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Central Asia

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, chats with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the red carpet during a welcome ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Friday, May 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

In part one of this series it was explained why a rapprochement between India and China might be the final nail in the coffin for Washington’s plans for global conquest and global government.

And doesn’t the media of Empire know it? Time Magazine headlines Modi’s trip to China telling its readers; “Why China and India Just Can’t Get Along”.

And the BBC assures its readers that; “China and India remain fierce rivals….. the two nations are vying for regional influence which could lead to a fresh round of tensions.”

Then after admitting that Indian PM Narendra Modi and China’s Premier Li Keqiang  are now going to begin looking for solutions to the two countries long term border disputes, the BBC still goes on to say that although the talks have not yet begun; “A solution for a decades-long border dispute is nowhere in sight.”

You wish!

Modi has been frank, in stating that there are only three real obstacles to India and China being able to enjoy cooperative and good neighborly relations. His words were a positive for peace and reconciliation, because they open up, as a public matter accessible to both the peoples of India and China, a clear negotiable path.

One of the three problems for the Indian side is very easily solved. That is that Delhi does not want its trade relationship with China to run huge structural deficits. This is simply a matter of bilateral trade policies and can easily be negotiated.

The second is the boundary issues which due to British meddling 100 years ago, has created trouble for both countries. This was made worse when Beijing attacked in 1962 and took by force territory it believed to be Chinese. While this is a huge issue on the Indian street, it is not as important from the standpoint of Indian foreign policy, which is much more focused on trade and development.

The only real sticking point on India’s demand list, is China’s support of Delhi’s true arch rival Pakistan. And that mostly boils down to the decades long battle between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. If there is a fought over peace of land where the problems seem intractable, (after Palestine- Israel) Kashmir has to be it.

So if peace in Kashmir has to be settled before India and Pakistan can make a real peace, and if only by this happening will Chinese aid to Pakistan not be seen by Delhi as a threat, then there is a lot of work still to be done.

But China wants reconciliation with India badly. That is because should Delhi become an asset of Washington, as the monster of Cold War 2 unfolds itself, India would pose a huge security risk for Beijing .

So it didn’t take more than five minutes for, according to Modi, Chinese PM Li to agree; “to explore a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable resolution” to at least the border issue.

While the Pakistan Kashmir issue will be much, much trickier, both countries now have a vested interest in rolling up their sleeves and finding a solution. China more so, since in a worst case scenario India could become a security issue.

But Modi’s vision of creating a foundation for a rapidly developing India, is for the most part China dependent. Only Delhi’s huge neighbor has the capacity to help India to modernize within any foreseeable future.

Even as the political will exists between Beijing and Delhi for a full scale rapprochement, based on the metaphor of Indian economic development, within India there are still many questions as to how much support Modi really has.

There are reasons why over more than 65 years India has developed, but only at a snails pace. The main one, being a lack of interest in developing a first world infrastructure. There are still strong vested interests within India today to keep things as they are.

And the decentralized political structure of the country, which grants minimum power to Delhi and maximum power to the states, brings into question how much political will exists within India for modernization? Unless it is widespread this simply isn’t going to happen no matter what Modi wants.

Even with just some fine words and high hopes Chinese businesses are already putting their toes into the Indian market.

But nothing serious is going to happen until India has infrastructure, which means quality roads, not filled with sporadic herds of cattle, quality and reliable electrical power, potable and reliable water availability and high speed Internet access.

Manufacturers will also need to get their products to market, which will mean good port facilities and streamlined systems of customs, warehousing and border processing.

India has little of this today and except for Modi has not shown much interest in getting any of it either. While Modi won the election last year with a big margin, his political party  Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) has not fared so well since, being slaughtered in the Delhi elections this year.  The next test for BJP will be the Bihar elections in November, where they are favored to win.

Modi and his BJP’s strident anti minority voice however, is going to create a lot of push back. As governments mature, promises are not kept and things seem the same old, same old, much of the enthusiastic support that originally put them in office wains. The opposition strengthens.

By alienating Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, (who will vote against Modi and the BJP) once Modi trips and stumbles, (which given his ambitious plans he surely will at some point) these minority votes will help to insure that he will also fall.

So nothing is written in stone and Modi’s greatest challenge will probably not be reconciling even the trickiest issue of Pakistan, but of softening his hostility towards minorities and uniting Indians in the need not just for economic modernization but greater integration with the rest of Asia.

Errata: Sikhs are not apparently anti Modi or the BJP, but Christians and Muslims are.

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If Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a Western politician he would be excoriated as the worst form of bigot. He makes it clear that he stands in support of Hindus in India, a country where Hindus are a huge majority. That is sort of like a European or American politician standing in support of Christians.

Modi is infamous, when as governor of the wealthy state of Gujarat he stood aside and allowed the majority Hindus to attack minority Muslims in 2002 with impunity. This came after 60 Hindu lives were lost in a train burned, that they blamed on Muslims.

Modi’s reaction to the revenge burning of Muslim businesses and homes as well as the beatings and killings of hundreds of Muslims who cried for help only to find local police standing aside doing nothing was he; “rarely visited the camps of the Muslims displaced by the violence or apologized for his government’s failure to protect a minority. Instead, he has described the reprisal killings of Muslims that year as a simple “reaction” to an “action,” and…… said he felt as sad about them as would a passenger in a car that accidentally ran over a puppy. His only regret, he once told a reporter for this paper, was failing to manage the media fallout.”

