Why Red Pill Views?

Derived from the 1999 film “The Matrix” Wikopedia says;

“The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).”

Once you have taken the red pill thred_pill_blue_pill-copy3ere is no way back. Once the curtain of illusion is parted and reality is glimpsed even partially, it is very difficult to go back to a consensus reality that upon close examination never makes much sense and doesn’t seem to make those who hold on to it any happier, healthier or wiser.

Once we take the Red Pill we become stuck with having views of a reality that few see, because these are views that most do not want to see. Once you have Red Pill Views many if not most in your family and even your old friends will look at you as strange.

In order to socialize you will have to censor what you say and edit what you think, so that strange long silences do not occur after you say something. It is a lonely proposition.

Reality of course is way too big for the human mind to comprehend more than tiny fragments of. So while Red Pill people may view reality, it will only be in tiny little slivers.

A dear friend of mine said not unkindly; “you seem to have all of the answers”. I responded; “for every answer I find there are two new questions”

So it is that this blog is aimed as a meeting place for people who have taken the Red Pill or are curious as to what the views are of others who already have.

Readers will be encouraged to contribute their Red Pill Views or non trolling questions, with the hope that, as per the words of an old Carol King song; “The rivers of our vision will flow into one another”.