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The United Nations has reported that in 2014 there were more refugees, (both internal and cross border) than there have been since World War 2. About 18 million of them are cross border refugees, people trying to emigrate from their native land. A huge majority of these refugees have been fleeing from wars, directly or indirectly created by the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and Gulf States.

Around 2 1/2 million are from Afghanistan, a nation dismembered by George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Another 2 1/2 million people have fled from Syria, a country that has been dismembered by the United States, Turkey, France and the Gulf States who have created, armed, trained, financed and given logistical support to every single anti government entity that initiated and are presently prosecuting that country’s civil war.

There are 1.2 million refugees from Somalia, a country devastated by the support of Washington and Riyadh for Al Shabaab,  Washington has done this in part for Geo Political reasons. That is that Somalia, like Yemen, (the new escalation of Washington’s regional wars) controls the shipping lanes to the Gulf of Aden leading into the Red Sea, where 3 1/2 million barrels of oil flow daily, mostly to Europe. Washington also knows that there is oil in Somalia, (the Puntland fields) and possibly a lot more off of its coast.

There is also another 635,000 refugees from the Sudan, a country the American have finished dismembering, creating a failed state called South Sudan. Again the reason was oil. South Sudan was the part of the Sudan where all the oil was. According to the World Bank; “South Sudan is the most oil-dependent country in the world, with oil accounting for almost the totality of exports”.

Another 1/2 million refugees are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (DRC). The DRC is the richest area of resources in Africa, with according to Forbes over $24 trillion in known “untapped deposits of raw mineral ores, including the world’s largest reserves of cobalt and significant quantities of the world’s diamonds, gold and copper.”

In Africa, Washington pits political, tribal, regional and religious factions against each other, giving money and weapons to whoever will best help it to maximize profits for its Multinationals. In the DRC that has led to this rich country being “the world’s least developed ………in terms of life expectancy, education, standard of living and key health indicators, like maternal and child mortality.” And Washington has helped to create and fund wars in that country that according to the International Committee of the Red Cross have killed more 5.4 MILLION people. 

Over the past 20 years of Washington instigated and fueled DNC wars, how much wealth has been extracted from the country by Anglo American and French transnationals and how much has gone to the people? The half million refugees from the DRC today, represent the continuation of this bleeding.

And then we have another 400,000 refugees from Iraq. George W. Bush and Tony Blair know well who destroyed their country.

The United Nations Commission on Refuges, (UNCR) from whom these figures come, do not count the 5 million Palestinian refugees, who have fled from the US and British backed conquest of their lands by European Zionists.

But the 17 million figure for international refugees given by the UNCR, pails compared to the 38 million who are internally displaced. That is people who have lost their homes and livelihoods and had to flee to an uncertain fate in a hoped for more peaceful part of their own country. The number of the internally displaced has soared by 11 million in 2014 alone, where 30,000 people every day became homeless. 

Among the new countries with soaring rates for internal displacement last year was Nigeria, with more than 1.5 million people. That has been due to Boko Haram, which is a CIA extortion racket again being done for oil. 

In Libya there are now 400,000 internally displaced, thanks to then French president Sarkozy, Obama and Hillary Clinton’s dismemberment of the country.

And now in the Ukraine there are now 1.2 million internally displaced thanks to Obama’s Maidan Square coup. And There are also 900,000 Ukrainians from the Southeastern Provinces of the country who have fled to Russia thanks to a Washington backed civil war in the country waged by its political puppets in Kiev.

These numbers are not even counted in the UNHR’s figure of 18 million refuges.

And now in 2015, since Washington and its vassal state Saudi Arabia are starting a war against Yemen, besides the dead, as a humanitarian crisis grows, the refuge problem both external and internal will also soar.

In the world of internally displaced people, the worst is still Syria at 7.6 million and Iraq 2.2 million. Those are both places where Obama and his stooges have done their very worst.

With the others wars, still in full swing and the new war in Yemen having only just begun, it would be a sure bet to say the number of refugees for 2015 will print significantly higher than this 2014 report.

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After World War 2 the US created a global financial infrastructure that was based on its currency, the US dollar and set up the major banks and markets of Wall Street and London to dominate international finance and the economies of nations.

At the time The US also created, along with its World War 2 allies the United Nations, whose purpose was to internationalize their Geo Political and economic agenda. Out of this came “The World Bank”. No that wasn’t a bank in which one could get a savings account or take out a home loan. The monies that went into the World Bank were confiscated from the citizens of member countries as taxes. Few of any of these citizens had any idea that their taxes were being paid to fund a “World Bank”. They didn’t even know what it was.

What it was and still is, was that after the 2nd world war most of the world, (much of it coming out of a devastating history of colonization) was under developed economically and most people were impoverished. The World Bank would “loan” money to such countries to develop. It claimed it would do this so that these countires might be able to better help themselves. Oh how kind you say?

Well sorry. The Americans, their mega banks and corporations really don’t do kind. The real nature of the World Bank was as a cats paw for Neo Colonialism. That would mean in the post war environment, re- colonizing the newly freed countries of the world as debt slaves to the mega banks and for exploitation of their resources by US- European mega corporations.

This was written in the usual tricky language as the World Bank’s goals. First of course was to reduce global poverty, (well who could oppose that?). But then it threw in its real business model. “all its decisions must be guided by a commitment to the promotion of foreign investment and international trade and to the facilitation of capital investment”.

Why foreign investment? Why can’t a nation develop internally as the US did in the 19th century? Hmmm. After World War 2 who had the money to make these “foreign investments”? And were these investments going to be made in the interests of the impoverished nation state, or the interests of rich foreign corporations?

As for the “facilitation of capital investments”, which banks were going to have the money to make capital investments, those of the poor countries begging for development loans, or the Mega Banks of Wall Street and London?

These are really tough questions that room fulls of Harvard trained economists, strained their politically limited capacities to think about. 65 years later they still haven’t come up with any answers.

