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By Arman Matthews

While giant corporations plunder assets and resources abroad, they use government to economically suppress the rest of us at home, Buckminster Fuller concluded in 1981. * By the 21st Century, Fuller’s observation became common knowledge by that part of humanity not asleep at the wheel. The price, each has paid for this knowledge is revulsion, but revulsion won’t stop plunder and oppression, action alone can dissolve the source of our disgust.  However, action without understanding the hows and whys is like sailing without a rudder.  If we wish to undo what’s been done, we must first understand, as Fuller suggested, how it all came about in the first place.  How could a number of businesses that share a common form of business organization, have developed the size and power to enable them in league to become the scourge of humanity?

Most scholars find the seed of corporate gigantism in the Supreme Court case of “Southern Pacific Railroad vs. Santa Clara County” in 1878. A careful examination of this case and its background will provide an invaluable first step toward understanding how this situation came about in the first place.


Imagine, for a moment, that someone attending the Constitutional Convention has suddenly shouted, in the midst of a debate, “Hey guys, after we finish debating, don’t forget to include in this constitution that corporations are persons with the same rights of citizenship as natural persons!”  Without a doubt, guff offs would fill the room and laughter would prevail. Paradoxically, however, as a result of a compromise, the framers did insert an equally absurd concept regarding personhood into the Constitution and no one laughed or chuckled. That was the denial that Negro slave’s were persons entitled to the same rights of citizenship as other citizens in the United States. The assumption of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was the rights of men, been a statement was inserted in the Constitution saying some men didn’t have rights. This absurdity soon became a festering flaw in the nation’s firmware and eventually metastasized and consumed the body politic in civil war.


The Framers, and the humans for whom they wrote, were well aware of what damages to their wellbeing and country corporations could wreak. As a result of their distrust, states chartered corporations only for specific purposes determined by their legislatures to be in the public interest (e.g. building canals). Corporations were never chartered to just make a profit.

States chartered corporations long before they formed a Union. So, the right to charter corporations as they saw fit became a right reserved to the states by the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, Reserved to the states respectively, or to people.”  Prior restraints included in state corporate charters, included the following major limitations: duration (30 years or less), number of owners, and amount of their aggregated capital. The states also imposed other regulations as well as taxation, along with counties and cities. When a charter expired, corporate assets were distributed between shareholders, who were also responsible for any remaining liabilities, debts or wages.


Because Lincoln was a moderate abolitionist, the South walked out of Congress after his election in 1860. Without a Constitutional quorum, Congress is required to adjourn. However, according to parliamentary law, before adjourning, it first must set a date to reconvene.  This never happened, so Congress adjourned sine die* (without a day), meaning Congress no longer existed, since there was no parliamentary means of reconvening.  Lincoln, determined to hold the union together and left with no Congress to declare war, while the South readied for war, fabricated Martial Law by declaring a national emergency and issuing executive orders. This sequence of events placed the organic Constitutional government in suspended animation, and replaced it with a new de facto military government with the President as Commander in Chief. 

While, Lincoln seems to have planned on restoring the Constitutional Republic after the Civil War, he never had the chance. His death morphed a Civil War into a Revolution and, as did Rome after the assassination of Caesar, the Republic became an Imperial State. The same de facto government has remained in power over the North American union of states to this day.  With the Constitution no longer in place holding the body politic together, executive orders, legislation and the courts replaced that organic firmware and so began a process of continually remolding the nation’s legal landscape into whatever shape would preserve the existing de facto government at the moment. *

The Nation’s power center shifted, after the Civil War, from the Southern slave states to the corporate capitalist class in the Northeast. The new Congress was now dominated by a new breed of Republicans who were extremely contemptuous of the Constitution and more interested in promoting the business interests of the Eastern corporate establishment than in restoring the country to normalcy.  Congress quickly turned into a cross between a whorehouse and an auction. For instance, instead of giving 40 acres and a mule to the former slaves, they gave the railroads enough prime farmland within the states to equal two Germany’s. 

The liberal Republicans disliked Lincoln’s successor, Vice President Andrew Johnson, because he insisted on carrying on Lincoln’s compassionate policy of reintegrating the South back into the Union, rather than treating it as an occupied country.  The new Republicans, however, were receptive to Johnson’s second main objective of putting closure on the slavery issue and insuring that the freed slaves unalienable rights, as citizens, were protected from abuse by the states.  Johnson’s two new Amendments to the Constitution received a good reception.   For, while they were intended to mend the Constitution’s fatal flaw, regarding personhood, they would eventually play into the hands of the liberal Republican’s corporate masters.  Johnson’s two new Amendments were easily ratified in 1866 and 1869, and  subsequently, Johnson was impeached.

The Thirteenth Amendment made slavery illegal. Besides benefiting the slaves, it also benefited the Eastern corporate establishment in two important ways:  Slaves are a major capital investment in a Capitalist slave economy, and though they generated a large monetized profit for their owners, the monetized cost of maintaining them was enormous.  Each slave required food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and other miscellaneous necessities,  for their “owners” can’t let them become ill or expire, least they lose their capital investment.  On the other hand, a wage-slave requires no maintenance except during the period he’s paid wages to be obedient. Thus the profits made from wage slaves are considerably higher than from chattel slaves.  Finally,  since the monetized market rate for a wage slave’s time is the supply of wage-slaves selling their time, relative to the number of employers bidding for that time, if the demand remains constant, and the quantity of wage slaves selling their time on the market increases, the market price for a wage-slaves time will decrease.  Thus, by turning chattel slaves into wage slaves, enormous profits were to be made.  If the wage slave isn’t paid enough to cover his own, or his family’s food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and other miscellaneous necessities , that’s no problem for the employer for there will always be another wage slave, waiting in the wings, happy to sell his time to the employer.  The Union’s victory thus opened up a vast reservoir of new profits for the corporate establishment.

The Fourteenth Amendment, put the former chattel slaves on a level playing field with all citizens of the U.S. “A level playing field” is a metaphor for “Fairness”: When everyone plays by the same rules, everyone gets an even break. The 14th Amendment, mandated thatno state may make or enforce a law which abridged the Constitutional privileges or immunities of citizens or deprives any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denies any person within its jurisdiction equal protection of the laws.”  In spite of its noble motive, within a few years, the Fourteenth Amendment would be twisted, by subterfuge, within the Supreme Court, into a tool for corporations to escape the prior restraints enforced on them by states, and protected by the Tenth Amendment.  

Having made vast fortunes supporting the Union during the Civil War, the owners and management of the railroads, and several other corporations, were well armed, by the ‘70s and ‘80s, with batteries of lawyers, and would fight relentlessly to expand their powers, while the courts, reflecting the new era,  would give them everything they wanted.

*          *          *

In Part 2, we’ll examine the event itself (The Supreme Court case of “Southern Pacific Railroad vs. Santa Clara County”) which gave birth to the Corporate expansion and dominance.



















To this day, apologists for corporate personhood, still refer to “Union Pacific Railroad vs. Santa Clara County” as the Constitutional authorization of corporate personhood. For example, we read in the Seattle Law Journal,

The subject of corporate personhood is a longstanding and recurring topic that continues to vex and excite,  as seen in the U.S. Supreme Court‘s 1886 decision confidently asserting that corporations are legal persons for purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment and in its more splintered 5–4 decision granting corporations First Amendment free speech rights in 2010. *

This is not merely a careless disregard for facts an instance of willful blindness. So many people now have vested interests in this lie that none dare rock the boat.  Nonetheless, the historical records still tell a quite different story.  



Shortly, after ratification of the 14th Amendment, corporate lawyers for the railroads saw a way to escape state regulation and taxation.  If they convinced the Supreme Court that corporations are “persons”, they could twist the intend of the 14th Amendment into denying states the right to enforce chargers which abridge the rights of corporate person without due process of law, thus freeing their corporate masters form the 10th Amendment’s protection of state supervision. So they constructed the following argument template: (a) The 14th Amendment guarantees protection of all person’s Constitutional rights under the law. (b) A corporation is a person. (c) Therefore, corporations must receive the same protections that are accorded to all other persons in like circumstances. Although this argument makes a syllogism, its second premise is unwarranted. No previous decision by the Supreme Court has ever justified that claim.  Nevertheless, the Railroads use it as a battering ram, repeatedly using this argument over and over again, whenever possible, against different states, counties and cities.