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch declared that Modi’s government was complicit in the murders.

Worse Modi hasn’t changed in the slightest. In an ambiance today of angry Hindu nationalism, that has seen violent outbreaks not just against Muslims, but Christians and other minorities as well, Modi has spoken out loudly with his silence, just as he did when he was the governor of Gujarat 13 years ago.

So Narendra Modi seems like he would be an unlikely candidate to save the truly civilized world, (those billions of souls outside the Anglo 5 + EU + Israel + Japan) from the aggression of Washington and London.

Yet that may seem to be what is happening. That is because Modi’s nationalist vision is for his country to break out of the lethargic and closed off womb, that Congress has created for it since independence. 65 years that have been defined by the policies of Congress has kept India poor, relatively backward and undeveloped.

Modi wants a development model for his country like China has had. He wants to open India for business. While this of course includes business with the US and Europe as well, due to geography and Beijing’s wealth, the most likely external connection to drive Indian economic growth will be China. And this is something that Beijing, (as well as Moscow) very much wants.

When Obama declared “the pivot” to Asia in 2012, the reality of what it meant was a declaration of Cold War 2 against Beijing. This was implemented by Washington’s ongoing attempt to use its navy to be able to close off shipping of Chinese merchant vessels to the Pacific at will. Washington’s aggression also included new military bases in the Philippines with hostile intent towards China, and worst of all Obama’s ongoing re- militarization of Japan with very hostile intent towards China.

Last year with Obama’s coup in Ukraine’s Maidan square, he also declared Cold War 2 against Russia. Washington planners had to know that the implications of starting a Cold War against both Beijing and Moscow, would be to drive them together in what would amount to a shot gun marriage. And that is exactly what is happening.

The reason Washington was so brazen is due to its long term fear of the growth of both China and Russia as world powers. While the Anglo 5 Empire may have advantages, scientifically, militarily and economically over China and Russia today, if both are left to develop in peace, that will be no longer be true twenty years from now.

So if Washington wants to retain global hegemony over the long term, it must assert its primacy, (where it dominates international law, and its enforcement, as well as the world’s economic systems) so that all nations accept it and give the Americans their fealty.

That is something that neither China or Russia, or Iran for that matter will do, and it is why a Cold War aimed at regime change in these countries is being implemented on steroids by Obama.

Washington planners had to expect that by declaring a Cold War against Moscow and Beijing, that they would be facing off both. But they obviously felt that at least for now the US had strategic advantage.

India on the other hand could not have been factored in to this equation. India, relatively undeveloped and backward has a great high end educational system. This has so far best served the Americans. After being fully trained, India has been shipping to the US, some of the smartest people on the planet. They have been crucial in helping to develop the scientific and technological foundation of US military power.

And in the commercial world Indians are filling the gaps in America’s increasingly worthless educational system, by providing computer scientists, physicians and business administrators.

This all happens because thanks to Congress, these people had few opportunities in their impoverished and backward country.

But what will happen should India start to seriously develop? Who will provide the scientists which have given the Americans their scientific and technological edge? What if that edge is lost sooner rather than later?

But far worse for Washington is Beijing’s strategic game plan to combat Washington’s aggression over the next 20 years. And that has been to build up militarily, but primarily only for defensive purposes which is relatively cheap. Where China has been using the majority of its expendable assets, is in building a global commercial network with a 21st century infrastructure, where all roads lead to Beijing.

This Chinese commercial infrastructure is being laid side by side with the one that the Anglo Americans have built since colonial times and was set in concrete to their imperial advantage after World War 2.

India and Russia have long enjoyed good relations. But Russia is not a commercial power and can be of limited help in developing India’s economy.

A cooperative, fraternal integrated region of Russia- India and China, (which would bring in the smaller countries as well ex Pakistan) especially with a rapidly developing Indian economy, would not only strengthen India, but add massive support to China and Russia as well.

An integrating Asia, acting as an alternative poll economically, politically and militarily to the traditional Imperial power of the Anglo 5 + EU, is Washington’s worst nightmare. It will act to circumscribe Washington’s power and global ambitions.

Washington planners had to believe however, that there was not much to worry about. They saw little chance of any reconciliation between Beijing and Delhi, whose relationship has remained contentious since their war in 1962.

Errata: Modi was NOT the Governor of Gujarat but the Chief Minister during the riots. The Governor is more of a ceremonial position. Everything else written above about Modi’s behavior relative the riots in Gujarat applies.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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Continued from “Islamophobia And The Global Clampdown Part 2

Muslims however, overwhelmingly believe that violations of Sharia law should be punished. Of the peoples polled in the MENA, South Asia and Southeast Asia a large majority believed that stoning was an appropriate punishment for adultery. In Torah, (the early books of the Old Testament, also called “The Laws of Moses”) God too demanded a death sentence, (then by stoning) as the punishment for adultery. But few Christians or Jews would adhere to that today. And this would obviously be anathema in even Muslim European societies, (Albania, Bosnia etc), much less Britain, France or Germany.

In the MENA and South Asia, a majority, or near majority of those polled, believe in the death penalty for Muslims who wish to convert to another religion. In Europe beliefs such as this would be seen as the equivalent of a declaration of war by most Christians and their civil states, should a Euro Muslim wishing to covert to Christianity be attacked much less killed for his or her choice. Only a minority of Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories believe that honor killings, (the killing of a person, usually but not always a woman because they have dishonored their families typically over sexual issues) are never called for.  