While the world grumbled about the imperial nature of the World Bank and the IMF, (both controlled by guess what country?) for more than half a century after these institutions were created, no one could do anything about them. If you were a poor country and needed money, then you went down on your knees and only got it on the terms imposed by your past Imperial masters. If a government balked, well the US State Department working with the CIA and other shady institutions, had the capacity of funding, arming and training your internal enemies, (or importing mercenaries) to create a regime change favorable to itself.

This is the veritable machine in which Africa gets its resources stripped to the benefit of Transnational Mega Corporations and Banks.

Besides Washington using its global financial infrastructure to loot poor countries, Wall Street and London also use it to fix international prices for both commodities and capital. And because of its monopoly power over global finance and macro global economics, Washington would use all of this as weapons of war against countries whom they did not favor.

Washington’s favorite weapon was and is economic sanctions. If these sanctions only represented the policies of one nation, the United States this would not be so bad. But sanctions were used by the global institutions Washington created that functioned together as a virtual monopoly. The financial houses of Wall Street and London were used to speculate in ways so as to harm the economies of Washington’s enemies.

Finally last year the world found a hero. His name was the new president, (as of 2012) of China, Xi Jinping. Xi and the Chinese Communist Party reacted to Washington’s political and economic abuse of the global financial infrastructure that it created, by starting parallel institutions that hopefully would act honestly and not for economic and political imperial advantage.

Here is a graphic of the new global economic infrastructure that China is creating with the help of many other nations who have either been harmed by the American imperial system or simply want access to what will be the new competition. Pink rectangles represent the old US designed economic, political and military infrastructure. The Brown are the new Chinese led alternatives.



The new World Bank analogue is formally called the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”, (AIIB). If you are a small poor country and this bank is successful, who are you going to to ask for credit, the World Bank which wants to control your political and economic institutions, hand you over to Empire’s corporations to loot your resources and enslave your people as permanent debtors to the banks of Wall Street or London, or the new AIIB which ostensibly just wants to help you develop with minimal strings attached and at a minimal profit, only so that it can protect itself from losses and continue to function?

Washington hates all of this. Soon the World Bank will either have no clients or the institution will actually have to transform itself into being honest.

But now the worst for Washington seems to have happened. The UK joined the AIIB, Washington’s arch rival. Washington appeared to be pissed off and called Prime Minister Cameron all sorts of pejoratives, like saying that he was making a “constant accommodation” to China. That is bureaucratic speak for “x&?%@*#” and other very bad words. London held its ground and now other lap dogs of Washington have joined in. France and Germany, (they go together) are going to join the AIIB as well.  And Australia and even South Korea are thinking about joining.

The supposed reason why the UK joined is that London has a lot of business on the line with Beijing and wants to encourage and grow that relationship.

But since Cameron is wholly owned by London’s banking and financial sector, he ostensibly wouldn’t have made that move if the banks hadn’t analyzed the situation and decided that the old World Bank was now effectively dead anyway. So since London financiers could no longer use it to suck the bones of the world’s poor people dry, they might as well cozy up to China as there are great profits to made in China trade as well.

But what will the role of these flunkies of Empire be in the AIIB? Will they act constructively to help poor countries break out of their cycle of poverty without trying to addict them to debts to the Wall Street- London banks? Can a tiger change its stripes?

Or perhaps all of Washington’s public theater is just that. And the Americans are more than happy to have London, Paris, Canberra, Seoul and others of its captive nations inside the AIIB, where they might function as a Trojan Horse to subvert and co- opt the new organization from the inside?

Xi is not stupid however, unlike the leaderships of most Western “leftest” parties like the Greens. He knows the ways of these Imperialists well. After all China was partitioned by them only about 125 years ago, and the Chinese have very long memories. So I expect that Beijing will structure the AIIB so that it will be very difficult for the Anglo 5 + EU Empire to play its usual games.

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A veritable whose who of those who have created, organized, financed, armed, trained and given logistical support to Salafi based Jihadis around the world, all showed up at at the late tyrant Saudi “king” Abdullah’s funeral. The list included terrorist in chief  Barack Obama, (“regime change black- ops” in Washington speak), as well as his second banana David Cameron. But there was also the man in charge of Franco- imperial affairs Francois Hollande, and the head of the new wanna be Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Jordan’s King Abdullah cut short his visit to Davos, and also joined the festivities. He is the man, along with Erdogan who allows his country to be the training ground for US and Gulf State sponsored “terrorist” groups like Al Nusra and ISIS. Also present was Pakistan’s uber corrupt supporter of the Taliban, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani also showed up.

The Qatari Emir is in effect the President and CEO of the Second Gulf Bank of Terrorism. “King” Abdullah was in effect the President and CEO of the First Gulf Bank of Terrorism. Together they are the the primary financiers of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Taliban, ISIS, Al Shabab and the not to be forgotten Boko Haram, who put on a special show in honor of Abdullah’s death by attacking a key city in Northeastern Nigeria, Maiduguri.

The death toll is not yet in, but we can be assured that whatever it is, “king Abdullah” (wherever he is) will be smiling when he hears of the body count.

The only honcho in this group of state sponsored terrorism, that didn’t show up was Israel’s Benjamin, (Bibi) Netanyahu. Everyone missed him, but due to his lack of popularity on the Muslim streets, he was advised to stay away. But Bibi certainly must have sent a message of his long standing fraternity with the cause of Salafist terrorist groups everywhere, and pointed to the fact that he will be lending his support to it when he addresses the Republicans of the US congress whose greatest hope is to ratchet up global terrorism, one step further than even Obama and Hillary have dared. 

Former “king” Abdullah was best known, for not simply exporting terrorism but for torture and the beheadings. (at Chop Chop Square) that the neophites of ISIS learned from him. Candidates for beheadings, (done about twice a week) were especially foreign female workers who publicly objected to being raped by their employers.