In 1877, California ratified a new constitution that included a provision giving humans the right to deduct their debts*6 from the taxable value of their property.  Railroads weren’t given the same deduction. So, Southern Pacific wouldn’t pay San Mateo’s County its taxes.  Along with other taxpaying railroads, Southern Pacific challenged this new state law in court by using another federal statute giving them privileges inconsistent with state taxation.  San Mateo County and neighboring counties struck back and won a counter suit in the California Supreme Court.  Southern Pacific’s in turn twisted a Federal law designed, like the Fourteenth, to protect the rights of newly freed slaves denied justice by  Southern  courts, by tacitly assuming corporations were legal persons and inserted themselves as victems of state injustice and appealed the case all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Just three years before Southern Pacific’s case reached the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice gave the following explanation for the majority opinion regarding the 14th Amendment:

“One pervading purpose [for the Fourteenth Amendment] was the freedom of the slave race, the security and firm establishment of that freedom, and the protection of the newly made-made freeman and citizen from the oppression of those who had formerly exercised unlimited dominion over him.” * *Justice Samuel F. Miller

Nonetheless, before the Southern Pacific’s case reached the Supreme Court, the
Court would hear four more cases used the 14th Amendment template. Finally in 1886, the Court heard “Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad”.  Perhaps because the Southern Pacific’s lawyers appeal had tacitly assumed corporations are 14th Amendment persons, the new Chief Justice, Morris R. Waite, a former railroad attorney, made this prefatory remark,

The Court won’t consider the question of whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to   the Constitution, which forbids a state to deny any person within its jurisdiction equal protection under the Constitution, applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does.

A year passed before Waite could announce the court’s decision in favor of Southern Pacific.  While, one of the six defenses Southern Pacific used used was standard Fourteenth Amendment template, it was ignored and the actual decision was based on an argument involving the placement of the company’s fences.  Afterwards, the Recorder of the Court, J.C.Bancroft Davis, who just happened to previously been president of the Newburgh and New York Railway, rushed up and passed Waite a note asking him if his prefatory statement, before hearing the arguments, could be inserted into the Court’s headnotes. Waite replied, “I think you’re expressing with sufficient accuracy what was said before the arguments began in the California Rail Road tax case. I leave it with you to determine whether anything need be said about it in the report inasmuch as we avoided meeting the Constitutional question in the decision.”  So while Waite’s remark seems reasonable enough, considering the nature of Southern Pacific’s appeal, this was all Bancroft needed and he rushed back to his office and inserted the following headnote:

The defendant Corporations are persons within the intent of the clause in section One of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

We’ll probably never know whether Waite and Bancroft were in collusion. Waite died before Bancroft’s headnotes were published. While Headnotes are seldom followed, the Supreme Court has since, repeatedly reaffirmed them and Corporate apologists consistently gloss over Bancroft’s misrepresentation. Both take the Headnote remark as a declaration of the court ipse dixit*3. Here this means, “The Court declares this claim to be intrinsic and unchangeable.” The following contemporary statement is a typical example of this maneuver,

The subject of corporate personhood is a longstanding and reoccurring topic that continues to vex and excite as seen in the 1886 decision confidently asserting that corporations are legal persons for purposes of the 14th Amendment.*4

While this caveat is still the primary justification for Bancroft’s indiscretion, in present day legal and administrative decisions the term ipse dixit is generally used to criticize arguments based solely on the authority of the speaker. After all, “Ipse dixit” (Latin for “he himself said it”) is called in Logic an informal fallacy (“Argument to Authority). This claim is based solely on the Authority of the Speaker. In other words, regardless of the issue of Waite’s falsification, Waite’s prefatory statement is not based on a majority decision by the court, but is merely an arbitrary,  dogmatic statement.  In Bancroft’s personal notes, later discovered in the Twentieth Century, was found his own admission of falsifying the Court’s Headnotes.  After sixty years, one Supreme Court Justice (William O. Douglas) finally admitted, “There was no history, logic or reason given to support that view.”

Within a couple generations, the Supreme Court  removed all the prior restraints in state corporate charters. Corporations were no longer restricted to a limited duration, or shareholder liability, number of shareholders, nor the amount of capital aggregated.  Some corporations were even granted the power of eminent domain.  With no restraints, giant immortal super goliath corporations possessing legal personalities separate from the collective they represented, and which modern humans are compelled by their de facto government to pretend as if they are real, began emerging from the unleveled commercial playing field called America.  In the end, the old festering flaw was merely replaced by a new one and the people were turned into wage slaves serving imaginary corporate masters at the behest of a de facto government whose sovereignty derived from its military


  • * *

The Constitution is constructed on the premise that a government’s sovereignty derives from the consent of the governed.  A well-balanced government, it follows, is obliged to protect the unalienable rights as the benefactors to whom it owes its sovereignty.  In effect, the Bill of Rights can be seen as a contract between the government and the people, that its obliged to honor by protecting the unalienable rights of the governed from abridgement. 


Jefferson certainly saw the Bill of Rights as was a contractual agreement guaranteeing their government wouldn’t abridge their rights. Indeed, if you read the Declaration of Independence carefully, you’ll first see that it’s meant to apply to all governments and can be applied just as easily to the newly formed government under the Constitution. Secondly, we can discern a pattern of reasoning here called modus ponens : P implies Q, P therefore Q. The three parts of the Declaration can be understood in this manner:


(P) If any form of government becomes destructive of our unalienable rights of life,

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then (Q) it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.

(P) The government of the king of Great Britain has shown itself to be destructive of these rights (as shown in a long list of grievances).

Therefore (Q), these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent States.


A contract can’t be a contract if one party is immune from the consequences of breaking it.  This is the point of the Declaration, and the justification of Jefferson’s assertion that, “If a law is unjust, a man not only has the right to disobey it, but the duty.”


































* Grunch

*1 Inventor, architect, engineer, geometrician, cartographer and philosopher


*3   Grunch

.*4 Sattje

* Southern capitalist slave-owners dominated the Union’s government until the mid-nineteenth century. In Presidential election of 1860, a rapidly growing anti-slave movement finally reached its boiling point. Lincoln, a moderate abolitionist Republican ran against three pro-slavery candidates. The South threatened walking out of Congress, should Lincoln become President. Lincoln won and after he took office, the South walked out of Congress and its quorum, for conducting business under the Constitution, was lost. The only lawful vote Congress could then take was to adjourn and set a date and time to reconvene. Congress, however, simply left without setting a date to reconvene. Thus, according to parliamentary law left Congress sine die.* Lincoln, determined to hold the union together and without a Congress to declare war, improvised a martial law by issuing executive orders*4 This gave the president unprecedented powers and removed the executive branch from the other branches. His first order initiated the creation of an army. His second, ordered Congress to reconvene. This was a result of a military order and not due to parliamentary procedure. Finally he ordered Congress to pass a bill justifying what he’d already done.

Unfortunately, Lincoln’s assassination prevented him from restoring his hastily created de facto government back to its original firmware. Unfortunately

Vice President Johnson’s attempt to carry on Lincoln’s policies was stopped by a new breed of Republicans that began dominating Lincoln’s Congress. No longer old school abolitionists, they were pro-capitalists representing the interests of the Eastern industrial establishment. They impeached Johnson and General Grant became the new President.








No one knows who, if anyone, runs it, since it’s decisions are made in back rooms. Grunch didn’t invent this world, he says, it never invents anything, but monopolizes know-where and know-how while being devoid of know-why. Today much of this information has become common knowledge and this corporate complex of giants is usually referred to as the “Oligarchy”.  


“The Grunch of Giants.*1 


*22 Fuller maintained that a complex of “giant persons” controls politicians, world banks, and world events, as well as a vast invisible empire of airwaves, satellites, factories, research laboratories and large cities


*Ratified in 1868All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.  No state shall make or enforce any law, which shall abridge the privilege or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. Nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”



maintaince to generate monetized income to employ nonliving capital generate monetized income. in the   When we compare the non-monetized cost of chattel slave-capital maintenance is measured monetarily, is enormous in comparison to monetized cost of employing wage slaves to generate monetized income.   a monetized cost of wages is expressed in monetized terms, the cost far outweighs the monetized cost of wages.


By Arman Matthews


What’s “Jade Helm 15” all about? The official explanation is:

Jade Helm 15 will be carried out in 7 states and will run from July 15 to September 15, 2015. Personnel participating in Jade Helm or units participating in Jade Helm will come from U.S. Army Special Forces Command at Fort Bragg. They’ll be on the ground for about eight weeks, and we’ll have some Navy SEALs participating for about two weeks. United States Air Force Special Operations Command will take part in it at varying points in time throughout the eight weeks. And there will be a small amount of U.S. Marine Force Special Operations Command participating for about two weeks. And then for about five days, 82nd Airborne Division will have a battalion participating with about 600 soldiers, 600 paratroopers.”

Some people claim its a surprise Martial Law or an Obama invasion of Texas, others don’t understand what the brouhaha is all about and shine it on with “That’s Texas for you.” Meanwhile, the Department of Defense calls anyone skeptical of their intentions “Alarmists!” The Army Special Operations Command released an article in Stars and Stripes with the by line: “Army Special Operations Command pushes back against alarmist claims about upcoming exercise.” Apparently, not there are not only “conspiracy theorists” running amuck, but “alarmist” as well.” I suppose, according to the current spin, an “alarmist” is a “conspiracy theorist” who’s irresponsibly predicting the future. We can’t have that! However, “preemptive strikes” seem to be exempt from such accusations. They must not be basing their ill advised invasions on “conspiracy theories.” Perhaps the Pentagon employs fortune-tellers. Meanwhile, the corporate media has done their part to deflect the whole issue. Poor John Steward had to laugh it off over the air as just another case of crazy Texas right-winger paranoia, They think they’re being invaded, he said, but they forget “they’re already part of the United States.” All the while, the man on the street is deciding, “It’s much ado about nothing”, and turns to the sports page.

