Brazil: Big Global Capital & The Fake Left

Brazil: Big Global Capital & The Fake Left

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This is a hugely important presidential election, the first round of which will be taking place in Brazil on Sunday October the 5th. 

Global Big Capital has known for some time now to field “populist” candidates to represent their agendas of making big money for their Mega Banks and taking control over nation states.

These “humanistic” politicians are indeed wolves in sheep’s clothing. And in each country, demographic studies are done to see which “populist” candidate can be fielded who will be most sell-able to the masses, who they will believe will represent real change and care about their interests.

It is instructive how easily it has been for global elites to enlist candidates to represent them, who have a “left wing” populist pedigree and promise “real change”, as Obama did in 2008.

In reality Obama transferred between $8- $25 trillion from the American people to the Mega Banks after their collapse in 2008, calling them “Too Big to Fail”. And his hand picked Attorney General Eric Holder found no wrong doing on anyone’s part in any of those banks that led to their de facto, (without a public bailout) collapse.

In foreign policy matters Obama has not just continued the Imperial policies of his predecessors, he has effectively declared Cold War 2 against both Russia and China, proxy wars all over the world and now an overt war in Syria. For those in the Mega Banks and Corporations who profit from all of this, what’s not to like?

In France the Mega Banks found Francois Hollande, whom the French people actually thought was a Socialist. They wanted one after the majority of French people felt that they had been looted by his Gaullest predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, who had succeeded in bringing them war, (in Libya) and poverty. They too wanted real change.

What they got in Hollande was Sarkozy 2, just as what the Americans got in Obama was Bush 2, even if a slicker, stealth version of him.

As a good Socialist even if Hollande is not attacking the economic problems of his country at their roots, (IE; the EU, Euro and ECB) at the very least he should be doing what all good Euro leftists are supposed to do. That is raise taxes on the rich, (especially corporations) and use the money to fund social programs which in bad times are severely strained.

A good leftest is also supposed to beg the Mega Bank controlled Euro elites to print money at the European Central Bank and with it be kind to poor nations. “Please don’t punish them with austerity?”.

Hollande has done none of the above. He has in fact done the opposite. He has actually lowered taxes on the rich and cut funding for social programs. And he has not “stood up” to the Eurocrats and denounced them for the “austerity” that they have demanded of the French.

In fact when his truly Socialist, (and that is not necessarily good) Economics Minister, Arnaud Montebourgared  dared to speak their mantra, “France is the eurozone’s second-biggest economy,…………… and it does not intend to align itself, ladies and gentlemen, with the excessive obsessions of Germany’s conservatives”, he was fired.

And in foreign policy matters  Hollande was a big supporter of Al -Nusra in Syria, and last year almost begged Obama to allow him to bomb Damascus. Recently Hollande has been throwing a small tantrum because Sarkozy’s “revolution” in Libya, intended to take the oil away from Qaddafi and give it to Total SA, has not worked out. Hollande now wants the whole world to go get that oil for French mega business.

Well if Hollande and Obama were not bad enough, the Mega Banks have a new, vastly improved model of global populism who is being test marketed in Brazil. Her name is Marina Silva and she is running for the Presidency on Sunday. You will not believe her “creds”.

Marina came from a dirt poor background in the Amazonian rain forest. She arose from nothing to become Environmental Minister under the popular reformist government of Luiz Inácio Lula, where she single handedly fought off evil business interests that wanted to destroy the Brazilian rain forests.

In 1996 she won the Goldman Environmental Prize for Central and South America. And “in 2007, the United Nations Environment Program named her one of the Champions of the Earth“. And she won the Sophie Prize in 2009. The following year she was the Green Party’s presidential nominee.

If that is not enough to melt your heart check out this; “Orphaned at age 16, young Marina moved to the state capital, Rio Branco, to……… receive treatment for hepatitis. She was taken in by nuns in a convent and received a Catholic education. Here, she became the first person in her family to learn to read and write. After leaving the convent, she went to work as a domestic maid in exchange for lodging.” She is a also decedent of black African ancestors and one of 11 children.

If is elected Marina will be the first Afro American, Brazilian president.

If she ran among US liberal Democrats, they would probably fight to suspend the constitution and make her president for life.

Problem is that under her lambs clothing, Marina really represents the same Mega Bank- Corporate fascists as Obama and Hollande do. The only difference is that she is a vastly updated model of a fake left populist candidate.

And of course she is running on a platform of “new politics.”, I guess “change you can believe in” had already been taken by another African American.

