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As my readers will quickly see I tend to interpret the world, thanks to the late Bill Gaines in the "jugular vein". I don't waste time debating or debunking propaganda. I assume my readers are smart enough to see through it, on their own. And propaganda, especially the stupid and transparent kind doesn't need to be dignified by debate. OK. OK sometimes I will use propaganda for a comic routine. We all have to laugh occasionally. And finally like the Bill Gates dictum that he quoted from Wayne Gretzky, I try not to skate to the puck, but to where the puck is coming. That means I care less about news headlines than what they signify and where the underlying theme of them is likely to go.

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The thrust of yesterday’s article assumed that Putin would send troops into Syria in support of the Assad government. Of course all Moscow committed to was air support.

Air support may buy Assad a bit of time, but it, in and of itself will not and cannot be a game changer. That can only happen with boots on the ground.  And in fact by bombing ISIS positions, (as opposed to saying they are bombing ISIS positions as the US- France and Turkey does), it is only likely to strengthen ISIS all the more.

It will act as a powerful recruitment campaign for new ISIS fighters. And it is likely that the Gulf States will react by increasing funding and Erdogan by increasing material and logistical support.

The only real game changer that can be made in the Levant would be the introduction of Russian troops.

It still holds true, that in the Levant war there can be no winner. All that can come about is a negotiated peace through Balkinization of the region, or for the area to fall into chaos as per Libya.  Russian troops in Syria will encourage a political agreement. Bombing will accomplish next to nothing.

Putin is only beginning his bombing campaign because Assad’s troops are tiring and his military position is eroding. Bombing alone will not change this. So the assumption is that if Moscow is serious about saving Assad, (which will encourage a political solution) it will have to sooner rather than later introduce troops.

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There have been no new news articles on Red Pills because there has been no real news for a very long time. Pretty much everything that has been happening globally is an extension of analysis made in past articles.

For those who want to understand the macro picture around them all they need do is read those articles.

The Iran “nuclear” agreement with the US was a small piece of news. As Red Pill readers know the agreement had little to do with nuclear. It was mostly about creating a comprehensive agreement with Tehran on its position relative to Cold War 2, which Obama had previously declared against Russia and China.

Would Iran move into the Western camp or at least stay non- aligned in this Cold War that we are only in the very early stages of?

From a US standpoint it seems as if ruling elites are divided on Iran. The majority, as represented by all Republican presidential candidates as well as Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side favor a hot war with Iran.

Obama’s peace agreement was intended to make it more difficult for these people to start such a war after he leaves the White House. It is arguably the only truly peaceful thing Obama has done in his more than six years as US president.

Of course getting around the Iran agreement is as simple as Hillary’s statement to the Brookings Institution that she would support the deal UNTIL she determined that Tehran was in violation and then she would attack.

Ostensibly she would learn that Tehran was in “violation” of the agreement by using the same Intel operatives who determined that Saddam had WMD and that Assad used chemical weapons at Ghouta.

Until now Tehran has not become a part of the new Russia- China defense system for a host of reasons, most of them rooted in history.

And until now while both Putin and Khamenei, (Iran’s supreme leader) have helped Assad in Syria, there has been limited coordination as well as assistance.

This is all about to change. Obviously long in the planning, Moscow has finally decided to enter the fray, with Beijing as always now quietly taking its back.

Putin is making the very high-risk move of committing Russian troops to support Assad and the Syrian government. The downside for Russia could mean its soldiers being caught in a political, cultural, tribal and religious swamp in Syria and perhaps Iraq as they once had been in Afghanistan.

But apparently Geo Political strategists in Moscow believed that this gamble would be worth it. For starters it opens the door to Tehran for much closer cooperation, first within the Levant and then in a growing partnership with Russia and China.

This also puts the Hillary Clinton’s and Jeb Bush’s in the US on notice that an unprovoked attack against Iran, (based on Empire“Intel” that it is building a nuclear weapon) is likely to, as Obama loves to say have “consequences”.

Thirdly this throws Russia and China’s hat into the ring to let Washington- Ankara- Riyadh- Tel Aviv- Paris- London etc. understand that they are no longer going to have their way in the MENA, creating terrorist mercenary groups like ISIS and Al Nusra to informally prosecute the West’s regional agendas.

This gives Putin a massive propaganda advantage, which he is well availing himself of. Since none other than the Empire has defined ISIS as the most dastardly of evil “terrorists” as well as the fiction that the “terrorist” group Al Qaeda was behind 9/11, then fighting them in Syria is fighting terrorism by the West’s own standard.

This is the kind of simplistic rhetoric that Westerners particularly Americans understand.

“Are you for us or against us? Are you for terrorism or against it? If you are against it, then why are you not joining us in fighting the “terrorists” (who in reality we all know wink wink you created and support to this day)?”