Mark Lastoria, Army Special Operation Command spokesman, told the Houston Chronicle, soldiers would practice “emerging concepts in special operations warfare” in Texas…. Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat,” he said….There’s good reason to be skeptical regarding Lastoria’s candor. He didn’t mention what those “emerging concepts” or what an “ever changing foreign threat” means.

The Special Ops are “special” because they’re the guys that do the dirty tricks. In the glossary for Special Forces Operations 2015 is listed “clandestine operation”. “An operation sponsored or conducted by governmental departments or agencies in such a way as to assure secrecy or concealment. A clandestine operation differs from a covert operation in that emphasis is placed on concealment of the operation rather than on concealment of the identity of the source of the operation.” Now, how are we supposed to know whether or not Lastoria is forthright or covering up a clandestine operation?   Aren’t the people who laugh at such a suggestion simply relying on blind faith? Sometimes a guffaw is nothing more than whistling in the dark.  Lastoria, told the Houston Chronicle “Unofficial sources providing inaccurate information on Jade Helm want people to believe that it’s something other than a training exercise.” But, isn’t this just what we’d expect to hear from someone covering a clandestine operation? How are we to know? If I told you “I’m a liar, but I’m not lying about this.” What would or could you believe?  The headline on the blog “Courthouse News”, March 27, 2015 read, “No Black Helicopters, Army Tells Texans”. In mid March, a very reliable contact, who’d never heard of “Jade Helm”, told me he saw three black helicopters land at night in a schoolyard in Houston, Texas, “A van pulled up and some people boarded the van and they all left.” That’s sounds pretty “clandestine ” to me! This isn’t a smoking gun, but an anomaly. However, the more frequent the anomalies one finds, the more difficult it is to sweep them under the rug. Another indirect test of veracity often employed in interrogations is noting how many times a person contradicts himself. The more times, the more likely it is he’s lying. In a court of law, the testimony of a witness is thrown out if it has inconsistencies. Let’s look at a few of Army Special Operation Command spokesperson Lastoria’s inconsistencies

In a packed County Commissioner’s Court in Bastrop County Texas, Lastoria told the audience that the “exercise would be held on private property and in some instances on public property, such as a state park” He said that landowners had volunteered their private property for the Jade Helm exercise. Later in the presentation, Lastoria contradicted his original explanation and said “a lot of” rather than “all” the training in Texas will take place on private land.” “Okay”, you say, “give the guy a break, after all he’s facing a skeptical crowd of concerned citizens worried about the military taking over their community and he’s merely a soldier.”   Let’s move on.  Another major component”, he said, “would be soldiers training to blend in with the local community.” Several people ask how they could be blending in with the local community, if they were going to be on private land? Lastoria replied that “role players’” would be involved in simulating communities in rural land.” There will be “roll players.” I’ve found advertising on the Internet near Lastoria’s Special Op base for role players for this assignment. There’s even a video on YouTube of a roll player meeting. However, Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office said that county law enforcement officials were briefed by the Army and were told, “Among the planned exercises, soldiers will try to operate undetected amongst civilian populations in some towns and cities where residents will be advised to report any suspicious activity they notice as a means of testing the military’s effectiveness, …They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community…They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.” While Lastoria has not contradicted himself here, we have testimony from a credible witness that contradicts Lastoria’s assertions and a fortiori indicates Lastoria is prevaricating.

Mark Lastoria, also told the public during his presentation, at the Bastrop Courthouse, that the name “Jade Helm” meant nothing. “They’re just completely random, pointless words”, he said, “so don’t read too much into it or try to associate it with China’s rising economy and military or the blue helmets of UN’s peacekeeping forces.” Again, Lastoria did not contradict himself, but within less than a week after Lastoria made this vacuous remark, the real meaning of “Jade Helm” was revealed on the Internet.  “JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) is a knowledge-based mixed-initiative system that supports force deployment planning and management. JADE uses case-based and generative planning methods to support the development of large-scale, complex deployment plans in minimal time. JADE incorporates the technology of three tools: Prodigy-Analogy (a combined case-based and generative planner developed by Carnegie Mellon University); ForMAT (Force Management and Analysis Tool) that supports case-based force deployment planning developed by BBN Technologies); and PARKA (a highly-indexed knowledge based management system developed by the University of Maryland).  With JADE, a military planner can build a preliminary force deployment plan, including the Time Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD) in less than one hour. This speed in plan construction is possible because JADE supports the rapid retrieval and reuse of previous plan elements for use in the development of new plans. In addition, JADE employs an easy to use map-oriented drag and drop interface where force modules (FMs) from previous plans (cases) whose force capabilities and composition match the requirements of the current situation can be dragged from the case library and dropped onto a geographic destination. Plan modification and/or adaption is supported through remindings, e.g., each time that a force module is created or is copied into a plan (TPFDD) the user is automatically reminded of the need for geographical changes.”  Another reason Lastoria has given in other contexts for why the seven state areas was chosen is because the terrain is similar to areas in the Middle East. However, in the above explanation it is said that every time a “force module is created”, which translates into a strategic plan, “the user is automatically reminded of the need for geographical changes.” This means, that war games can be played any where, but whenever the program is ask to apply a particular strategy to a particular situation, the user must also provide data on the geographical changes involved in that military action. That means that the geography in which war games are played and uploaded into their computers is irrelevant.  Furthermore, practicing blending in to a small town Texas community would be quite different from blending in to a Middle Eastern Islamic community. Again, the rational for picking this seven state area appears to be concealed from the public. Jade Helm has a very specific meaning, which Lastoria hides by insulting the audience with silly imagined interpretations.

We know what “Jade” means, but what about “Helm”?   Initially, some people thought it might be an acronym that stood for: “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.” While that was a good guess, there’s nothing to substantiate this. We need, however, to once again remember that this is a Special Forces operation.  “Helm” in “Jade Helm” is not an acronym. Special Ops people usually refer to the place of control or command as “at the helm”. The helm was the place where sailing ships were steered.  In Special Ops jargon when so and so is “at the helm” that means he is in command.   “Jade Helm” simply means “Jade is at the helm” or in command. There will be no general or human commander determining battle plans in this exercise but only the artificial intelligence “Jade”. “15” of course means 2015. This suggests that this exercise is perhaps unrolling one of many.

JADE-HELM-photoshop-study2 clog_master_screen_split

Another rather bizarre aspect of the Jade Helm logo is the blur where the arrows cross.  By photo-shopping that blur it can be brought out to be a pair of wooden shoes.  Wooden shoe means “sabot.”  The word “sabot” means “wooden shoe” and is where the term “sabotage” comes from. One theory is that the shoe symbol is an illustration of what “they” will do to the humans as they “master the human domain.” Another theory is that wooden shoes are what the Nazis had their prisoners wear in their internment camps.    This is certainly inconclusive, however, the fact that it is obscured in the logo indicates that it bears a hidden meaning. Clearly, there are a lot of things concealed from the public concerning the Jade Helm 15 exercises than either Mark Lastoria or the Department of defense wants to reveal.  In part 2 we will investigate the Net Centric Warfare background of Jade Helm 15 to better understand the full implications of this “exercise”.


To Be Continued

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In the April 30th Red Pill article, ” Baltimore, Furgeson 2- Wash, Rinse Repeat” it was pointed out that the real reason why African American communities in most of America are tinderboxes ready to go up in flames is economic. Today let us drill down on that.

In 1973 the household income of African Americans was only 60% that of Euro Americans. In 2011 with all of the “opportunities” and “advancements” that have been happening for African Americans, as trumpeted by the Mega Bank- Corporate state Media. their income has gone DOWN to 58% of that of Euro Americans.

And as written about in the April 30th article above, the wealth gap between Euro Americans and Afro Americans is huge. As of 2013 the average white household had 13 times as much as the average black household. But that figure includes the net, (after mortgage) wealth of home ownership. If we strip home ownership out of this comparison, and for the 58% of African Americans who do not own homes, (as in ghettos ready to explode) this number is more important, that difference in median wealth as of 2010 was $110,000 for Whites and less than $5,000 for blacks, or 22 times.

But as the income of African Americans was collapsing, for the majority without a home of their own, rental rates were rising. From the beginning of the Great Recession in late 2007 through 2014, (while home prices were collapsing) rental rates were going up by 15%.

Meanwhile Black to White unemployment ratios have been the same or worse since the days of Martin Luther King in the 1960’s.

