interests within India today to keep things as they are.

And the decentralized political structure of the country, which grants minimum power to Delhi and maximum power to the states, brings into question how much political will exists within India for modernization? Unless it is widespread this simply isn’t going to happen no matter what Modi wants.

Even with just some fine words and high hopes Chinese businesses are already putting their toes into the Indian market.

But nothing serious is going to happen until India has infrastructure, which means quality roads, not filled with sporadic herds of cattle, quality and reliable electrical power, potable and reliable water availability and high speed Internet access.

Manufacturers will also need to get their products to market, which will mean good port facilities and streamlined systems of customs, warehousing and border processing.

India has little of this today and except for Modi has not shown much interest in getting any of it either. While Modi won the election last year with a big margin, his political party  Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) has not fared so well since, being slaughtered in the Delhi elections this year.  The next test for BJP will be the Bihar elections in November, where they are favored to win.

Modi and his BJP’s strident anti minority voice however, is going to create a lot of push back. As governments mature, promises are not kept and things seem the same old, same old, much of the enthusiastic support that originally put them in office wains. The opposition strengthens.

By alienating Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, (who will vote against Modi and the BJP) once Modi trips and stumbles, (which given his ambitious plans he surely will at some point) these minority votes will help to insure that he will also fall.

So nothing is written in stone and Modi’s greatest challenge will probably not be reconciling even the trickiest issue of Pakistan, but of softening his hostility towards minorities and uniting Indians in the need not just for economic modernization but greater integration with the rest of Asia.

Errata: Sikhs are not apparently anti Modi or the BJP, but Christians and Muslims are.

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If Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a Western politician he would be excoriated as the worst form of bigot. He makes it clear that he stands in support of Hindus in India, a country where Hindus are a huge majority. That is sort of like a European or American politician standing in support of Christians.

Modi is infamous, when as governor of the wealthy state of Gujarat he stood aside and allowed the majority Hindus to attack minority Muslims in 2002 with impunity. This came after 60 Hindu lives were lost in a train burned, that they blamed on Muslims.

Modi’s reaction to the revenge burning of Muslim businesses and homes as well as the beatings and killings of hundreds of Muslims who cried for help only to find local police standing aside doing nothing was he; “rarely visited the camps of the Muslims displaced by the violence or apologized for his government’s failure to protect a minority. Instead, he has described the reprisal killings of Muslims that year as a simple “reaction” to an “action,” and…… said he felt as sad about them as would a passenger in a car that accidentally ran over a puppy. His only regret, he once told a reporter for this paper, was failing to manage the media fallout.”

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch declared that Modi’s government was complicit in the murders.

Worse Modi hasn’t changed in the slightest. In an ambiance today of angry Hindu nationalism, that has seen violent outbreaks not just against Muslims, but Christians and other minorities as well, Modi has spoken out loudly with his silence, just as he did when he was the governor of Gujarat 13 years ago.

So Narendra Modi seems like he would be an unlikely candidate to save the truly civilized world, (those billions of souls outside the Anglo 5 + EU + Israel + Japan) from the aggression of Washington and London.

Yet that may seem to be what is happening. That is because Modi’s nationalist vision is for his country to break out of the lethargic and closed off womb, that Congress has created for it since independence. 65 years that have been defined by the policies of Congress has kept India poor, relatively backward and undeveloped.

Modi wants a development model for his country like China has had. He wants to open India for business. While this of course includes business with the US and Europe as well, due to geography and Beijing’s wealth, the most likely external connection to drive Indian economic growth will be China. And this is something that Beijing, (as well as Moscow) very much wants.

When Obama declared “the pivot” to Asia in 2012, the reality of what it meant was a declaration of Cold War 2 against Beijing. This was implemented by Washington’s ongoing attempt to use its navy to be able to close off shipping of Chinese merchant vessels to the Pacific at will. Washington’s aggression also included new military bases in the Philippines with hostile intent towards China, and worst of all Obama’s ongoing re- militarization of Japan with very hostile intent towards China.

Last year with Obama’s coup in Ukraine’s Maidan square, he also declared Cold War 2 against Russia. Washington planners had to know that the implications of starting a Cold War against both Beijing and Moscow, would be to drive them together in what would amount to a shot gun marriage. And that is exactly what is happening.

The reason Washington was so brazen is due to its long term fear of the growth of both China and Russia as world powers. While the Anglo 5 Empire may have advantages, scientifically, militarily and economically over China and Russia today, if both are left to develop in peace, that will be no longer be true twenty years from now.

So if Washington wants to retain global hegemony over the long term, it must assert its primacy, (where it dominates international law, and its enforcement, as well as the world’s economic systems) so that all nations accept it and give the Americans their fealty.

That is something that neither China or Russia, or Iran for that matter will do, and it is why a Cold War aimed at regime change in these countries is being implemented on steroids by Obama.

Washington planners had to expect that by declaring a Cold War against Moscow and Beijing, that they would be facing off both. But they obviously felt that at least for now the US had strategic advantage.

India on the other hand could not have been factored in to this equation. India, relatively undeveloped and backward has a great high end educational system. This has so far best served the Americans. After being fully trained, India has been shipping to the US, some of the smartest people on the planet. They have been crucial in helping to develop the scientific and technological foundation of US military power.

And in the commercial world Indians are filling the gaps in America’s increasingly worthless educational system, by providing computer scientists, physicians and business administrators.

This all happens because thanks to Congress, these people had few opportunities in their impoverished and backward country.

But what will happen should India start to seriously develop? Who will provide the scientists which have given the Americans their scientific and technological edge? What if that edge is lost sooner rather than later?

But far worse for Washington is Beijing’s strategic game plan to combat Washington’s aggression over the next 20 years. And that has been to build up militarily, but primarily only for defensive purposes which is relatively cheap. Where China has been using the majority of its expendable assets, is in building a global commercial network with a 21st century infrastructure, where all roads lead to Beijing.

This Chinese commercial infrastructure is being laid side by side with the one that the Anglo Americans have built since colonial times and was set in concrete to their imperial advantage after World War 2.

India and Russia have long enjoyed good relations. But Russia is not a commercial power and can be of limited help in developing India’s economy.

