A Modest Proposal to Save The Palestinians

A Modest Proposal to Save The Palestinians


When the people of Gaza launch rockets at Israel knowing well the deadly response that will follow, it seems to be a sign of their utter and complete desperation.

As an outsider the Palestinian narrative of armed resistance has not helped them much since before 1948, unless you consider the creation of “martyrs” a good thing.

So it is here that Red Pill Views is going to sally forth where angels have previously feared to tread and offer a different narrative.

As the late great Jonathan Swift, (Gulliver’s Travels) called it, this then is a “modest proposal”.

What would happen if all Palestinians became AMERICANS? Yes you heard me, followers of the “Land of the Free” and “The Home of the Brave”. Lovers of a country devoted to “democracy” and “human rights”.

While Palestinians may believe that countries around the world hate them,, that is not really true. A few million Palestinians are not important enough for the vast majority of countries to care about one-way or the other. Who cares about the Central African Republic?

The problem is that pretty much all countries in the world hate Hamas, (the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Palestinian people do want Hamas to represent them.

What if the Palestinian people renounced Hamas and tell the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States, that in the spirit of globalization they want to bring both parties to Palestine.

This is because the people of Palestine now understand that the principles and ideas of these two great parties will lead them out of poverty and despair to a world of “prosperity” and “freedom” just as these ideas have done for the “great people” of the United States.

Roughly half the people of Palestine would sign up as Republicans and espouse the values of entrepreneurship and enterprise. These Republican Palestinians will also stand for freedom and conservative family values, (beloved to most Muslims),

The other half would sign up as Democrats and espouse a fair wage for working people, the rights of women to better themselves through education and being able to get powerful positions in business and government. Maybe one day Palestine would have a woman president? And of course equal rights for homosexuals and lesbians, (admittedly not beloved by most Palestinians).

Then all of the people of Gaza can put up American flags on each and ever house, (West Bankers are allowed to copy) and huge American flags over public buildings side by side with Palestinian flags.

Let the ISRAELIS dare to BOMB the RED WHITE AND BLUE! And what if the people of Gaza all learned to sing “God Bless America”, (no you ignorant Canadians not God Save the Queen”), “America the Beautiful” and of course “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Have people, (especially children) holding hands and singing these songs in unison at public events. Try of course to get as much media attention as possible.

Invite American church groups to Gaza for inter faith gatherings and prayer.

Teach Palestinian children American sports and bring non professional teams from the US to help them to learn to play.

For every high school in Palestine, find a sister school in the heartland of America. Have exchange programs.

As my wife said about Israel, “you can’t get to the cub unless you get to the tigress that protects it”.

Because of Hamas, Palestinians are mostly hated by governments, all over the world, no matter what their representatives may say. But amongst ordinary people, the world over Palestinians actually have very strong support.

But the Palestinian people do not have so very much support at the grass roots in the US.

And therein lies their problem. Governments for the most part are controlled by ruling elites who are not likely to change. And in the age of Empire the opinions of most people around the world don’t really count outside of their own countries and many times not even inside.

But should the American public learn to identify with the the Palestinian people it will be much, much harder for their government, (tigress) to protect her cub, (Israel).

And it will be nearly impossible for Netanyahu and the present ruling elite in Tel Aviv, to attack people wrapped up in the Red, White and Blue, while all together singing the Star Spangled Banner.

This idea may seem silly. But think about it. Why shouldn’t the people of Gaza give it a try? Hating the Americans and armed conflict with the Israelis has not worked very well over the past 65 years. And shooting off rockets to wait for a military response to kill ones own children seems a LOT more desperate, than this modest proposal.