Anglo 5 Leaders “Slappy Fish” Putin at G20, Oh My!

Anglo 5 Leaders “Slappy Fish” Putin at G20, Oh My!

Photo From       Abbott's Smirky Smile and Stink Eye Stare

The little dogs, (Australia and Canada) of the Anglo 5 carried the anti- Putin propaganda ball at the G20 meeting at Brisbane.  It had obviously been pre decided that no business would be done at the meeting and that instead it would be used as a massive Russia bashing session.

Tony Abbott, the very bad host of the summit, opened the bidding by promising to “shirtfront” Putin, which is Aussie talk for bumping him forcefully in the chest. Apparently an aid told Tony afterwards that Putin is a black belt in judo and by trying to shirtfront him, he might just wind up not only embarrassing himself but his country as well.  So Abbott settled instead for a hand shake, with a smirky smile and a stink eyed stare.

Beyond that he “punished” Putin by only sending a low level government representative to pick him up at the airport and by putting him at the end of a group photo as if to say that he is not really important, while putting Chinese Prime Minister Xi at the center of the photo. Maybe Abbott thought that by doing so he would drive a wedge between these two leaders who have been meeting and building bridges of cooperation with each other,  (economic and military) constantly and consistently over the past two years.

Abbott did have a side meeting with Putin in which he told the press that he lectured him for his part in shooting down the Malaysian airlines passenger jet MH 17 over the Ukraine. Of course Abbott doesn’t have a scintilla of proof to support such allegations, but they sound nice to Putin haters. a few of whom had a party protesting his presence outside of the buildings where the summit was held.

Meanwhile the other barky little dogie Steven Harper of Canada, while shaking Putin’s hand said, “you need to get out of the Ukraine” again without a scintilla of proof that the Russians are actually in the Ukraine.

Meanwhile Obama the little dog, representing the Big Dog Country the United State was relatively muted but managed to hit both of the baseless accusations of his Australian and Canadian little dogs, saying that he Obama was in the forefront of; “opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world, as we saw in the appalling shoot-down of MH17”.

Cameron gave a little woof in the background calling Russia’s actions in the Ukraine, (without specifying what they are) “unacceptable”. Anglela Merkel playing her usual both sides of the road role, (barking pro Washington publicly, while negotiating pro German interests secretly) said vaguely; “”The present situation is not satisfying,”, then having a private summit with Putin in which ostensibly real politic was spoken.

The EU president, Herman van Rompuy chimed in that the EU was going to consider further sanctions. He failed to say however, that the last round of truly biting sanctions against Russia have never been implemented.

Empire’s propaganda press blared how Putin was being “isolated” at the G20 meeting, failing to note that the isolation was coming strictly from the Anglo 5 and the EU countries and that Vlad did have time to meet with the BRIC countries there, (China, India, Brazil and South Africa) all of whom he enjoys excellent relations with, as well as of course the private all business no propaganda relationship, he has with Merkel.

If all of this seems like the Anglo 5, (led by the host Abbott) and the EU were indulging in fruitless and childish behavior, it is because they were.

In trying to “isolate” Putin they in fact acted like a bunch of teen age girls trying to bully a girl outside of the “in” group, as in the classic American film on the subject “Mean Girls”. And if the “mean girls” in the film seem so much brighter than Obama, Cameron, Harper and Abbott it is probably because their parts were written better, (by Tina Fey) than whoever does scripting for these “leaders” of the West.

In any case Putin, not having the mind set of a teenage girl was essentially bored by this foolishness and planned to return home early. I guess that is because he actually has a country to run.

For those people who live in Anglo Five countries and fret about having such lame and brain dead leaders, you should know that they don’t really run your country. That is done by Deep State planners, strategists and tacticians who are actually very bright.

The Obama’s, Camerons, Abbotts and Harpers of the world are only fronts for the elites who own/ control it all. And if these “leaders” seem as dumb as wood, well you should see their average constituent.

In any case there was a curious element to this summit.

