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Recep Tayyip Erdogan is poised to win the Presidential election in Turkey this week, as he seeks to empower himself, (and change the structure of the Turkish Republic) Caliph like on the throne in Ankara.

He was originally hired by Empire, and gushed over in its propaganda medium, to be their favorite Muslim in the Sunni Middle East. He was supposed to create the kind of very mildly Islamic government Empire wanted in Ankara, and to export this model throughout the region. Needless to say Erdo was supposed to have a benign policy relative to Israel and one that would be distant, (although a little humanitarian would be OK) from Hamas and the Palestinians.

Erdo was truly Empire’s boy until hmmmmm………… he wasn’t.

When President of Israel Shimon Peres addressed the Turkish parliament during a visit in 2007, (the first Israeli leader to address a parliament in an Islamic nation) well that was what Empire wanted.

But then, after beginning to send some tough rhetorical missiles at Tel Aviv, Erdo sent the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” on the 31st May 2010, aimed at embarrassing Israel internationally for its illegal naval blockade of Gaza. Ten people on the Flotilla were killed when the Israeli navy claimed that they met armed resistance on the ship MV Mavi Marmara.

Since Israel’s behavior was illegal under “international law” and the deaths were there for murder, the incident drew widespread attention and made Erodogan a hero of Islamic resistance to many, both in Turkey and around the Muslim world.

Then in 2012 when Mohamed Morsi , (The Muslim Brotherhood) became the first democratically elected president of Egypt, Erdo showed both him and his political party, a LOT more solidarity and support than Empire was comfortable with.

Empire and Erdo were however working together constructively to support Al Nusra and other Jihadhi butchers in Syria, to overthrow the Assad regime. But then, even that relationship broke down with mutual hostility.

Empire wanted and still wants chaos and the breaking up of the nation of Syria into small easily digestible and controllable chunks. Since Empire does NOT want a Muslim Brotherhood government in Damascus, (that could unite Muslims across national borders and threaten Israel) it is happy to keep Assad in power as the head of a vastly weakened and broken up nation.

Erdogan on the other hand wanted and still wants Assad gone yesterday. Ankara wants to extend its influence over a united Syria as a part of Erodogan’s growing New Ottoman Caliphate.

Those in Washington en-charged with the Turkey portfolio, heaved in their executive bathrooms. They came out red faced muttering “regime change”, “regime change”.

To implement this Empire unleashed their “Demonstrations to Go Unit” and also powerful people within a Trojan horse they had long since sent to Turkey, called the Gulen movement.ülen_movement

None of it worked. Empire was then getting ready to sabotage the Turkish economy, (as it had done to the much weaker Egyptian economy under Morsi) and destroy their currency when it decided it had bigger fish to fry.

It was called the Ukraine and the Western Front of Cold War 2 that the Obamanation has declared against Russia and China.

And that has given Erodogan breathing room.

Vlad actually admires Erdogan personally because unlike Obama, Cameron or Hollande he actually has a back bone. But for Vlad, Erodo’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood, (including Hamas) and his desire for a new Ottoman Caliphate in the Middle East independent of Empire is a non starter.

For Vlad Empire is bad enough. He does not want another burgeoning empire, (this one Islamic) to rise up next door that will complicate matters for Russia more than they already are.

But Vlad does recognize that Erdogan is something more than an Empire stooge and he will play that card as best he can for the benefit of Russia. And Erdogan in turn will cozy up to Vlad to create distance between himself and Empire and wring out whatever independence he can possibly get and still remain a NATO member.

A resounding win for Erdo on Sunday will help to empower him to do these things. But since the President’s power in Turkey has always been limited and secondary to that of the Prime Minister, (his present non renewable job) he is going to have to change the Turkish Constitution to get the power he wants and needs so that he can continue to work to create Ottoman power in the Middle East.

It will be when Erdo tries to change the constitution, that I expect his political enemies both inside and outside of Ankara will have their best chance to sabotage him and circumscribe his ambitions.