It is calling the bluff of Obama. Hollande, Cameron, Erdogan. Salman, Netanyahu et al.

The creation of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Washington’s aggression that led to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen were not done accidentally either.

Just because Russia- China and Iran are entering the fray in the Levant more directly, is unlikely to change regional policy goals for Washington.

The Americans and their vassals are going to have to appear as if they want peace in the region and that they oppose ISIS and Al Nusra, while of course continuing to support them.

And continuing to support them they will, no matter how many fake “bombing” missions of terrorist positions they will claim to make.

Washington’s response to Putin entering the war in Syria will be “fine let the Russians die there”. And in order to accomplish that the US and its vassals will redouble the arms they give, (through Turkey) to ISIS and Al Nusra, as well as expand the funding for them through their Gulf State bankers.

The challenge for Washington is that they are now going to have to soften their rhetoric against their very own “terrorists” in general and ISIS in particular. They will need to give them a propaganda makeover. Washington has begun to do that with Al Qaeda, (which it actively supports today in Yemen) anyway. Soon all of us who read and understand English and other Western languages will learn that ISIS was never all that bad after all.

Also as Tehran expands into the Levant militarily, (albeit with the help of an awakened bear to the north) sectarian polarization between Sunnis and Sh’ias will increase.

The war will act as a huge recruitment campaign among young Sunnis for ISIS, especially if the funding spigots from Riyadh and Qatar are opened even further.

Meanwhile the back room agreements between Washington and Tehran, that has ruled over Baghdad since the Americans withdrew in numbers from Iraq seems once again ready to collapse. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has agreed to share intel with Russia on ISIS operations in his country.

That means that Tehran has given Haider a green light to cooperate with Moscow. That is directly against Washington’s regional interests, interests that Haider was supposed to represent as well.

It is a direct slap in Obama’s face.

How far and how deep Russia involves itself in the region remains to be seen. Of Russia’s population of 30 million Muslims, the largest group are Sunnis. For them Moscow is going to be on the wrong side of the Levant wars.

The people of Syria are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If Assad were to fall, (as Putin stated) Syria will become a failed state. On the other hand, is that worse than a war that will grow more widespread and ever more sectarian?

And to the degree that Putin lends Russian (Chinese) military support for regional Sh’ias and the West counters by supporting regional Sunnis, this will open a third front in Cold War 2.

The Levant will add to the fronts in the Ukraine (NATO expansion in Eastern Europe) as well as US naval expansion in the China and South China Seas, both of which are being met with a massive expansion of Russian and Chinese defense and counterattack capabilities.

There is a difference in Syria to the other two Cold War fronts which came about due to Washington’s aggression. Up until now the Levant and much of the rest of the region had been Washington’s de facto play ground, for the creation of terrorist assets as well as regional chaos. Except in Chechnya, American policies have only impacted Russia at the margins.

So Putin’s military entrance into the Levant is, (much more than the Crimea) an overtly aggressive move. And Washington and all its vassal states have been rocked back on their heels by it.

While it is possible that Putin won’t go too far militarily, usually actions like this have one or more specific goals. And one has to use whatever assets are necessary, (including time) in order to achieve them. That is why military incursions far from home tend to be like quicksand, easy to enter and hard to get out of. Be assured that Washington will use this principle in counterattacking.

Unlike the far more dangerous regions of Eastern Europe and the Eastern and Southeastern Pacific, there is a relatively easy outline for a Great Power peace accord in the Levant. That is because the goal of Washington in the region has long since been to Balkanize it into tiny hostile states mostly along sectarian lines.

At this point that would suit Russia, China and even Iran just fine. The question is how will this new map look? And that is what this war in the Levant is going to be about.

Any peace accord in the Levant however, is still a long way off. This war, as a new front in Cold War 2 is just beginning.

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Politicians and betrayals are synonyms. There are however little betrayals and great betrayals. The greatest betrayal of a major modern politician had been that of Tony Blair, who single handedly destroyed the once grand Labor Party of the UK. Working people in the UK rightfully no longer believe that Labor represents them. Today they have no voice.

But Blair’s betrayal of the British people is absolutely nothing compared to what Alexis Tsipras has just done. Not only is it a dagger in the heart to the Greek people, but to truly progressive people throughout Europe, (like those who support Podemos in Spain) and even to anti EU politicians coming from the right like Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage.

Working people reeling under the pain and misery of the neo fascist banker takeover of Europe, (called the EU and the Euro Zone) now have to ask whether any politician who claims to represent them is anything other than a Tsipras; a liar and a fraud.

After the first February negotiations between newly elected Tsipras and the Eurozone, in which he seemed to be backing off his campaign promises to the Greek people of no more austerity, many believed that he was a traitor and a fake.