We could go on and write about the fact that 45% of African American Children grow up in areas of concentrated poverty, but as bad as all of these factors are, they are of secondary importance.

People can accept poverty, even unfair poverty among the wealthy, even periods of sustained poverty, if they have strong families and communities. In the United States that is an environment that exists mostly on television shows and Hollywood films. But even where strong families and communities still do exist in America, they are few and far between in poor areas and still less so in poor Afro American areas.

In these areas of not just deep poverty, but broken homes and communities, the only thing that can prevent riots and explosions is hope. It is poverty without end, poverty without hope, that leads to despair among the old and rage among the young.

And that is what poverty is about today in the United States. It is the creation of a permanent underclass. From a Red Pills article on August 23d, “US Government Transfers And The Permanent Underclass” 

“government structural transfers in the US are designed to keep people on it and out of the labor force.”

Welfare benefits in the US are highly fragmented and vary greatly state to state. But if one can get a full Monty of them, Section 8″ housing assistance, “Food Stamps”, “Medicaid” and some form of direct income transfer, one can typically get a total income greater than what one could get with a starting salary in a job.

From this Wall Street Journal analysis; “In 11 States welfare pays more than the average pretax first-year wage for a teacher [in those states]. In 39 states, it pays more than the starting wage for a secretary. And, in the three most generous states a person on welfare can take home more money than an entry-level computer programmer.”

Many of these programs however are not so easy to get. Most have rigid bureaucratic requirements and can carry with them onerous paperwork as well . While others, like especially housing benefits means being placed on long waiting lists.

As was written in Red Pills relative to people who have gone through the processes and wait times necessary to get a full Monty of government benefits compared to the salaries given in the Wall Street Journal article; “And these are pretax figures. After taxes and the expenses one incurs by getting a job, like transportation and acceptable business clothing, it is hardly worth the effort for all but the most motivated.

And if such a person were to actually put in the effort and cost to find and secure a job, if they were to be laid off afterwards, (depending on how quickly afterwards) they would frequently have to go through the whole arduous and costly process of getting their old social programs back again.

And what would they and their families live on while they fought to get their old programs back?

So social welfare in America is a recipe that creates a disincentive to work and by doing so creates a permanent dependent underclass.”

There are 92 million people out of the US labor force today. Many of course are retired or disabled. But many of the others could be trained for the kind of jobs that employers need, including many of the disabled. But no government in the US is doing it, or at least not in a serious way. Why?

There are three answers. The most important is that up until recently it had been US policy to offshore work to places like China because it was a net- net better deal for US corporations. And now that industry is going to be brought home, it will be robotized with embedded 3d printing. Very little labor will actually be needed in the new industrial model and what will be needed will mostly be low skilled, (IE low paid).

Most other newly created jobs will, as usual be in the service industry, where pay scales are either minimum wage, or using illegal aliens, (a supposedly illegal but institutionalized part of the labor force) below minimum wage. Those will be jobs that pay far less than those people getting a full Monty of social welfare benefits and there for don’t encourage anyone to leave the system.

In fact most of the legal workers at the bottom end of the labor market will usually be eligible for Section 8 housing assistance, food stamps and/ or Medicaid as well. Then their net income for working, (minus taxes, transportation and clothing costs) compared to not working will frequently be zero or less, (IE they are paying for the right to work).

And finally the third reason the government doesn’t want the 92 million people out of the work force to look for work, is that it would vastly raise the official unemployment rate. It would show the public the shocking true unemployment figures in America, which neither of the political parties want their potential constituents to think about or know.

The change in the unemployment rate would happen, because the government’s rate only counts those actively looking for work, not those who have already fallen into the waste bin of the permanent underclass.

The great recession of 2008 through now has disproportionately harmed Afro Americans. That is the reason why Euro Americans have been so quiet, only protesting politely as in the Occupy movements. But today we are enjoying what the government calls a six year economic expansion. WHAT????  But when the next downturn comes as it surely will, it is likely to hit Euro Americans all the harder, because Afro Americans are already at the bottom.

For outsiders then looking for the implosion of the American empire at its roots, the crucial sign will be when Euro Americans start to riot. That is why the surveillance police state is being put in to place. When the disintegration begins Washington, will then be able to disappear any potential resistance leaders while putting the whole country into lock-down.

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Population control has been around at least since Thomas Malthus, (1766- 1823) who decided that at some point human populations would outstrip resources and WE WOULD ALL DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS! 

From that, population control came into favor amongst many level high intellectuals and national elites, who felt it their natural duty to save the human race from its scourge or at least their own line.

But if populations were to be thinned it stood to reason that one wanted to filter out only those, who low on the genetic hierarchy of life, really shouldn’t have the right to reproduce themselves.

This gave way to the ideas of eugenics where the government, or some group of uber humans would determine who should live and who should die. Perhaps counter-inventively, eugenics was first popularized by “humanists” with an anti clerical bent in the early part of the 20th century.

The Socialist Fabian Society of Britain was a repository of such thinking. In it, now revered names like George Bernard Shaw, HG Wells and Bertrand Russell thought long and hard about how the human race should be perfected, as obviously only great intellectuals might know how to do.

Shaw said; “The only fundamental and possible socialism is the socialization of the selective breeding of man.”

While; “”Russell proposed that the state should issue colour-coded “procreation tickets” to prevent the gene pool of the elite being diluted by inferior human beings.”‘

And Wells not to be outdone; “”praised eugenics as the first step towards the elimination of “”detrimental types and characteristics” and the “fostering of desirable types” instead.”‘

Also counter- intuitively the main opposition to the ideas of Eugenics and population control, came from the Roman Catholic Church. Yes the very same institution that condemned people to a horrible death who dared to say that the sun did not revolve around the earth, (although that is still believed by a fourth of the American population).

And yes the very same Church of Rome that kept its believers in a constant state of mortal terror, that particularly due to their wayward genitalia they were very likely going to go to a horrible hell for eternity, only to now admit that such a hell really never existed and that they were just kidding.

A Catholic priest Robert Hugh Benson in 1903, leaned hard against Eugenics and a world controlled by elites, along with tidy “humanistic” intellectuals when he wrote a dystopian novel “Lord of the World” about a global dictatorship in which eugenics is a central theme.

Bad boy Hitler however, who not only believed in eugenics and population control, but was a famous practitioner of both, made Eugenics a topic no longer spoken of openly in polite company,

But with over 7 billion people on the planet and still growing, the ideas of Malthus, (within closed doors and with deniability) the topic of eugenics is sneaking back into fashion. But the Catholic Church, just as one hundred years ago is standing up against what has become a quiet onslaught of global “humanists” who want to “save” especially poor people and people of color from their own vice of fertility.

The horrors of Malthusian economics are now fashionable again. It was the theme of Don Brown, (The Da Vinci Code) book “The Inferno“. And it is Paul and Anne Ehrlich, who reaffirm it again with their latest paper on the subject, (published by the Royal Society) titled ; ‘Can a Collapse of Global Civilization Be Avoided? ’ The Ehrlichs are embraced by none other than Prince Charles.

The idea that Africans are particularly egregious sinners in the world of human fertility is written about as a Geo Political problem by Stratfor, which is famous for producing “Global Intelligence”.

Strtfor however says that it is not all of Africa, (which has a relatively low population density when compared to Europe and Asia) but only special parts like Nigeria and Kenya, where Stratfor writes, “The highest increase in new births in the world between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Nigeria. By 2050, Nigeria’s population is projected by the United Nations to be 389 million, rivaling that of the United States at 403 million”

Stratfor goes on to say;  “The phenomenon of rapid population growth in Africa is probably at its most acute in East Africa. This region has one of the highest population growth-rates in the world. It is projected, for example, that Kenya’s population will increase from the current 43 million to over 100 million by 2050.”

Up until now there has been lots of speculation by what the mainstream media would call “conspiracy theorists” that the UN, (and private companies associated with the UN) as well as US AID have been busy spiking vaccines sent to women in many parts of the impoverished world with chemicals aimed at sterilizing them. 

Here is a March 11, 2004 report originating not surprisingly from the Catholic Church on the spiking of Polio vaccines aimed at sterilizing Nigerian women. That study however, was not done with enough depth.

But last week the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops claimed that vials of a tetanus vaccine being used in a program administered by the World Health Organization and UNICEF contain a chemical hormone that causes miscarriages and other infertility issues. And this time the Church did its homework. They asked to do the testing of the tetanus vaccines, (provided by the World Health Organization, or a company it outsources to) in cooperation with the Kenyan government which is heavily dependent on monies from the West. Nairobi refused.

So the Church hired its own labs and doctors and did the testing itself.  Neither the government in Nairobi nor the World Health Organization would comment on the results. These tetanus vaccinations are not so strangely targeted at women between 15 and 49 years of age. The major media have ignored this story pretty much everywhere.