The Oceans are dying. A half million toxic chemicals, all approved by the FDA have been dumped onto the oceans. And with endless other industrial waste products the oxygen in the ocean is disappearing.

Anaerobic bacteria is falling to the ocean floor, producing methane and toxins, (IE botulism) turning it into a virtual septic tank.

Put your head in a septic tank and try and breath. You will get the idea. The lack of oxygen is killing fish which fall to the ocean floor to decompose into, you guessed more methane. All of this is heating the oceans beyond their capacity to sustain their ecosystem. The Oceans are dying and with them will go virtually all human life.

The global Oligarchs know this very well. For the past 20 years they have been doing super computer, (military grade) modeling of the environment using the smartest and most knowledgeable people on the planet, The results have ALWAYS come in that the planet is about to have an ecological melt down of historic proportions and that it is going to vomit humanity off the face of the earth.

The underlying reasons are simply human greed. Pedal to the metal for development, without any real concern for its planetary impact. The people who do the developing make the money, and it is no sweat at all for them to buy off any agencies of municipal, regional or national government to let them do what they do in the cheapest way possible.

As powerful as the Oligarchs are they have limited control over this process. For example in Chinas willy nilly rush to develop they paid scant attention to the environmental impact. From their standpoint they had over a billion mouths to feed. But the results are easily visible to those who visit Beijing or Shanghai in terms of their air quality.

But as much garbage as the Chinese have pumped into the air, they have pumped far more industrial waste into the Oceans.

Another example is the Japanese Fukushima disaster. As old and by modern standards dangerous as this plant was and is, the disaster could easily have been averted, by good maintenance, which was not given due to the usual corruption.

In order to control all of this and to use all known technologies to stop and hopefully reverse the damage, the Oligarchs need a global government under their control.

Until then the Oligarchs are building what amounts to underground cities as fast as they can, in the hopes they will be able to survive a planetary melt down. While I don’t know what technologies they have in place to provide themselves with oxygen, clean water, light, food, and energy in their cave world, it is highly unlikely they will be able to survive very long after the oceans overheat to the point that there is a melt down of planetary life.

And that type of “survival” is not one that I believe many of us would envy. I imagine that it will make the open air prison in Gaza look like paradise. At least these people have air and sunshine.

From the same super computer modeling they have been doing for a generation, the Oligarchs also believe that the maximum carrying capacity of the planet is around 500 million people. And that in the end, the environmental disaster the world is facing is because humans are super saturating the planet.

So once the Oligarchs have a global dictatorship in place, as a part of their work to fix environmental issues, they will need to prune the human race.

While the technologies are in place to produce androids, the easiest and cheapest thing is simply to genetically screen for those who are born to be self directing creativity machines. Those people, like top scientists and top artists live to create. Their happiness normally depends on how well or badly their current project is going. Except for personal vanity they don’t work for money.

Once these people are put in place, the global ecological balance is restored, and the world is rid of those whose only function is consuming, there will be no need for a money system. Just debits and credits. There will be far more natural resources available than are necessary for these few people.

From the standpoint of the Oligarchs today everything is going well on the road to their global government. Headstrong global Islam has been pretty much broken down into small, readily digestible chunks, each with little capacity to function outside of a global government- system- network.

The ONLY problems are Vlad and Xi, who will never surrender the sovereignty of their people. And that is what is going on now at the Geo Political level.

Many people, believe that the global aggression of Empire is due to its corruption and decay. Some believe that it is due to its bankrupt economic model based on unpayable debt. Many of the most intelligent ones like Paul Craig Roberts believe that this is about World War 3, Many see Empire’s hyper aggression as a combination of all three of these themes.

They are all WRONG! Empire is behaving globally as an alpha animal trying to get any rival animal to back down. Empire believes that it has such massive scientific- technological military advantage at the level of Weapons of Mass Destruction, (which at this level is ALL that will define a war) over both China and Russia together, that if it brings them to the brink of war, they will stand down as Gorbachev did a generation ago.