A cooperative, fraternal integrated region of Russia- India and China, (which would bring in the smaller countries as well ex Pakistan) especially with a rapidly developing Indian economy, would not only strengthen India, but add massive support to China and Russia as well.

An integrating Asia, acting as an alternative poll economically, politically and militarily to the traditional Imperial power of the Anglo 5 + EU, is Washington’s worst nightmare. It will act to circumscribe Washington’s power and global ambitions.

Washington planners had to believe however, that there was not much to worry about. They saw little chance of any reconciliation between Beijing and Delhi, whose relationship has remained contentious since their war in 1962.

Errata: Modi was NOT the Governor of Gujarat but the Chief Minister during the riots. The Governor is more of a ceremonial position. Everything else written above about Modi’s behavior relative the riots in Gujarat applies.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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Photo From Xi and Putin Finding A Place For Greece

Greece is bankrupt. The bankers who control the Euro Zone want Greece out, but have no mechanism with which they can kick them out. What they want is for Greece to leave voluntarily after defaulting on its debts, which is going to happen sooner or later. Then the idea is to punish Greece as a bad and irresponsible debtor, as a warning to other debt enslaved peoples in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland etc. as to what would happen to them if they ever thought of defaulting on their debts.

In the case of a default and with no Euros coming into the country, Greece will be forced to reintroduce its old currency the Drachma. This might create a host of beneficial effects for the country, such as reinvigorating its tourist and real estate industries. The way that the Euro Bankers will then seek to punish Greece, is by attacking the new currency, making it as worthless as possible and unusable outside of Greece.

The way that is done is by using highly leveraged financial markets to push the currency down, which the bankers did last year to the Russian Ruble. You can read about that here, in this three part series on”Economic Warfare”.

It does not take all that much money to destroy a currency because the Mega Banks on Wall Street and London use a ton of leverage. Leverage is gambling however, and it cuts both ways. If bigger and richer players come into the game with more real cash than you have and call your bluff, it is easy to lose everything.

So if the mega banks attack the new Greek Drachma through what amounts to leveraged bluffing, a friend with mega cash who can call their bluffs will quickly drive them out of the shark pool. And China, not Russia is the only country with the cash to do this. In fact by doing just this, it was Beijing that saved the Russian Ruble from the same type of attack at the beginning of this year.

That is why only China can save Greece. And here is a three part series explaining why it is in China’s interest to do so.  Because of all of this Red Pill Views has made it clear to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tispras, that he should have his principle negotiator and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis camped out in Beijing and waste minimum time with his intransigent Euro Group, (the Finance Ministers of the Euro Zone) adversaries. You cannot get blood out of a rock.

Since most of what happens in the world is not publicized, it is impossible to know whether the Chinese and the Greeks have been working together behind closed doors and if so what if any deal has been reached.

But yesterday two major events surfaced. The first predictable event is that the IMF, representing the Mega Banks has refused to give Greece any more help. That is because the Mega Banks, which Greece owes very little to, want Greece to go bankrupt and leave the Euro Zone, so they can begin to inflect pain on the Greek people.

But simultaneously the BRICS bank, (their alternative to the IMF) using Russia as the host has invited Greece to join. If Greece were to join the BRICS bank, it would come in as a nation needing cash, offering nothing to the assets originally put into it by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

China is, in a class by itself the main player in all BRICS financial institutions. Russia is itself still stressing for cash, even as it gets past the worst of its own financial crisis. Moscow cannot be of much assistance to Athens. Only Beijing can. So Russia is in effect simply acting as a spokesman for China, in its invitation to Greece to join the BRICS Bank.

This is normal for China as to how it does its business. Beijing likes to stay in the background and use fronts for its operations.  An example is the Nicaraguan canal project estimated to cost over $40 billion, which is supposedly being fronted by a Chinese businessman who has only one or two billion.

By bringing Greece into the BRICS Bank, China is acting in the slow and methodical way that marks Beijing’s Geo Political strategies. Athens will ostensibly accept this opportunity to join the BRICS bank. It would be suicidal not to.

While this a huge step to help the Greeks to protect themselves against the bankers, (who have truly horrible plans in store for their future) it is only one step.

As long as Greece’s foreign debts remain in place, (unrepudiated) the nation is bankrupt. The BRICS Bank is after all a bank and not a welfare institution. So there is no way that, (given the present situation) the BRICS can loan Greece the money it needs to pay the interest on its debts with and expect to ever get that money back.

But what the BRICS Bank can do is act as a front for China to help Greece once Athens has done the heavy lifting and made itself solvent. There is only one way that can be done given that the Troika, (IMF, ECB and the EU) will not give Athens debt forgiveness and that is, (whatever words it will be called) debt repudiation. And that will force the reintroduction of the Greek Drachma.

When that happens the games will really begin. Before joining the BRICS Bank, Athens was going to have to face the wrath of the Mega bankers and the Euro Zone governments they control all alone. Now there is the hope that the Greek people will have many and powerful new friends taking their backs.

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Continued from “Islamophobia And The Global Clampdown Part 2

Muslims however, overwhelmingly believe that violations of Sharia law should be punished. Of the peoples polled in the MENA, South Asia and Southeast Asia a large majority believed that stoning was an appropriate punishment for adultery. In Torah, (the early books of the Old Testament, also called “The Laws of Moses”) God too demanded a death sentence, (then by stoning) as the punishment for adultery. But few Christians or Jews would adhere to that today. And this would obviously be anathema in even Muslim European societies, (Albania, Bosnia etc), much less Britain, France or Germany.

In the MENA and South Asia, a majority, or near majority of those polled, believe in the death penalty for Muslims who wish to convert to another religion. In Europe beliefs such as this would be seen as the equivalent of a declaration of war by most Christians and their civil states, should a Euro Muslim wishing to covert to Christianity be attacked much less killed for his or her choice. Only a minority of Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories believe that honor killings, (the killing of a person, usually but not always a woman because they have dishonored their families typically over sexual issues) are never called for.  

And there have been no polls as to how many Muslims living in Christian Europe believe in a parallel Sharia legal system that would have its own enforcement arm, much less a belief that the stoning of adulterers, or the killing of converts, or honor killings is desirable. And there are no polls that I found anywhere as to public support, or lack of it among Muslims for female castration or the stoning of prostitutes.