“More than 45 foreign maids are facing execution on death row in Saudi Arabia”. The 45 number is just what has been leaked. The real number, (a state secret) is assumed to be much, much higher. Some of the 1.5 million foreign maids in the country “face intense exploitation and abuse, ranging from months of hard work without pay to physical violence to slavery-like conditions,” said Nisha Varia from Human Rights Watch.”

Human Rights Watch went on to say; “A domestic worker facing abuse or exploitation from her employer might run away and then be accused of theft. Employers may accuse domestic workers, especially those from Indonesia, of witchcraft. Victims of rape and sexual assault are at risk of being accused of adultery and fornication.”

It should be mentioned that being convicted of witchcraft, and adultery in Saudi Arabia will take you immediately to Chop Chop Square.

But in the world of state sponsored terrorism, Abdullah was a colleague. So all of his peers had nothing but hyperbole to say at his death. Christine Lagarde head of the IMF said that Abdullah was “a strong advocate of women”. Does that mean the rights of foreign maids to be slaves or die? Now there is a choice for you.

“Flags flew at half-mast in Whitehall while David Cameron…….praised the deceased despot’s efforts towards “strengthening understanding between faiths”. WTF????

And US Secretary of State John Kerry, who has always exhibited psychopathic tendencies, chimed in by calling Abdullah,“a man of wisdom & vision”. and went on to say that the world “has lost a revered leader”. Obama himself went on to say “The closeness and strength of the partnership between our two countries is part of King Abdullah’s legacy.”  You can bet it was.

But the world need not fear. Saudi Arabia’s new 79 year old “king” Salman will be just like the old king. The Saudi portfolio of being the financiers and chief of world terrorism, will continue uninterrupted as it has for the past 40 years.

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While the media was blah, blahing about the 12 people murdered at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, as if the world was going to come to an end, 2,000 people were slaughtered in Northeastern Nigeria and they didn’t make fun of or provoke anyone. They were seemingly killed for nothing at all.

The murderers were of course that famous group who kidnapped and RAPED 276 girls last May, Boko Haram. Of course that led to a global outcry culminating in Michelle Obama’s famous meme “Bring Back Our Girls“.

Of course few of the girls were ever brought back and the rest were soon forgotten, as will be Charlie Hebdo, Ferguson and other media circuses.

With all of the hoopla about young girls kidnapped and RAPED, no one mentioned that Boko Haram murdered 10,000 people last year, or almost double the death tolls in the Gaza war and in the Southeastern Ukraine combined. And now in the short span of Boko Haram’s latest attack on the town of Baga in Borno state, 2,000 more people, (or almost the death toll of the entire Gaza war) have been killed.

Does anyone care? Where is Michelle Obama when we need her? Nah no one cares. Why would people care so much about 276 kidnapped girls when they don’t give a rat’s behind about 12,000 dead?

The no brainer answer (for those who know nothing at all about American polices in Africa or about Nigeria’s natural resources) is OIL! Nigeria has a lot of it and very little of its profits go to those the Americans want it to go to, namely Exxon- Mobile, Royal Dutch Petroleum and BP. The vast majority of Nigeria’s oil revenues actually go to African potentates in Lagos, who have life styles akin to the world’s nobilities a few hundred years ago.

Damn those natives. Just a hundred years ago they were kept in chains. And now they are eating up billions of dollars in oil industry profits. What to do about it?

Well the answer is America’s famous protection racket. That is you create and empower a political and military opposition against the elites in the capital to scare the hell out of them. But then tell them no worries, you will protect them with Africom, as long as they cut your oil and mining companies a deal that they are happy with.

That is what the Americans do all over Africa including Somalia, which is also about oil, but nowhere near as much of it as in Nigeria.

The way the Americans do it, is to finance Jihadhi groups using their Gulf State financiers and bankers. The Saudis are generally the all purpose bank for American mischief in Africa. But they won’t handle anything related to the Muslim Brotherhood. So when that comes up, the Americans need to use the Al- Thani family in Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates.

The media tries to throw people off the track by creating stories about how the US and the Gulf States are not exactly friends, and that these entities act independently and frequently against Washington’s wishes, when they fund Jihadhi groups.

Even those with the most modest understanding of Geo Polices and military realities should see through this foolishness. There is no place on earth more susceptible to “color revolutions” than the Gulf States, where a hand full of pseudo royals have complete power over an endless peasantry. For the US to create regime change in Saudi Arabia would be a lot easier than it was even in Libya. And easier still would be the dismemberment of the country, a la the Sudan, giving the oil fields of a new state to the oppressed Shia minority who just so happen to live right on top of them.

Creating regime change in Bahrain, with a population of only 1.3 million people and with a MAJORITY of oppressed Sh’ias, might take at the most a week. This would be made even easier because the US has its 5th fleet there and has a base in the middle of this tiny country.

While Qatar has a population of 1.8 million only 278,000 people are actually citizens, the rest imported workers. The Americans also have the Al Udeid Air Base there. Getting rid of the Al- Thani family, who run the place would be an overnight operation, probably involving Qatar’s tiny military which is a US asset.

So these Gulf “royals” are the financiers behind Boko Haram and Al Shabab in the Horn of Africa, (Somalia, the Sudans and now Kenya). And they are all financial and Geo Political assets of Washington, or they would cease to exist.

Here might be a conversation held a year ago between the CIA chief working out of the US Embassy in Lagos and Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram’s rather dashing and charming chief. 

CIA area chief; “We have given you millions over the past few years with little results. Mostly you have used the money to live well. If we are to continue to have a constructive relationship, we need more out of you. In Lagos they think you are joke.”

Abubakar Shekau; “You don’t give us enough money. We don’t have good enough equipment or enough volunteers.”

CIA area chief; “Well why don’t you do a high profile operation. You hate Western style education especially for girls, kidnap some”

Abubakar; “We already do”.