And there have been no polls as to how many Muslims living in Christian Europe believe in a parallel Sharia legal system that would have its own enforcement arm, much less a belief that the stoning of adulterers, or the killing of converts, or honor killings is desirable. And there are no polls that I found anywhere as to public support, or lack of it among Muslims for female castration or the stoning of prostitutes.

So while moderate Muslims and their friends may say that very few people actually adhere to these ancient and barbaric concepts, others who are not Muslim friendly say that a strong and dangerous minority do.

Because official institutions, (other than Pew) have refused to do any studies, that does not make these potential problems go away. Not wanting to shed light on something that people are loathe to see, does not make it cease to exist. 

One main reason why the Jews failed so miserably in adapting to life in Europe, particularly from the 16th through the 18th century is because they wanted to live under Talmudic law, which in many ways also conflicts with local law. An extreme example is that under Torah God tells the Israelites that they cannot steal, but that all of the laws of Torah were given only to the Israelites, (sort of as a test group for human evolution) and that those laws do not yet apply to anyone other than the tribes of Israel.

This was enshrined in the Talmud. And many Jews who lived under that set of laws, believed that they could not cheat a fellow Jew, but it was OK to cheat a non Jew. This was not a recipe for popularity when Jews lived as a minority in a Christian or Muslim region.

Euro Muslims should consider the experience of Euro Jews very carefully, relative to their belief in Sharia and desire to live in Non Muslim Europe.

Today Islam is widely tolerated among the majority of people in countries like the UK, France and Germany where most have a favorable opinion of Muslims.  But as economies deteriorate and social institutions strain, expect that these numbers will lessen dramatically.

There is also the religious element. Christianity in Europe, as a real matter is dying. Few, especially under 50 years old identify themselves as practicing Christians. This has left a spiritual vacuum that, in good times is filled with consumerism and careerism. But in bad times, which is now effecting newly forming ghettos of despair, the lack of a common faith, (which acts as an adhesive for people and gives guidelines of how to live in bad times as well as good) has led to a poverty of the soul and spirit as well as social deterioration.

The clear symptoms of social degradation among poor Christians are crime, violence within the community and even in the home, drug and alcohol abuse and prostitution. Where marginalized Christians live side by side with Muslims, many will note that no matter how poor, practicing Muslims tend to have strong families and manage to minimize social ills. That is a great attraction for young Christians who are disgusted with the values of their nominally Christian neighbors, (and find no guidance in their faith), to convert to Islam. And as nothing is more fervent than the convert and especially among the young, many will be attracted to Islam’s more radical elements.

True Christians should thank their Muslim brethren for showing those who have lost their faith, (through example) a way to live, in harmony with the teachings of Christian, (as well as Muslim) scriptures. And the spiritual despair of impoverished and hopeless Christians, (as well as some who are in the middle class) and their attraction to Islam, should act as an alarm bell to Christian leaders that they are failing to adapt Christian teachings to the daily realities of their congregations.

But all too often Jingoist Christians, instead of thanking Muslims for warning Christian leaders that they are failing, will blame Muslims for stealing Christians through conversions. In other words they will blame Muslims for their successes in keeping strong families, living together in reasonable harmony and thus acting as a model for Christians.

In good economic times with an expanding pie for everyone, all of these problems might be avoided or minimized. But in the coming long and calamitous downturn, these religious problems and frequently deep divisions in values will exacerbate the general intolerance against especially Muslim immigrants.

 Even if we do not know exactly what the values are of Muslims in Christian Europe, given what the values are in countries from which they originated, there is every chance that large segments, (even if minorities) are going to be sympathetic to these values, (stoning for adulterers, the death penalty for conversion, honor killings etc.) which are anathema to present European values.

These segments of the Euro Muslim community even if not radical now, (IE violent) are the tinder that if carefully nurtured can create civil strife and along with grave economic pressures, chaotic conditions throughout Europe.

If you are an owner/ controller of the Mega Banks and Corps, (MB&C) who control the Empire, this is all to the good. Chaos for them is only a helpful breaking down of societies so that they can be restructured to their liking. The match to ignite the tinder is “terror” attacks by people perceived to be Muslims. This can come from of a lone individual spontaneously going berserk after a long history of economic and frequently social repression, or through an attack by long cultivated Jihadi groups, either acting on their own to radicalize Euro Muslims, or doing it as a favor for the CIA.

Or if no Muslim will perform a needed “terror’ attack, then the CIA- Mossad will do it for them in their name, as per 9/11.

No matter who would perform the terror attacks, the purpose will always be the same, to spur Islamophobia in Europe, which will then lead to greater and greater isolation and repression of Euro Muslims, which in turn will ignite the tinder of Islamic “radicalism” and spread ever more “terror” throughout Europe.

Then the political representatives of the MB&C, will tell the people’s of Europe that the only way to control Islamic “terrorism”, other than harming innocent Muslims, or letting a few crazies control immigration policy, is for them to sacrifice their privacy and civil liberties and allow their governments to erect all seeing all knowing police states in which all citizens will be monitored 24/ 7 with the data bases of each of them continuously updated along with their personality and character profiles. That way not only can terrorism be stopped, but so can child pornography and organized crime.

For the global elites, the Orwellian, techno- Fascist police state can be sold as a win- win to sheeple everywhere, including Muslims. That because the state will be able to easily weed out the “bad” ones, (as it will for non Muslims as well) leaving the good ones to the peaceful enjoyment of their faith and style of life.