So while moderate Muslims and their friends may say that very few people actually adhere to these ancient and barbaric concepts, others who are not Muslim friendly say that a strong and dangerous minority do.

Because official institutions, (other than Pew) have refused to do any studies, that does not make these potential problems go away. Not wanting to shed light on something that people are loathe to see, does not make it cease to exist. 

One main reason why the Jews failed so miserably in adapting to life in Europe, particularly from the 16th through the 18th century is because they wanted to live under Talmudic law, which in many ways also conflicts with local law. An extreme example is that under Torah God tells the Israelites that they cannot steal, but that all of the laws of Torah were given only to the Israelites, (sort of as a test group for human evolution) and that those laws do not yet apply to anyone other than the tribes of Israel.

This was enshrined in the Talmud. And many Jews who lived under that set of laws, believed that they could not cheat a fellow Jew, but it was OK to cheat a non Jew. This was not a recipe for popularity when Jews lived as a minority in a Christian or Muslim region.

Euro Muslims should consider the experience of Euro Jews very carefully, relative to their belief in Sharia and desire to live in Non Muslim Europe.

Today Islam is widely tolerated among the majority of people in countries like the UK, France and Germany where most have a favorable opinion of Muslims.  But as economies deteriorate and social institutions strain, expect that these numbers will lessen dramatically.

There is also the religious element. Christianity in Europe, as a real matter is dying. Few, especially under 50 years old identify themselves as practicing Christians. This has left a spiritual vacuum that, in good times is filled with consumerism and careerism. But in bad times, which is now effecting newly forming ghettos of despair, the lack of a common faith, (which acts as an adhesive for people and gives guidelines of how to live in bad times as well as good) has led to a poverty of the soul and spirit as well as social deterioration.

The clear symptoms of social degradation among poor Christians are crime, violence within the community and even in the home, drug and alcohol abuse and prostitution. Where marginalized Christians live side by side with Muslims, many will note that no matter how poor, practicing Muslims tend to have strong families and manage to minimize social ills. That is a great attraction for young Christians who are disgusted with the values of their nominally Christian neighbors, (and find no guidance in their faith), to convert to Islam. And as nothing is more fervent than the convert and especially among the young, many will be attracted to Islam’s more radical elements.

True Christians should thank their Muslim brethren for showing those who have lost their faith, (through example) a way to live, in harmony with the teachings of Christian, (as well as Muslim) scriptures. And the spiritual despair of impoverished and hopeless Christians, (as well as some who are in the middle class) and their attraction to Islam, should act as an alarm bell to Christian leaders that they are failing to adapt Christian teachings to the daily realities of their congregations.

But all too often Jingoist Christians, instead of thanking Muslims for warning Christian leaders that they are failing, will blame Muslims for stealing Christians through conversions. In other words they will blame Muslims for their successes in keeping strong families, living together in reasonable harmony and thus acting as a model for Christians.

In good economic times with an expanding pie for everyone, all of these problems might be avoided or minimized. But in the coming long and calamitous downturn, these religious problems and frequently deep divisions in values will exacerbate the general intolerance against especially Muslim immigrants.

 Even if we do not know exactly what the values are of Muslims in Christian Europe, given what the values are in countries from which they originated, there is every chance that large segments, (even if minorities) are going to be sympathetic to these values, (stoning for adulterers, the death penalty for conversion, honor killings etc.) which are anathema to present European values.

These segments of the Euro Muslim community even if not radical now, (IE violent) are the tinder that if carefully nurtured can create civil strife and along with grave economic pressures, chaotic conditions throughout Europe.

If you are an owner/ controller of the Mega Banks and Corps, (MB&C) who control the Empire, this is all to the good. Chaos for them is only a helpful breaking down of societies so that they can be restructured to their liking. The match to ignite the tinder is “terror” attacks by people perceived to be Muslims. This can come from of a lone individual spontaneously going berserk after a long history of economic and frequently social repression, or through an attack by long cultivated Jihadi groups, either acting on their own to radicalize Euro Muslims, or doing it as a favor for the CIA.

Or if no Muslim will perform a needed “terror’ attack, then the CIA- Mossad will do it for them in their name, as per 9/11.

No matter who would perform the terror attacks, the purpose will always be the same, to spur Islamophobia in Europe, which will then lead to greater and greater isolation and repression of Euro Muslims, which in turn will ignite the tinder of Islamic “radicalism” and spread ever more “terror” throughout Europe.

Then the political representatives of the MB&C, will tell the people’s of Europe that the only way to control Islamic “terrorism”, other than harming innocent Muslims, or letting a few crazies control immigration policy, is for them to sacrifice their privacy and civil liberties and allow their governments to erect all seeing all knowing police states in which all citizens will be monitored 24/ 7 with the data bases of each of them continuously updated along with their personality and character profiles. That way not only can terrorism be stopped, but so can child pornography and organized crime.

For the global elites, the Orwellian, techno- Fascist police state can be sold as a win- win to sheeple everywhere, including Muslims. That because the state will be able to easily weed out the “bad” ones, (as it will for non Muslims as well) leaving the good ones to the peaceful enjoyment of their faith and style of life.

Welcome to paradise.

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The main theme from Part 1 of “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown”is the plan of Global Elites to create a global government using three main prongs. In the Anglo 5 + Eu it is to create absolute population control in all knowing, all seeing surveillance police states. Against major countries like China a Russia the goal is to dismember the countries and create regime change. And in other countries where Washington, considers the country or its leadership unacceptable, it is to create the Empire of Chaos. “Radical Islam” is seen to be a tool that can help to accomplish all of this.

In the West and particularly in Europe the ambiance that will make this achievable is economic disintegration. And unless there is some out of the box miracle coming, Greece is only the canary in the coal mine. The economic future, (the main trend) of the EU nations, and all of Europe is bleak. Those who own/ control the Mega Banks & Corps, (MB&C) globally have given the Europeans permission to devalue the Euro. And that is helping exports, (and thus particularly Germany). But this is only a short term fix. The problems of Europe and the EU are structural, too much debt, too little economic growth to pay these debts and weak banks.