CIA area chief; “Well you are not doing enough. How about a massive operation, kidnap hundreds?”

Abubakar; “OK we can do that”.

CIA area chief; “And make sure to rape them”

Abubakar; “We are Muslims. We don’t rape girls.”

CIA area chief; “We intend to create worldwide publicity for you on this op. We need some rapes. It sells well, especially to our presidents female constituents. What do you intend to do with these girls?”

Abdubakar; “Well I guess we will have to marry them off to whoever offers the most for them”.

CIA area chief; “What if they don’t like who you marry them to? What if they are old men who win the bid?”

Abubakar; “That would be too bad. But that is a woman’s lot. She is married off for the well being of her family. In this case however that would be us, because the Christians have stolen our land and resources for too long.

CIA area chief; “What if the girls don’t want to have sex with the husbands you sell them to?”

Abubakar; “Well that would be too bad. A woman has no right to deny her husbands sexual needs”

CIA area chief; “In other words their husbands would rape them?”

Abdubakar; “A husband cannot rape his wife. She belongs to him and pleasing him is her duty.”

CIA area chief; ‘Fine that is all we need. None of what you say exists in the West. If a husband forces his wife for sex, it is rape” That is the issue we will play up. It will be a popular seller. It should get us on magazine covers and TV spots all over the world. Do the operation”.

Eight months later;

CIA area chief; “The marketing campaign of the girls went beyond our wildest expectations. Even Michelle Obama got involved”.

Abubakar: “Yes it did. We got more money from our brothers in Al- Qaeda and we had many, many new volunteers. Look at the beautiful weapons and tanks we have now been able to purchase.

We are now ready to make a major offensive in Borno state, to kill our enemies there and chase those we can’t kill out of our area, which will be our Islamic caliphate. Death to the filthy, greedy, corrupt heathens in Lagos.”

CIA area chief; “Go for it”

It should be noted that with the now more serious attacks by Boko Haram against the people of Northeastern Nigeria, the government in Lagos asked to buy counter-terrorism weapons from Washington, which has listed Boko Haram as a terrorist organization.

Forget aid to the Nigerian government to help it protect its national territory and people, Obama will not even sell them the weapons they need to “protect Michelle’s girls”, from those he himself has labelled as the most callous and brutal of terrorists.

The very worst of Empire’s murders, rapes and looting continues to go on and expand in Africa, with little to no media coverage, forget the Wests corporate- state media, even Russia and China are effectively silent.

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The International Kangaroo Court at the Hague (the ICC) has done it again. That is it has convicted regional leaders from the poorest most beaten down countries on the planet as “war criminals”.

The Khmer Rouge was born after Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger fire bombed defenseless and innocent peasants in Kampuchea.

While the behavior of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge was of course horrible, it is typical of the “world community” as it is called by Western media, that the ICC at the Hague prosecuted them for war crimes and crimes against humanity, while giving Henry Kissinger a Nobel Peace Prize.

So now in an area, (The Democratic Republic of the Congo and The Central African Republic) that has been at the very center of 300 years of uninterrupted Western resource rape imperialism, we find that the ICC at the Hague has finally found out who the bad guys really are.

No it is not the United States, Britain or France whose governments pit tribe against tribe, Christian against Muslim, region against region, to insure a weak and divided area.

And then these same governments work with their multinationals to insure that a group of corrupt elites run things while passing laws, (or ignoring laws) in favor of the looting of the mineral wealth of their peoples.

This is all to insure that the $24 Trillion of untapped natural resources, or more than the GDP of North American and Europe combined will continue NOT TO FLOW to these people pictured above. Guess who it will go to?

So when, as with the Khmer Rouge, ignorant impoverished locals, rise up form militias and do terrible things, (in this case forcing children to be soldiers and programs of institutional mass rape) then these are the people you prosecute as war criminals, not those who initiate the wars, arm the various sides and instigate them.

In this case the ICC at the Hague affirms its conviction of Thomas Lubonga in the DR Congo and then goes on to convict former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba.

While no one is going to argue that these people are sweethearts, it is interesting that they are by international standards small unimportant people and their crimes altogether, are not in the league of the war crimes of George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair in Iraq, where more than 500 thousand people were slaughtered due to their unprovoked aggression.

And today in the face of war crimes committed by the Obama administration in the US and the Sarkozy administration in France, in Libya there are no calls for either man to go on to the docks at the Hague nor for  their criminal intervention in Syria where the death toll reached 191,000 in August.

And of course we also have more than 2,000 dead in Netanyahu’s, (Israel’s) slaughter of the people in Gaza and over 4,000 dead in the Poroshenko slaughter of the people in the Southeastern Ukraine.

None of this will ever go to the ICC at the Hague. The utter hypocrisy of this institution is pretty well understood by everyone in the world outside of the countries of Empire, (The Anglo 5 + Israel first tier, along with Japan, Western Europe second tier).

Most of the people’s of the real world community know well that the ICC is in fact a Kangaroo court, set up to make it seem as if the leaders of the Empire in Washington, Paris and London have the highest of moral standards, while people in poor developing countries, the victims of Imperial oppression for centuries are in fact savages and brutes beyond the wildest imagination of civilized people everywhere.

But you who are civilized, don’t worry the ICC in the name of justice, (in these cases the protection of women and children) is there to protect you.

Photo From   The Basis of Our Future Society?

We humans have long made it clear that we are not at all happy with the natural world we were given and that we feel through our own ingenuity that we can improve on it. The coming of android technology again raises the question of how far we intend to go with this.

In foods, medicines and the breeding of animals we have long since gone into areas where nature never intended us to go.

When we create genetically modified organisms for food, even if they show that they have great nutritional value and even if it could be proven with our best testing capabilities that these foods are not harmful, in ten, twenty, one hundred years from now will our progeny discover that their genetic pool has been fatally contaminated because we didn’t have sufficiently high grade testing equipment in our time to know?