Welcome to paradise.

Photo From  Color Revolution & Dismemberment of Kyrgyzstan?

After Obama was defeated in Novorossiya due to the corruption and incompetence of his proxy government in Kiev and its pathetic military, his next attack against Russia was one of currency warfare as fronted by the Mega banks. Washington used the heavily leveraged financial markets on Wall Street and in London to try to destroy the Ruble.

That seemed to work until Beijing weighed in and put a couple of trillion dollars on the table at Washington’s favorite financial casino. Goldman, JP Morgan and all the other kiddies folded their hands before their heavy leveraged positions wiped them out, so that they wouldn’t have to ask for public bailouts yet again.

To make matters worse both Angela Merkel, (Germany) and Francois Hollande, (France) weighed in, in the war in the Ukraine, (that Washington has engineered) and tried to broker a peace. Meddling froggies and krauts!

What’s a nasty aggressive Imperial power to do in the face of such reverses?

Well pedal to the metal with new forms of aggression of course. Paul Craig Roberts is by far the best US analyst of what Obama and and the rest of the criminals in Washington are up to. Here he outlines their latest moves; “Washington has sent Victoria Nuland to Armenia to organize a “color revolution” or coup there, has sent Richard Miles as ambassador to Kyrgyzstan to do the same there, and has sent Pamela Spratlen as ambassador to Uzbekistan to purchase that government’s allegiance away from Russia. The result would be to break up the Collective Security Treaty Organization and present Russia and China with destabilization where they can least afford it.” .

Washington intends to break down the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which as for now is functioning as a counter to NATO. The heart of the plan is to dismember Kyrgyzstan, creating a hostile North -South divide, where the South would emulate a failed state, a stronghold for Jihadis for drug smuggling and to destabilize both China and Russia. It would also act as an existential threat to Tajikistan to the South, through which it could extend the power of the Jihadis directly into Afghanistan. Who knows maybe Washington will be able to get the Taliban to merge with ISIS creating an Eastern wing of its engineered Caliphate.

Uzbekistan long hostile to Bishkek might easily annex much of the Fergana Valley, which is the home to many Uzbeks long unhappy with life in Kyrgyzstan. And given the investment relationship between China and Uzbekistan there is not much that Beijing will likely do, (or allow) to prevent this.

Most Westerners are hard pressed to know which of these “Stans” is which and why they are important. But from a security and developmental standpoint they are crucial to both Moscow and Beijing. For Moscow these ex Soviet republics are a vulnerable underbelly of the Russian Federation although nowhere near as critical from a military standpoint as the Ukraine. Belarus or even Estonia.

These Stans are critical to the Chinese because Washington’s navy has the capacity to cut off Chinese shipping to the Pacific. The Americans have an advantage of 20- 1 with air craft carriers, 72- 10 for submarines and 62 to 25 for destroyers. And US shipping yards everywhere are on steroids working on naval vessels for the purpose of being able to harass Chinese shipping everywhere. While the Chinese are furiously building up their own navy, they are as yet no where near as advanced as the Americans.

The Americans from a naval standpoint have long been able to contain Russia at sea, because Moscow has so few ports available that are not typically covered in ice. While Russian subs almost match those of the US, (because the subs can go under the ice) in air craft carriers and destroyers the advantage of the US is similar to Washington enjoys over China. And for Russians subs alone do not make a navy.

So the hope of both China and Russia is to develop the vast belt of North and Central Asia for trade. That is what the China’s New Silk Road is all about. But much of this includes the Stans. The Stans have traditionally been poorly developed. That means however that there is a treasure trove of natural gas and minerals sitting under their lands which could be shipped to China for value added products helping to develop the entire region.

If the Americans are successful in dividing the Stans up, and creating a Jihadi bloc which will serve not only to destabilize the Muslim regions of Russia and China but also to harass trade routes along the New Silk Road, it will weaken Beijing and Moscow the epicenters of Obama’s Cold War 2 drive for regime changes.

Obama has been busy on the Western front as well, building up Washington’s military presence in Eastern Europe and particularly the Baltic states. Unlike its covert “color revolutions” Washington’s operation “Atlantic Resolve” is not only overt. but one that it takes pride in. That is especially true in Estonia where the Eastern City of Narva is only 135 kilometers, (81 miles) from St. Petersberg. You will note on the map below, (provided courtesy of Uncle Sam) just how much of his military buildup is in Russia’s Northeastern neighbor, Estonia.



So unsurprisingly, despite recent set backs, Obama and the Americans continue to press forward, full steam ahead for war.

Photo From  The UK, France & Germany Want to Help? Really?

After World War 2 the US created a global financial infrastructure that was based on its currency, the US dollar and set up the major banks and markets of Wall Street and London to dominate international finance and the economies of nations.

At the time The US also created, along with its World War 2 allies the United Nations, whose purpose was to internationalize their Geo Political and economic agenda. Out of this came “The World Bank”. No that wasn’t a bank in which one could get a savings account or take out a home loan. The monies that went into the World Bank were confiscated from the citizens of member countries as taxes. Few of any of these citizens had any idea that their taxes were being paid to fund a “World Bank”. They didn’t even know what it was.