To the degree that European economies weaken, unskilled and semi skilled workers become a permanent underclass and social safety nets erode,  xenophobia will grow and snowball. This will not just be against Muslims, but against all immigrants and legal workers from poor EU nations like Romania and Bulgaria, as well as illegal workers from these countries and countries like the Ukraine.

But the situation will be worse for Muslims, not just immigrants but also first generation and even second generation nationals of Euro countries. This will be exacerbated by not just their numbers, but the economic and educational levels of Muslims in Europe. In the US there have been few problems even as the country is importing around 100, 000 Muslims annually. Muslims are still well less than 1% of the population in the US and their profile as to education and income is average among Americans. In other words, even though there may be people who dislike or distrust Islam, Muslims in America are not an oppressed minority.

It is strange and suspect that in the highly polarized environment within Europe, relative to Islam few polls have been taken, (at least available in the English language).

Informally it seems that most Euro Muslims were, (along with other immigrant groups) imported to do unskilled and semi skilled labor. While I have no data to support this, (data welcomed by readers) I would guess that Euro Muslims have much lower educational levels and skill sets than locals do. Moreover with Europe’s public educational systems under financial stresses that will only worsen, upward mobility for second generation low skilled immigrants will be difficult.

Among all immigrant groups however Muslims are the least likely to be able to easily integrate within Euro Cultures. The primary reason for this is Sharia law, which means Islamic law. Christianity does not have, (within its Biblical texts) a comprehensive legal system. Judaism has within the Old Testament, particularly in what is referred to as the “Laws of Moses”, or what the Jews call Torah, laws prescribed by God. But they are not comprehensive. The Jews did create a post Biblical comprehensive set of laws in the Talmud. But few Jews live under Talmudic law today.

In Holy Qu’ran however God creates not just a theology for Muslims but a complete legal system and a way of life. It is this that is referred to as Sharia. And pretty much all practicing Muslims will believe in it, because it is integral to their faith.

In a hallmark study Pew Research, (the best and least political of polling institutions) did a study on Sharia law and Global Islam. It found that in the Middle East- North Africa, (MENA) and in Sub Saharan Africa the vast majority of Muslims favored Sharia law to be the law of their country. But many Muslim countries who have a civil legal system, allow Sharia as a parallel legal system, (run informally through the mosques) for family law and property disputes. All polled nationals in the Muslim countries of Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the MENA wanted at the least, such a parallel legal system.

The potential problem with parallel legal systems is that all legal systems must have a means of enforcement. What happens when an enforcement arm of Sharia law. through the Mosques, conflicts with a nation’s civil law? To the degree that dual legal systems function in Muslim nations, the Civil system must be constructed to make allowances for the Sharia system. But that is not going to happen in non Muslim nations.

In non Muslim Europe any informal Sharia legal system, cannot have any enforcement arm beyond the social ostracism of those believed to have broken its laws.

Part 3 of “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown is coming tomorrow.

Photo From German Anti Islamic Movement Pegida. Soon Coming To Countries Near You

Those who own/ control the Mega banks- Corporations, (MB&C) have a plan, that is an integrated, flexible framework for global control ending in a global government.

The primary form of global “terror” is Imperialism, today the purview of the Anglo American Empire, ((First tier Anglo 5+ Israel, second tier Western Europe + Japan + the rest of North America, (minus Cuba and Nicaragua) third tier South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Colombia, Chile, much of Eastern Europe and most of the MENA, (The Gulf States, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria etc.)). On the fourth tier might be a few sub-Saharan African countries like Rwanda as well as Afghanistan.

This Empire is run out of Washington, (political and military) and New York and London, (financially). All of it works as an integrated whole for the subjugation of all humanity and most importantly including the peoples of their own countries, especially the Americans.

Where there are major sovereign nations that the Anglo American Empire cannot control, such as Russia and China they look to dismember these countries with the view of regime change,  the installation of puppet rulers in the place of those who presently rule.

When the lieutenants of the Anglo American Empire cannot do that, (or sometimes even if they can) they intentionally create the Empire of Chaos. That is happening now in many part of the ME, Central Asia and throughout much of Africa. This is because broken divided nations are weak and chaos can at times be useful. Over time however, people everywhere hate chaos and long for order. And that is exactly the order that those who will put together a global government intend to give to them.

The Jihadis of the MENA and Central Asia were all created, funded, armed, trained and given logistical support by Washington, the Gulf States and Turkey. With secondary support from Israel, Jordan, France and the UK.  All parties involved were, at least in part in it for their own purposes which occasionally conflicted. Sometimes when Jihadis get their hands on resources and independent financing, (as ISIS has done) they break out, into at least partially having their own agendas.

While the Empire has long used mercenaries to create regime change, it is Obama who has made this the centerpiece of his Geo Political and military policies. There are two reasons why Washington has created Jihadis. The smaller reason is that, although Washington has in the past worked constructively with Iran, (most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq), it does not like, nor trust the regime in Tehran. In the MENA Iran is the ONLY fully independent and sovereign Muslim state.

Sunni Jihadis in the Levant were created to circumscribe and limit Tehran’s regional influence. That is why ISIS, no matter how rebellious must be nurtured. Just like Tehran its power must be circumscribed as well, to create a balance of sectarian hatreds in the Levant.

The greatest reason for the creation of Jihadis, however is so that they can used as useful idiots to create an all seeing all knowing police state in the countries of Empire, particularly in the US. Those who own/ control the Anglo American Empire need a free hand, (with no push back at their base) to engineer and manufacture the global government. And in order for that to happen they must have absolute control of their populations, particularly that of the Americans.

For that to happen people within Empire must be willing to voluntarily cede what is left of their sovereignty and civil liberties. And the driver that will get them to do that is FEAR!!! Those who own/ control the MB&C have been extremely successful in creating a nation of fear and repression in the United States. And we are only in the beginning of this process.

The US, the UK and Israel are evolving into the models, (eventually for the world) of an all seeing, all knowing police state with each citizen under 24 hour computerized surveillance, with constantly updated data bases and profiling. If that seems a bit far fetched, remember the words of the the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky, who said; “skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”.

If Washington and London don’t have that kind of control quite yet, those who own/ control the Anglo American Empire intend to bring it in much, much sooner than even those who have the least trust in government will be able to imagine. But then again what about citizen push- back? It is the job of Jihadi “terror” campaigns to minimize that.