But no matter how many natural things we can make laboratory replacements for, (ostensibly safe ones), can we replace each other?

Is the ultimately flawed work of nature US?

This is the question that the creation of androids seeks to answer. The known greatest demand for androids is sexual and coming from males, although it is highly likely that if this market is satisfied by these lab creations, females will be likely to rush in as well.

Westerners are known for their love of what is to them sinful, which they are filled with guilt about and then make illegal. That in turn only increases the price of their sins and its excitement. Their war on the drugs they so crave is a perfect example.

Western technology has not been geared towards creating androids. That is partly true because everyone and his mother knows that the biggest demand for the functions of androids will be for males who want a maximized sexual experience. And most don’t care how they get it, as long as it is legal and it won’t kill them.

From a commercial standpoint however the potential of androids is that they will replace many in the service industry. And right now societies are having a hard enough time with the fact that robotized work forces with embedded 3D printing are replacing humans in industrial production. Those humans have been moved into service industries for quite some time. If androids take their jobs from them, well what work will humans do?

Plato answered that two thousand five hundred years ago. It is called Philo Sophia. But that is another story and humans do not seem to be evolved enough to find fulfillment in such pursuits.

Still the potential of developed androids is massive. They for example could be a great help in giving companionship to the very old, or very disabled as in the blind or deaf or quadriplegics, or the mentally ill. In other words people who need a great amount of what today is human attention and care.

But lets go back to what would be the killer application of androids, which is relationships.

How many people do you really like around here anyway? And of those, how much do you really like them?

Even of those whom you like, if you could wave a magic wand and improve on them, (as you determine improvement should be) would you?

Westerners are very afraid of these questions but the Japanese are not. That is because more than any other society in the world, the Japanese see each other less personally and more based on a social contract in which we as individuals fulfill functions for each other. So the question for the Japanese is, can androids fulfill functions needed by humans better than other humans can? And if the answer is yes, it is build, build build.

Androids however are not quite ready for prime time. While artificial intelligence is at a very high level and can realistically mimic human thoughts and reactions, that is at least for now only available in processors that need too much energy and produce too much heat to be able to be placed in a battery powered android. And if such a processor could be used, it would need to be recharged every few minutes.

I am certain that there are also mechanical problems involved, so that the android can show the subtle changes of facial expressions and body movements that humans are likely to make in any particular situation.

But android technology is still moving ahead at breakneck speeds. And as Michael Snyder has headlined on his blog ” The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots“.

Here you can meet Asuna today’s state of the art android.

Given the amount of bandwidth of the internet devoted to pornography, I can well imagine that the first released popularly prices sex android will have lines at retailers that will make Apple products look like no one came.

While a fully functioning android mate is thought to be about 40 years into the future, in reality it could be developed much more quickly. That is because the Japanese companies working on it are very small and have very little capital.

If for example the Americans at the National laboratories wanted to create full functioning androids to meet pretty much any market need they could probably produce a prototype within ten years at the most.

But of course the Americans are much more interested in using their assets to develop science fiction levels of weapons of mass destruction and to create smart nuclear weapons and missile systems. 

As societies become wealthy, we find that people do not like to live together. For some time now in Northern Europe and in North America more than 25% of households had just one person in them. And this number is rising every year.

The demands of our female ancestors for a husband might well have been that he could support his family and that he refrained from physical violence. For men it might have been that she cooked, gave him sex when he wanted it and didn’t nag. Simple people. Simple times.

Now peoples’ demand lists are considerably longer. And if at any time those demands are not met, that is frequently considered grounds for divorce. If we continue to place demands on each other that are historically unrealistic, (based on real not fictionalized human behavior) and not on how “experts” say is how we should behave, the number of people living alone will continue to explode and android companions and partners will be in great demand.

Intolerance of each other is a function of our individual and collective egotism. If it continues unabated then we may well find that androids, designed especially for our programmed individual needs may become the social basis for the future. What of course we will lose is our humanity. But that will be because we do not like, or value it all that much.

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Red Pill View readers know that at this moment ISIS represents militant Sunni nationalism in the MENA. (Middle East, North Africa). And because the US has forbidden the regional powers of Turkey and Iran to divide up the Levant, (Syria for Turkey and Iraq for Iran) ISIS is effectively growing in a vacuum with little resistance.

Long term Red Pill readers also know that ISIS Is militarily weak, especially in Sh’ia dominated Iraq but it is not that strong in Syria either. The proof of this is that they have failed to take Kobani from the massively outnumbered and outgunned Syrian Kurds and a reworked Iraqi army has stopped their move towards Baghdad.

The most important military objective now for anti Isis fighters, is to take back the oil fields and refineries that they took in their original successful operations particularly in Iraq. By doing that ISIS’s financing will be greatly damaged. The first step of doing that is just what the Iraqi army accomplished two days ago in Biaji.

Rebuilding the Iraqi army will take some time, but ISIS is not strong enough to prevent it from from happening and then being able to push it back even further, if not completely out of the country.

But what ISIS can do and is doing, is to consolidate its position within the territories it now controls. Kurdish estimates that ISIS now has a 200,000 fighting force are probably highly exaggerated. It is in the interest of the Kurds to give an unrealistic public estimate of the threat that they face, as they are looking for US funding and arms.

On the other hand the numbers of ISIS fighters is surely now more than the 31,500 that the CIA estimated in September.  And that estimate was two to three times higher than the estimate of just 10,000 just three months earlier.

Some of the new recruitment has continued to come from foreign sources, but it is reasonable to expect that the bulk of it has come from the Sunni areas of the Levant ISIS has conquered.

As Red Pill readers know ISIS was primarily a group of foreign mercenaries. That meant that winning the hearts and mind of the local Sunnis of the Levant would prove a challenge. 