Readers of Red Pill Views have known for some time that after the elections in Kiev, Washington was going to start the second round of the war in the Southeastern Ukraine. And of course before the guns start to actually go off, there will be a vicious propaganda campaign about how evil Russia is and all of the terrible things she is doing.

Well right on cue that is what has happened. First it was the Ukrainian president Poroshenko who accused Russia of sending troops into the region. But since he always lies no one paid any attention. But then General Breedlove, the head of NATO, (military) and backed by its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, (political)  said the same thing. Well that is much, much more serious.

One would expect that Obama, with or without his echo John Kerry would have gone apoplectic and told all the world, yet again his favorite threat aimed at either Russia or China, (depending on the day) that “there will be consequences”.

This would be expected before the second battle of the Southeastern Ukraine. Words like this are the necessary foreplay to create the heat so that the violence and mass murder can begin.

But Obama backed off. Instead he decided to spend his time sounding like the ghost of Al Gore, warning us about “ManBearPig” (for South Park fans) and lecturing the world on the evils of climate change.

Hmm… does this represent a long term change in Obama? Has the fact that the electorate effectively renounced him and his political party in the mid term elections gotten through to him? The problem for the Democrats is that their support base just went on electoral strike. They refused to come out to vote, ceding the election to the other party.

Democratic Party movers and shakers are now fretting that perhaps they shouldn’t have ignored the peace wing of their party. Maybe if they actually want to win another election they will have to deliver peace and prosperity and Obama and Kerry ought to keep their war monger mouths shut?

We will find out more by Obama’s reaction to the NATO news of Putin’s “invasion” of the Ukraine, after he returns home to Washington, and his bosses there give him his marching orders going forward.

But at this G20 meeting Obama was content to let his little dogs do the barking, while he did his best impression of Gore warning the world about ManBearPig.

Let it ever be so.



  1. For me personally Robert, it all comes down to the fact that the Anglo-Five, the EU & Japan are seeking to enforce their will on the rest of the world which is ever so much larger and just starting to get organized in an effort to defend themselves against such an onslaught. When you consider that the largest country in the world by population and the largest country in the world by size, i.e. landmass are the pole of opposition that the rest of the world may end up rallying around, or at least a certain percentage of it, the assumed dominance of the West becomes seriously threatened.

    Such is the reason for the belligerence of the Ango_Five because they fully recognize the fact that time is not one their side and a military showdown with Russia and China now will be more useful to them than will a delay in hostilities. The new SWIFT system being set up by Russia and China as well as the new Asian Development bank puts paid to the dominance of Western banking institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, & the Swiss based SWIFT bank clearing house.

    Denominating oil purchases in a currency other than the greenback well get these men & women of the Wild West more pissed off than ever. China’s plans to replacing the greenback with another international reserve currency spell the end for the era of endless budget deficits to finance the kind of defense spending that the US has been able to maintain and use to be the lynchpin of the Bush 41s proposed New World Order scenario for Washington and its Anglo Five cousins.

    The world however is much larger that just the territory of the Anglo-Five, the EU & Japan. Germany & Japan’s rights to be once again fully sovereign nations free from US military occupation would no doubt seriously alter the equation. Russia has reasonably good relations with Japan and the peace movement is such there that the Japanese are tired of being a perpetually occupied people. There is also an element of the ruling class and the power structure that seeks new investment opportunities in China as a way of getting Japan out of the economic doldrums. My prediction as you know Robert, is that Japan is rapidly rearming to pursue Japanese interests and not American interests.

    All of Latin America is undergoing a vast change and democratic renewal. It can no longer be held back under the iron heal of US imperialism. The Middle East is in disarray but it is the one place in the world where US imperialism has dug a grave for itself that it may have to lay down in for good. That will put paid to any war against Russia & China.

    The Ebola crisis in Africa could spread to North America and Europe thus creating a situation that no one has ever really planned for before.

    For more on this and the present new world disorder please see my last blog posting. Its a long read at 3000 words but I hope that the effort will be rewarding.

    • Thanks Charles for your comments and your world view. I am sure that many Red Pill readers will find them enlightening and interesting. The headquarters of the SWIFT system however is in a suburb of Brussels where it was founded.

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