Here is why. At the highest levels people are saying that overpopulation is a special problem in Africa and Asia. Here is a short video of Obama’s newly appointed Ebola Czar Ron Klain who says openly in front of a smug white woman; “The top leadership issue in the world today is how to deal with the continuing growing population…… and all of the resource demands it places on the world. And burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia that lack the resources to have a happy life”.

This insidious and lying propaganda is then disseminated at a popular level on “Yahoo Answers”, where the “question” is posed “Is Mass Sterilization the Answer?”, to which the “authority” John H responds; “There is no solution to the starving people in Africa. This may seem a bold statement but tragically it is true. Band Aid – World Aid – Action on Famine – whilst all very good movements, are taking on a problem that is multiplying by the hour…… . African women have no concept of birth control – African men are of the opinion that a large family will bring wealth – and the resulting population explosion gathers momentum with the resulting famine and death……… Educating these masses seems an impossible task………. The answer may be mass sterilization of women after the first child……….. Harsh ? Yes – very harsh……..There seems to be no other answer.”

Adding to that, the “Best Answer” as stated by Yahoo was given by someone called “Abydos” (an African name?) who said about sterilization “It would be a great answer. I grew up poor. I knew making a baby would keep me poor. So I had a vasectomy when I was 21.”

The idea that Africa lacks natural resources is even dumber than believing that the world is flat. It is Africa’s natural resources that China and the US are competing for today and were the main reason for more than 200 years of European imperialism. Even if one accepted the extremely irrational premise, (which as a real matter is based on racism) that Africa cannot develop enough fertile land to feed itself, there are many places in the world where that is the case like say Puerto Rico. or Monaco, or Singapore or arguably Japan.

But no one suggests that the women of these places should be sterilized so as to bring populations down to match resources.

That is what international trade is supposed to be all about.

If Africa is to be able to feed itself, the solution is not to sterilize its girls and women, but for Washington, the UN and Europe who are soooo “concerned” for the well being of the people of the continent, to get the hell out and let the African people take control of their own resources and their own lives.

Without another 100 years of colonialism Africans will sort out their own problems.

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Of course its only the top 33% of Americans who will be enjoying the coming boom. The rest will be relegated to the status of the the global underclass. The reasons why these 67% of Americans will only get a few drops of trickle down can be found here, and here. It is also embedded in their political system in which they no longer as a real matter have any representation.

Even the top 33% is tricky. Today being in the top third of American wage earners does not really make you Middle Class.  A wage earner in the top 33% would earn about $40,000 per year. But even if two people worked and brought in $80,000, that would only be Middle Class in places in America where it is cheaper to live. 

The costs of health care and especially if people want to be able to pay for their children’s higher education, without them having to take out debts would mean having household incomes well over $80,000. In a 2011 study even raising a middle income American child to the age of 18, (no college) cost $226,000 in after tax dollars. Those figures are going to be considerably higher today.

Today it could well be argued that only 20% of Americans would even quality as what used to be called Middle Class. But I give the 33% figure because when we turn the chess board around and look at it from the side of the top 1% of Americans, these are the very best of days.

If you are a well off American you see yourself in a global oasis of a booming economy for as far as the eye can see.

In financial terms that is what they would call a secular, (long term) bull market in stocks and in the US dollar. And trickle down does work to some degree. It is those economic classes however closest to the wealthy which get the most of it. So over the years we can expect the Middle Class to expand beyond the 20% of today perhaps to 33%.

But even America’s poor and its endless lumpin lower middle class will benefit as the world falters. A rising tide will bring up all ships. Here is why.

As the vast majority of people understand local and global Geo Politics in mostly moralistic terms, it may seem unfair that a small entrenched American elite who are creating misery at home and war and havoc abroad should be rewarded with the very best of times.

But history does not listen much to human complaints about morality and fairness. It just flows through its own interior logic.

Obama has declared Cold War 2 against both Russia and China. Before this both countries had economic models based on cooperative relations with Empire, (The Anglo 5, Western Europe and Japan).

Now both Moscow and Beijing are having to restructure their economies away from Empire countries and those controlled by Empire (most of Eastern Europe, the Philippines, most in Latin America, and the Middle East) to growth based on their own internal economies, trade with each other and non- aligned nations.

For the Chinese and Russians this is going to be a long process of slow economic growth. And that will lead to low demand for commodities and low commodity prices. Unless the Germans green light infinite money printing from the European Central Bank, with the check being picked up in their name, the EU as it is presently set up is dead on the water.

That means a dead European economy for as far as the eye can see. The same is true for Japan but for different reasons.

The beneficiaries of all of this are the Americans, (albeit only the well healed). When Washington pulled off its Kiev caper effectively creating Cold War 2 against Russia and then put in place economic sanctions as well, it knew that Russia, (the world’s biggest oil exporter) would be selling the black gooey stuff for currencies other than the US dollar. That in effect meant an end to the Petro Dollar that was put in place 40 years ago.

So what would then give printing press dollars value?

Well how about a world that Washington is going to put into chaos? How about Sunni Power Rising, with global “terrorism” growing to proportions only dreamt of in your nightmares? How about a new war in Eastern Europe that would trigger a face off between Russia and NATO? How about a heating up to a boil of hostilities between the US and China? How about China and a nuclear Japan facing off? How about the next US president making Obama look like a pacifist?

How about war everywhere?

When money is frightened it always seeks safety and the most secure place on earth will be the US, because all of the structural collapses and wars will be happening “over there”. That is wonderful for the US dollar and great for the US stock market because money that comes to the US will need to find a place to get a return.

And then there are DRILL BITS! Well what about drill bits? I am speaking here of drill bits that the US has now, that are capable of opening up old oil wells and extracting more out of them than the Saudis or Russians can extract using the best bits available on the market today, (outside of the US) from their known oil assets.

So for example if these state of the art bits were only to be used in the US, the Americans are the new Saudis of oil. They now have well over one hundred years of it. And their drill bits are only going to get better and better.

Because of this and what is likely to be low global demand for oil, (as there will be slow global growth) the price of oil should all but collapse or more precisely drop to a level the US government wants it to be for Geo Political reasons. Low oil prices, say in the mid 40 dollar range will be a knife in the heart to Russia, Iran and Venezuela. But it will be a major benefit to China and India.

Hmmm. Who do Washington planners want to screw and who do they want to benefit?

In any case low oil prices will be a huge help to poor and lower middle class Americans, with their gas guzzling SUVs and huge highway distances between cities. For them this will be like getting a big check in the mail from Uncle Sam every time they need to fill up their cars or for the heating oil needed for their homes. Even if these people don’t own a home, all things being equal, this will constrain rental prices.

For value added businesses low oil prices, along with low commodity prices are going to mean huge profit margins. That is even more true because the American wage base is so low. And that is with a 92 million person reserve, of potential workers now out of the labor market. Should these people be forced in to looking for work, by say the Republicans cutting their government subsidies, the American wage base should if anything drop

And these lower 67% of Americans have no political representation to help to equalize wealth. Here is a chart of what has happened to the markets, (for the rich) versus those out of the labor market since Obama took office. 

And all of these corporate profits from things like robotized manufacture with embedded 3D Printing, low labor and commodity costs are going to come in an environment of very low inflation. If you are rich an owner how much better can things get?

The point is, do not expect that because the Americans are doing the wrong thing in their country and abroad, that the perpetrators are going to somehow pay for their crimes.

As I believe that the American Deep State wants a war president in 2016, they may need to conjure up a false flag to fully humiliate Obama and make him look like a weakling and a fool.

That may take the markets, (although not the dollar) for a big but temporary spin downwards.

Afterwards however the class that is giving the world war and poverty, will be back on top for as far as the eye can see.

Look towards a new age for the Americans at least from the standpoint of money and power.

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The American Charles Hugh Smith is probably the best analyst I have read about the socio- economic condition of his country. There are areas however in which this author would beg to differ.

As with many if not most people who hate Empire today, Charles sees it as being corrupt, socially rigid and if not in decline, ripe for decline. Charles writes; “The incestuous embrace of privilege and power by entrenched, socially isolated Elites characterizes failed states and brittle, doomed regimes throughout history”

And in another paper Charles brilliantly identifies “America’s Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy “.

There is a key mistake and gaping hole in his analysis however. He does recognize that the twofold top tiers of power in the US are the Oligarchy, which he defines as  the “Financial Aristocracy………….this small class is more or less the top .01% who owns a majority of the nation’s financial wealth. They essentially own the political machinery of the nation, writing the rules of legislation that is supposedly regulating their industries, taxes, etc.”

And The Deep State. In defining Deep State Charles first uses a quote from Mike Lofgren; “The Deep State is a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the nation without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.

Then Charles goes on to add to that definition, with his own, which acts to both clarify and deepen it. “I describe the U.S. Deep State as the National Security State which enables a vast Imperial structure that incorporates hard and soft power–military, diplomatic, intelligence, finance, commercial, energy, media, higher education–in a system of global dominance. Membership in the Deep State class is not dependent on wealth so much as on relationships and power.”