Empire will then effectively appoint their leaders and form the global government.

For those who still believe in the World War 3 scenario understand this. If Empire wanted World War 3 it could start it right now. It doesn’t need any of its present bluster, posturing and Geo Political games. If it were to start a 3d world war it could do it by what would seem to be an environmental attack. For example Empire has viruses specifically targeted to a particular genetic group that will wipe them out while looking like a natural occurrence.

This is not YET what Empire wants. They simply want Russia and China to stand down.

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This articles is a standard in the financial press. Underlining it is the usual BIG LIE that purports that banks are somehow sovereign entities which of course they are to the US Supreme Court. Expect that august institution to soon rule that all money in billion dollar chunks and above is also sovereign.

But to the rest of the world banks are secondary institutions beneath governments. They can only do what governments allow them to do.  Here we are told by Daily Mail economist Alex Brummer that the banks who have wrecked society have not reformed. Brummer effectively tells us that these Mega Banks still are lying, cheating corrupt, institutions, ready to blow up again at any time to the detriment of the public.

In other words Mr. Brummer the government of the UK has not reformed. So the banks haven’t either. Take a look at this picture of David Cameron below.  Do you think he is there to reform anything or anyone at all? In the end however, if the British people actually vote for this man, they will get exactly what they deserve.





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We may get lucky as my bro Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami has agreed, sometime in future to contribute to Red Pill Views. The link below is as an example of his excellent analysis.

I of course agree with him that the old colonial powers put in flunkies to head these countries when they left. At the time it really didn’t matter much who, because these new countries were weak and easily controlled by their past Imperial masters.

But as countries like Iraq grew and developed dictators like Saddam Hussein had ideas of his own. He had delusions that Empire was corrupt and in decline, (still today a common delusion of Empire haters) and that he was now an independent player. WRONG!!!

After Empire installed Maliki in Baghdad they thought that he understood, (especially after having had Saddam’s head handed to him on a silver Imperial platter) his position relative to Washington was on his knees. Well wasn’t Empire wrong this time.

Malike must have made the incorrect assumption that Empire was not going to be politically and economically capable of re-invading Iraq to depose of him, so like Saddam before him he could do whatever he wanted. WRONG!!!

Malike’s endless cruelties to his own Sunni population created a natural base for violent Push- Back, which Empire was quick to exploit by bringing in their favorite Jihadhis to help to focus Sunni anger and of course coopt. They are called ISIS.

Empire does not trust any ME puppet anymore to run a major nation state. So now it is in the process of breaking these states up into small, tasty, readily digestible chunks. They are using ISIS as a solvent, the end purpose of which is to create a Sunni area, favorable to Riyadh which one Jihadhi group or another will define in a swath of what was Iraq and Syria.

While Baghdad and Damascus will be controlled by Tehran with, as a part of this de facto deal Malikis at least political head having to go. And third a de facto Kurdish state will go under the control of Ankara with Israelis support.

That will make all regional powers happy as everyone gets something and Empire gets the much weaker more divided region they want, that it assumes will be much easier to control.

But watch out many of the Jihadhis are psychopaths. That means they will kill you, yes you, just for fun. And what happens when they get their hands on oil money and don’t need the Saudis anymore? Hmmm…… that seems to be what has happened in Libya. Result Chaos. Well that’s not so bad for Empire either.

But for the people of Syria, iraq and Libya it is a nightmare that they can’t wake up from.



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The Palestinians have no support, or very little support, (Iran and Qatar) from any nation state. Some governments will say all sorts of things as to what victims the Palestinians are and how horrible the Israelis are, (Erdogan in Turkey being the grand champion) but when push comes to shove these countries will do pretty close to nothing.

I have written a paper as to why this is true, which I will soon publish here on Red Pill Views. I have also written and published about the Palestinian- Israeli issue from a humanitarian perspective.

But in the end the Palestinian Israeli conflict is sadly about war. So I believe we need to speak about the realities of war in general and this one in particular.