The give away, as to who Silva really is, is that like America’s original “liberal”, Woodrow Wilson she is fighting for an “independent” Central Bank. Unlike in Wilson’s time however, Brazil already has a Central Bank. The problem is that Brazil’s Central Bank is actually owned by the Brazilian people and is directly controlled by those whom they vote to represent them.

What about the global Mega Bankers? Can’t they have a piece of the action? Well they have hired Marina to do just that for them. She has vowed to make Brazil’s central bank “independent”, I guess like the Fed, the Bank of England, and the ECB.

Independent sounds nice, until you understand that what she means by that, is independent of any control of the Brazilian people. But someone always controls independent central banks. And who dear reader do you suspect that is?

Yup. You are right. Global Mega Banks like Goldman Sachs, Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, JP Morgan, Citibank just to name a few. So it comes as no suprise that the big money behind Silva, is Maria Alice Setubal. She is a “member of one of Brazil’s most distinguished banking dynasties“. And I am certain that the lovely Alice is backed by at least one global Mega Bank and probably more.

After all taking control of the printing press, (that is the only one allowed to produce money in Brazil) a power that can decide who gets rich and who gets poor, can be a very lucrative operation.

Wall Street positively gushes over Marina Silva as you can see if you clicked the Forbes Magazine link directly above. But if you missed it Carola Binder a graduate student in Economics at the University of California at Berkeley, tries to insure that she will get a cushy job when she graduates by regurgitating that old time religion about the joys of an “independent” central bank, in this case within the context of Marina Silva’s candidacy.

As the Wall Street Journal gushingly put it ; “The diverse groundswell of support lifting Ms. Silva was on display Aug. 29 as she unveiled her platform to an unusual mix of environmentalists, left-leaning progressives and conservative financiers crammed into a ballroom in São Paulo”.

Hmmm what doesn’t fit in that mix? And why does the Wall Street Journal gush over her? Hmmm does the WSJ like a) environmentalists? b) left leaning progressives? or c) conservative financiers?

If you got “c”, you win a cookie.

Britain’s Financial Times, (FT) has all but been campaigning for Marina in articles like this.  And in this one, two weeks before the election FT chirps; “Like Lula, Marina Silva can refresh Brazil’s tired politics”. FT didn’t of course mention the fact that former president Lula, (sort of a national hero and widely viewed as truly transformative figure in Brazilian life), is campaigning vigorously against her.

Happily Britain’s Financial Times cannot vote in Brazil. But plenty of Brazil’s oligarchs are readers and it is those, (who still don’t know that Marina is not really for the rabble) that FT is trying to get onto her band wagon.

Under Dilma Rousseff Brazil has tried to tighten relationships with the other BRIC nations of Russia, China and India and distance herself from Washington.

What is Marina Silva’s foreign policy. Well she wants to help to create “democracy” in Cuba and tighten relations with the US.

On the international stage Brazil is a quiet country. But it is also a crucial one. A country that can contribute to creating a truly multi polar world and help to free Latin American countries, long the targets of US imperialism from its steely grip.

Dilma who is building an independent internet for Brazil, aimed at keeping the NSA out, is ever so slowly moving her country towards true independence from Washington.

Marina Silva is the Trojan Horse intended to reel Brazil back in. The people of the world who wish to keep their independence and not be eaten up by the institutions of Empire, can only hope that the Brazilian people see through this fake politician, in a way that the American and French people failed to do. A truly independent Brazil is important for all of us.

As my readers will quickly see I tend to interpret the world, thanks to the late Bill Gaines in the "jugular vein". I don't waste time debating or debunking propaganda. I assume my readers are smart enough to see through it, on their own. And propaganda, especially the stupid and transparent kind doesn't need to be dignified by debate. OK. OK sometimes I will use propaganda for a comic routine. We all have to laugh occasionally. And finally like the Bill Gates dictum that he quoted from Wayne Gretzky, I try not to skate to the puck, but to where the puck is coming. That means I care less about news headlines than what they signify and where the underlying theme of them is likely to go.



  1. More than a being Troian Horse inside the 60-year old genuine Brazilian Socialist Party she is the Serpent’s egg of a new agenda which is, supported the evangelical movement, likely to spread in just a four-year term, the seeds of a “new order “– now imagine of what kind!. A correction: she is not an extraction of African Brazilian ancestry, she is a typical northern Brazil cabocla, and as such she does not represent the black community in Brazil, in any sense, culturally, ethnically or politically. Well as a matter of fact she represents the Mega bank’s exotic blue pill and a desire for change which was/is in the air. But not even that any longer so rapidly her phenomenon and cover have been blown up. And she does not either represent a catholic agenda, for although being born such, she was converted with the help of some NGOs back in the 90s into the evangelical movement!