What it was and still is, was that after the 2nd world war most of the world, (much of it coming out of a devastating history of colonization) was under developed economically and most people were impoverished. The World Bank would “loan” money to such countries to develop. It claimed it would do this so that these countires might be able to better help themselves. Oh how kind you say?

Well sorry. The Americans, their mega banks and corporations really don’t do kind. The real nature of the World Bank was as a cats paw for Neo Colonialism. That would mean in the post war environment, re- colonizing the newly freed countries of the world as debt slaves to the mega banks and for exploitation of their resources by US- European mega corporations.

This was written in the usual tricky language as the World Bank’s goals. First of course was to reduce global poverty, (well who could oppose that?). But then it threw in its real business model. “all its decisions must be guided by a commitment to the promotion of foreign investment and international trade and to the facilitation of capital investment”.

Why foreign investment? Why can’t a nation develop internally as the US did in the 19th century? Hmmm. After World War 2 who had the money to make these “foreign investments”? And were these investments going to be made in the interests of the impoverished nation state, or the interests of rich foreign corporations?

As for the “facilitation of capital investments”, which banks were going to have the money to make capital investments, those of the poor countries begging for development loans, or the Mega Banks of Wall Street and London?

These are really tough questions that room fulls of Harvard trained economists, strained their politically limited capacities to think about. 65 years later they still haven’t come up with any answers.

While the world grumbled about the imperial nature of the World Bank and the IMF, (both controlled by guess what country?) for more than half a century after these institutions were created, no one could do anything about them. If you were a poor country and needed money, then you went down on your knees and only got it on the terms imposed by your past Imperial masters. If a government balked, well the US State Department working with the CIA and other shady institutions, had the capacity of funding, arming and training your internal enemies, (or importing mercenaries) to create a regime change favorable to itself.

This is the veritable machine in which Africa gets its resources stripped to the benefit of Transnational Mega Corporations and Banks.

Besides Washington using its global financial infrastructure to loot poor countries, Wall Street and London also use it to fix international prices for both commodities and capital. And because of its monopoly power over global finance and macro global economics, Washington would use all of this as weapons of war against countries whom they did not favor.

Washington’s favorite weapon was and is economic sanctions. If these sanctions only represented the policies of one nation, the United States this would not be so bad. But sanctions were used by the global institutions Washington created that functioned together as a virtual monopoly. The financial houses of Wall Street and London were used to speculate in ways so as to harm the economies of Washington’s enemies.

Finally last year the world found a hero. His name was the new president, (as of 2012) of China, Xi Jinping. Xi and the Chinese Communist Party reacted to Washington’s political and economic abuse of the global financial infrastructure that it created, by starting parallel institutions that hopefully would act honestly and not for economic and political imperial advantage.

Here is a graphic of the new global economic infrastructure that China is creating with the help of many other nations who have either been harmed by the American imperial system or simply want access to what will be the new competition. Pink rectangles represent the old US designed economic, political and military infrastructure. The Brown are the new Chinese led alternatives.



The new World Bank analogue is formally called the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”, (AIIB). If you are a small poor country and this bank is successful, who are you going to to ask for credit, the World Bank which wants to control your political and economic institutions, hand you over to Empire’s corporations to loot your resources and enslave your people as permanent debtors to the banks of Wall Street or London, or the new AIIB which ostensibly just wants to help you develop with minimal strings attached and at a minimal profit, only so that it can protect itself from losses and continue to function?

Washington hates all of this. Soon the World Bank will either have no clients or the institution will actually have to transform itself into being honest.

But now the worst for Washington seems to have happened. The UK joined the AIIB, Washington’s arch rival. Washington appeared to be pissed off and called Prime Minister Cameron all sorts of pejoratives, like saying that he was making a “constant accommodation” to China. That is bureaucratic speak for “x&?%@*#” and other very bad words. London held its ground and now other lap dogs of Washington have joined in. France and Germany, (they go together) are going to join the AIIB as well.  And Australia and even South Korea are thinking about joining.

The supposed reason why the UK joined is that London has a lot of business on the line with Beijing and wants to encourage and grow that relationship.

But since Cameron is wholly owned by London’s banking and financial sector, he ostensibly wouldn’t have made that move if the banks hadn’t analyzed the situation and decided that the old World Bank was now effectively dead anyway. So since London financiers could no longer use it to suck the bones of the world’s poor people dry, they might as well cozy up to China as there are great profits to made in China trade as well.

But what will the role of these flunkies of Empire be in the AIIB? Will they act constructively to help poor countries break out of their cycle of poverty without trying to addict them to debts to the Wall Street- London banks? Can a tiger change its stripes?

Or perhaps all of Washington’s public theater is just that. And the Americans are more than happy to have London, Paris, Canberra, Seoul and others of its captive nations inside the AIIB, where they might function as a Trojan Horse to subvert and co- opt the new organization from the inside?

Xi is not stupid however, unlike the leaderships of most Western “leftest” parties like the Greens. He knows the ways of these Imperialists well. After all China was partitioned by them only about 125 years ago, and the Chinese have very long memories. So I expect that Beijing will structure the AIIB so that it will be very difficult for the Anglo 5 + EU Empire to play its usual games.

Photo From If seeing your child murdered by drone, won't turn you into a "terrorist" what will?

Just a New Years reminder. Obama’s drone program is shrouded in secrecy. The program after all belongs to the CIA, which itself is a black box, whose budget and operations even most members of congress cannot know about.