Put your self in the shoes of a general at war. He has two jobs, winning it and taking minimal losses particularly of his troops who he is directly responsible for. He does not care at all how many enemy combatants he kills, and he only cares to a very limited degree how many civilians he kills, especially if those civilians are supportive of the enemy.

Urban warfare has always been tough, as cities are ideal environments for enemy soldiers to hide and take positions in. As a general you can lose a lot of troops trying to take a city house by house.

Trust American innovation to come up with solutions to this. The nuclear one was called Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The non nuclear, which killed more people was Hamburg and Dresden.  What the Americans did is simply bomb these cities to rubble. At a certain point the inhabitants scurry out of their holes hands raised above their heads and ready for processing. A few partisans remain, but usually taking them out amongst the rubble will not cost you too many of your soldiers.

Clean and efficient warfare, (from the standpoint of your troops) but with maximum collateral damage. So the American way for handling what they would view as the Gaza insurrection would be to level it completely, kill or arrest all combatants and then rehouse the civilian population in tent cities.

The Israelis are not allowed to do this however because Big Brother in Washington has told them that they can’t. This is because most of the people of the world, (even with all of Empire’s propaganda) know that the Israelis are wrong in their war against the Palestinians. But most of the world’s peoples have no skin in the game there, and have long since numbed themselves to “news” in the area.

If Israel was to do something dramatically horrible however, flattening all of Gaza and killing tens of thousands of civilians, Empire worries that all of this can change. So they want Netanyahu to go about his business, but as much beneath the radar as is possible.

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The present generation of Israelis and Palestinians are hopeless. Both groups hate, fear and distrust one another. Their bellicose representatives reflect these deep seated hatreds. Worse once entrenched in power these representatives, (even if democratically elected) have a vested interest in the perpetuation of hostilities as they were typically elected to win the conflicts that arise from them.

It is important to understand that in this long war, the Palestinians have been the losers. And as I write their military resistance seems likely to be in its death throws. Any attacks on the part of the Palestinians, like rocket attacks, are no matter how justified,  are simply suicidal. And it is highly likely that very soon Palestinian armed resistance will end.

As I have written previously foreign governments will do NOTHING to help and just as bad, outside of some Muslims and people of the True Left no one else is going to really care either.

People would far rather watch World Cup games because the teamwork and solidarity of these players of all nations, races, religions and ethnic groups who merge their individual talents into a greater whole, points to what is best in all of us.

Who would rather see a child’s head split open and his brain pouring out? That is the worst of what humans can be. And although things like this have happened quite commonly, (in wars) throughout human history, this is something the vast majority of humanity would rather forget.

So if there is ever to be peace with justice in Palestine- Israel there has to be a completely new narrative that is “out of the box” of any used before, one that the people of the world will WANT to embrace. There are many ways to approach a problem. The following is only one. It will always have to start as a dream, but we cannot do anything unless we dream of it first.

I am gong to pick on poor Roger Waters. He was the front man for the British band Pink Floyd. They were very, very popular in the 1970s and many, many people still love their music. Roger feels great pain for the suffering of the Palestinian people. And he is furious at Israel for it. But Roger’s approach is a template for the wrong way to deal with the problems in Palestine- Israel. Instead of helping the Palestinians, all he will do, is like verbal rockets make their situation worse.

In Tel Aviv, as has always happened throughout history, people who hate LIVE ON HATE. They feed on it. So for Netanyahu, when he reads Roger’s words, or the similar words of others, it only makes him smile.

Netanyahu and the other Israeli haters will not take Roger’s words seriously. All they will see in these words is hatred, of them, of Israel and of Jews in general. Roger to Bibi and other haters in Tel Aviv is just another Anti- Semite. Yet another reason why Israel must be as strong as steel and ready to attack its enemies BEFORE their enemies can attack them.