The majority of Sunni Muslims of the MENA and Central Asia have been repressed, controlled. impoverished, kept ignorant and beaten down since the days of colonialism, (which have not ended) 100 years ago. This is now fermenting great anger against the Anglo American Empire, among many who understand what has happened to their people and what is still happening. These are the perfect recruits for “terror” campaigns against Western targets.

Meanwhile in the global economy, we are entering a period when much of human labor is going to become redundant. That because of robotic production facilities with embedded 3D printing. This will create massive unemployment in Western economies, and create labor supply pressures that will lower the wage bases of most while dismantling social safety nets. Downward mobility will be more common than upward mobility.

This trend is so new in the prosperous countries of the Empire, that most citizens, (just as in the early ’30s) want to believe that it is a temporary phenomenon. That things will improve soon. They won’t. That is because unlike the ’30s the problems are deeply structural, based on un- payable levels of global debt, ($200 Trillion) and a debt trap in which more and more debt is needed to be taken on by citizens directly, or through their governments, for lower and lower levels of global growth.

Into this mix, those who own/ control the MB&C are pouring a great deal of immigrant labor, (legal and illegal) most of which is redundant upon arrival. That is they are willing to bid for the jobs of locals at much lower wages, or being the cat’s paw for forcing the wage base lower especially for unskilled and semi skilled labor.

Where immigrants don’t technically take local jobs, it is because they are willing to work for sub standard wages. That creates a labor pool in which industries in Western countries, that only need low skilled workers are created for their exploitation. Whereas if very cheap immigrant labor didn’t exist, such industries would have to be outsourced. Internal industries would have to be able to meet the much higher wage base demands of a much smaller and therefor more empowered local labor force. To be profitable such industries would need higher skilled labor. That in turn would keep pressure on governments for affordable educational systems and allow for upward mobility. Mass immigration kills all of this.

In both the United States and in Europe there is a massive push back against this flooding of the labor market. But in much of Europe the immigrants have also been Muslims. It is no accident that they have been imported at the exact time when the banking Empire known as the EU, (as it is presently constructed) is slated to fall apart, which will leave endless debts and economic chaos in its wake.

So Muslims as well as other immigrants will find labor markets, in which at best they will have to work for low wages, frequently taking jobs away from locals, who respond with anti immigrant or specifically anti Muslim sentiments. These immigrants will be thrown into new ghettos, where as cheap disposable labor they will have few few avenues of advancement and be more and more stuck as a permanent underclass, which has existed for years in the United States.

Tomorrow “Islamophobia & The Global Clampdown Part 2

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Geo Political sacrifice is not the same as the sacrifices that people are sometimes willing to make for loved ones. Giving with no thought of receiving anything in return.

Geo political sacrifices are like the sacrifices made in chess. That is one gives up a piece seemingly for nothing. But the players doing it believe that it will improve their long term strategic position. So that over time they will eventually get back far more they have just given.

In the article published two days ago here entitled; “China- Russia Dump Yemen At the UN”, it was implied that the votes of both countries at the UNSC, that not just permitted but encouraged the Washington- Riyadh led unprovoked military attacks against a sovereign state, was a massive failure of geo political diplomacy and long term vision.

China was the worse of the two, actively supporting Washington’s Yemen policy and hypocritically propagandizing for it in ways that would smack of the New York Times or Washington Post. It should be noted that the UN mandated weapons embargo is only against the Houthis and NOT Al Qaeda which has a massive presence in Yemen and who the Houthis are fighting.



The pink area on the map above is Al Qaeda controlled. One can only wonder why the organization whom the Americans and the world officially blame for 9/11 is not a part of an arms embargo? And in fact by denying arms to Al Qaeda’s enemy the Houthis, this UN resolution is effectively in support of Al Qaeda.

You should also be able to see the light green area on the left of the map that is controlled by the Houthis, which just so happens to give them some control over the shipping lanes to the Red Sea and Suez Canal. More than 3.4 million barrels of oil move through this waterway every day. And up until now one thing that both Russia and China can agree upon, is that the Americans have done a good job in securing these shipping lanes for their commerce.

And neither Russia or China, (especially China which is more dependent on regional oil) were willing to possibly have oil shipments disrupted for the principle that you do not make unprovoked military attacks against a sovereign state. In other words neither country was willing to sacrifice anything for possible disruptions to global shipping.

This is a particularly short sighted mistake. A real Empire such as the Anglo Americans presently enjoy, have frequently make strategic sacrifices. A Face Book friend of this authors asked what kind of sacrifice has Washington ever made?

Here is a perfect example. Since World War 2 Washington has allowed, even encouraged countries, to have economic polices that keep their currency exchange to the dollar artificially low. By doing so they could then develop an export industry aimed at taking market share, (against American products) within the US. Over the past 40 years this has especially been done with the countries of East Asia most notably Japan and China.

The results, (the sacrifice) for the US was the weakening of some industries like automobiles and steel and the virtual destruction of others like garments and consumer electronics. Washington seemed to get nothing in return for this. But upon closer examination these sacrifices led to the exportation of trillions of US dollars, few of which were returned to the US and were then used for global trade. The US dollar then became the indispensable global currency.

Washington used these exported dollars as a spiders web to tie its prey together and addict them to a currency that it and it only controlled. Today over 80% of global business transactions are settled in dollars. And once a country holds trillions of them, as does China and Japan they then have a vested interest in perpetuating the system. They are indeed dollar addicts. That means the Americans can borrow pretty much as many dollars into existence as they want and even if they can never repay these debts, no one is going to challenge them, because everyone is way too invested in the system. If, at least as this time the dollar system were to fail, it would be catastrophic for all nations.

Meanwhile since the world’s economies are so dollar dependent, Washington, (through its Central Bank) can artificially create booms and busts as it sees fit. The classic example of that was when the Fed printed and exported endless dollars in the late ’70s. The results were that commodity prices, and consumer inflation went through the moon. And with inflation interest rates soared as well.

The people’s of commodity producing nations were encouraged to borrow huge amounts of money, (to expand their businesses) at what turned out to be high interest rates, convinced that the value of their commodities would always rise and they would be able to easily handle their debts. Then the Americans turned the valve off of dollar creation.