But these were minor negotiations and Tsipras, as well as his political party Syriza were new to power. In order to call the Euro Zones bluff that Greece would be cut off from any new funding and its economy would collapse, Tsipras had to put a plan in place to minimize any damage the Euro Zone could do. In February he hadn’t had the time to have done that.

The great negotiations were going to happen in June when Greece would owe more money to its creditors than it could pay. In order to blunt the Euro Zone’s threat of a complete cutoff of funding, Tsipras had to do two things. One was to create the capacity for a seamless transition of Greece’s monetary system from Euros to a New Drachma, that would be used for all business within the country.

Secondly Tsipras had to insure the convertibility of the new currency into Euros or dollars, as the EU and the Anglo 5 countries would do everything in their power to make it completely worthless outside of Greece. In order to do that Tsipras needed a country rich enough to backstop the New Drachma with dollars and euros. And only China could do that, although Beijing would probably want to work through the new BRICS bank.

It was in both the interests of Greece and China as well as Russia for this to happen. Here and here is why.

Once the New Drachma would be convertible, then Greek importers could buy what they need for the countries tourist, shipping, olive oil and other businesses and Greek Inc. would be back in business again. Greece would then be able to offer sun and sand vacation packages as well as olive oil at half the price Italy and Spain, (both burdened with the Euro) could have charged. Euros would have flooded back into Greece, the New Drachma would organically strengthen and the economy would normalize.

During the February to June period, while in negotiations with his Euro creditors, it would have been prudent for Tsipras to have laid the groundwork for all of this as quietly as possible, with negotiations with Beijing and Moscow being held behind closed doors.

So it would have been unlikely that anyone would have known whether Tsipras had been doing his homework or not . But the final test would come during the June negotiations which have now dragged on into July.

The mega Bankers have long since known that Greece was bankrupt and that their Greek debt portfolio was going to go up in smoke. So since 2010 they have offloaded that bad debt on synthetic institutions like the ECB, the IMF etc that are in the end only backed by the taxes of ordinary working Europeans, (and others). The bankers did this through their usual corrupt politicians who are supposed to represent the people’s of Northern and Central Europe, but in fact represent the banks.

By 2015 the bankers not only did not care whether Greece foreclosed on their debts, they actually wanted them to. Their voice among the Euro Zone “negotiators” was and is Wolfgang Schaeuble the German Finance Minister. He made it abundantly clear that he wanted Greece out of the Eurozone altogether and for the country to fall into ruin, with maximum suffering falling on its people.

The reason for that is that the Greek people were at the cutting edge and were the leading voices of a debtors rebellion that is presently going on throughout debt ridden Europe, mostly importantly in Spain and Italy. And those countries’ debts are still mostly held by the banks. If a populist political movement in those far larger countries were to take power and renounce their debts, the whole of Europe’s weak banking system would almost certainly collapse like a house of cards.

In 2010 in order to avoid this, the bankers first needed to surgically remove Greece from Europe, with minimum impact to themselves, (the offloading of Greek debt from their portfolios). Afterwards they would need to make an example out of the Greeks to insure that no one else would dare to risk their wrath.

For Greece to successfully foreclose on its debts, make a seamless transition into the New Drachma, be able to get the dollar based liquidity necessary so that the country would be able to stabilize its economy and thrive again, would have been a knife in the heart of the bankers and their proxy Euro politicians and bureaucrats.

That is because after Greece would renounce its debts and ordinary European working class people find out that they are left holding the bag, even the dumbest would figure out that this all happened because their politicians bought the toxic loan portfolio of Greece from the bankers and gave it to their national treasuries as an “asset”. Established political parties would be badly damaged or even fall, as Labor has done in the UK.

And a happy ending in Greece would embolden the debtor countries of Europe to rebel as well, which would finish Europe’s already weak banking system.

But what if Tsipras was a phony from day one, who only used his anti banker, anti austerity rhetoric to get elected and take power, but never had any intention of doing anything other than giving the Euro Zone group everything they wanted in the first place? In such a narrative Tsipras would have made no preparation for a transition into a New Drachma, nor would he have sought out China’s help in making it convertible.

In other words Tsipras would have built no safety net under the high wire act of these negotiations, so that if the Euro Zone would pull the plug on further Euro credits it would have meant total disaster for the Greek people. That would give him the excuse to capitulate to whatever demands they would make.

This would have been a mega cynics worst case scenario. But that it seems is exactly what has happened.

Tispris’s betrayal of the Greek people may be the single worst betrayal of any people from a major country, for at least the last 50 years. And it has widespread global implications that go well beyond economics to Geo Politics and Cold War 2, especially against Russia.

To Be Continued.