So all we can know about Obama’s droning program, is what the Droners want us to know. But even from that, we have been told that as of November 21st of 2014, 3,674 people have been killed by drones.

The Obama administration of course tells us that 87% of the kills have been of bad guys and that the collateral damage to civilians has been limited. Of course there is no independent verification of such figures, and nor can there be given that they are released by the CIA.

It is also very much in the interest of Obama to tell the public what it wants to hear. And what Obama doesn’t want the public to hear is the truth.

But In “A new analysis of the data available to the public about drone strikes, conducted by the human-rights group Reprieve, indicates that even when operators target specific individuals – the most focused effort of what Barack Obama calls “targeted killing” – they kill vastly more people than their targets, often needing to strike multiple times. Attempts to kill 41 men resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,147 people, as of 24 November, (2014).”

And that was just one incident that slipped through the veil of secrecy. But the drone program is, (besides Obama) supported by a virtual whose who of Republicans and Democrats who are the movers and shakers of the foreign policies of their party.

“Obama’s advocacy of drones has widespread support in Washington’s foreign-policy and defense establishments. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly backed the drone campaigns in Pakistan and Yemen. Republican hawks like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who otherwise criticize the President as effete and indecisive, are also enthusiastic.”

In short Obama is proud of his drone program and the Dems slam dunk Presidential nominee for 2016, Hillary Clinton is equally supportive.

As of the report of November 21st, 2014 Obama had been in office less than 2,200 days, but still managed to kill by drone 3,674 people or MORE THAN ONE PER DAY!

While the media makes a big deal, (as is should) about Dick Cheney’s unwavering support and lack of guilt over CIA torture during the Bush years, it is quiet about Obama’s ongoing program of murder in secret.

Obama even goes further than Cheney, in hand picking those he believes deserve the death penalty, and he is of course “sorry” for the innocents he kills as collateral damage. All and all Obama is proud of his droning efforts. And he intends to continue them as long as he can.

So while Cheney may talk, he hasn’t tortured anyone recently because he is out of power and hasn’t had the opportunity to.

Obama however, not only has killed people recently, as of NOW he is either doing it again or is planning to. And of course Hillary is chomping at the bit, and waiting in the wings to do exactly the same thing.

Photo From   The Basis of Our Future Society?

We humans have long made it clear that we are not at all happy with the natural world we were given and that we feel through our own ingenuity that we can improve on it. The coming of android technology again raises the question of how far we intend to go with this.

In foods, medicines and the breeding of animals we have long since gone into areas where nature never intended us to go.

When we create genetically modified organisms for food, even if they show that they have great nutritional value and even if it could be proven with our best testing capabilities that these foods are not harmful, in ten, twenty, one hundred years from now will our progeny discover that their genetic pool has been fatally contaminated because we didn’t have sufficiently high grade testing equipment in our time to know?

But no matter how many natural things we can make laboratory replacements for, (ostensibly safe ones), can we replace each other?

Is the ultimately flawed work of nature US?

This is the question that the creation of androids seeks to answer. The known greatest demand for androids is sexual and coming from males, although it is highly likely that if this market is satisfied by these lab creations, females will be likely to rush in as well.

Westerners are known for their love of what is to them sinful, which they are filled with guilt about and then make illegal. That in turn only increases the price of their sins and its excitement. Their war on the drugs they so crave is a perfect example.

Western technology has not been geared towards creating androids. That is partly true because everyone and his mother knows that the biggest demand for the functions of androids will be for males who want a maximized sexual experience. And most don’t care how they get it, as long as it is legal and it won’t kill them.

From a commercial standpoint however the potential of androids is that they will replace many in the service industry. And right now societies are having a hard enough time with the fact that robotized work forces with embedded 3D printing are replacing humans in industrial production. Those humans have been moved into service industries for quite some time. If androids take their jobs from them, well what work will humans do?

Plato answered that two thousand five hundred years ago. It is called Philo Sophia. But that is another story and humans do not seem to be evolved enough to find fulfillment in such pursuits.

Still the potential of developed androids is massive. They for example could be a great help in giving companionship to the very old, or very disabled as in the blind or deaf or quadriplegics, or the mentally ill. In other words people who need a great amount of what today is human attention and care.

But lets go back to what would be the killer application of androids, which is relationships.

How many people do you really like around here anyway? And of those, how much do you really like them?

Even of those whom you like, if you could wave a magic wand and improve on them, (as you determine improvement should be) would you?

Westerners are very afraid of these questions but the Japanese are not. That is because more than any other society in the world, the Japanese see each other less personally and more based on a social contract in which we as individuals fulfill functions for each other. So the question for the Japanese is, can androids fulfill functions needed by humans better than other humans can? And if the answer is yes, it is build, build build.

Androids however are not quite ready for prime time. While artificial intelligence is at a very high level and can realistically mimic human thoughts and reactions, that is at least for now only available in processors that need too much energy and produce too much heat to be able to be placed in a battery powered android. And if such a processor could be used, it would need to be recharged every few minutes.

I am certain that there are also mechanical problems involved, so that the android can show the subtle changes of facial expressions and body movements that humans are likely to make in any particular situation.

But android technology is still moving ahead at breakneck speeds. And as Michael Snyder has headlined on his blog ” The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots“.

Here you can meet Asuna today’s state of the art android.

Given the amount of bandwidth of the internet devoted to pornography, I can well imagine that the first released popularly prices sex android will have lines at retailers that will make Apple products look like no one came.