Commodity prices collapsed as did interest rates. That meant disaster for those commodity producing countries who had borrowed at high rates and expected to pay back with their ever increasing earnings.

This was nothing new for American bankers. They did exactly the same thing within their country to small farmers during the 19th century. It is how they bankrupted them and then effectively stole their land.

Anglo American global aggression can be reduced to a single word, “sovereignty”. It functions exactly as the mafia, alternatively bribing and then threatening people everywhere so that their Mega banks and Corps can take control of the legal regulatory environment of countries so as to bleed them for all they are worth.

Obama has recently declared Cold War 2 against both China, (the Pivot) and Russia, (the Maidan coup) with the hope of destroying the territorial integrity of these countries and eventually creating regime change, where an Empire puppet would rule. These are attacks against the sovereignty of the people of Russia and China.

But the vast majority of the world’s people are neither from the Anglo 5, or Russia, or China. And they are well used to the Anglo American Empire’s attacks on their sovereignty.  As China and Russia, (at least together) may have the capacity to resist the Empire’s aggression, the world looks to them to offer a better model. One where the sovereignty of all nation states will be respected and peace will come about not through unprovoked aggression and conquest against an ostensibly weaker neighbor, but though the enlightened self interest of countries who are tired of humanities sad history of war and destruction.

in our age of WMD, (of which there will always be new and more virulent forms); these weapons and weapon systems will proliferate and create either wars in which genocides will be the rule, or an enslaved Orwellian global police state where no human freedoms as we know them will exist.

If China and Russia only want to defend their own asses, (in this case at the expense of the people of Yemen) that’s fine. That’s what humans have always done. But by saying in effect that we will willingly sacrifice your sovereignty for even small gains, Moscow and Beijing are saying that if they win Cold War 2, the new order will be every bit as bad as the old one.

And the far bigger problem of today is not Cold War 2, but a humanity with minds capable of scientific and technical “achievements”, that can wipe themselves and each other out of existence, but which has not shown that it can synchronously mature and adapt to its own inventions, so as to be able to live with them or better still use them for peaceful development.

If this fails to happen it really doesn’t much matter who wins Cold War 2. In the end it will be all of us including the peoples of the Anglo 5, Russia and China who will lose.

If the world, (especially at the grass roots) is going to side with Moscow and Beijing in their struggle for their sovereignty, people will need to know that the sovereignty of others is important to them as well.

In the sad Yemen vote at the UNSC, both Russia and China, (especially China) threw the ball away, sacrificed what was big and important for something small, and what will be in the end trivial.

I hope that both Putin and Xi can grow into the shoes of global leadership. They need to put on big boy pants.

Photo From  "UN Security Council demands Houthis cede power in Yemen"

In the good old days before the false flag of 9/11, Washington prosecuted its Imperial agenda “lite”. Yes of course the Americans were trying to destabilize countries, dismember others and create regime change in still others, but in the period between Vietnam and the war in Afghanistan, Washington was relatively restrained.

While It was a perquisite of Empire that the Americans create worthless dollars and exchange them for the goods and services of the world, Washington has also served to police the world’s trading routes so as to maximize global commerce. During the 15 years between 1992 and 2007 the economies of Russia and China boomed as never before. This was not lost on the leaders of either country. It was why even with the constant annoyance of Washington trying to dismember the Russian Federation and bring old Soviet Republics into NATO, Vladimir Putin called the Americans his “partners”.

And until the Wall Street financial scam of 2007- 08, which hurt China badly, Beijing was happy with its export based, (IE dependent on the American Empire) economic growth model.

Yesterday both Moscow and Beijing came out in de facto in support of Saudi Arabia’s unprovoked aggression against its neighbor Yemen. The only possible reason for this is that Yemen is not seen to be within a sphere of influence of either Russia or China, and that the security of shipping through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, which the Americans have long provided for free, trumps any form of ideology.

This is indeed sad. The United Nations is a creature created of, by and for the Anglo 5 + EU. Its purpose was and is to internationalize Washington’s agenda whenever possible. That so the running dogs of Imperialism could claim that their will, represented that of the “international community”. As a real matter the ONLY check and balance that prevents Washington from disbanding NATO and using the UN in its place, are the vetoes of Russia and China.

The primary job of the UN, why it was supposedly created, is to safeguard its member states from unprovoked attacks, that invariably lead to wars. Of course starting with the UN’s support of Washington’s unprovoked aggression against Korea in 1950, (which had been suffering through a 5 year old civil war) the world could immediately see that this institution was not about world peace, but about acting as a cover for imperial expansion.

Some of the worst UN supported imperial aggressions, have sadly come about when Russia and China have failed to act as a check and balance against Washington.

The last time that happened the nation of Libya was destroyed.  While it is easy to blame Obama, Sarkozy and Hillary Clinton for this, it should not be forgotten that both Russia and China de facto gave their support. An abstention in the UNSC, when the destruction of a nation is on the table, only means that you want to hide under it and wash your hands of responsibility.

But neither President Xi nor Putin were in power in March 2011, when China and Russia went along like cows, with the UN’s “no fly” resolution that sealed Libya’s fate. It was a despicable moment for both countries, and made them every bit as responsible as Washington and Paris for what happened afterwards.

One would only hope that another UN resolution, that would be a thin cover supporting imperial aggression against a sovereign state could never happen again. That because Russia and China would veto it.

Well it just did happen.

Yemen has been in civil war almost as long as the country has existed. But the latest version of Yemen’s civil war, had become a proxy war because of the growing rivalry and sectarian differences between the Sunni Gulf states and Sh’ia Iran. While the Sh’ia Houthi, who were and are winning the war in Yemen are from a very different sect from the Iranian leadership, one that is much less threatening to Sunnis, they were still backed by Tehran.

The UNSC Yemen resolution yesterday that creates an embargo against shipping arms ONLY to the Houthi was a thinly veiled attempt to bring Washington and Riyadh’s puppet Hadi, (presently hiding in Saudi Arabia) back to power in Sanaa. China’s approval of this, ostensibly supported by President Xi is sad. The China Daily headlined; “UN Council demands Yemeni parties resolve differences through dialogue” How exactly is there supposed to be “dialogue” when one side is armed and the other isn’t, and when the group under embargo is under air attack as well, (with UN impunity) from a neighboring country?