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“You are about to meet some of the most charming people on the planet”, promises Helene Neiman in her travel memoir “My Life As French Ghetto”. Helen is not the first person to have noticed the charm of the French people and their culture. In this memoir of her one year in Marseilles, she goes about trying to show us that charm through her eyes. And she does a very good job of it.

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“Crossroads” is a fictionalized biography and travel memoir of its author John Cassell.

John Cassell, as related to us in his book, is an American “Jersey” boy who we first meet as he is is graduating from University in the Western state of New Mexico in 1969. He was not a part of the hippy movement and didn’t like to be called a hippy, which he seems to have seen as people who were self indulgent and self serving.

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The media in the last few days has been full of the horrors of the battle of Ramadi, which ISIS came out on top of. The Daily Mail On Line headlined; “Iraq braced for the Battle of Baghdad:……..just 60 miles from the capital”.

Past readers of Red Pill Views understand a number of issues that should clarify the latest headlines. First and foremost ISIS is a creation of Washington, Ankara and the Gulf States, with support from Jordan, Israel, France and the UK. Its purpose in the region is to dismember Syria and Iraq, (controlled by Alawites and Sh’ia) creating a balance of terror that is intended to circumscribe the expansion of Iranian Sh’ia influence.

Iraq is a Sh’ia state, where the vast majority of people hate ISIS as well as other Sunni Jihadis. The exception is Anbar province, where there is a Sunni majority. It is a huge desert area. While it is Iraq’s biggest province by far, it is sparsely populated with less than 2 million people, nearly half of whom live in Ramadi.

Since the fall of Saddam Hussein the tribal people of Anbar have been torn between siding with Sunni extremists, (sponsored by the usual suspects above) or living under Sh’ia rule out of Baghdad. After the American war in their country, these people chose to reject Al Qaeda, (the Jihadis du jour of the time) and accept living under Maliki.

That was a big mistake as Maliki was extremely repressive of Sunnis. While the Americans are trying to limit the influence of Tehran, they accept that most of what will be rump Iraq will be a natural protectorate of Iran. So the Ayatollah Khamenei and Obama agreed to ax Maliki, in the hope of getting a gentler kinder Prime Minister in Baghdad, one who would get more Sunni support, (in places like Anbar) for the government.

Iraq’s present Prime Minister Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has not proven much better however, than Maliki in his treatment of Sunnis and so ISIS, crazy as they are. are getting support in Ramadi, enough at least to push out the still worthless Iraqi army.

Haidar has held back his Sh’ia militias, who were put together by and are made up of 1/3 Iranian revolutionary guards. 1/3 Sh’ia Iraqis soldiers, (who are not allergic to battle) as well as other Sh’ia volunteers. The reason why Haidar held back is, although the militias can seriously kick some ISIS butt, they also dole out brutal treatment to Sunni locals who then become radicalized.

In any case the militias are now being sent in, so the battle of Ramadi is far from over. Behind Haider and the militias is of course Iran.

Unleashed the Iranians would wipe out ISIS in Ramadi almost as soon as their troops would arrive. But the reason Obama created ISIS in the first place was, (in part) to insure a limitation on Iranian power. So for Washington to OK, an Iranian wipe out of ISIS, would defeat the purpose of its creation.

Even in a scenario where ISIS would be able to hold on to Ramadi, there is no chance whatsoever that it would be able to do any more than occasionally harass Baghdad with “terrorist” attacks. Sunnis are far outnumbered and any serious attack on Baghdad would be viewed as an existential threat by Tehran.

And to control Ramadi is one thing, to control the vast desserts of Anbar quite another. So ISIS is hardly taking over the world. For Washington most ISIS victories are good, even if short lived. it will make them a magnet for angry Sunni young men everywhere, who will then ostensibly join and help to limit Iranian regional influence.

But more importantly, as ISIS grows and expands, it should develop an international arm that can create “terror” attacks in the West, frightening its sheeple into accepting an all seeing, all knowing Techo Fascist police state. And that is the number one goal, (the colonization of their own populations) of the elites who own/ control the Mega Bank- Corporate states of the West.

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epa04603088 European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (R) welcomes Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras prior to a meeting at the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, 04 February 2015. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras arrived in Brussels on 04 February as part of his tour of European capitals to press their demands for debt relief. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

On the surface it should be very hard to be Alexis Tsipras or Yanis Varoufakis, (the Greek Prime Minister and Finance Minister). They are leading a bankrupt nation where no one, neither the people of the debtor nation, nor the creditors want to admit that Greece is indeed bankrupt.

The Finance Ministers of Germany and the Netherlands, (Wolfgang Schäuble and Jeroen Dijsselbloem) acting as if Greece is solvent, are playing hard ball. They have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of compromising with Greece over their debt problems.