Bingo. Great job Charles.

The key mistake here is that Charles gives the Deep State as number one in power and relegates the Oligarchy only to number two.

In the real world those rankings are reversed. Perhaps Charles just put this order in place without thinking about it too much. But as a financially very astute person Charles should know that people who receive a pay check, (as ALL do in Deep State) do what those who pay them, tell them to do. They are in the end, just the top of the top of people who work for a living.

The people with real power are those who write the checks, who hire and fire according to how well their workers, including Deep State workers) serve them.

Once the Oligarchs are placed at the top of the food chain, the question then arises, who are they and what to they want? Charles doesn’t even ask.

One reason Charles doesn’t ask is that as a real matter you cannot know who they are. And the reason for that is in this Red Pill Views post on “Why You Can’t Know Who Owns/ Controls Empire”. 

But while we may not know exactly who they are, we can take an educated guess that the Rothschild and Rockefeller families are amongst them. And by watching what their employees of Deep State have done in the past and are continuing to do, we can surmise that what these people want is a global government under their control.

David Rockefeller is so unafraid of push-back from the lower rungs of the American caste system, that he blatantly admits his agenda.

He writes; “the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

And then David Rockefeller adds; “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

The failure of Charles’s analysis is that he has not sufficiently accepted and internalized these statements, plus what has been their effective implementation by American Deep State operatives in its foreign policy since World War 1, when David Rockefeller’s daddy ran the show.

What this means in fact, is that the United States itself, (today widely viewed at least by most of the rest of the world) as the center of Empire, is not only going to have that role stripped from it, but will lose its sovereignty as well, as will be true of all nation states.

The reason for this is that the new global government will be unlike any other past Empire. Those always had as a geographical center, the country or city or tribe(s) that made the conquests.

In today’s world there will be no comparable geographical center. That is because this is intended to be the first great Empire not created primarily by military force, but by global consensus as the UN is today a precursor. Of course there will need to be a bureaucratic and governmental center for the global government envisioned by the elites, but it will be very small, perhaps the size of Singapore today, or even smaller and physically far removed from any centers of police or military power.

What this means is that the Oligarchs who own/ control the United States today have no problem with putting in place economic- social and cultural systems that are made to fail. That is because all of America’s institutions are scheduled to go through a controlled demolition before the global government can be born.

In fact with the US, like an aging- rotting dinosaur in its way, the global government cannot be birthed.

This has endless implications. One of which is that the oligarchs rarely do things for money. They control the system of printing it, (central banks) and through their control of paper directives markets, most of the global economy.

Everything that the Elites do today is based on creating global conditions that will allow them to trigger a controlled worldwide disaster. That in turn will be intended to force all the nations of the world to cede their sovereignty and join the new global government, which will promise that it is the only way to end war, solve the global ecological crises and through worldwide cooperation in science, technology and economic synergies, eradicate poverty forever.

So when the US takes on debts that it can never repay, it is not supposed to ever repay them. It is simply a confidence game. The US dollar is only there to fulfill its role as a global hegemon until it is ready to be dumped. And when, not if, it is dumped that will clear the way for the global currency, step one towards creating the global government.

At a political level while Charles is correct that there are elites and class systems roughly analogous to what the United States has today, (all over the world) including within its newly declared Cold War 2 adversaries China and Russia, the difference is that in the vast majority of nations the elites understand that their power derives from the nation they rule over.

So people like Putin and Xi can be expected to, in the end seek to serve the best interests of their people and nation as they understand these interests to be.

The countries of Empire however are ruled over by a political class who are in fact owned- controlled by an interlocking group of supra national Oligarchs, and as such do not care at all about their countries or their peoples.

People like Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Harper, Abbot etc. either simply follow orders by those who pay to put them in power, or in the rare event that they are both curious and clever, they know that their country is gong to be destroyed as a nation state anyway. So why fuss over it?

This is the reason dear readers why the good guys today, (not in 1932) are going to be people fighting for their countries, (as old fashioned and problematic as that concept may seem), while those working for Empire are going to be fighting against nation states and all who champion them, while working overtly or covertly, knowingly or unknowingly for global government.

This why today, kind hearted people who want to put an end to global poverty and/ or the massive pollution that is killing the planet, and start or join Leftest or Green political parties, will find that these parties will ALWAYS be co-opted by the global Oligarchy. The Oligarchs view all types of idealistic internationalists as useful idiots. whose purpose whether they understand it or not, will be to help them to fulfill their objective of world government.

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The Obamanation’s declaration of Cold War 2 against Russia and China coupled with the shrill almost hysterical propaganda campaigns of Mega Bank- Corporate- State controlled media is having its desired effect.

Sheeple everywhere are expecting war and giving more and more support to pro war political factions within their governments.

From the standpoint of a potential world war the Middle East is a lot of sound and fury signifying very little. The most dangerous place on earth, like a quietly but quickly metastasizing malignant tumor is the East China Sea where Japan and China face each other off with fear and hatred.

Tokyo is at this moment undergoing the biggest military buildup in the known history of the world. Japan’s militaristic and right wing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to put his country on a war footing against China.

Sadly for him however the Japanese Constitution still forbids any and all belligerent activities internationally.

That however is not preventing Abe from arming his country to the teeth. Afterwards he will ostensibly look for a way to circumvent the constitution, (a la the US) or change it, perhaps using the tried and true American tactic of false flags.

Japan’s propaganda media has been beating the drums for war with China as loudly as US propaganda media has been pounding the drums for war with ISIS. And it is having its effect.

A Sino- Japanese survey The Genron/China Daily found that 93% of Japanese have an unfavorable view of China and a full 29% actually believe that they are going to go to war with China. While 38% don’t believe that they will be going to war against China, that is 13% less than the numbers who believed that just last year.

These numbers are far worse in China where less than 75 years ago the Japanese invaded the country and killed tens of millions of Chinese people in ways arguably more barbaric than what the NAZIS did in Europe. And unlike the Germans the Japanese have still never repented, nor apologized for their behavior.

Abe has made it clear at all times that he has no remorse for Japanese war time atrocities. To punctuate this, last December he visited a controversial shrine to honor Japan’s war dead, including a handful of convicted war criminals.

And while it is barely reported in the Western press, two recent cabinet appointees of Abes (from the extreme right) have had to resign because of photographs of them taken with known Neo Nazis. No problem for the Prime Minister, he hired two more from the same group who were clever enough not to allow pictures.

Is it any wonder then that in the Sino- Japanese survey 53% if the people in China are expecting  to go to war with Japan and 87% of the Chinese people have an unfavorable view of the Japanese.

These numbers give militarists and nationalists in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) tremendous leeway to do whatever it is they believe is necessary for national security.

Meanwhile in the European theater, although there is a temporary cessation of hostilities in the Southeastern provinces of the Ukraine, the Obamanation continues to plan for war. He has put together a NATO 4,000 strong rapid reaction “spearhead” force that is now functioning inside the Ukraine, intended to face off Russian troops and bring the planet to the brink of another world war.

The Obamanation is also intending to continue to surround Russia with hostile intent by looking to fast track Georgia’s application for NATO membership.

And the Obamation is adding military presence to all three of the Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In Estonia the Obamation has just said this; ““Here in the Baltics… it would mean more US forces—including American boots on the ground continuously rotating through Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania……..We need to enhance NATO’s Rapid Response Force so it can deploy even more quickly and not just react to threats, but also deter them .”

Whoaa deter them?  How would he do that??? Well that would place St. Petersburg just 140 kilometers (87 miles) away from Narva, Estonia, where there will ostensibly be US troops. Can anyone imagine how the US would react if a hostile foreign power put troops just 87 miles away from New York or Washington? I would imagine that the proper word mister Obama would be INFLAME not deter.

What do Europeans then think of the Obamantion maybe preempting, (deterring) a war with a nuclear Russia, in which through NATO they will automatically be a part of?

Well 64% of Europeans still support Obama’s foreign policies and even in Germany which would ostensibly be Europe’s backbone for any future war with Russia, although his numbers have been collapsing, still 56% approve of Obama’s international policies.

In this survey on what people believe should be NATO’s role, 73% of Europeans support NATO and 58% of Europeans want to, “continue to provide economic and political support to Ukraine, even if there is a risk of increasing conflict with Russia”.

And in the US the percentage of people who feel the same way as the Europeans relative to NATO and the Ukraine, was 59% and 57%.

And the US propaganda media’s war drums over ISIS has also been paying off.  The Americans are afraid, VERY afraid. A 47% plurality believe that there country is less safe than it was before 9/11. 61% want military action against ISIS and if anything Americans are upset because the Obamation has not been aggressive enough.

By a huge 38 percentage point difference, Americans think that the hyper belligerent Republicans would do better on national defense than the Democrats.