In the end the only way ISIS can do this, is with what is seen as good governance. That isn’t hard since the Sunnis of the region have been unfairly and even viciously treated by the Alawite government in Syria and the Sh’ia government in Iraq.

While it hasn’t been reported by the media ISIS is certainly following the formula of Hamas, by giving food and medical care to people in the regions it controls, in order to win their minds and hearts. To the degree that ISIS is successful, young Sunnis are going to join up in order to help them liberate their fellow Sunnis in the region.

And of course as they advertise, ISIS is capable of getting men to join by threats to them or their family as well.

So if we were to estimate that ISIS’s real numbers now might be 50,000 plus, the strength of their fighters will depend on whether the new comers were effectively volunteers or conscripts. Numbers of conscripts only serve to inflate the numbers of boots on the ground, as these people will tend to be the first to throw their guns away and run when the going gets tough, at least if they feel that their families are safe.

The fact is however that ISIS is consolidating its position, even if it cannot take much in the way of new territory and may even have to give back some of its past gains. And in this consolidation process they are doing what they need to do to become a functioning government including creating their own money.

So the number of ISIS fighters, either volunteers or conscripts, should continue to mushroom over the coming weeks and months. The 200,000 figure given by the Kurdish leader is surely a fiction today, but may well be a reality by this time next year.

And as ISIS is creating what many Sunni Muslims will see as the only independent Sunni entity in the MENA, many, many will see it as a unifying force.

That is now happening in Libya where Red Pill View readers know that the neo Colonialist forces, (centered at the UN) that overthrew and murdered Qaddafi are now struggling to take power against rag tag groupings of nationalists and Jihadhi militias.

ISIS is now moving into Libya and may well prove to be a unifying force for popular Sunni resistance there. This has to be frightening for Egyptian dictator and Washington supported General Sisi, as he is sitting on and repressing a powder keg of over half his population, who because they support the Muslim Brotherhood, (MB) he has deemed to effectively be “terrorists”.

These millions of supporters of the MB’s democratically elected president Morsi, many of whose leaders and activists have been jailed, tortured and murdered by Sisi, are a perfect breeding ground for new ISIS volunteers.

Sisi knows this however and can be expected to act against ISIS in Libya, if it becomes strong enough and he feels he has no other choice.

People who absorb the propaganda of Empire are dumbfounded as to how such a group, (ISIS) of what they view to be murderers, criminals, rapists and thugs can actually attract so many people? Here we get a “warning” about ISIS from non other than the UN which says; “ISIL Committing War Crimes in Syria”.  The article goes on to say; “The, (UN) commission called on the perpetrators to be brought to justice, for instance, before the International Criminal Court.”

Well when Westerners see all of the be-headings and hear about the enslavement of women and the rapes they say “Oh my. How horrible”! “Something really needs to be done”.

But people throughout the Sunni Muslim world ask what happened to the war criminals Bush, Blair Cheney and now Obama, Clinton and Kerry who are responsible for killing over a million in Iraq, over 200,000 in Syria and tens of thousands in Libya? Where are their trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

And exactly why hasn’t Netanyahu been brought up for his war crimes against crimes against humanity?

While these be-headings and horrible deeds against civilians by ISIS may seem like “terrorism” to the peoples of the West, to many young angry Sunnis who live in countries controlled by Western puppet dictators, they see these “victims” as probably being traitors having gotten what they deserved.

This is a case for endless angry Sunnis, of dramatizing to Western peoples a small part of the terror they have created throughout the MENA in over a century of colonialism and neo colonialism of which the UN hypocrites, (as per its role in Libya) has been a part.

It is important that people who imbibe the anti ISIS propaganda from the West, understand that millions upon millions of Sunni Muslims globally will interpret things in exactly the opposite way as the media wants you to view it.

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Population control has been around at least since Thomas Malthus, (1766- 1823) who decided that at some point human populations would outstrip resources and WE WOULD ALL DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS! 

From that, population control came into favor amongst many level high intellectuals and national elites, who felt it their natural duty to save the human race from its scourge or at least their own line.

But if populations were to be thinned it stood to reason that one wanted to filter out only those, who low on the genetic hierarchy of life, really shouldn’t have the right to reproduce themselves.

This gave way to the ideas of eugenics where the government, or some group of uber humans would determine who should live and who should die. Perhaps counter-inventively, eugenics was first popularized by “humanists” with an anti clerical bent in the early part of the 20th century.

The Socialist Fabian Society of Britain was a repository of such thinking. In it, now revered names like George Bernard Shaw, HG Wells and Bertrand Russell thought long and hard about how the human race should be perfected, as obviously only great intellectuals might know how to do.

Shaw said; “The only fundamental and possible socialism is the socialization of the selective breeding of man.”

While; “”Russell proposed that the state should issue colour-coded “procreation tickets” to prevent the gene pool of the elite being diluted by inferior human beings.”‘

And Wells not to be outdone; “”praised eugenics as the first step towards the elimination of “”detrimental types and characteristics” and the “fostering of desirable types” instead.”‘

Also counter- intuitively the main opposition to the ideas of Eugenics and population control, came from the Roman Catholic Church. Yes the very same institution that condemned people to a horrible death who dared to say that the sun did not revolve around the earth, (although that is still believed by a fourth of the American population).

And yes the very same Church of Rome that kept its believers in a constant state of mortal terror, that particularly due to their wayward genitalia they were very likely going to go to a horrible hell for eternity, only to now admit that such a hell really never existed and that they were just kidding.

A Catholic priest Robert Hugh Benson in 1903, leaned hard against Eugenics and a world controlled by elites, along with tidy “humanistic” intellectuals when he wrote a dystopian novel “Lord of the World” about a global dictatorship in which eugenics is a central theme.