Before the Troika, (The EU, ECB and the IMF) will disperse new loans to keep Greece afloat, it wants the monies already owed, (no matter should it come out of the hides of the people) and they want more austerity, (further impoverishment) from the people going forward. This so the Troika can be assured that it will continue to get paid.

Meanwhile Tsipras is committed to ending austerity and insuring that the debts of the Greek government will firstly be paid to its own people and only then to its creditors. And Tsipras was elected in January to end austerity.

Since these elections, no poll has asked the Greek people whether they are willing to cut their standard of living more, (austerity) in order to get a compromise with the Troika. What they were asked was, whether they want to compromise with their creditors? And overwhelmingly they say yes they do.

In a poll; ‘carried out by Kapa Research and is to be published in Sunday’s To Vima newspaper, found that 71.9 percent want an agreement with Greece’s creditors, against 23.2 percent who said the government should refuse any compromise.”

Of course if the Greek people are not willing to suffer through more austerity, there is nothing for them to give to their creditors and thus there is no basis for a compromise. Either the Greeks will pay their debts out of their standard of living today AND in the future, or they won’t.

The Greek people in the same poll back Syriza (the political party of Tsipras) by 15 points over any other party, and have full confidence in him to get the job of an impossible compromise done.

Living in delusion land, 84% of the Greek people want to continue to use the Euro, not thinking for a moment of what will happen when there are very few of them in circulation, (IE In their pockets) because the Troika has cut off funding to the country. And 75% of the Greek people want to remain a part of the Euro Zone as well. 

This is the same as the Greek people saying that they want everything they view to be good about living in the Euro and the Euro Zone without any of the bad and they want poor Alexis Tsipris to get it for them. The Greek people are willing to compromise, but not if it means any loss to their standard of living. Lots a luck Alexis.

In order to avoid a political melt down, Tsipras may need to cut the best deal he can get, which will mean giving up something and then taking it to the people for a referendum. But they don’t want that either. 60% of the Greeks are against a referendum. “Just get the money for us Alexis and remember we don’t want to give up any part of our standard of living. But we do want a compromise. You figure it out.”

Last week Tsipras managed to pay the 750 million Euros owed to the Troika by selling the nations reserves. All of this foolishness however was scheduled to hit the fan in June when Athens, (which has now sold its reserves) would have to cough up 1.5 billion more Euros.

Meanwhile the Dragon from the East has made its presence known. Speaking for Beijing, (which has the real cash) Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Greece to join the BRICS bank. This is more than an offer to be part of a bank. It is a de facto invitation for Greece to, (if not leave the Anglo American EU Empire) to at least put one of its feet among the rapidly forming group of nations that are standing economically, politically and even militarily against this Empire.

And Beijing always quiet on world events, has gently intervened and slapped the wrist of the EU, headlining in XinHua- Europe, (English edition); “Greece demands creditors’ consistency in debt deal negotiations”

Greece however is a part of NATO. Can Washington imagine a NATO member effectively aligning itself with China and Russia?

And Washington planners do understand that if Greece is broken economically, (even as Greek sheeple are in complete denial) that the country will drift into the BRICS, as it will have no other choice.

So today apparently, the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, (Washington’s flunky in Europe) seems to be overriding Schäuble and Dijsselbloem, and is coming up with a plan of how to get enough money to Athens so it can pay its 1.5 billion Euro debt in June.

Since 60% of all of Greece’s debts are owed to Euro Zone countries, this means an incredible feat of bureaucratic slight of hand, or how to take 1.5 billion Euros out of one pocket of the Euro Zone, (or wherever you can get it) and then put a Billion back in another pocket, (and a 1/2 Billion for other creditors), while declaring a sort of victory.

All would agree then that that Greece is not bankrupt, so the IMF. ECB and EU don’t have to write off the debts and that “negotiations” are ongoing.

One of the best observers of our Alice in Wonderland financial world is Charles Hugh Smith. He has a great column here in which he postulates that while there is not likely to be any kind of meaningful financial agreement between Greece and the Euro Zone, that instead there well might be an agreement allowing both to continue to live in their own delusions.

Greece will somehow be barely kept afloat while all creditors will be allowed to keep Greek debts on their books as if all is going to end well, while negotiations will be ongoing and ongoing and ongoing……….

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A woman walks past a building decorated with a pair of eyes in the Crimean city of Sevastopol February 29, 2012. REUTERS/Stringer (UKRAINE - Tags: SOCIETY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
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As readers of Red Pill Views know from Charlie Hebdo Part 1, and Charlie Hebdo Part 2, “Paris has been alternately supporting the Al Nusra Front, (Al Qaeda) in Syria in its attempts to overthrow the government in Damascus and was instrumental in supporting Al Qaeda in overthrowing Qaddafi in Libya, then after falling out with certain branches of Al Qaeda, France has sent troops to Mali to fight them there.”