This was so appealing to Republican congressman Frank Wolf that he has already introduced a bill to congress giving nearly dictatorial powers to Obama should he want to pursue a hot war in the Middle East, or anywhere on earth where he spots what he believes to be a “terrorist”, including within the US.

And that is before Obama has even asked for such powers.

So it is that although 67% of American sheeple believe that their country is on the “wrong track”, they can’t wait to put it on a wronger track, more war and more poverty. If you are one of the Oligarchs who own/ control the country you have to be rubbing your hands in glee. “Yup, they are as stupid as they always have been. With just a short intense propaganda campaign we can drive the sheeple from only 23% wanting military action in Syria last year to 61% today”.

Meanwhile the French poodles are barking for war as well. Libyan nationalist, Islamists are kicking the butt of the forces of CIA plant General Khalifa Haftar and threatening to take the oil that the multinationals are stealing from their country and give it back to the Libyan people.

Oh my? Does that mean that Total SA is going to lose all of that oil money? Not if French President Francois Hollande can help it. He wants the whole world to go back to war in Libya to defend his country’s oil interests.

So Red Pill readers, have a peaceful day:-(

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Red Pill Views received a very fine comment from Antonius Block on August 20th in which he stated; “government subsidies are one of the instruments that currently keep blacks in a modern form of bondage”.

In my reply I more or less ignored Antonius’s point and spoke of government transfer programs as a necessary medicine, (with all of their terrible side effects) of an economic system, whose legal regulatory infrastructure rewards those who have and severely punishes both, most of the middle class and the poor.

While the points I raised may have been cogent, the points Antonius raised and I didn’t respond to were cogent ones as well.

He is correct in saying that the government structural transfers in the US are designed to keep people on it and out of the labor force.

This Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Work or Welfare What Pays More”,  (that Antonius linked to) is essentially a proof of that.

Which truly pays more in the US, varies from State to State and maybe from county to country. But the thrust of the article is clear and sadly spot on.

It is that it’s very hard to get on many government transfer programs. There is frequently egregious levels of paper work to complete, as well as possible inspections of your living arrangements, physicians’ statements, likely long ques for section 8 housing assistance, etc., as you have to PROVE for each program that you are indeed a worthy recipient and then take your place in line.

A hard won government benefit is not going to be surrendered easily. And the total potential transfers that a poor person may be entitled to can be considerable.

As the WSJ article points out; ““In 11 States welfare pays more than the average pretax first-year wage for a teacher [in those states]. In 39 states, it pays more than the starting wage for a secretary. And, in the three most generous states a person on welfare can take home more money than an entry-level computer programmer.”

And these are pretax figures. After taxes and the expenses one incurs by getting a job, like transportation and acceptable business clothing, it is hardly worth the effort for all but the most motivated.

And if such a person were to actually put in the effort and cost to find and secure a job, if they were to be laid off afterwards, (depending on how quickly afterwards) they would frequently have to go through the whole arduous and costly process of getting their old social programs back again.

And what would they and their families live on while they fought to get their old programs back?

So social welfare in America is a recipe that creates a disincentive to work and by doing so creates a permanent dependent underclass.

And as Antonius pointed out, given the very real racism in America and the institutional attempts at breaking the back of Black America, once Afro American people are thrown into the heap of the dependent poor, it is very hard for them to escape.

Antonius gave these examples of “why Blacks in the USA are at a disadvantage”. But there are endlessly more.

1- CIA intentionally distributing crack into black neighborhoods.
2- Nixons 100:1 ratio between crack and powder cocaine – Basically, having 100 grams of a white man’s drug like cocaine would trigger the same sentence as having 1 gram of crack cocaine, a black man’s drug.
3- Bank loan discrimination
4- Sentensing disparity between blacks and whites, leaving many young black kids fatherless. We all know nothing could possibly go wrong with that…
5- Music ideolizing violence being pushed on black communities through monopolies like the RIAA

When a country wants to offer transfers for those of its citizens who are temporarily in need, but also TRULY wants to get them back into the labor force they will do what Denmark does. That is unemployed workers are given generous amounts of help, but after a certain amount of time they MUST look for work.

The government then works as a helper- intermediary to link potential workers to businesses that need help.

If they do not have sufficient skills to get a job based on real jobs that truly exist and where employers cannot find skilled help, then an able bodied welfare recipient MUST show up to classes to get trained.

For example if you own a business and can’t find needed help the government will train an unemployed person to do the job you need done. Then for the period of on the job training, the government will pay you to train your new temporary employee and keep making transfers to the new employee as well, as he or she is learning and not yet productive.

Once the temporary period is over, you are asked whether you want to hire your new employee? When you say yes that person gets a permanent job.

The government then benefits as this person goes from being a net receiver of public funds to a tax paying worker, contributing money to maybe help a new person in the same situation he or she was in when he or she was unemployed.

And the businessperson ostensibly expands his or her business, makes more money and then pays more taxes as well.

So the money paid by the state to help both a businessman and an unemployed person acts as an investment, expanding national productivity and adding skilled labor to the country’s work force.

What the US Elites have done has been completely different. In that country today more than 50% of the people get some sort of government transfer payment. And based on a Crony Capitalist economic system Elites have created great wealth for 1% of the population and good wealth for an additional 29% who effectively serve them.

These 30% of Americans today have the best standard of living ever in the history of their country.

So 50% of Americans are dependent on their government to live, while 30% are very happy campers at least financially. They are highly unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them. This is the constituency that will ALWAYS support Democrats or Republicans, because BOTH groups have a vested interest in the system.

But even though welfare benefits when successfully stacked together can be significant, they still for the most part leave people in poverty, which unlike someone else’s starting salary has no hope for advancement attached to it.

And poor frequently, ignorant people don’t always know that they can stack benefits, nor know how to go about doing it.

Hopelessness leads to things like drug and/ or alcohol abuse, which in turn leads to weak, broken violence ridden families, which in turn leads to a culture of more hopelessness. Add racism to the mix and we have an explosive cocktail that can and will lead to social violence as well.

There really isn’t any reason not to get Americas permanent underclass back into productive labor and I might add into jobs that will give people a living wage, other than the fact that the American Elites don’t find it in their interest to do so.

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There are an endless number of people worldwide who HATE Empire. Most of them believe that the beast is in decline and that in its death throws it has miscalculated by antagonizing and pushing together both Russia and China in the Obamanation’s declaration Cold War 2.

To the degree that there is any possibility of a war against powers as great as Russia or China, it will almost completely be defined by Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). How many troops countries can put on the ground, or how much conventional weaponry they have that cannot deliver WMDs, will be immaterial.

Troop strength and conventional weaponry including air crafts are useful only in the limited conflicts that we have seen since World War 2. I call these conflicts limited, because even when a nuclear power, fought against a developing nation,  (IE: the US in Vietnam and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan) they refrained from using their WMD, (for political reasons) which surely would have won their war.

Back in the days of Cold War 1, WMD was defined completely by deliverable nuclear weapons. It was symmetrical. Count up each sides nukes and you knew, more or less what the balance was.

Today nuclear weapons are yesterday’s technology. The three main players have them in all sizes and shapes. And they have anti missile systems to protect against the nukes of rivals. But like television sets, (also an old technology), the missile and anti missile systems and nuclear warheads of today, are being computerized to make them “smart” bombs and delivery systems as opposed to the old dumb bombs.

Because everyone’s computer advances may not be equal, this makes it hard to know who in the nuclear game has the upper hand. One smart system, (like any new technology) may be more powerful than a thousand of someone else’s not so smart systems.

And then there are all sorts of other WMD today from the Nano, (both organic and inorganic) varieties up to space wars. including one of Empire’s favs Environmental weaponry. This is besides social technologies that can be used to create “controlled” chaos, such as attacks on Information Technology systems and Currency Wars. Empire likes environmental WMD the best, because it can make a massive attack on a nation and it will only look from the outside like an accident of nature.

For example Empire has developed viruses, with high fatality rates that only attack people of a particular genetic strain. So if one was dropped on say Han Chinese, how would anyone be able to “prove” that Empire did it or nature?

Knowledge of conventional weaponry, including its most advanced varieties is typically released to the public through trade journals like “Jane’s Defense Weakly”. That even includes satellites that can be used for space war purposes, as these cannot be readily hidden anyway.

Aside from nuclear treaties written in the days of the dinosaurs. that demand simple transparency of the counting of nuclear warheads and “rules”, (long since ignored) about anti missile systems, no one, repeat NO ONE advertises what they have or don’t have in the way of state of the art WMD.

The only ones who would know that would be deep insiders, (relative to what their own country has) and intelligence services as to what a possible enemy has.

Outsiders can have no direct knowledge of the true balance of power at the level of WMD, between say the US, Russia and China. Based however, on how these countries behave relative to Cold War 2, we can get some idea.

I have been blessed, (traumatized) in the past to have had some deep state knowledge of what the Americans have. It was then, and is certainly much more today the stuff of science fiction. Of course I have no knowledge of what Russia or China have.