And China’s “The Global Times” echoes “China calls on Yemen’s Houthis to implement UN resolution“. Why should they? If the world had called upon Mao to stop his revolution in 1948, should he have done so? Mao would have rightly told the world that the Chinese revolution was no one’s business but China’s.

Why is a revolution in Yemen China’s business, or anyone else’s hiding under the false authority of the “international community”?

Russia was little better, abstaining essentially because the arms embargo would only effect the Houthi and not those whom they are fighting.  But Russia failed to condemn Saudi aggression on Yemeni soil and if they really didn’t like the unfairness of this resolution, why didn’t they veto it?

If Russia and China are to take real international leadership in opposing the imperial interests of Washington, they will need to expand their vision globally and not allow relatively small national interests to interfere with it.

The main principle however, Tehran has been very quiet. It remains to be seen whether they will comply with this UNSC resolution or use it as toilet paper, which is all that it deserves.

In any case yesterday’s UNSC resolution was just another failure on the part of the United Nations to bring peace anywhere. The best that can be said for this resolution, is that it will have no effect.

But yesterday neither President Xi nor President Putin covered themselves with glory.

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Besides getting a once in a life time opportunity to buy Greek assets at their lows, as China did with the Ruble, there are two other reasons why it is in China’s interest to bail Greece out, that are hard for people to grasp and somewhat counter-intuitive.

Firstly it is important to understand the scale of the issue. Greece compared to China is like a small mouse to an elephant. Greek GDP for 2014 was $242 Billion compared to China’s at more than $9 Trillion. That means that Greece’s economy is only about 2.5 % that of China.

And of course China will not need to backstop anywhere near all of Greece’s economy. So that means that the amount that China can lose, or win from Greece will be way too small to have much of an impact on its economy, like a mouse pushing or pulling an elephant.

But beyond scale are two concepts that are hard for people to grasp. Firstly even though China has been collecting gold, it still has, (like all other countries) a fiat currency. That means that China creates money out of thin air, essentially at no cost to itself. The fact that money is created for nothing, is extremely difficult for people to grasp who have to work for every cent that they get, or gain money by having to risk what money they have in investments.

Although nation states create money for nothing, they typically distribute that money to their public as loans through their banking systems. After money is created for nothing, once it hits the banks it is not for nothing any more.

For central governments and banks the only limit to how much money they can create, is when it turns into consumer inflation. But in one lucky case that doesn’t really happen. And that case is the Americans. That is because the US has convinced people and nations to use their fiat currency as a “reserve” currency, (IE something worth saving) and to use it to settle international commercial transactions.

In that way the Americans have created trillions of dollars, which once shipped abroad and used abroad, (except when it increased demand for commodities) did not come back as consumer inflation. Since inflation is a cost, exporting a fiat currency is virtually cost free.

The Chinese now want to do what the Americans have done. That is for people and nations all over the world to hold on to RMB as their savings, (reserves) and use it to settle international transactions. But for this to happen China needs to export trillions and trillions of RMB, enough so that people who have national currencies that they have limited faith in, can open RMB accounts at their local banks.

When people and governments hold RMB as a store house of value, it leads to a benevolent cycle for China. That is because people with things to sell worldwide, who currently price their products in US dollars will have to think about accepting RMB for them as well. That is because if the demand for their products is there and people have RMB to buy them with, if a company doesn’t sell it in RMB, a competitor will soon come along who will.

So since China is going to introduce the RMB as a global reserve currency very soon, why not test market it in tiny Greece?

Once the Greeks create the New Drachma and the EU and Anglo 5 try to isolate and destroy the new currency, because of these attacks everything including the new currency will be on a once in a life time super sale.

It would seem like a no brainer for Beijing to open a swap line between the People’s Bank of China and the Greek Central Bank, buying new Drachmas at a very attractive rate to China and loading up the Greek Central bank with RMB. Greeks who are afraid of holding the new currency, because of the wars raging against it, will open RMB accounts instead of US dollar and Euro accounts, because the country will be sure to have enough RMB so that when a person goes to take money out of his or her account, the money will be there.

Given that the Anglo American- EU cartel will be trying to choke off US dollars and Euros from Athens, if you have a bank account in Greece in these currencies when you go to get your money, it may not be there. But your RMBs will.

While the Chinese are already test marketing the RMB in Southeast Asia, and liquidity for it in Europe is now being created in London, having a European retail test market for the new global reserve currency can hardly hurt. Once Greeks have RMB in their hands, they are going to look to buy things, (consumer or, industrial products, or commodities) around the world in RMB. And producers better be ready to sell it to them.

So one way China will win in Greece, is by buying Greek assets including its currency at distressed, artificially low prices, just as Beijing did with the Russian Ruble. But secondly the RMB that China transfers to Greece, (as long as it remains abroad) will cost China almost nothing, (not even in internal inflation) and begin the ball rolling for the introduction of the RMB as an alternative International reserve currency in Europe.

Once this is done, Greece’s economy stabilizes and begins to rebound strongly, the Greek government can then go into negotiations with the Troika ((the IMF, ECB and European Commission) and their other creditors from a position of strength. Maybe then Athens will pay off these flunkies of the parasitic mega banks, but more likely at something like 10 cents on the Euro then anything that they are now demanding. And the banker’s flunkies will be lucky to get that.

Good times will come back to the long suffering people of Greece. For China it will be a win- win, as it probably was when they saved the Russian Ruble. The losers will again be the Mega Banks and their flunkies in the Anglo American banking Empire. And China besides now having a friend in Europe, (the Greek people will not soon forget) will also get the ball rolling with making the RMB not only an international reserve currency, but one that people can trust will not be used as a means of economic warfare.

Such a beneficial ending will not be lost on the other debt slaves of Europe, (like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland) who will then more likely help to break the Anglo American Empire apart, weakening the political and military pressure that that Empire can bring to bear on China, Russia and the rest of the world. And all of this due to an unlikely alliance between an elephant and a mouse.