All major Jihadi groups have been state sponsored, including ISIS and all flavors of Al Qaeda.  One major reason for the creation of Jihadis, has been so that they could start “terrorist” cells in the West, for the purpose of the colonization of Western people by the Mega Bankers and Corporations, which today control the main political parties in every Western Country, with the possible exception of Greece.

The goal of those families, (who own/ control the Mega Banks and Corporations) is to create a Global Government under their control. Through multilateral trade and legal agreements, Western countries have long since been ceding their sovereignty, little by little to synthetic transnational institutions and bureaucracies, (EU, ECB, UN, IMF, NAFTA, TPP ad tedium).

In order to create the mass support needed for a global government however, an event will have to be engineered, (false flag) of such power, that it will throw populations within nation states all over the world into chaos. And in so doing dramatize to citizens everywhere, that their governments are impotent to help them, because the problems are global.

Only then can the political flunkies of the Mega Banks and Corporations, call for a highly empowered global government (that would not only have the authority to solve the world’s problems, but also to create global institutions that would “prevent” future problems) and get mass support worldwide.

The problem for the global elites, is that when advanced societies are thrown into chaotic conditions,  where people lives rapidly deteriorate, what happens afterwards is not completely predictable. Such conditions also release pent up revolutionary elements from both the left and the right, especially among those who have read the signs properly and know and expect what is coming.

While the elites have taken control of standard media outlets, so that they effectively function only as propaganda instruments, the Internet has made it possible for millions today, to to one degree or another understand what is really happening in their world. Even with this downside for elites, the Internet is still worth it, because it is also the greatest mass surveillance tool ever created.

By allowing free speech and communication the Internet encourages potential enemies of the agendas of the elites, to come out of their closet, speak up and of course present themselves for dynamic, real time, computer monitoring and profiling. Once that happens it is simply a matter of being able to track and locate these people, so that when the catastrophic event or events take place, they can be surgically removed from society before doing harm, (spreading their ideas or leading a resistance).

But for citizens of Western countries to surrender what has been for them their traditional freedoms, it is necessary to engineer events that will generate fear in them, so that they will demand that their country becomes a surveillance state. And this is what Jihadis were designed to do.

Jihadi “terror” attacks like Charlie Hebdo or Garland, Texas are best done when there is already a large population of Muslim immigrants, as is true in France, but not Texas. While these immigrants are invariably not radicals, just ordinary people trying to find a better life for their families, they can be seen as potential radicals should the right circumstances be created.

Once groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, who, (on again, off again) work with the CIA- Mossad, it really doesn’t matter which group triggers a “terror” attack, or even if it happens spontaneously, (one or two individuals acting out independently) due to the Anglo American Empire’s aggression in the MENA.

The results suit all of these groups who share a common need to use terror as a tool to take power.

So Charlie Hebdo served Al Qaeda by infuriating Europeans. That drove many to discriminate against, or even attack local Muslims and that in turn radicalizes them, creating more volunteers for Jihadis.

For the Mossad Charlie Hebdo strokes anti Islamic sentiment in the West, which in turn creates greater empathy and support for Israel.

And for the CIA- NSA, (US),  GCHQ, (UK) and DGSI (France), terror attacks means the ability to legally expand surveillance operations, AND coordinate that intelligence with other agencies and governments.

Now the other Charlie Hebdo shoe is falling in France, in which the people want their government to take their privacy rights away and surveil them, so as to “protect” them against future “terrorist” attacks.

The fact that none of this has anything to do with protecting people against terrorism and everything to do with the control of populations, is shown in this brilliant article by Tony Cartalucci who makes it clear that;

‘”As seen in nearly every recent terror attack both in Europe and North America including the ‘”Charlie Hebdo shooting'” and the more recent Garland, Texas attack, the alleged suspects behind the attacks all have one thread in common – they were all already under the watch of security agencies for years, some even imprisoned one or more times for terror-related and/or other violent offenses, some even having traveled overseas to fight alongside Western-backed terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and beyond.”

This is public information and should be enough for people in France or the US, to smell a rat and understand that surveillance police states are being created in their countries that have nothing to do with terrorism. Then these people can ask themselves the truly frightening question; “if not to protect against terrorism, why are these surveillance states really being created?”

This is a question that people in the West do not want to ask, because they do not want to think about the answer. The results of the masses of people in Anglo 5 and EU countries living in denial, will be the loss of both their freedom and sovereignty. That is called slavery.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, chats with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on the red carpet during a welcome ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Friday, May 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

In part one of this series it was explained why a rapprochement between India and China might be the final nail in the coffin for Washington’s plans for global conquest and global government.

And doesn’t the media of Empire know it? Time Magazine headlines Modi’s trip to China telling its readers; “Why China and India Just Can’t Get Along”.

