Androids The Flowers Of Our Egotism

Androids The Flowers Of Our Egotism

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We humans have long made it clear that we are not at all happy with the natural world we were given and that we feel through our own ingenuity that we can improve on it. The coming of android technology again raises the question of how far we intend to go with this.

In foods, medicines and the breeding of animals we have long since gone into areas where nature never intended us to go.

When we create genetically modified organisms for food, even if they show that they have great nutritional value and even if it could be proven with our best testing capabilities that these foods are not harmful, in ten, twenty, one hundred years from now will our progeny discover that their genetic pool has been fatally contaminated because we didn’t have sufficiently high grade testing equipment in our time to know?

But no matter how many natural things we can make laboratory replacements for, (ostensibly safe ones), can we replace each other?

Is the ultimately flawed work of nature US?

This is the question that the creation of androids seeks to answer. The known greatest demand for androids is sexual and coming from males, although it is highly likely that if this market is satisfied by these lab creations, females will be likely to rush in as well.

Westerners are known for their love of what is to them sinful, which they are filled with guilt about and then make illegal. That in turn only increases the price of their sins and its excitement. Their war on the drugs they so crave is a perfect example.

Western technology has not been geared towards creating androids. That is partly true because everyone and his mother knows that the biggest demand for the functions of androids will be for males who want a maximized sexual experience. And most don’t care how they get it, as long as it is legal and it won’t kill them.

From a commercial standpoint however the potential of androids is that they will replace many in the service industry. And right now societies are having a hard enough time with the fact that robotized work forces with embedded 3D printing are replacing humans in industrial production. Those humans have been moved into service industries for quite some time. If androids take their jobs from them, well what work will humans do?

Plato answered that two thousand five hundred years ago. It is called Philo Sophia. But that is another story and humans do not seem to be evolved enough to find fulfillment in such pursuits.

Still the potential of developed androids is massive. They for example could be a great help in giving companionship to the very old, or very disabled as in the blind or deaf or quadriplegics, or the mentally ill. In other words people who need a great amount of what today is human attention and care.

But lets go back to what would be the killer application of androids, which is relationships.

How many people do you really like around here anyway? And of those, how much do you really like them?

Even of those whom you like, if you could wave a magic wand and improve on them, (as you determine improvement should be) would you?

Westerners are very afraid of these questions but the Japanese are not. That is because more than any other society in the world, the Japanese see each other less personally and more based on a social contract in which we as individuals fulfill functions for each other. So the question for the Japanese is, can androids fulfill functions needed by humans better than other humans can? And if the answer is yes, it is build, build build.

Androids however are not quite ready for prime time. While artificial intelligence is at a very high level and can realistically mimic human thoughts and reactions, that is at least for now only available in processors that need too much energy and produce too much heat to be able to be placed in a battery powered android. And if such a processor could be used, it would need to be recharged every few minutes.

I am certain that there are also mechanical problems involved, so that the android can show the subtle changes of facial expressions and body movements that humans are likely to make in any particular situation.

But android technology is still moving ahead at breakneck speeds. And as Michael Snyder has headlined on his blog ” The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots“.

Here you can meet Asuna today’s state of the art android.

Given the amount of bandwidth of the internet devoted to pornography, I can well imagine that the first released popularly prices sex android will have lines at retailers that will make Apple products look like no one came.

While a fully functioning android mate is thought to be about 40 years into the future, in reality it could be developed much more quickly. That is because the Japanese companies working on it are very small and have very little capital.

If for example the Americans at the National laboratories wanted to create full functioning androids to meet pretty much any market need they could probably produce a prototype within ten years at the most.

But of course the Americans are much more interested in using their assets to develop science fiction levels of weapons of mass destruction and to create smart nuclear weapons and missile systems. 

As societies become wealthy, we find that people do not like to live together. For some time now in Northern Europe and in North America more than 25% of households had just one person in them. And this number is rising every year.

The demands of our female ancestors for a husband might well have been that he could support his family and that he refrained from physical violence. For men it might have been that she cooked, gave him sex when he wanted it and didn’t nag. Simple people. Simple times.

Now peoples’ demand lists are considerably longer. And if at any time those demands are not met, that is frequently considered grounds for divorce. If we continue to place demands on each other that are historically unrealistic, (based on real not fictionalized human behavior) and not on how “experts” say is how we should behave, the number of people living alone will continue to explode and android companions and partners will be in great demand.