    • Thanks so much for your great boots on the ground comments Jesualdo. I can understand that underlying Marina’s representation (in this election) of the agendas of the Global Mega Banks, is the possible terminal corruption of the Brazilian Socialist Party, which even after her hoped for defeat will continue to give the Brazilian people new and improved versions of Marina, as well as Mega Bank approved candidates for state legislatures and The National Congress.

      I had taken Silva’s Afro American (Brazilian) origin from this article in Wikopedia

      Perhaps any discrepancy would be due to the differences in agendas between the people of the Amazon basin and Afro Brazilians from the coastal regions? True or no?

      In any case all we can hope for is that Marina will be soundly defeated and that the Socialists will take that as a signal for party reform. The same situation has to exist in France today with Hollande.

  2. Robert, a major retification must urgently be done here. The party which has been in power is the Labour Party, a populist left-wing coalision led by a former trade-union lider, Lula da Silva, and which as soon came to power kept all the intelligentsia which was embedded in the coalision at bay in order to practice some sort of inner bolshevist hegemony, most probably to launch a vast clientelistic network – out of its own grass root members- in vast scale, giving key administrative positions to members of the party, in a conspicuous and infamous physiologistic praxis. At the same time, in order to become as popular as it did, the party promoted social programs of inclusion – un petit peu a la Chaves – which were able to take out of extreme levels of poverty millions of people. It was this assistencialist social program that gave Lula da Silva the huge popularity hethese programms created also legions of unemployers people and a culture of of just sitting home in dolce fare niente , because only so they would qualify for the benefit. ( Well I for one would propose the massive creation of jobs – opening roads or whatever – thereby including those millions in the ranks of genuinine citzenship – but that was Lula da Silva’s particular kind of reactionary, emotional, manichestic populism and Dilma followed suit).
    Now important point: The Brazilian Socialist Party, which is more than 60 years old, was never in power and kept an overall absolutely clean record wherever it had some of its politicians occupyingpositions at the higher or middle echelons of the administration. The candidate for the Socialist Party, who died tragically – and no doubt, so misteriously- in that plan crash, Eduardo Campos, was the grandson of a famous and much respected Brazilian politician, Miguel Arraes. Quite young, he wasa rising star, one of the best possibilities in terms of a renewed, fresh political agenda capable to break away with so many ingrained vices which vampirise the country for decades, to the left and right of the whole spectrum. [ There was a chance, a possibility…. He was to all accounts a true left… but in Brazil nowadays you never know any longer ]. So Eduardo Campos, in order to strenghten the Socialist Party’s chances invited this one Marina da Silva – an ecologist who was somewhat left-wing and who represented the ecological, green-party movement – to become his vice, although knowing that for the composition of such ticket he would have to compromise in many fronts, one of them being the promise of giving complete autonomy to the Brazilian Central Bank, which he did declare, to everyone consternation, just weeks before passing away.

    • Thank you for the great comments Jeusualdo. From what you wrote it seems that Marina is pretty much the only Mega Bank co-opted member of the Socialists. I hope that that is true, although it is suspicious and disconcerting that Eduardo Campos also accepted an “independent” central bank before his untimely death.

      What you wrote about Lula confirmed what I have seen or known about “leftest” regimes, even true ones. That is that they easily get filled with cronyism and nepotism. That was true when I lived in Poland in the 1970s and my best friend who lived for years in Nicaragua said that institutionalized Cronyism is how the Sandinistas function.

      I personally have never seen a “leftest” regime that I thought was very functional from an economic standpoint. My personal preference would be a relatively clean, (non corrupt) reasonably efficient state that created an environment that would promote small business, although not anti big business either. The best model I have seen would be Singapore.

      The Castro brothers are now promoting small business and I believe that it has been a great help in creating economic growth in Cuba although with of course the down side of creating more inequality as well. I do believe that all people should be, (within the reasonable capacity of the state) provided with a basic income that allows all people a life with human dignity.

      But as you pointed out Jeusaldo there also has to be incentives for people to work, so they don’t just stay at home watching the TV all day. Apparently Lula did not create these intensives and by failing to do that, he will create a permanent underclass such as exists today in the US.

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