And the BBC assures its readers that; “China and India remain fierce rivals….. the two nations are vying for regional influence which could lead to a fresh round of tensions.”

Then after admitting that Indian PM Narendra Modi and China’s Premier Li Keqiang  are now going to begin looking for solutions to the two countries long term border disputes, the BBC still goes on to say that although the talks have not yet begun; “A solution for a decades-long border dispute is nowhere in sight.”

You wish!

Modi has been frank, in stating that there are only three real obstacles to India and China being able to enjoy cooperative and good neighborly relations. His words were a positive for peace and reconciliation, because they open up, as a public matter accessible to both the peoples of India and China, a clear negotiable path.

One of the three problems for the Indian side is very easily solved. That is that Delhi does not want its trade relationship with China to run huge structural deficits. This is simply a matter of bilateral trade policies and can easily be negotiated.

The second is the boundary issues which due to British meddling 100 years ago, has created trouble for both countries. This was made worse when Beijing attacked in 1962 and took by force territory it believed to be Chinese. While this is a huge issue on the Indian street, it is not as important from the standpoint of Indian foreign policy, which is much more focused on trade and development.

The only real sticking point on India’s demand list, is China’s support of Delhi’s true arch rival Pakistan. And that mostly boils down to the decades long battle between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. If there is a fought over peace of land where the problems seem intractable, (after Palestine- Israel) Kashmir has to be it.

So if peace in Kashmir has to be settled before India and Pakistan can make a real peace, and if only by this happening will Chinese aid to Pakistan not be seen by Delhi as a threat, then there is a lot of work still to be done.

But China wants reconciliation with India badly. That is because should Delhi become an asset of Washington, as the monster of Cold War 2 unfolds itself, India would pose a huge security risk for Beijing .

So it didn’t take more than five minutes for, according to Modi, Chinese PM Li to agree; “to explore a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable resolution” to at least the border issue.

While the Pakistan Kashmir issue will be much, much trickier, both countries now have a vested interest in rolling up their sleeves and finding a solution. China more so, since in a worst case scenario India could become a security issue.

But Modi’s vision of creating a foundation for a rapidly developing India, is for the most part China dependent. Only Delhi’s huge neighbor has the capacity to help India to modernize within any foreseeable future.

Even as the political will exists between Beijing and Delhi for a full scale rapprochement, based on the metaphor of Indian economic development, within India there are still many questions as to how much support Modi really has.

There are reasons why over more than 65 years India has developed, but only at a snails pace. The main one, being a lack of interest in developing a first world infrastructure. There are still strong vested interests within India today to keep things as they are.

And the decentralized political structure of the country, which grants minimum power to Delhi and maximum power to the states, brings into question how much political will exists within India for modernization? Unless it is widespread this simply isn’t going to happen no matter what Modi wants.

Even with just some fine words and high hopes Chinese businesses are already putting their toes into the Indian market.

But nothing serious is going to happen until India has infrastructure, which means quality roads, not filled with sporadic herds of cattle, quality and reliable electrical power, potable and reliable water availability and high speed Internet access.

Manufacturers will also need to get their products to market, which will mean good port facilities and streamlined systems of customs, warehousing and border processing.

India has little of this today and except for Modi has not shown much interest in getting any of it either. While Modi won the election last year with a big margin, his political party  Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) has not fared so well since, being slaughtered in the Delhi elections this year.  The next test for BJP will be the Bihar elections in November, where they are favored to win.

Modi and his BJP’s strident anti minority voice however, is going to create a lot of push back. As governments mature, promises are not kept and things seem the same old, same old, much of the enthusiastic support that originally put them in office wains. The opposition strengthens.

By alienating Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, (who will vote against Modi and the BJP) once Modi trips and stumbles, (which given his ambitious plans he surely will at some point) these minority votes will help to insure that he will also fall.

So nothing is written in stone and Modi’s greatest challenge will probably not be reconciling even the trickiest issue of Pakistan, but of softening his hostility towards minorities and uniting Indians in the need not just for economic modernization but greater integration with the rest of Asia.

Errata: Sikhs are not apparently anti Modi or the BJP, but Christians and Muslims are.

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If Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a Western politician he would be excoriated as the worst form of bigot. He makes it clear that he stands in support of Hindus in India, a country where Hindus are a huge majority. That is sort of like a European or American politician standing in support of Christians.

Modi is infamous, when as governor of the wealthy state of Gujarat he stood aside and allowed the majority Hindus to attack minority Muslims in 2002 with impunity. This came after 60 Hindu lives were lost in a train burned, that they blamed on Muslims.