Intolerance of each other is a function of our individual and collective egotism. If it continues unabated then we may well find that androids, designed especially for our programmed individual needs may become the social basis for the future. What of course we will lose is our humanity. But that will be because we do not like, or value it all that much.

As my readers will quickly see I tend to interpret the world, thanks to the late Bill Gaines in the "jugular vein". I don't waste time debating or debunking propaganda. I assume my readers are smart enough to see through it, on their own. And propaganda, especially the stupid and transparent kind doesn't need to be dignified by debate. OK. OK sometimes I will use propaganda for a comic routine. We all have to laugh occasionally. And finally like the Bill Gates dictum that he quoted from Wayne Gretzky, I try not to skate to the puck, but to where the puck is coming. That means I care less about news headlines than what they signify and where the underlying theme of them is likely to go.



  1. An interesting thought experiment, Robert. I have indicated that what the world needs and is desperately clamoring for in often highly inappropriate ways is a sexual revolution that restores us once again to sanity and the higher purposes of our basic humanity.

    A decadent dying social order such as the present global setup that truly honors no one but antagonizes all creates the kind of alienation that drives present day perversities. Capitalism by its very nature is anti-social to its core but the kind of hyper capitalism that we see today based upon the dominance of global finance capital brings out the absolute worst in people. It perverts the most normal and natural of all human needs by turning it into a commodity that can be bought and sold in the marketplace due to its suppression of the healthy and normal.

    Organized religion functions as the anti-sex international (to quote Wilhelm Reich) whose only aim to to stifle and suppress normal healthy sexual functioning in the individual and in society more as a whole. This use of conventional sex negating moral codes produces a deformed psychic structure within the individual that makes him or her easy prey to the will of the authoritarian state that exalts war over all other values. Man under such a system truly becomes a wolf to man! The fact that women today also seek to be wolves to men marks the final departure into the abyss.

    Such is a world that is in desperate need for a resurrection of the life force within us all that can only come from an appreciation of what it means to be human and thus part of the natural world rather than in opposition to such which is the world that the present capitalist setup forces on us all. The mind rape that we suffer from such abuse is more than many of our fellows can deal with. People who seek to separate themselves from other humans and what it means to be human can never be happy and whole. They can only be broken shells of something that is less than human.

    This is the real condition of a major portion of the people living in the West today. Artificial needs and artificial tastes can never replace and/or satisfy human need and longing for what is real.

    • More great comments Charles. As someone who appreciates Reich’s ideas you are speaking to the congregation.

      From a sexual and relationship standpoint, (as this article I hope pointed out) what these sexual and service oriented Androids will do is create a line in the sand for humanity as to whether and how much we wish to deal with each other, (with all of our weaknesses and failings) or whether we wish to essentially move into a cocoon of our own making in which we seek to satisfy ourselves with something not given to us by the natural world, like artificial, (Genetically Modified Organisms) food.

      If so can an artificial world created by our own egos, (a true virtual and alternate reality) create a basis for our happiness and for a social order that will be satisfying to most?

      These will be the questions for future generations, if humanity survives potential catastrophic military conflicts and/ or massive ecological disasters.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad that you found Red Pills to be useful and of course always welcome back.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am not so sure however about contests. Red Pills doesn’t try and compete with mass sites. If we can be informative and useful for a few people I believe that all of us here at Red Pills will be very happy.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy you found articles on Red Pill useful and look forward to you becoming a regular visitor.

    • Thanks you for your kind comment. I am glad that you found Red Pill Views informative. We look forward to seeing you regularly.

  2. So, the power brokers in the Democrat Party are preparing to get rid of Obama at the party convention. They can’t afford to lose power and will do nothing to stop the media abuse their current party leader. They are ready to sacrifice Obama on the altar of party control,  even if they have to sacrifice the black vote. The Democrats figure if they change horses in mid stream, they will secure the independent vote. That will more than offset the minority vote. So much for the Democrats concern for the blacks.

    • Thank you for your comment, although it was not about “Androids The Flowers of Our Egotism”.

      Democratic Party leaders are set to nominate Hillary. The Clintons and Obama share little love loss for each other. But the Clintons are first and foremost political animals. So if they see it to be in their interest to ask Obama to support Hillary’s candidacy, they will do so. As you pointed out, Obama might be useful to help them with the Afro American turn out. Afro Americans will as usual overwhelmingly vote Democratic. The question is how many will vote?

      Whether Obama agrees to help the Clintons is another issue. He doesn’t like them and may just give them the cold shoulder.

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