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Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has stated that his country is bankrupt. Bankruptcy is not the same however for a nation as it is for a person or corporation. For a country all it means is that it has more debts than it can make payments on and that it has to reorganize itself. 

In the case of Greece, if it could eliminate just two problems, the country would be just fine, or as fine as it was before it joined the Euro Zone. The first of those problems is the Euro itself. Once Athens accepted the Euro it put the country in head to head competition with the far more productive countries of the North.

Under normal conditions, when you want more from others than you are able to give to them you devalue your currency. That makes what you have to offer to other people cheaper. So they then buy more from you. That gives you the money you need, to in turn buy what you want from them.

Once Greece was in the Euro they could not devalue their currency, because it was not really theirs. The international bankers then seduced them, (saying in effect to the Greek people) that if you want more from others, why not just borrow the money from us? And that has led to the second problem, insolvency, which is when you can’t pay your debts.

The first part of the problem is relatively easy to solve and that is for Greece to get rid of the Euro, (which assures that what they have to sell will remain noncompetitive) and return to the Drachma, with an exchange rate that would make what Greece has to sell very cheap for potential buyers everywhere.

The second part of Greece’s problem however, insolvency seems insoluble on its face. In reality it is much more of a political problem than an economic one.

That is because Greece cannot pay and never will be able to pay the more than 250 Billion Euros it owes, (well not at least until the Euro collapses as a currency, which we can only hope will come sooner rather than later). Not only does Varoufakis know this but the banks, the Troika, (The ECB, IMF, and The European Commission) and the finance ministers of the Euro Zone all know this as well.

What the Troika, (the public face of the bankers) want to do is to loan Greece even more money, so that it can use this new debt to make payments on old debts and continue the fiction that Greece is not bankrupt. For Greece this would be like an alcoholic awaking with a mean hangover, taking another drink for breakfast to make it go away. For Greece to continue to accept new debt to make payments on old debts, keeps its economy in a death spiral.

Since everyone knows that Greece cannot pay its debts, what then is the point of keeping up the farce that they will repay?

It is strictly political. If Greece can simply walk away from its debts, then the other much bigger debtor countries of Europe, who still owe most of their their debts primarily to the private banks, will likely try and do the same thing.

So if Greece balks at paying its unpayable debt to the Troika, the country must be publicly punished, as an example to frighten others who might be thinking of doing the same. Because the bankers have off loaded most of their Greek debt to public institutions, under national laws and treaties this gives the governments, (also controlled by the banks) behind these institutions, leverage to isolate and harass Greece economically in ways that private creditors cannot, even in for example, the case of Argentina.

The main thrust of the political flunkies of the bankers, will be to attack the new Drachma in many of the same ways as their failed attempt to destroy the Russian Ruble. They will do this by trying to make the Drachma as non convertible as possible to any “hard” currency, so that it will be as difficult as possible for anyone to use Drachmas for anything outside of Greece. In such a case Greek international trade will collapse. And over time the bankers and their political flunkies will hope that the country will fall into ruin, with people carrying around wheel barrows full of worthless Drachmas to buy a loaf of bread.

That would teach other debtor miscreants what happens to those who rebel against a future of debt slavery for them, their children and their generations to come.

This is where China can not only help Greece, but likely even turn a tidy profit for itself into the bargain. And by so doing Beijing can put some severe Geo Political pain on those who are its net- net adversaries.

Once Greece is back in the Drachma, its exchange rate is low enough to make what Greece sells attractive and without having debts to pay, the country will not only not be bankrupt, but especially because of what Greece has to offer the world, it will return to prosperity rather quickly.

Just as happened in the simpler case of the currency war waged against Russia, the economic warfare that is now being waged against Greece and which can only escalate in the future, (no matter which path the Greeks take) creates a once in a life time opportunity to buy up Greek assets at bargain basement prices.

That is what the debt game of the Troika is all about. As they squeeze Greece into deeper and deeper debt and misery, the private bankers wait at the wings, mouths salivating for the Troika, (their public bureaucratic representatives) to force Athens to sell off public assets at chump change prices to of course them.

What is a good investment for the bankers, should be equally good for China. Beijing does not need however, to buy up Greece’s health care system as the bankers would like to do. When Athens is under economic attack, all Greek assets including Drachmas, will be wildly undervalued as has just happened with the Ruble.

Whatever private assets, (like real estate, industries, port facilities etc.) that the Chinese would buy during the time that Europe will be waging economic warfare against Greece, will prove after the war is over and Greece stabilizes to have been purchased at market bottoms.

There is another reason why a Greece under massive economic attack by the institutional representatives of the bankers, is a great opportunity for a turnaround situation.

And that is that what Greece mostly has to sell to Europe is sun and sand tourism. If Greece was selling something industrial for example, in which it imported materials or components to build its products, the country would be dependent on having the foreign currencies necessary to pay for its supply chains. And EU and Anglo 5 government representatives of the bankers, could harass this process with law suits whenever possible. That would damage Greek industrial exports, leading to bankruptcies, unemployment, and helping the process of the creation of ruin. That is what the bankers want.

Certainly Greece does have some industry in which it is dependent on a foreign supply chain. But for the most part what Greece has to sell is sun, sand and the beauty of its endless coastlines on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Once Athens can sell this for cheap Drachmas, there is nothing that the Troika or anyone else can do to stop floods of tourists coming to Greece because it will be in a class by itself the best deal for the winter vacations of Northerners. Vacation homes and condominiums at prices much lower than even Spain’s distressed real estate, will also bring in pot loads of Northern money.

And with lots of RMB in their pockets, Greek manufacturers can look to find substitutes for their supply chains, (perhaps with Chinese products and raw materials from BRICS countries) rather than those from countries that are owned/ controlled by the bankers. Net- net Greece and China win, while the banker controlled countries, especially of Europe lose.

The questions still arises as to how China will backstop the Drachma, (limiting how far it can fall) and won’t the Chinese people be taking financial risks in doing so?  While whenever you have money, (even under your pillow) there are always risks involved of one sort or another, the risks to China in this case would be minimal. Not just in making investments on assets that are at rock bottom prices, but because it is actually in China’s interest to ship RMB in mass quantities pretty much everywhere.

We will explore that in, “For China, Why Greece Part 3” and last tomorrow.


Arman Matthews