Modi’s reaction to the revenge burning of Muslim businesses and homes as well as the beatings and killings of hundreds of Muslims who cried for help only to find local police standing aside doing nothing was he; “rarely visited the camps of the Muslims displaced by the violence or apologized for his government’s failure to protect a minority. Instead, he has described the reprisal killings of Muslims that year as a simple “reaction” to an “action,” and…… said he felt as sad about them as would a passenger in a car that accidentally ran over a puppy. His only regret, he once told a reporter for this paper, was failing to manage the media fallout.”

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch declared that Modi’s government was complicit in the murders.

Worse Modi hasn’t changed in the slightest. In an ambiance today of angry Hindu nationalism, that has seen violent outbreaks not just against Muslims, but Christians and other minorities as well, Modi has spoken out loudly with his silence, just as he did when he was the governor of Gujarat 13 years ago.

So Narendra Modi seems like he would be an unlikely candidate to save the truly civilized world, (those billions of souls outside the Anglo 5 + EU + Israel + Japan) from the aggression of Washington and London.

Yet that may seem to be what is happening. That is because Modi’s nationalist vision is for his country to break out of the lethargic and closed off womb, that Congress has created for it since independence. 65 years that have been defined by the policies of Congress has kept India poor, relatively backward and undeveloped.

Modi wants a development model for his country like China has had. He wants to open India for business. While this of course includes business with the US and Europe as well, due to geography and Beijing’s wealth, the most likely external connection to drive Indian economic growth will be China. And this is something that Beijing, (as well as Moscow) very much wants.

When Obama declared “the pivot” to Asia in 2012, the reality of what it meant was a declaration of Cold War 2 against Beijing. This was implemented by Washington’s ongoing attempt to use its navy to be able to close off shipping of Chinese merchant vessels to the Pacific at will. Washington’s aggression also included new military bases in the Philippines with hostile intent towards China, and worst of all Obama’s ongoing re- militarization of Japan with very hostile intent towards China.

Last year with Obama’s coup in Ukraine’s Maidan square, he also declared Cold War 2 against Russia. Washington planners had to know that the implications of starting a Cold War against both Beijing and Moscow, would be to drive them together in what would amount to a shot gun marriage. And that is exactly what is happening.

The reason Washington was so brazen is due to its long term fear of the growth of both China and Russia as world powers. While the Anglo 5 Empire may have advantages, scientifically, militarily and economically over China and Russia today, if both are left to develop in peace, that will be no longer be true twenty years from now.

So if Washington wants to retain global hegemony over the long term, it must assert its primacy, (where it dominates international law, and its enforcement, as well as the world’s economic systems) so that all nations accept it and give the Americans their fealty.

That is something that neither China or Russia, or Iran for that matter will do, and it is why a Cold War aimed at regime change in these countries is being implemented on steroids by Obama.

Washington planners had to expect that by declaring a Cold War against Moscow and Beijing, that they would be facing off both. But they obviously felt that at least for now the US had strategic advantage.

India on the other hand could not have been factored in to this equation. India, relatively undeveloped and backward has a great high end educational system. This has so far best served the Americans. After being fully trained, India has been shipping to the US, some of the smartest people on the planet. They have been crucial in helping to develop the scientific and technological foundation of US military power.

And in the commercial world Indians are filling the gaps in America’s increasingly worthless educational system, by providing computer scientists, physicians and business administrators.

This all happens because thanks to Congress, these people had few opportunities in their impoverished and backward country.

But what will happen should India start to seriously develop? Who will provide the scientists which have given the Americans their scientific and technological edge? What if that edge is lost sooner rather than later?

But far worse for Washington is Beijing’s strategic game plan to combat Washington’s aggression over the next 20 years. And that has been to build up militarily, but primarily only for defensive purposes which is relatively cheap. Where China has been using the majority of its expendable assets, is in building a global commercial network with a 21st century infrastructure, where all roads lead to Beijing.

This Chinese commercial infrastructure is being laid side by side with the one that the Anglo Americans have built since colonial times and was set in concrete to their imperial advantage after World War 2.

India and Russia have long enjoyed good relations. But Russia is not a commercial power and can be of limited help in developing India’s economy.

A cooperative, fraternal integrated region of Russia- India and China, (which would bring in the smaller countries as well ex Pakistan) especially with a rapidly developing Indian economy, would not only strengthen India, but add massive support to China and Russia as well.

An integrating Asia, acting as an alternative poll economically, politically and militarily to the traditional Imperial power of the Anglo 5 + EU, is Washington’s worst nightmare. It will act to circumscribe Washington’s power and global ambitions.

Washington planners had to believe however, that there was not much to worry about. They saw little chance of any reconciliation between Beijing and Delhi, whose relationship has remained contentious since their war in 1962.

Errata: Modi was NOT the Governor of Gujarat but the Chief Minister during the riots. The Governor is more of a ceremonial position. Everything else written above about Modi’s behavior relative the riots in Gujarat applies.

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