Bad boy Hitler however, who not only believed in eugenics and population control, but was a famous practitioner of both, made Eugenics a topic no longer spoken of openly in polite company,

But with over 7 billion people on the planet and still growing, the ideas of Malthus, (within closed doors and with deniability) the topic of eugenics is sneaking back into fashion. But the Catholic Church, just as one hundred years ago is standing up against what has become a quiet onslaught of global “humanists” who want to “save” especially poor people and people of color from their own vice of fertility.

The horrors of Malthusian economics are now fashionable again. It was the theme of Don Brown, (The Da Vinci Code) book “The Inferno“. And it is Paul and Anne Ehrlich, who reaffirm it again with their latest paper on the subject, (published by the Royal Society) titled ; ‘Can a Collapse of Global Civilization Be Avoided? ’ The Ehrlichs are embraced by none other than Prince Charles.

The idea that Africans are particularly egregious sinners in the world of human fertility is written about as a Geo Political problem by Stratfor, which is famous for producing “Global Intelligence”.

Strtfor however says that it is not all of Africa, (which has a relatively low population density when compared to Europe and Asia) but only special parts like Nigeria and Kenya, where Stratfor writes, “The highest increase in new births in the world between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Nigeria. By 2050, Nigeria’s population is projected by the United Nations to be 389 million, rivaling that of the United States at 403 million”

Stratfor goes on to say;  “The phenomenon of rapid population growth in Africa is probably at its most acute in East Africa. This region has one of the highest population growth-rates in the world. It is projected, for example, that Kenya’s population will increase from the current 43 million to over 100 million by 2050.”

Up until now there has been lots of speculation by what the mainstream media would call “conspiracy theorists” that the UN, (and private companies associated with the UN) as well as US AID have been busy spiking vaccines sent to women in many parts of the impoverished world with chemicals aimed at sterilizing them. 

Here is a March 11, 2004 report originating not surprisingly from the Catholic Church on the spiking of Polio vaccines aimed at sterilizing Nigerian women. That study however, was not done with enough depth.

But last week the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops claimed that vials of a tetanus vaccine being used in a program administered by the World Health Organization and UNICEF contain a chemical hormone that causes miscarriages and other infertility issues. And this time the Church did its homework. They asked to do the testing of the tetanus vaccines, (provided by the World Health Organization, or a company it outsources to) in cooperation with the Kenyan government which is heavily dependent on monies from the West. Nairobi refused.

So the Church hired its own labs and doctors and did the testing itself.  Neither the government in Nairobi nor the World Health Organization would comment on the results. These tetanus vaccinations are not so strangely targeted at women between 15 and 49 years of age. The major media have ignored this story pretty much everywhere.

Here is why. At the highest levels people are saying that overpopulation is a special problem in Africa and Asia. Here is a short video of Obama’s newly appointed Ebola Czar Ron Klain who says openly in front of a smug white woman; “The top leadership issue in the world today is how to deal with the continuing growing population…… and all of the resource demands it places on the world. And burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia that lack the resources to have a happy life”.

This insidious and lying propaganda is then disseminated at a popular level on “Yahoo Answers”, where the “question” is posed “Is Mass Sterilization the Answer?”, to which the “authority” John H responds; “There is no solution to the starving people in Africa. This may seem a bold statement but tragically it is true. Band Aid – World Aid – Action on Famine – whilst all very good movements, are taking on a problem that is multiplying by the hour…… . African women have no concept of birth control – African men are of the opinion that a large family will bring wealth – and the resulting population explosion gathers momentum with the resulting famine and death……… Educating these masses seems an impossible task………. The answer may be mass sterilization of women after the first child……….. Harsh ? Yes – very harsh……..There seems to be no other answer.”

Adding to that, the “Best Answer” as stated by Yahoo was given by someone called “Abydos” (an African name?) who said about sterilization “It would be a great answer. I grew up poor. I knew making a baby would keep me poor. So I had a vasectomy when I was 21.”

The idea that Africa lacks natural resources is even dumber than believing that the world is flat. It is Africa’s natural resources that China and the US are competing for today and were the main reason for more than 200 years of European imperialism. Even if one accepted the extremely irrational premise, (which as a real matter is based on racism) that Africa cannot develop enough fertile land to feed itself, there are many places in the world where that is the case like say Puerto Rico. or Monaco, or Singapore or arguably Japan.

But no one suggests that the women of these places should be sterilized so as to bring populations down to match resources.

That is what international trade is supposed to be all about.

If Africa is to be able to feed itself, the solution is not to sterilize its girls and women, but for Washington, the UN and Europe who are soooo “concerned” for the well being of the people of the continent, to get the hell out and let the African people take control of their own resources and their own lives.

Without another 100 years of colonialism Africans will sort out their own problems.

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The US has been at war overtly or covertly for more than 100 years. So Federal Government conspiracies have metastasized from the strategies and tactics used only in a hot war, to pretty much all elements of the life of the people that government determines is best kept secret.

So it is that the US government has outsourced biological warfare experimentation to places, where it is legal under “international law” and where if anything were to get out of hand it would only impact on people whom they consider to be sub human anyway.

Obama’s newly appointed ‘Ebola Czar’ Ron Klain, said “”the top leadership issue challenging the world today was “how to deal with the continuing growing population in the world” including “burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia.””

Ron should know that Washington has been doing its level best to control overpopulation worldwide, as it eliminates millions of people in the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. And guess what it turns out that Ebola is just one of those ways of doing it.

So why would Obama send someone who wants a diminution of humans on the planet to end one of his government’s solutions to it?.

Beats me. But then this is the same Washington that is sending in troops, (not medical people) to kill Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Wow were they issued Ebola guns? What kind of ammo do they use?

As with most important issues of our time, if you try and understand what is happening from Empire’s propaganda press, you will be led down endless dead end paths of contradictions leading exactly nowhere.

Since everything important is a “national security” secret for which the governments of Empire feel honor bound to lie about, (and their media honor bound not to expose) if one wants to discover the truth, one has to develop a narrative, piece by piece from whatever information is out there.