As a real matter however, there are not all that many enemies Israel can attack. They cannot hit Roger and they cannot hit other foreigners who they view as Anti Israel. But whenever Israeli haters are angry, they can always hit the Palestinian people who are sitting ducks.

Does that mean that we cannot criticize Israel? Of course not. But it would be best to keep our criticisms as free from hyperbole as possible. And much better than criticisms, would be to help the Palestinians attain some form of Soft Power.

Roger Waters is a very popular and world famous musician. As such he has a gift of music that he can give, and he has a certain amount of clout, (that you and I do not have) with some powerful people. So instead of just foaming at the mouth and pissing off powerful and vengeful people in Tel Aviv, and telling other musicians to boycott Israel, what if Roger talked with other musicians like Bono, who claim to care about humanity and together with others tried to bring some outside political clout on Netanyahu for a deal.

And that deal would be that Roger and these musicians WOULD indeed play Israel, (at their standard fees) but afterwards they would do a free concert in the Gaza and/ or the West Bank.

Once allowed Roger might bring in musicians from all over the world. Arab musicians, American rappers who can empathize with racism and oppression, European musicians. And how about South African musicians, as Mandela said that Black South Africans could never be truly free until their Palestinian brothers were as well. Perhaps those who loved Mandela will honor this.

And perhaps such, “We Are The World” type concerts can be done EVERY YEAR in Palestine- Israel. Why not?

Even if successful, something like this will not convince Israeli Jews to say, “Wow, we are sorry we took your land. We are going to pack up our bags and go back to Romania, Poland, Russia and Brooklyn.”

Nor will they agree for everyone in the region, Jews and Muslims alike to live together in a Muslim majority state.

But such soft power would accomplish smaller things that may be big things to a long suffering people.

Think of the international publicity these events would bring to Palestine, a totally different type than the usual hate- killing- bombing- terrorist military, homes bulldozed, thuggery, that turns everyone off.

Western bands playing along side Arab and Palestinian, European and African bands, working together and respectful of each other, the very type of thing that made the World Cup great and people everywhere united in loving it.

Think of how Palestinian kids and young people would feel in their prison states knowing and expecting that soon all of this great music is going to come their way. Think of how it would cheer up their dreary lives, counter depression and give them a light of hope that their world may someday get better.

During the festivals foreigners would see Palestinians as human beings and not just Hamas fighters. Human beings just like them. And even after the musicians had gone home, people around the world would know that Palestine exists, and to a degree focus on it in a way they do not focus on it today.

It will make it MUCH harder for Netanyahu to randomly kill Palestinians and bull doze their homes the way he does today, without people everywhere noticing and many of them WILL care.

I am also sure that there are many, many discouraged Jews in Israel who hate what their government is doing and want peace. They feel very isolated and alone, distrusted and even hated in their own country, and hated everywhere simply because they are Israeli Jews.

They would never be allowed to travel to these concerts in the West Bank or Gaza, but perhaps their Peace Groups can do their own free concerts in Tel Aviv. And maybe just maybe some of the great world musicians playing say in the West Bank, could helicopter in one day to jam with these Jewish kids and give them much needed solidarity, let them know the world honors them and they are NOT alone.

Do you have any idea how frightened the haters in Tel Aviv would be for something like this to happen? It would threaten to take away their reason to live, which is to hate Palestinians in the name of Israeli security. If a wave of peace blows through Israel it might even threaten them politically.

The one thing that the Palestinian and Israeli haters will be able to agree on is, that they will BOTH HATE for anything like this to ever happen. These deeply entrenched people have a vested interest in war and the continuation of hate, which is what empowers them within their own society. So it will take some great political will to force it down their throats.

There are however of people, (not politicians) of good will out there who do care about what is happening to the imprisoned Palestinian people. And many of them have political clout. If these people focused their attention and energies on doing positive non- political things, that will help to create peaceful bridges for young Palestinians and Israelis to cross and come together, that will bring peace one Palestinian and one Israeli at a time. And that is the only way forward for a large scale accord to ever happen.


Arman Matthews