While a fully functioning android mate is thought to be about 40 years into the future, in reality it could be developed much more quickly. That is because the Japanese companies working on it are very small and have very little capital.

If for example the Americans at the National laboratories wanted to create full functioning androids to meet pretty much any market need they could probably produce a prototype within ten years at the most.

But of course the Americans are much more interested in using their assets to develop science fiction levels of weapons of mass destruction and to create smart nuclear weapons and missile systems. 

As societies become wealthy, we find that people do not like to live together. For some time now in Northern Europe and in North America more than 25% of households had just one person in them. And this number is rising every year.

The demands of our female ancestors for a husband might well have been that he could support his family and that he refrained from physical violence. For men it might have been that she cooked, gave him sex when he wanted it and didn’t nag. Simple people. Simple times.

Now peoples’ demand lists are considerably longer. And if at any time those demands are not met, that is frequently considered grounds for divorce. If we continue to place demands on each other that are historically unrealistic, (based on real not fictionalized human behavior) and not on how “experts” say is how we should behave, the number of people living alone will continue to explode and android companions and partners will be in great demand.

Intolerance of each other is a function of our individual and collective egotism. If it continues unabated then we may well find that androids, designed especially for our programmed individual needs may become the social basis for the future. What of course we will lose is our humanity. But that will be because we do not like, or value it all that much.

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Photo From A Victory For The Chinese and Indian People, as well as all of Asia

American power in the world is always based on divide and conquer. Many of the countries of the “old” world make that easy based on ancient rivalries and hatreds. One such is between China and India, where even before their war in 1962 there were outstanding and bitter territorial issues between them.

What Obama called the “pivot” was really a declaration of Cold War 2 against China. Even as we speak, military naval yards around the US are building war ships on steroids for the purpose of being able to enforce a naval blockade against China and cut its shipping access off to the Pacific. Washington has long since been working to do that against Russia as well.

One means of Washington’s power globally is economic. That is a dollar based system that it and its World War 2 allies set up after the war. Part of its infrastructure has been the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) and varying regional development banks.

These institutions, which on their surface are supposed to be vehicles for wealthier nations to help poorer nations, are in fact a means to force countries in economic trouble to set up legal regulatory environments favorable for imperial exploitation and control.

Recently with Washington’s Cold War against Iran and after its declaration of Cold War 2 against Russia, (its putsch in Kiev) Empire has used these essentially economic institutions as weapons of war.

While no one in Empire land has noticed, (especially in the Anglo 5 countries) the rest of the world has. And particularly under the leadership of Xi the Chinese have been partnering with nations to develop alternative global financial institutions.

This year the Brics, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) created their own development bank centered in Shanghai, that is an intended rival to the IMF. A place where poorer countries can get money, only based on economics and without the political strings.

And now powered by Chinese and Indian cooperation there is a competitor to the US- Japan- Australia “Asian Development Bank”, (ADB). The new kid in town, the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”, (AIIB) has naturally been doggedly opposed by Obama.

The New York Times admits, “the United States, with allies like Australia and South Korea, has campaigned against the project, characterizing it as an attempt to undercut the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, which are dominated by the United States and Japan

How do you undercut helping the poor? Hmmm…… perhaps by giving loans without political strings?

Until recently Washington was able to persuade Delhi to stay out of this new, obviously dangerous institution. Here is Bloomberg crowing about it in May.

But thanks to the wisdom of India’s New Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi has changed its mind.

Empire’s propaganda media, is still livid and in this case Reuters is letting everyone know, (who cares) to that Washington has been successful at keeping three countries, (besides Japan of course) from joining as founding members. That is South Korea, Australia and strangely Indonesia.

What reads between the lines however, is that all three of these countries are “thinking” about joining anyway, as staying out makes you regionally the odd country out, the only one not helping, except as a political asset of Washington.

You will have to look long and hard in Empire propaganda media to learn that 19 other countries have joined India and China as founding members of the AIIB, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Qatar, Oman, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia and Myanmar.

So one more brick in the wall of US global financial domination has been dismantled today. And those to thank are the Chinese and Indian prime minsters Xi and Modi, as well as a spirit of regional cooperation.

Empire thrives on global distrust and hatreds and like a bad dream disappears wherever there is trust and cooperation.

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Are you happy? How is life treating you? These are questions that have long concerned professionals in fields like psychology, sociology and social anthropology. But how does one judge “happiness”, “well being” etc?

While it is very, very hard to determine the well being of more than 7 billion people world wide, The United Nations has tried to do it by creating an objective measure of social well being that it calls the Human Development Index or HDI.

This index is a composite of a nations per capita income, average life expectancy and educational levels. By its nature the HDI tries to be an objective measure. But even that is difficult. Our life expectancy tells us nothing about the quality of our lives. And educational levels are merely records of how many grades people have passed through local school systems. It tells us nothing about the quality of education from country to country which varies wildly.

The UN knows and understands that wealth based on per capital income has to be related to people’s cost of living, or the figures will be quite meaningless. So the world has come up with a filter that is supposed to adjust wealth to living costs called PPP, (purchasing power parity).

But even that is a flawed measure because living costs even within the same country are frequently wildly different based on region and ones personal needs. In Denmark for example all forms of transportation are expensive, but medical care is free.

So if a young healthy person is dependent on transportation but not medical care he or she will have a disproportionately high cost of living. While older people who need medical care but don’t travel much will have lower living costs. The Purchasing Power Parity filter does not account for this.