On complex issues, typically well hidden, it is rare that you can create a narrative that is “beyond reasonable doubt”, but you can create one that is close to the truth based on the weight of the evidence, at least compared to the evidence presented with any other narrative.

Paul Craig Roberts has been doing a magnificent job for his countrymen and for the people of the planet exposing the raw aggression of his government, both inside the country and globally.

Here PCR outdoes himself. He did the work to put this narrative together, so that we can know within reasonable limits just where Ebola came from and how dangerous it is likely to be. If you know of any narrative that makes more sense than this one, please do send it on to Red Pill Views.

Until then I believe that this is the “start of the art” narrative on the source of Ebola and I expect that as new data comes in it will simply fill in the holes of what is still unknown in this narrative, as opposed to creating a new one.

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Secular democracies are not native to the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. Some form of Sharia law is. But during and after the colonial period, Western powers installed elites to run these countries and they grew up and were educated with Western ideas and ideals.

The higher level of these elites in the Middle East and North Africa were typically educated in Europe. But a relatively large educated and empowered class also arose who were accustomed to living in a local stylized version of what were European values.

Many such people were- are devout Muslims, but want religion in their societies to be a private matter as it is in the West. They did not want an Islamic state.

The problem was that this educated class were first the servants of the imperialists and later the servants of the elites, who were installed by the imperialists after their countries got their nominal independence. So their power and privileges were and are still linked to the imperial agendas of Western powers, a by product of which has been the repression of the masses of the regions, leaving them ignorant, backward and impoverished.

These dis-empowered people, (the majority in all of the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa) believe that their misery is the result of corrupt, unjust and oppressive governments which are not internal to their countries. They long for a society that would have at its base, what they believe to be the natural justice that they see in the Holy Quran.

The angriest of these repressed Sunnis are recruited by the Empire as Jihadhis. But the vast majority of such people are not centered in violence and are represented by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The Arab Spring represented the awakening of the vast underclasses of the Middle East and North Africa. For the most part however, there has been a counter- revolution as in Egypt where they have been repressed with great savagery and violence.

Besides the fact that there is a large professional, educated and well off class in Egypt who do not want to lose their privileges, many millions of Egyptians who are accustomed to living in what to them is a reasonably free country, do NOT want to live under a governmental version of Sharia law. For them, (as Anwar Sadat was) Islam is a private matter.

While the secular Muslims of the region may be a minority, in many countries they are a large, even very large minority and of course they typically hold all of the power in their countries as well as the support of Empire, (US, Britain, France, Israel etc).

These Muslim secularists fear an Islamic government, fear governmental Sharia law and therefor they fear the will of a majority of their own people. This has led to revolutions- counterrevolutions, repression and war such as is now raging in Libya.

The question remains, is it possible for an Islamist faction, (supported by the majority in a country) to live in harmony with the minority of empowered secularists in support of a greater good? Can there be a country that lives sort of under Islamic law and sort of not?

One might think of Turkey. But that would not be a good example. Better educated Western Turks for the most part do not want to live under governmental Islamic law. Erdogan, (past Prime Minister and now President) does. He has cobbled together a coalition of nationalist and Eastern Turks and has become a virtual one man rule in his country. Erdogan doesn’t share anything voluntarily.

Erdogan wrestles whatever power he can from the old secular- military Kemalist establishment. Exactly how far he wants to go to shape Turkey into an Islamic state remains to be seen. His idea of “democracy” seems to be to win an election, and then do whatever he wants afterwards, using his position to expand his powers including through constitutional changes, so that these powers can be made semi- permanent.

That leaves Turkey as a bitterly divided society with a wannabe autocrat running the show.

Tunisia on the other hand is different. After the 2011 “Jasmine Revolution” that overthrew the tong term dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, (who represented French interests and the Tunisian secularists) the Islamist party Ennahda won the first free and fair election.  Many of its leaders had been imprisoned by Ben Ali who was, as was most of the secular- neo colonial regimes of the region savagely repressive of Islamists.

According to the Nida Tounes, (the party of Tunisia’s secularists) Ennahda when in power was “soft” on violent Jihadhis which created a security issue for the nation and after two opposition politicians were killed last year, the “Jasmine Revolution” was at the point of going up in flames Egypt style.

But amazingly both Nida- Tounes and Ennahda stepped back from the brink. Both parties agreed that the country’s economic problems, (lack of development, dependency on Tourism, chronic unemployment and poverty) should be something that both groups should work together to address, and that ideological differences should take a back seat.

So all sides negotiated. A new constitution was written by parliament and Ennahda handed power to an interim government of independents. As a part of this broad agreement Ennahda de facto agreed not to seek the presidency in the coming November elections, (in effect ceding it to the secularists) but would try and win as many seats as it could in the parliamentary elections coming up this month.

This acts as a de facto power sharing agreement, where the majority voluntarily agrees not to take too much power and thus the minority is more ready to give up some of its powers in an inclusive government.

This was in fact the type of deal Mandela brokered in South Africa, although there the empowered minority were white and the dis-empowered majority black.  By the white South African De Klerk agreeing to Black majority rule, and Mandela agreeing that that rule could not strip Whites of what they had, South Africa avoided what would have been a devastating civil war that might have killed a million or more and left the country in devastation.

In Tunisia, due to this agreement between Nida- Tounes and Ennahda, popular rule in the country may not be perfect. There is nowhere  however that it is. And the ingredients of peace and time may well act to lessen the class differences in the country and make way for governments that will be more and more representative in the future.

If it works and there is nowhere in the region where anything like this has worked, it will be a great model for development in Islamic countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

And interestingly if this Tunisian model were to work, it could be a model for a one state Palestine- Israel solution, that is if both parties to this never ending conflict ever decide that peace is indeed what they want.

I for one will be praying for the people of Tunisia. I wish them peace and prosperity.


Arman Matthews