The rest is reading the character of leaders. I don’t in any way view Vlad as a pacifist.

Vlad’s short war with Georgia just six years ago in a situation similar, (at least superficially) to the one in the Ukraine proves this. Georgia as with the Ukraine pulled out of its historical linkage with Russia and effectively joined with Empire. Tbilisi wanted to take the Russian speaking people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia with it, just as Kiev wants to take its Southeastern provinces and the Crimea.

In Georgia, Vlad’s response was to bomb Tibilisi. In the Ukraine Vlad did take the Crimea, but backed off on the Southeastern provinces, de facto allowing Kiev to slaughter its peoples and put them into a living hell.

Why? Why was Vlad aggressive in 2008 in defending the smaller group of Russian speaking peoples of Georgia and essentially passive in defending the much larger and more Geo strategically important group in the Ukraine?

If you dear reader have another answer please feel free to express it in the comments section.

The only reason I can think of, is that the Ukraine is much more vital Geo Politically to Empire than Georgia is. And should Vlad move militarily as he did in Georgia, to protect Russian interests in the Ukaine, (besides the Crimea which was of maximum strategic importance) he knows that it will be an engraved invitation for Empire to send NATO, and its bases onto his doorstep.

Remember it was only 15 years ago since the drunk Boris Yeltsin ruled over chaos in a Russia that was really ruled by feuding Oligarchs who functioned as war lords. It was this Russia the Vlad inherited. And after the fall of the Soviet Union 8 years before, Empire raided and pretty much stripped Russia of its top scientists.

No Vlad, nor in fact Xi in China, is ready to face Empire off in any serious conflict that could lead to a WMD escalation.  On the ground, using conventional weaponry in an area close to Russia and China, both countries have overwhelming superiority to Empire. But not in WMD.

And that is why both China and Russia, except in the most egregious circumstances are going to back off when it comes to Empire’s aggression towards them.

Both countries need a generation of peace and cooperation between each other to truly catch up. What Cold War 2 is about, is that Empire does not want to give it to them.


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A friend pointed out awhile back that the support that Iran’s supreme leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei gives to the Palestinians is superficial. His Twelver Theology is not favorable to Sunni Islam, (especially to the Muslim Brotherhood- Hamas). Khamenei bears Sunnis little in the way of good will.

Tehran streets however hate Israel and demand that their government come to the aid of the beleaguered Palestinians. Khamenei does this through his Hezbollah arm in Lebanon and by giving arms directly to Hamas. But Hezbollah has been ineffective in creating any real change in Israel- Palestine, and the arms Khamenei has given Hamas has essentially resulted in more Palestinian deaths and more Israeli oppression.

Besides Palestine what Khamenei has shown over the years, is 100% support for all areas with Sh’ias, and net- net hostility to all areas peopled by Sunnis.

There is also reason to believe that the differences between Khamenei and Empire have been exaggerated for public appearance in both countries and that behind the scenes Washington and Tehran have worked together well, in numerous areas of mutual interest, such as in Afghanistan and in Bush’s war in Iraq.

For quite some time now Washington and Tehran have been in talks supposedly about its nuclear ambitions. Red Pill Views can tell you with certainly that these talks are only at the margins about nuclear issues.  Iran’s nuclear weapon’s potential as a threat to any country within Empire, (especially Israel) is wildly exaggerated. What these talks are really about is what role Iran is going to play in Cold War 2. Is Tehran going to join the new Russia – China block? Or are they going to be non- aligned?

Empire doesn’t need Iranian oil, but it wants to know who will be able to buy it, in what currency, and at what price. On Empire’s wish list is also to integrate Iran’s banking system within its Wall Street money cartel.

But regional geo politics is also crucial for both countries. Iran wants dominance over its neighbors and if they are to be Sunnis, it wants them to be weak and non threatening. Weak and non threatening also suits Empire just fine.

For Empire the lesson of Maliki in Iraq was that you cannot trust even your own hand appointed dictators. The only solution for Empire is to break Iraq and Syria into bite sized delectable easily controllable chunks. And that is what Empire is in the process of doing. One of the chunks in Iraq. Empire is giving to Tehran. I don’t know yet what Empire will get in return. But given the number of Sh’ia in Iraq and its proximity to Iran, Empire has little choice.

This is certainly a big part of the ongoing discussions between Washington and Tehran.

Enter stage left ISIS, Empire’s Frankenstein monster who escaped control and is presently going berserk in both Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a Sunni group and was intended to cut a huge swath out of Iraq and Syria to set up a Sunni region as a dependency of Saudi and Gulf State money.

But just as with Libyan Jihadhis, ISIS has gotten its hands on oil wells and is now independent of its past financial masters. It has also won huge caches of military equipment from its opponents in battle and at least for now is independent of its past arms suppliers. The Frankenstein ISIS monster is free. And it is threatening the Sh’ia areas supposedly allocated to Tehran in Baghdad and Basra.

Empire is terrified as we speak that Maliki, (the de facto leader of Sh’ias in Iraq) is too corrupt and weak to give serious resistance to ISIS. So the Obamanation in his endless gall has declared a new Prime Minister in Iraq, completely outside of the legal structure of the country. Maliki is unlikely to leave office because Obama wants him out and he has a LOT of grass roots support inside his country.

Meanwhile on his fine Blog “Moon of Alabama”, Bernhard has written an excellent post pointing out that ISIS has essentially transformed itself from a bunch of rag tag guerrillas to a real army, filled with battle hardened veterans that can very well threaten the entire region.

The reason ISIS can now be threatening according to Bernhard, is that they have essentially consolidated all of the past frequently feuding Jihadhis in the region, into a single force that is no longer really just another guerrilla group but a battled hardened and well equipped army. And they have added to their ranks past officers from Saddam’s old military.

If there is a Kiev moment of chaos in Baghdad, that could well open the door for an ISIS invasion in the short term. But in the long term ISIS has no future in any Sh’ia area of Iraq. Not only will local Sh’ia fight them, Empire and Iran will have to get involved. Neither country wants to blow its cover and work together. Both Washington and Tehran have too much political capital with their own sheeple that the other is the devil incarnate.

And although Washington could easily do the job by itself, their is no political support in the US for the country to reintroduce ground troops into Iraq.

But something may have to be done. So Empire propaganda media is preparing the way by trying to influence public opinion to believe that ISIS really is the devil incarnate and that comparatively, even Tehran is quite acceptable. If Washington can demonize ISIS enough, (and by trying to demonize Putin simultaneously Empire may be sending the sheeple mixed messages that overloads their tiny brains) it is hoping that public support can be drummed up for some kind of collaborative operation against ISIS, hopefully only with Iraqui Sh’ia using US air support, shipments of higher quality arms than ISIS has and probably advisors and trainers to teach the locals how to use them.

But if the Iraqi army can’t handle ISIS in the short run, there is not enough time to train them, then Iran and the Revolutionary guards will have to get involved. One thing you can take to the bank, Khamenei is not going to let ISIS take areas of Iraq that will make them an existential threat to Iran. And Empire will have no choice but to support Khamenei. Demonizing ISIS to the US public, will soften them up, so that if US- Iranian cooperation has to come out into the open, it will be easier for the sheeple to accept.

The sleeping tiger in the North, behind the Kurds is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey. Freshly elected and filled with Ottoman ambitions and machismo, Erdo would like to extend Turkish dominance throughout the region. Empire would not allow him to overthrow Assad, so that a Sunni controlled Syria could be formed, that Erdo would have great influence over. But Empire WANTS to empower Erdo over an Iraqi Kurdistan.

Empire wants the Kurds to have the oil region of Kirkuk. And my guess is that this will benefit energy poor Turkey in some way as well.

Erdogan has just won the presidency with 52% of the vote, not a huge majority. Many, especially in Western Turkey despise him as an Islamisist and as authoritarian.  To balance this politically, Erdogan has reached out to long neglected conservative Muslims in the East of the country AND to Turkish Kurds. They have been and are a huge part of his support base that empowers Erdo in his country.

If he brings their dream of a Kurdistan together in neighboring Iraq, Erdo will be a hero to the Kurds of the region.

Huge Kurdish political base at home, Ottoman Imperial extension abroad- green lighted by Empire- oil, what’s not to like?

Don’t think for a minute that Erdo would let this rag tag army of ISIS stop his regional ambitions and make him look weak amongst his Kurds. And if the Turkish Army is not battle tested, Turkey is the sleeping giant of the region and a part of NATO.

Erdogan is excellent at manufacturing false flags that Empire and its propaganda media will in this case be longing to accept as a real provocations. The Turkish army after spending a bit of time on the learning curve, with NATO air support, (really Washington) will eat ISIS like a small bug.

So ISIS has no real future unless it pulls in its horns and allows Empire to circumscribe what it can and can’t do. In other words to get back on the leash in which it was originally held by Empire and do its bidding.

But until ISIS figures this out, things could get downright nasty.








Arman Matthews