In any case the UN’s HDI doesn’t really tell anyone how happy people are. For example what if there still exists an indigenous people who have little money, low life expectancy and no formal education, but are happily adapted to the world they live in.

For the UN these people would have very low human development. Says who???

So it is that people are looking for a more subjective measure of happiness. Two polls were done recently. One determined that that the “happiest” people on the planet were Danes. The other that they were Costa Ricans. The tourist bureaucracies of both countries loudly proclaim how happy their citizens are to all arrivals at their main international air ports.

But what exactly is happy?

Well a worldwide company based in Australia called Healthways is trying to figure this out. That is because the company seems to believe that the well being of people interacts in ways that influence their health, and should therefor effect the bottom lines and business models of health insurers private and public worldwide.

Two days ago they printed their first Worldwide, nation to nation study of not happiness, but well being. In this study unlike the past “happiness” polls they tried to define concretely the different areas of what people perceive to be their well being. And well being to this writer is a lot more concrete than happiness which tends to be more of a fleeting emotion.

The five areas and main questions within them that Healthways used in its worldwide poll done by US Gallup were;

1) Purpose: Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals

2) Social: Having supportive relationships and love in your life

3) Financial: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security

4) Community: Liking where you live, feeling safe, and having pride in your community

5) Physical: Having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

Different countries tended to excel of course in different areas. So Healthways considered the championship countries, whose people had a maximum sense of well being to be those that excelled in three of the five areas as defined above.

The polls asked people in each area whether they were thriving, struggling or suffering.

There are weaknesses in how this survey was designed. One is that it assumes an equal value for each of the five areas above. And that may not always be the case relative to differing cultures. Some countries and cultures do better in one area than another because they value that area more.

For example in the United States 39% of its people felt financial well being, but only 31% felt physical well being. But that is built in to the society there. Most things are cheap by world standards making people feel financially well off. But unless they have extremely good medical insurance many people skip going for what is to many unaffordable health care, leaving more people walking around with treatable illnesses that they don’t seek help for.

Still the number of people complaining of physical suffering in the US was only 11% with the majority 58% saying that they were OK but struggling.

Another thing to think about when looking at these charts is cultural expectations. In developed countries people grow up having very high expectations. If they are not reached they may not be so sanguine as to report that they are thriving. Others living in less developed countries with lower expectations in life might may well feel that they are thriving even though by the standards of the developing world that might be called into question.

It is all about perspective.

This leads to survey results that some would find counter-intuitive. Only about one in six people world wide reported on average that they were thriving. But in the US the number who felt that they were thriving in three out of five of the above categories were 33%, with 67% reporting that they were struggling or suffering.

In Guatemala a country famous for political repression and poverty especially amonsgst its indigenous, 34% of its people reported that they were thriving and only 66% that they were struggling or suffering.  And in Argentina a country with a long history of financial problems, the people reported exactly the same numbers about their thriving versus not, as the people in the United States.

One can only assume that that is because people have lower expectations in those countries.

In any case the top ten of people reporting that they are thriving for three of the five elements of the survey was 1. Panama 61% 2. Costa Rica 44% 3. Denmark 40%. 4. Brazil 39%. 4. Austria 39% 6. Uruguay 37% 6. El Salvador 37% 8. Sweden 36% 9. Guatemala 34% and 10. Canada 34%

Note economically thriving East Asian cultures did not fare well. Perhaps that is due to very high population densities, creating extreme pressure on people from early youth on to “get ahead”. While take it easy Latins, may not have as much money, but do enjoy their lives more.

Of course relative to financial well being, the European countries dominated the top 10, with the exception of Canada and Bahrain. But these same European countries with the exceptions of Denmark and Malta, (each making one list) could not crack the top ten for its citizens, feeling a sense of purpose in their lives, or feeling that they are thriving in their social lives, or in their health.

Americans didn’t crack the top ten in anything at all. Perhaps most startling is that with the vaunted get up and go and positive attitudes that are so encouraged  and venerated in the United States, Americans didn’t come even close to the top ten in feeling that they were thriving, relative to liking what they do each day and being motivated to meet their goals.

I guess Americans are not all that “exceptional” after all.

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One of the favorite economic nets in which Empire traps the people of nation states, is within various forms of “free trade” agreements that once signed bypass the national representatives of the citizenry.

And Empire always tries to slip in its favorites, such as GMO seeds and crops as well as “intellectual property rights”, which in effect guarantees Monsanto’s virtual monopoly on GMOs seeds, and the control of Multi Nationals over agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

For example poor sick person in developing country, you are going to have to pay through the nose for Big Pharma’s name brand drug. No you can’t buy a cheap generic that will work just as well to heal you, because of the “free trade agreement” your country signed. And now that this agreement has been inked even your legislators can do nothing to help you.

If you can’t pay the toll to Big Pharma, just DIE.

In order to pull in the suckers Empire tells them how much their GDP will go up after they make their deal with Satan.

This particular issue was about food stockpiling, intended as a subsidy for the United States, which is the Saudi Arabia of food. Its mass production machine of foods and pseudo foods would have driven small Indian family farmers, whose harvests are seasonal bust

Well at least for now Modi is saying NO for India. While he is certainly a bigot and dangerous for minority groups in the country, on this World Trade Organization deal he is standing tall for the independence and sovereignty of the Indian people.


Arman Matthews